The 10 Best Property Investing Podcasts (Ep315)

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Here is my list of the 10 best property investing podcasts so you can subscribe and learn about investing in real estate in Australia whilst on the go.

The 10 best property investing podcasts. If you’re anything like me and you love consuming information via podcast, then I want to share with you 10 great – or maybe one not so great – property investing podcasts.

Hey, I’m Ryan from, helping you find positive cash flow property. I’m not naive enough to think that the only podcast that you guys are going to listen to is my podcast over at OnProperty. There’s a lot of great podcasts out there from people probably more educated than me in terms of investing in property. And I believe that it’s really important to get well-rounded education if you’re going to invest in property and if you want to be successful.

A great way to do that is through podcasts. Podcasts are free, which is great. There’s quite a few of them, which is great. And you can listen to them when you’re doing other things. Like when you’re commuting to work, or when you’re at the gym or you’re going for a walk, washing the dishes. Heck, I even listen to podcasts on the toilet. But you guys probably don’t want to hear about that. Here is my top 10 list of the best property investing podcasts. This is specifically for Australians and investing in Australia.

The first one is one that I recently discovered called The Property Couch and this is released on a weekly basis. It’s that guy from Location Location Location Australia, I don’t know his name – him and someone else. They basically get together and they just talk about investing in property. These guys are buyer’s agents; I think one’s a mortgage broker as well. So, they have a lot of experience in the property market. A lot of experience working with property investors to buy property and they’ve seen it over many years.

I find their information very insightful. Their episodes are about 20 minutes long, something like that. But really easy to follow, really easy to listen to. I actually find myself taking notes when I’m listening to their episodes because it’s just jam-packed full of good information.

The second podcast that I recommend is the Everyday Property Investing Podcast by, I think it’s Kath, her name is. She releases them; it’s about monthly at the moment. It used to be more frequently. It’s been quite infrequent recently, but she said she’s going to try and get back into it. I’d expect podcasts on approximately monthly basis. The thing that I don’t like about Everyday Property Investing is the podcasts are extremely long, generally about an hour or so. And there’s a lot of small talk within that conversation. But I do like that she tends to start the episode talking about her investment journey or whoever she’s co-hosting with that day – their investment journey and what steps their taking to move towards financial freedom and to grow their property portfolio. And then, she generally goes in to an interview with someone to talk about one particular topic to do with property investing.

It’s a great podcast but I find it a little bit too fluffy for my liking.

The third podcast that I recommend is this one, the OnProperty Podcast. I wanted to put myself further down the list because I don’t want to sound like I’m promoting myself too much. There’s actually not a lot of podcast out there that are released on a frequent basis. My podcast is released twice a week at the moment. And I am trying to move back to daily podcasts, so 7 days a week. But at the moment, I would expect 2 to 3 times a week, moving up to daily for the OnProperty Podcast.

My podcasts, generally shorter episodes, around 10-15 minutes in length if I’m just sharing a topic with you guys, like today. Or, they go longer, half an hour to an hour if I’m interviewing someone, asking them about their journey or trying to learn from them about one specific aspect of property investing. I really try and focus on the how-to stuff, rather than the newsy stuff; and you guys are already following it. But if not, check it out.

The fourth one that I recommend is called Helen’s Rant. Helen is a property mentor; she’s got one of those really expensive programs where you pay thousands of dollars to get access to it. But she’s really methodical in her approach to property investing, doing a lot of research into the areas before she goes ahead and invests. Her podcast it called Helen’s Rant. So, she rants about something to do with finance or property investing.

She’s very passionate; you either love her or hate her. But she’s got a lot of great information and you can learn a lot from her. So I definitely recommend her podcast, which is released generally around about a monthly release cycle. However, it does seem to vary.

The fifth podcast that I recommend is I Love Real Estate by Dymphna Boholt. I’ve talked about Dymphna Boholt before, I really like the stuff she puts out, I really like her content. She talks so much about being an active investor and actually actively participating in your investing. So rather than just buying a property, letting it sit there, waiting for the market to go up in value, Dymphna is really passionate about getting people actively involved in improving their properties in one way or another. Her content is really good. Her paid content is awesome. Her free content is still pretty good, not as good as her paid stuff.

One thing you do need to be careful of with Dymphna in general is her pushy sales tactics. The podcast is great but if you go to a webinar or if you go to an event or something like that, expect pushy sales tactics from Dymphna. The only thing that I don’t like about her is she’s so pushy in the way she sells. I’ve even heard of people signing up, I think their paying $5,000 to $10,000 for mentorship programs.

They go to the seminars that are held and then they’re trying to get sold up to an even higher tier coaching sort of program. So, very pushy, be careful. But the content is great. So, if you like Dymphna, if you want to learn from her, I Love Real Estate podcast, definitely recommended.

The sixth podcast that I recommend is We Buy Houses Radio from Rick Otton. Rick Otton is the guy that you go to if you’re interested in investing in property through what are called “options” or “property options”. He has a whole course on that. I’ve done a course from him on that, absolutely awesome. Definitely not for me because it’s just so much work and so much salesmanship around that. I find it too difficult for most investors. But he does a podcast and talks about general property investing as well as property options.

I’m just not 100% sure if he’s just talking about the Australian market or if he’s talking about global markets when it comes to investing in property. Because I do know he has experience in the US as well as Australia and potentially other countries as well. He’s got a good podcast. Funny guy, I really like him. So check out the We Buy Houses Radio for his podcast.

The seventh one that I recommend is Real Estate Talk. This is released on a weekly basis and is – I think it’s taken from a radio station. It’s very newsy, so they’re talking about recent updates in the property market; they’re talking about changes that have happened recently. It’s very AM radio style in terms of the way they discuss property and things like that. It doesn’t really suit me because I’m into a more informal podcast where people are just talking to you like your friends. It’s a bit more serious, it’s a bit more structured and it kind of puts me off a little bit. But definitely, if you want property news, Real Estate Talk is the best podcast to get that from.

Number 8 that I recommend is not actually a property podcast; it’s called the Rich Dad Radio Show by Robert Kiyosaki. He’s the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. His books are definitely better than his podcast, but the thing that I love about his podcast is he just has such a different way to approach money. And talks about how to think about money, money being a fiat system and it just gives you a better overall perspective of how money works on a globally economy scale and things that you should be doing to better educate yourself about money.

So rather than something like the Barefoot Investor, which I absolutely hate all the advise that he gives because he’s so conservative – just save, save, save, put stuff in the term deposit. Robert Kiyosaki flips that on its head and talks about what is actually creating the economic cycles that we’re in? What’s underpinning it? How is it going to change in the future? He’s just really smart when it comes to money. So, I definitely recommend the Rich Dad Radio Show, one that I listen to religiously; and that’s released on a weekly basis.

The ninth one that I recommend is the Commercial Property Cash Flow Blueprint. That’s a mouthful, but this is one about investing in commercial property in Australia. Obviously, it talks about cash flow and generating a positive cash flow.

You know me, I absolutely love positive cash flow, but I don’t know a lot about commercial property. So if you’re interested in investing in commercial property in Australia, then I definitely recommend you check out this podcast. Tends to be released about twice a month. However, it is a fairly new podcast, so I don’t know if they’re going to stick to that schedule or if they’re going to even keep releasing episodes. But there is a few episodes in there that you could go through to learn more about commercial property investing in Australia.

And the tenth podcast is actually a podcast that I don’t recommend; and that’s the API Magazine Podcast. I’m really annoyed with what API is doing with their podcast because they’re just using their podcast as a way to sell magazines. They don’t see the value in actually having a podcast as a way to express to an audience, a way to share content with an audience. All they do in their podcast, which is released once a month, is they go through and talk about an overview of what’s in the magazine and then they try and get you to sell the magazine.

It’s basically like a 20-minute ad, once a month, about the magazine; which I’m not a big fan of magazines, anyway, because I find them so fluffy. I don’t find any useful content in there that I can go out and take action on. So, API Magazine Podcast, definitely one that I would stay away from. Unless, you’re one of those people who loves those late night infomercials where they’re talking about that duster that does everything or those knives that you can chop a tin and then you can chop tomatoes or some fitness thing that you can just sit and watch TV and you’re going to have perfect abs. If you’re into those late-night infomercials, then definitely check out the API Magazine Podcast, because that’s all it is – it’s an infomercial for their magazine.

So there you have 10 property investing podcasts. Again, you’ve got The Property Couch – definitely recommend that. That one’s absolutely awesome. Everyday Property Investing, also awesome, but quite long. We’ve got the OnProperty Podcast, which is me. You’re already listening to me so you probably know about my podcast. But I’m trying to move that to daily. So, if you want regular stuff on property, then my podcast is going to be the most frequent out of everything on this list. You’ve got Helen’s Rant, which is cool. She’s really passionate about investing and goes on a rant. You’ve got I Love Real Estate with Dymphna – great information, but again, beware of her sales tactics. You’ve got We Buy Houses Radio by Rick Otton. I love his stuff, super [inaudible 11:13] guy. Go ahead and check that out.

You’ve got the Rich Dad Radio Show, not technically about investing in property but it will give you a great overview of money. And definitely read Robert Kiyosaki’s books if you haven’t checked them out already. We’ve got the Commercial Property Cash Flow Blueprint, if you’re interested investing in commercial property, then that’s probably the number one podcast that you should listen to. And if you’re interested in positive cash flow, then definitely listen to that one as well to just get a better understanding of how all of that works in Australia. And then, I devoid the API Magazine Podcast; which comes up quite high in the rankings, but doesn’t really add any value.

Guys, I hope that this has been helpful to you. I don’t think you should just learn from me. I think you should go out and you should learn from other people, get other pieces advise and help form your strategy that’s going to move you towards your financial freedom.

I hope you guys check out the OnProperty podcast and subscribe. If you have a chance, please go ahead and leave me an honest review in the iTunes store. Because that will then help me get discovered more. So if we get 5-star ratings in there, people are reviewing it, then that will help more people to see the OnProperty podcast; which is already ranking pretty well. So, thank you everyone who listens to the podcast, everyone who downloads it. I really appreciate it. And if you could take the time right now to simply write a review inside iTunes, just go to and that will bring you to the podcast page and there’s the option there to put reviews in. It’s a bit clunky, but I’d really appreciate it.

Alright guys, until next time, stay positive.

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