Mum-To-Be Buys 3 Properties in 3 Years – Kristal’s Story

It’s always really exciting to see women kicking goals in property and Kristal is a mum-to-be who currently owns 3 properties and is well on her way to financial freedom with the potential for 5 income streams down the line.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:36 – Kristal’s situation and portfolio
1:19 – How Kristal got started investing in property
4:07 – Kristal’s first property, renovating her own home
7:11 – How Kristal’s own home improves the cash flow of her life
7:50 – Property #2 came just 9 months after the 1st property
10:50 – Kristal’s goals for her portfolio
12:50 – Kristal has been the main decision maker
13:27 – Why did Kristal choose her investments?
16:40 – How does it feel to have your financial freedom foundation almost set up?
19:47 – Kristal’s tips for people looking to invest

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