A sneak peak at 2012 on CashFlow Investor

Cash flow investor has gone from strength to strength in 2011. We will give you a full update in January, but we have basically increased our free content and our incoming traffic by 10 fold.

This means more readers to the blog, which means it is easier for us to dedicate more time to putting out great content and making the site even bigger.

Needless to say we are not stopping here, 2012 is going to be our biggest year to date.

Here is a tiny sneak peak at what you can expect in 2012

More great content – More blog posts teaching you the ins and outs of positive cash flow property investing

New types of content – Blog posts won’t be the only way you can consume content from Cash Flow Investor in 2012. I’m not going to be spoiling the surprise just yet, but it’s going to be great for loads of our readers

Premium content – For those of you who want some more advanced content we will be releasing a few types of premium content in 2012. This will help readers get more information and will help support the growth of the site.

Social media – For those of you who love social media you are in for treat. So far we haven’t really connected with our readers via social media, but this will change in 2012

Plus more to be announced – We will be announcing our full plans (in detail) in early January 2012. If you have any ideas of things you want added to the site then share you ideas on twitter @ryanmclean

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