Accelerate Your Property Investing with These 6 Things

A lot of people want to accelerate their property investment journey and get to financial freedom or success faster. Here are some real things we have found to speed up your property investment and financial freedom journey.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:35 – Do you have to go big to be financially free?
2:00 – The lack based mindset most people have
3:40 – #1: Growing your income
6:45 – #2: The people you spend time with
11:30 – #3: Having a clear strategy
13:24 – #4: Being coachable
14:40 – #5: Looking at the long term
16:21 – #6: Living a great life

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hey everyone how’s it going Ryan here from on-property with van buyer’s agent from pumped on property and a lot of people want to accelerate their property investment journey there’s a lot of people out there wanting to make hundred grand in six months or 12 months but I’m gonna talk about that sort of stuff I used to be one of them yeah I can do this in here yeah five years oh yeah we were all people at one point in time and so we’re not going to talk about those quick fix sort of things but we’re going to talk about some things that not a lot of people talk about that can accelerate your journey yeah I love that man like I remember the messages I was getting when I started investing personally and it was 0 to 130 properties in three and a half years or 10 properties in 10 years because these types of podcasts and videos just weren’t around at that time and I thought I have to go be you know what I mean like I have to work hard I have to hustle I have to buy all these assets and then long long long term I’ll be financially free of it I couldn’t connect the dots between owning ten negatively geared properties and actually being financially free sooner yeah and so you know rewinding I suppose that type of thinking that I brainwash myself to have and then you surfing that day and going well maybe it’s different than what we thought like maybe you don’t need four or five properties maybe you could do two houses with two granny flats and get incredible cash flow and set up your base living costs and then go from there yeah so we’re going to talk about a couple of different things one being strategy one being actually making more money one being the people in your life and then also just making it simple so that you can just get on with your life you don’t actually need financial freedom to live a happy life or to be location dependent or to move to somewhere that you want to move and live a better life yeah not like hate your job for the next 20 years so you can buy twenty properties so that you can be financially free so okay what can actually speed up that process and so for most people it’s just like they’re working on their job the advice is spend less than you earn and say that and then buy negatively geared property pay for that hope it goes up in value I feel like that’s what most people talk about and that can’t work definitely yeah it’s worked for hundreds of people thousands of people have got turned into millionaires or financially free through that but that strategy takes 13 years to unfold and I was looking for something that would maybe be more like 15 10 years yeah that’s really important man like the whole default around getting financially free is a like base mindset it’s like how much can I say how much can I reduce my fixed expenses by my variable expenses by how much of my current self and Happiness can I trade now to have what I want down the line and I have this quote which was so disturbing I’ve had to like reprogram my bi and brain it’s like don’t trade what you want most for what you want in the moment and I thought I wanted I thought what I wanted most was like a good family and financial freedom and so I was living out in the future all the time but now I’m like what I want most is like contentment presence in this moment what I know I’m gonna get longer-term as a result of good habits and discipline behavior around investing is financial freedom yeah and it’s just a whole different way of thinking about it so now I’m like how can I make more money how can I make smarter decisions with the money that I’m earning and re-orientate that towards smarter investments and that’s taking me down a five-year journey to how do I get the highest return on the investment not how can I you know get the highest amount of my savings in the bank and save fifty percent of what I earn every week yeah and so I think the budgeting is obviously really important cutting your expenses and being able to live below your means is obviously extremely important and some and I still do those things and so do you as well and sometimes you have to take extreme measures in that case but I think what is not talked about is actually expanding your life and expanding your income potential and growing your income and talking of your brother Simon who’s just bought his second property in 12 months he’s 27 now owns two properties it’s like one of the big things that helped him his second property so quickly was being able to increase his income through you know growing in the business and growing in his career and that just allowed him to save more money and Simon didn’t come into the business this is really important like with the employee mindset that I worked with some really successful entrepreneurs and they taught me really early my income was dependent on the actual value I bought to the business and so I’ve always had this mindset that give me a low base with a high incentive to achieve and I will achieve and Simon came in the same way I said I can give you $80,000 a year to work for me and you can clock in and clock out or I can give you forty five thousand dollars a year when he first started you can prove yourself you can demonstrate this result each time you demonstrate that result which is a new client or a property purchased I’ll give you a dollar amount and then if you want twelve months from now after consistent demonstration you can have part of the profit share in the business now he owns 10% of the business as long as he’s involved in the business he still got a lower base wage but he’s incentivized for us all to do well not just himself so that’s one super easy way like could you have a conversation with your current employer and say hey like what can I do to add more value and if that employer says nothing then that’s completely ok as well and you’ve got a decision to make at that time one this is not going to be a video about how to make extra money on the side oh sorry yeah but I definitely I had a job in procurement I worked for a pharmaceutical company a compounding pharmacy and I would buy all of the products and I were to add a commission structure with them where I was able to save heaps of money on purchasing the same things through just better ordering and negotiating with suppliers and I got a percentage of the money that I saved based on their regular purchasing and then I worked in sales and so then got commissions in sales so not all career paths allow you to do that but career advancement growing your income that way or potential side hustles and side businesses but just that idea of rather than just being the lack based you got to spend less than you earn I feel like that just looks at I’m fixing my income right now and I’ve got to work it out within that know expand beyond that yes budget yes live below your means but also expand that out and say how can I actually make more money and then as you start to make more money then it becomes easier to save deposits easier to pay off debt easier to invest in properties and easier to get to that financial freedom and so another thing is the people around you I think is super important it’s everything right like obviously I’ve got our close and immediate family members and our oldest friends and and often you want to keep those people close and around but for me personally like the quality of the people that I spend my weeks with is everything like if I am looking to make a new friend or let someone new into my life now even when we’re choosing clients now like you’re looking for value alignment like good quality people that live good quality lives that are learning and growing and whatever else is important to you but it is everything yeah and sometimes the ideas that you can get from people the motivation that you can get from people just makes all the difference in your journey so if you’re hanging out with people who are passionate about business or side hustles or passionate about property passionate about investing and then you’re just talking about that then they talk about oh I listen to like this podcast the other day or read this book and had this idea sometimes it just takes that one idea to be like oh that actually is now going to change my life and I’m gonna make more money now because I had that idea completely like one idea like that that changed my life that I learnt about ten years ago is you can’t get everything that you need from one person or one relationship and so a lot of us try and get you know our intimacy our financial advice our education our growth our health from certain people in our lives whether that be friends or family members or partners and what I’ve become very very good at like for example I’ve got this guy at the moment that I go and see every Thursday morning or Friday and he specialized in alignment and mobility for men and he has helped me through this different way of thinking which is called the Paul check method of just helping me rebalance stand that I like almost go back through the stages of infant development to start moving like like a child moves like you see a child squat and they squat so well you see a really healthy person that’s because they’ve got these certain things incorporated into their diet and sleeping habits and water habits and this guy is living in a party house with four of his mates he does jiu-jitsu he was an ex professional fighter he’s like you know a cool guy but he’s not my like everyday I’m not gonna talk to him about my business you know I mean you know I’m gonna go to him for property advice no like but in terms of that particular thing that I’m interested in he is world’s best already yeah and obsessive and like I like that like you know if you want to talk to someone about financial freedom talk to someone who’s financially free like if you want a health outcome or a relationship outcome like spend your time with people that give you that don’t try and find that from maybe just the people around you yeah and so I think having those good people in your life and people that will encourage you and people that will push you and help you to grow is really important pick you up out of the dumps like I remember calling you being like dude I’m struggling I’ve got this debt and you’re like how much do you have and I told you like dude is that it yeah man you’ve got this hello I’m in like 20 times that amount of debt like dude you can handle this and just having someone say that and just having someone be like now you can do this was just it was exactly what I needed at that time to believe in myself again because like I have so much belief in myself but sometimes that gets rocked yeah and there’s someone to be like nah you can do this push through and the same we like probably investing can get hard it can get boring as well get there is only two yeah so you can just get yeah not exciting if you don’t have the people around you that also excited by it but then you know we come and hang out and are you so excited about property whenever we hang out it’s just having the right people around you who are loving it and doing good things is key I can’t remember what else was on the list that we started with I want you to say something dead before we slide in the strategy and that is a good relationship but all of us in a healthy relationship is one where there’s equal energy transfer and where one person isn’t winning or losing or one person isn’t trying to take I think like a good a good relationship to me and like and a good property one is where like there’s mutual respect maybe you’re not in exactly the same levels in terms of income or results right now because your mentors had more time but there has to be a balance transfer it can’t be one way or the other yeah well one sometimes with older mentors the younger people can give them energy and passion back that they’ve lost because they’re just used to it completely and then the mentor can give advice and those more you know so yeah you can definitely work that out I think strategy is really important as well which is so evident watching Simon so I did a full series on Simon about how he bought his second property and stuff so I’ll link up to that down below check that out but just for him having you as his mentor and going into property investing with the strategy being two properties to granny flats or two properties knock them down to rebuild is what he’s looking at at the moment he just knows exactly what to do so he didn’t waste any time on what should I buy didn’t waste time on you know buying the wrong property buying a unit in the wrong place where the Strada goes up exponentially and then you have to sell out like my strata went up from I think jeonju bucks a quarter to like eight thousand a quarter you know I found out when I was in Sydney last weekend actually I never knew this but the boys that I was talking to about it said yeah that Strider manager went to prison he was pocketing that cash there’s a hundred units at eight thousand dollars according he was taking it out and putting it in the pocket and that money never got paid that like I didn’t know that and this is another one like oh my god so that’s the thing Simon’s got the strategy and so he’s just able to go out there and implement it and avoid so many mistakes in his property investment journey and sure he’ll still make some mistakes but no not those catastrophic ones where you see people invest in mining towns and buy these new builds for exorbitant amounts so then go backwards and they can’t rent them out it’s like that can actually define someone’s life for ten years and hold them back for ten years but by having the right strategy in place that’s not like a fancy way to get rich quick or anything but it’s just by not making those mistakes you’re saving yourself time you save me in self effort the emotional effort that goes into that and you just focus I could just focus on especially after the first one just save rinse and repeat rinse and repeat like it’s not that hard this is the funny thing man like what makes Simon such a great investor is one he’s learning from people like you and I from day one but he’s so coachable like he’s so open to learning what best practices and then following through on it like I had this strategy session with someone yesterday and he had $600,000 capacity to buyer he was eligible for a first-time buyers grant in Sydney he had $100,000 income at 125 grand savings and I just said like I completely get where you’re coming from but you know 600 K is a one-bedroom two-bedroom unit in Western Sydney and I just said the markets already risen by a hundred percent you’re talking about buying a unit which historically is performed ninety percent worse than houses according the core logic you’re talking about buying further than twenty case from the city or walking distance to the beach which we know causes about a 1 or 2 percent a year difference in gains and I was educating him and I’m like he was the folding back – I want to save $15,000 in century like that was his priority van I’m like this decision in my mind I didn’t say to him is gonna cost you three maybe four hundred K of gains in the next fifteen years by buying data timing better asset better position better market and looking at that long-term as well and to say okay how does buying this asset now so often we get fixated in what’s what’s the market going to do in the next twelve months or in the next two years but actually having a strategy that says okay bye-bye this asset where am I going to be in 15 years if I follow this plan that’s all I think about man like where will I be in 15 years because this year or next year could either look like this could look like that or it could look like to the ground you know I mean yeah you’ve got no control over that but when you think about it for 15 years these averages that have worked in the past will work in the future and you know being coachable and open and also like we’ve done some videos man on the rules of investing like it’s not rocket science it is so easy to be a good investor if you follow them yeah but for some reason 90% of people just won’t and I they will one day you know I just made all those mistakes in my first five or six years so I’m not gonna make them for the next 60 years yeah and so if you need help getting a strategy if you need help getting clear on that then been on a team ever pumped on property do offer free strategy sessions so you can get on the phone with them talk about where you’re at talk about the sort of things where you want to be in 15 years and what’s stopping you getting there and then you can get a clear strategy on how to get there and what sort of property portfolio you might want to build it’s ahead of it on property calm day you if you want to go ahead and check that out and book your time in the calendar there that suits you what was the we had make more money we had strategy well now you pay people in your life oh and the other thing is just I guess it kind of aligns with strategy and that’s just the fact that once you have a strategy in place and once you’re working towards it then you can you can live your life you don’t have you hate your job until you’re financially free to be able to have a lifestyle and a level of happiness that you want if you can think outside of the box if you can make sometimes some hard choices to change career paths or move to a different location then if you’re if you know you’re on your journey to financial freedom through your property investments it just frees you up to start exploring okay I know I’m on my way I know I’m gonna get there so don’t need to stress about it scrappy manager or this crappy job what can I do to get by look man I enjoy life I love that like you can test retirement today like you can figure out a way to go to four days a week and still do your job and have three days off a week and I was talking to someone that actually reached out from your community about a year ago he’d been pulling the stuff like a lot of you guys have for like months 30 years and then he booked in a session it took us six months for him to get the confidence to buy a property which we found now it’s just settled he’s about to start his first granny flat now he’s living in London with his partner they’re earning 200,000 pounds each in year as corporate lawyers working 12 hours a day seven days a week like grinding it he’s a young man like he’s in the 25 years of age doing real good financially and I said to him I said you know what’s your plan man like and he’s like well I want to come back to Sydney at some point I’m like that’s just not good enough for me and sometimes like I’ll tell you push back on people I’m always gonna push back man like that’s why you like you all so helpful to me because like well that’s one way of thinking about it but how about B’s and I said to him you know you bought one home you built one granny flat you’re still making it you’re still saving 160,000 pounds a year like that’s going to be converted to Aussie dollars you’ve still got 200 grand in the bank what about if you bought another couple of houses and another couple of granny flats in the next year you came back to Australia with $300,000 of Australian in cash because he’s in this incredible financial position and you come back with three houses in three granny flats that owned outright in 15 years we’ll give you a hundred the grand year of income well–that’s thing if you if you put your properties in a positive cash flow situation then you don’t need a high income job in order to support them because they support themselves and so then that gives you the freedom they pay themselves off and their supporting themselves eventually they’ll pay themselves off and then you can live off that income but in the meantime it gives you the freedom to say well my financial future is set up yeah well how am I gonna live my life how am I gonna bring my best self to work how am I gonna bring my best self to my family to my hobbies or the things that I’m passionate about how can I live in the present and enjoy the present I love that because money is important like one of the biggest things I think I learn in my 20s is that but financial freedom won’t buy you happiness I got financial freedom through my business and wasn’t instantly happy but being poor does to make you I’m happy yeah man and so as I met your choices right yeah so it’s like finding that balance and having enough money to get by but also more money in a crappy job on a crappy city that you don’t enjoy that’s not gonna make you happy you know what happened with where we got to at the end of that phone call was because he’s putting a 20% deposit down on each home and granny flat they’re gonna immediately be 200 bucks a week positive he’s like I’m gonna move back to Sydney we’ve got him to move back next November so he’s brought his timeframe forward to chase what he really wants he’s gonna move back with 600 bucks a week of passive income which covers the rent on his property when he comes back to Sydney and he’s decided that he’s gonna come back chilli out work four days a week in a law firm or maybe Chase partnership and work his ass off for another ten but he’s got a choice knowing that worst case he’s going to be cool and what I loved is that he said to me is like no one in my law firm or the corporate world is thinking this way no one’s thinking about solutions no one’s thinking about how I can get my job down the 30-day 30 hours a week because I don’t he doesn’t need to earn four hundred grand a year with his wife in Australia to get financially free he’d make over to you and a hundred grand a year and work a day a week and still do it like yeah and I love sharing that manner just like that’s what we’re doing this for to help people connect the dots and have the confidence to go for what they really want and still be financially free and the thing is it I think our message which is quite a rare message is that you don’t need to invest in property to become filthy rich to achieve your happiness in your best life it’s like you invest in property to create choices for your life which you then decide what to do is you may move to the beaches to a small beach town where there’s lower cost of living and you may just enjoy that work part-time and you just live a pretty chilled life or you may decide to go hard after your career or to go hard after property investing and to become a a baller rich person whatever you want but you have those choices because you’re not worried about I can’t afford to live I can’t afford to pay rent or to put food on the table or to send my kids to school and all that sort of stuff so you have those choices in your life and then it it’s about what you do with those choices after that so property I guess the message there is that ya probably doesn’t have to take you to extreme wealth in order for her to be considered successful your level of success is determined by you and there’s an alternative option out there which is you know just a decent level of income and then oh my god what am I gonna do with my life you know like a few years back when I’d achieved all the things that I thought would make me happy and they didn’t I decided to take Friday’s off and and I’m not gonna hopefully have to work Friday’s again or maybe I’ll choose to but like I was so uncomfortable as someone who done nothing for 12 years but work my absolute ass off like so many of you would feel right now and I didn’t have like hobbies or things that I was passionate about or things that made me happy at that time because I’ve been so work orientated and then slowly after like six months of taking Friday’s off I started to like oh man I love training like I love hanging out with my wife and going out for breaking on a Friday I love dropping the kids at school like I love picking them up and going to the beach like I love surfing on a Friday and catching up with my other mates that don’t work and it’s kind of like if the thought sometimes the thought of actually getting what you want and getting it is scarier than actually were you towards it and so we all have these like hustler mentality and that’s why there’s so much online about working hard but what if you get there and you’re not happy or the person that you want it to be like so my approach now is just be that person today have a plan for financial freedom if I want to work 60 hours next week I’ll work it if I want to work nowhere else a week after I’ll do that well I can’t because I run this business isn’t that like theoretically yeah it’s like choose what makes you happy live your values day to day and still achieve financial freedom it doesn’t have to be one or the other and it’s something that we’re gonna be talking about a lot more this year which is the idea of conscious investing and enjoying investing and making that an enjoyable process for you and this thing’s funding something that’s a cool part of life so in the next video we’re gonna be talking about that idea of conscious investing enjoying investing having fun doing it so go ahead and click on that video now check it out and we’ll see you in the next video I’ll be keeping you went back to Italy to smoke for how long was that

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