Building 2 Investment Properties With a Home Hopping Strategy – Adam’s Story

It’s really exciting to hear about people’s different investment journeys and today we talk with Adam about his failures and his current investment journey.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:07 – How Adam got into investing and some of his initial failures
3:00 – Converting to long term thinking
3:59 – Why buy your own home instead of an investment property?
6:40 – Investing conservatively, Adam’s mortgage is less than the rent he was paying
8:40 – Home hopping for property investment #2
10:42 – Why Adam is choosing to be more conservative than he needs to be
13:00 – Adam’s long term property investment goals
14:30 – Gaining experience with each property investment
16:25 – Why buy cash flow properties over jumping straight to a development?
19:40 – Going from irrational to rational investing

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