April 2015 Growth Update

I started On Property (previously CashFlow Investor) over 5 years ago in February 2010 and in that time it has moved from a hobby, to a side project to a major part of my online media business.

It started as a teeny tiny blog and is now becoming on of the major Australian property blogs on the web.

I wanted to start sharing the growth statistics of On Property with you my readers (the onpropeteers) so that you can see that you are a part of something big and something that is growing to impact the lives of thousands of people.

April 2015 Achievements

I had my 3rd child on the 31st of March this year and he ended up needing to stay in hospital for about 3 weeks. So April for me was a month of taking care of my family, not a month of working and growing my sites.

So really all I did in April was maintenance work and customer support on the site. I didn’t focus on adding any new content at all.

April 2015 Website Traffic

I will be sharing major traffic statistics with you and comparing them to the same month last year. As property is a somewhat seasonal business months do tend to fluctuate so this is the best way for me to track my progress.

Great to see the incredible growth over the last 12 months as I have worked hard to add new content to the website and improve the existing content.


Type April 2015 April 2014 Change
 Sessions  35,282  7,630  ^362%
 Pageviews  52,490  13,305  ^295%
 Pages/Session  1.49  1.74  14%
 Session Duration  1:44  2:43  36%
 Bounce Rate  42.62  68.9%  ^38%
 % New Sessions  79.96%  79.83%  ^0.2%



April 2015 YouTube Views

Video is something I am REALLY passionate about. I over index (meaning I show up a lot more than other people) in YouTube compared with Google because every episode I also do a video.

This gives me great exposure to new audience members and while numbers are much lower than the website visits they are no less important.


Type April 2015 April 2014 Change
 Views  7,250  1,999  ^262%
 Minutes Watched  40,514  10,610  ^282%



April 2015 Podcast Downloads

April saw the highest number of monthly podcast downloads I have ever achieved. There was 1 day where I got over 3,000 downloads.

I’m not sure if this was a glitch but even without this day it would still be my most downloaded month ever which is really exciting.


Type April 2015 April 2014 Change
 Downloads  14,612  5,012  ^191%



May 2015 Plans

May sees me slowly moving back into full time work. Though I will be working much shorter days than previously and likely getting less done.

My focus in May will be completing and launching 2 new products.

1. The Complete Self Leasing Kit The complete self leasing kit was actually something I launched back in 2014 but never quite got it 100% completely. The product blew out in requirements and construction time and the market ended up being smaller than anticipated meaning it wasn’t worth the investment I was putting into it. So after a month I pulled the plug and only sold it to a few people.

In April I started thinking about redoing this product and in May I realised that while the full product wasn’t complete a small portion of the product solved 90% of the problems potential customers had…getting the forms to start a lease.

So I broke apart the product and am now simply selling the documents for STARTING the lease and not focusing on maintaining the lease which is something people need less help with. This product is available in 3 different packages for $9.95, $19.95 and $49.95 over at Leaser.com.au

2. Property Tools (coming soon) – Quite a few people have joined On Property Plus and wanted to hang around to continue getting access to the Advanced Property Calculator. The problem is this members area is higher priced for the full package you are getting.

So I thought, why not separate the calculator and provide it for a lower priced subscription ($5/month instead of $50) to a potentially larger group of people. This is what I will be trying to get ready by the end of May.

Eventually I plan on building this out so there is more than just that calculator and more personalised customisation (aka saving data inside the app) but I will explore that in the future.

No New Content Plans

I currently have no plans to launch any new content to the site in May, however I do plan to jump back on the horse and get more content out in June.

I hope this April 2015 growth update has been insightful to you and I will continue doing them into the future as it is a great way to track progress and let you know about the new things happened at On Property.


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