Australian Property Market Update: April 2019

Welcome to my Australian Property Market Update for April 2019, where I look at some data from CoreLogic’s monthly update and draw out some insights from the data points.

0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – National rate of decline is continuing to slow
1:58 – Decline is now across more capital cities
2:43 – National dwelling values down 7.4% since peaking
4:12 – Change in dwelling values from market peak
5:08 – Sydney property market update
5:39 – Melbourne property market update
6:05 – Trends in time on market and vendor discount
7:23 – Brisbane property market update
8:16 – Adelaide property market update
8:46 – Perth property market update
9:20 – Hobart rate of growth now slowing
10:54 – Darwin property market update
12:53 – Canberra property market update
13:16 – Major factors affecting the current downturn
14:12 – New lending continues to decline
15:19 – Interest rates likely to get cut this year, but not help the market as much as previously
16:20 – There are a lot of factors that will affect property prices

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