How Bad Financial Decisions Can Be Used To Grow Your Wealth

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Bad financial decisions can hold you back, or they can be a catalyst to push you forward towards even more wealth. What will they be in your life?

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There comes a time in all of our lives where we make poor financial decisions, but what you do with those financial decisions will determine whether you become richer as a result or whether you become for a as a result. So today’s episode, I want to talk about some of my poor financial decisions and how they actually led me to create more wealth in my life and hopefully this will encourage you and the way that you approach your setbacks and use them as an actual catapult to move you forward. So Hey, I’m Ryan from [inaudible] Dot Com dot a U. I help people achieve financial freedom and the idea for this episode came as a result of this skateboard which is behind me. Now. This has recently been painted by my wife who is a fantastic artist bus. As you can see, it is extremely, extremely rusted. This has been outside for quite some time. The bottom is also very destroyed. This skateboard. It means a lot to me.

It is a joy to ride. It has huge sentimental value because it’s been in my life for over 10 years now. I bought it when I was with my wife before she was my wife. All of my kids had re written on the skateboard and I just love the way that it feels, so what I did was I got my wife to repaint it as you can see and went to the skateboard shop yesterday to try and get some new bearings for it so I could continue to use it as well as some grip tape thinking, you know, might cost me 40 bucks or something like that. My budget isn’t super tight, but it’s also not super loosey goosey either. And so went to the skate shop, ended up paying about 80 bucks for bearings and grip tape and then in the end turned out that the old bearings that actually fused onto the truck and we couldn’t get them off,

couldn’t get a refund for them, was able to get a credit. But basically it was about $80 down with nothing to show for it. Which kind of punched a hole in our budget this week that we weren’t expecting. I wasn’t expected to be $80 down and still not have a skateboard to show for it and to have to invest a couple of hundred dollars to fix this thing if I want. It’s actually gonna be more expensive to fix it than it is going to be to buy a brand new one. So that was a bit of a setback which made me really, really frustrated yesterday. I just hate it when you invest money into things and it just doesn’t work out. So spent $80 and basically got nothing for it. My wife had a similar situation where she has to go to a funeral and she purchased a dress for the funeral.

She doesn’t own a funeral dress and it ended up being the wrong one, but it was on sale so she couldn’t take it back. So there was another $40. Another mistake we had made in our budget that we couldn’t really recover from because she couldn’t return that dress even though it wasn’t actually. Right. So sometimes you have financial setbacks like this. It might be small financial setbacks like the one that we’ve had this week where we’ve just kind of overspent on things that really didn’t work out or it could have been larger setbacks. I’ve had businesses in the past that have failed. I’ve invested thousands of dollars into different projects that never turned out to be anything. I bought domain names for thousand dollars that I had big plans for that never made me a dime. You guys know the USB stick story where we were really tight on cash and I spent our savings at the time, our entire savings on USB sticks from China to resell on Ebay and ended up getting fraudulent USB six that weren’t actually what they said they were and so lost a great deal of money there.

So there’s a lot of financial setbacks that happen in your life, but what you do as a result of those financial setbacks, I think we’ll have a big impact on whether or not you become wealthy. So for me, using the skateboard as an example, I was actually really upset and frustrated at the situation because I know that this is going to blow out our budget for the week and we weren’t in budget last week either. And so that was really frustrating for me. Something that has great sentimental value is just currently still broken and has cost me a great deal of money, not a great deal but a bit of money and so I was a bit upset about it, but what I decided to do as a result of this setback was to use it to motivate me to go forward. So now I’m $80 in the hole with this ad in my wife’s dress that was $40, $120 in the hole.

As a result of mistakes that we’ve made this week, we can wallow in that. We can try and budget better and live tighter. But the decision that I actually made instead was to actually use these mistakes to fuel me and to drive me to earn more income and not just earn more income, but to create more assets. I do have an episode with Ben Everingham talking about this that was released yesterday, how the rich don’t work for money that they worked to build assets and so that’s what I decided to do. I decided to take the frustration that was this skateboard and the money that I’ve put into it. I still want to pay to get it fixed, which is going to be a couple hundred dollars all up, but uh, use that financial setback as fuel for me to push me forward and to make extra money and to create more assets in my life.

So it’s actually fueling me to work harder. So I know that the budget is screwed this week. Basically, me and my wife are terrible at understanding when we’ve made mistakes. Like let’s be honest. Okay. But what we are good at is looking for ways to make extra money in our lives. And so I’m taking this mistake that I made. I’m going to flip it on its head, use it as fuel to get me to work harder to build more assets that will then generate income that will then pay to have this board completely fixed and then still generate income. After that. Robert Kiyosaki talks about it a lot. If you want something nice in your life, if you want a new car, if you want something material, so for me, it’s the skateboard right here. If you want something material, rather than going out and purchasing that material thing, what you should do is you should go out and create or invest in an asset that generates passive income and then basically get the passive income from that investment and use the passive income to then buy your material thing.

And so this is delayed gratification, but what it means is that you still get what you want. Eventually, you don’t get it straight away, but you do get it, but what you’ve done is you’ve gone out, you’ve shifted your focus away from the material thing towards creating an asset. You’ve gone out and you’ve created an asset that is generating you income and that asset will then buy the skateboard for you or whatever it may be, and then you have your skateboard, but you also have an asset that will then continue to make passive income in your life. And so that’s what I’ve decided to do with this financial setback. So use it as a driver, use it to create more assets in my life that will then go and pay to have this thing fixed, but then go on and continue to make money thereafter as well.

So I’m using this financial setback to actually create more passive income in my life which will overall make me a wealthier person. So I just thought that was a really interesting way that I’ve approached wealth and I’ve approached financial setbacks in the past. Have done it in many times throughout my life. And I thought that it might be able to help some of you guys out there as well. So if you have those financial setbacks, use them as fuel for the fire to get focused on assets that you can create extra income that you can make to pay for that. And then some ideally generating passive income well into the future there. Try your best and don’t forget to check out the episode I did with Ben yesterday on what to focus on if you want to be rich. So go ahead and check that out on dot a u four slash five slash 60. If you haven’t watched that already, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel as new episodes coming out every single day. And until next time, stay positive.

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