Property Calculators – The 9 Top Real Estate Calculators On The Web

Below is a comprehensive list of the best property calculators available on the web. These real estate calculators will help you calculate everything from mortgages to cash flow, stamp duty and lender’s mortgage insurance.

These property calculators will help you analyse property deals quickly so you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time finding great investment properties.

Property Cash Flow Calculator

There are a few tools out there for calculating the cash flow of your property effectively. Most are quite expensive and hard to use.

That why I created Property Tools. A online calculator that allows you to quickly and easily estimate the cash flow of any property in seconds.

Simply enter purchase price and rental income to get an initial estimate, and then go into more details on each expense item to get a more accurate result.

Hand’s down the easiest way to calculate positive cash flow properties

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365 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Other Useful Property Calculators

The Quick Test – This is a quick test to see if your property is likely to be positively cash flowed, it also shows the rental yield of the property you are analyzing.

House Deposit Calculator – Not sure how much you need as a deposit? Use this simple calculator to work it out

Mortgage Repayments Calculator – Quickly and easily calculate the expected mortgage repayments on your home loan if it is a principle and interest loan.

Interest Only Loan Calculator – Quickly and easily calculate the monthly interest repayments on an interest only loan

Saving My House Deposit Calculator – Set your savings target and your time frame and this calculator will tell you how much you need to save per month, per week and per day.

Lender’s Mortgage Insurance – If you want to borrow more than 80% of the purchase price of the property you will almost always have to pay lenders mortgage insurance. This calculator lets you know how much you can expect to pay (though it does vary slightly from lender to lender)

Stamp Duty Calculator – Calculate the stamp duty that you will need to pay on your property when you purchase it

Land Tax Calculator – If you own a lot of property then it is likely you will be liable for land tax. Use this simple calculator to get an estimation of exactly what you may be liable for.