Conscious Investing

There is a script most people will tell you about how property investing goes and today we are here to flip that script with what we call conscious investing.

This is not about getting rich quick. This is about living your best life, you don’t have to wait to be financially free before you can be happy.

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Ryan 0:00
there is a script that most people will tell you about how property investing goes and what you need to do in order to become a baller millionaire property investor and become happy and today we are here to flip that script and to offer you an alternative that we’re calling conscious investing that can make investing fun can make the journey fun and can make life fun while you’re doing it and the idea here is that you don’t have to wait until you’re financially free in order to live your best life that you can be investing in property and living a good life and being happy at the same time and it’s just all enjoyable there’ll be hard times but it’s all enjoyable

Ben 0:45
you know the bumps and bruises are cool because it’s a journey right and on a journey it’s never a straight path up the hill like you know if you can enjoy the moments of investing and the little details and the little fun bits and the thrills and the ups and downs and that’s just an integrated part of your life working towards the best version of who you want to be like shit changes like so much for the better

Ryan 1:09
so we want to talk about what conscious investing is but i think it’s important that we first talk about what conscious investing isn’t fully and that’s you know there’s so many other

property channels and stuff that

will tell you that you know

Ben 1:22
tell you what it doesn’t look like is the ad before this video of the guy selling you like the amazon dream or like the property dream or the sharemarket dream or the dude on stage selling the ferrari you know like the person on instagram hiring the lambo to make it look like they’re balling it doesn’t to me look like super hard work it doesn’t look like the motivational stuff which is just bust your ass every single day and outwork every person it doesn’t look spammy it doesn’t look like slick and fake like it is just intuitive driven investing which is who do i ultimately want to be and we’ll talk about this in a lot more detail and more importantly like who the hell do i not want to be like it’s sometimes easier to decide who you don’t want to be than who you want to be

Ryan 2:12
yeah so it’s not a get rich quick scheme it’s not a million dollars overnight it wasn’t ever

Ben 2:17
even be a million dollars

Ryan 2:19
and it’s also not the secret to property investing it’s not a hidden secret because the strategies are honestly quite simple and there’s multiple different ways you can make money in property so there’s no like one secret that when you know it’s going to reveal everything to you and now you start making money by doing nothing it doesn’t look

Ben 2:35
like brand new off the plan apartments with beautifully presented brochures it doesn’t look like free advice where there’s nothing the other person’s getting in return like it doesn’t look like 20% plus gains a year it doesn’t look like the entire future’s bright perfectly mapped out boy yeah like there’s a whole lot of streets that it doesn’t look like i i wish i had my cowboy hat on right now because i feel like i could be a cowboy it doesn’t look like a cowboy hat god it’s not this and i’ve been wearing this all day not just for these views but it’s not that

Ryan 3:05
yeah we’re not the property cowboys or anything so what what is it and what sort of things

Ben 3:13
were like going to be literally creating this from scratch as we talk through it

Ryan 3:17
the idea here is it’s not new if you’ve been following us for a long period of time it’s very similar concepts to what we’ve been talking about in the two properties to financial freedom strategy and talking about that sort of more risk adverse positive cash flow but also investing in high quality areas so you can get out long term growth and security or the risk mitigation or the 15 years time map so a lot of those sort of concepts are very similar i guess with a kind of new perspective wrapped around it that can enlighten you and that can allow you to start to enjoy this journey and start to property investing should be fun

Ben 3:55
but so much fun like how funds like buying stuff making gains getting passive income renovating selling stuff for profit you know that’s all good stuff

Ryan 4:04
and how funny is moving towards your ultimate goal of financial freedom or whatever your financial goals or property investment goals may be taking steps on that journey is so fun so at the moment i’m in a position where i’m paying off debt and working in a cafe short term but short term cash and when i’m there i’m like i’m just working here to earn money which i know is going to get spent on food and that needs to be done that’s cool but then i go home from that and work on my business and i know that long term this is going to deliver me financial freedom through the business and then allow me to invest in property like that is exciting for me working in the business is exciting because i know i’m working towards something

Ben 4:44
you know the first step in conscious investing from my perspective is sitting down in like a meaningful space and that space could be having a beer it could be having a juice it could be having a cup of tea it could be with a loved one or on your own could be at the beach like we are now you know like it could be wherever is a meaningful place for you where you can actually find your flow and i think conscious investing starts by projecting 15 years into the future and just visualizing that you’re already there with a notepad in front of you and asking one simple question which is how could i be happy and how could i be living my best life 15 years from now and then just letting your hand right not even consciously thinking about it for me when i do this exercise at the start of the year i go i am so grateful it’s the first of december 2035


and it just sprays out to me like i’m so grateful to have passive income coming in i’m so grateful that i’ve got an incredible relationship with my wife my kids i’m so happy that i get to travel start businesses serve people volunteer give heaps of money to charity i’m so grateful that i’m learning i’m growing on healthy like and it starts with a vision not a goal because the vision needs to pull you through the journeys bumps and bruises like yeah and there’s gonna be bumps and bruises in any journey right and something not to do

Ryan 6:09
at this time when you’re sitting down and you’re thinking about okay what do i want my life to look like what is my happiness going to look like i need to answer how

Ben 6:17
to get there sorry i

Ryan 6:18
know you don’t need to answer how to get there but this is also not the time for big high faluting goals that are actually not meaningful to you i’m going to be a billionaire or libra who gives a shit about that no like what is meaningful to you what gives your life purpose and where do you want to be so this is one of those times to kind of get real and be like like be realistic be visionary yes but be visionary about what’s important to you and that’s going to change from person to person because for me truthfully i don’t care about having my own private helicopter

Ben 6:52
but not on my agenda i walked down from the beach like from my house and i literally the other day was like if i walk down 360 days a year for the next 60 years from this house how many times am i gonna walk to this meeting back like these are the stupid things in my mind because i’m so much more like aligned to just the simple stuff now

Ryan 7:14
yeah so for me to think okay 15 years in the future then i’m thinking about my kids and i’m thinking about the relationship i have with them how are they going to be some of the things we’re going to do thinking about my partner and thinking about travel and thinking about lifestyle and business and growth and what i’ll be able to put my creativity into and so you kind of start with that vision

Ben 7:37
and the big picture it have fun with it like write stuff scribble stuff out like that didn’t feel right gone yeah and it’s just the it’s just the fun exercise it’s not serious not committing to anything because the next thing that i do after the 15 year one is because 15 years is big airy fairy who knows what’s going to be happening in 15 years and the thing is your changes a person in 15 years time it’ll look nothing like you wrote down but you still need to start with that because that’s the start of your conscious journey but then doing that same exercise for the next 12 months and i just did this and i’m like it’s the 31st of december i’m chilling out before celebrating new year’s eve with my family and my friends thank you for this year and when you do it for the year it’s way more fun because it’s like what’s actually going to make you feel incredible right now

Ryan 8:24
but i think something that you’ve missed out on there is that we’re talking about the big vision but you know how to get there you’ve gotten that out your strategy to get to that 15 year goal whereas most people listening to this haven’t done that yet and so i think that’s important for us is to be like okay here’s where i want to be what sort of thing is going to get me there what sort of investment strategy is going to get you there and where we’re in property where the property guys we talk about property and so we will gear towards this in this video but it for you that shares then

Ben 8:54
is this cringe oh

Ryan 8:55
whatever yeah then all the best for you but in property and might be okay in 15 years time i want to have passive income of $100,000 a year that way i can live wherever i want i’m not tied to sydney are not tied to melbourne i’m not tied to whatever city i’m in i can live anywhere in the world or anywhere in australia or i can stay where i am because i love it and my family’s around there but say i need 100 grand a year okay what sort of assets do i need to have that’s going to get me there

Ben 9:25
yep like and that’s quite simple to reverse engineer like you know if you can figure out a way to spend 500k and get 700 bucks a week and that 700 bucks a week increases by two and a half percent per year for 15 years those two houses and two granny flats or whatever it is the way that you do it is the 100k right or you could go buy five houses that rent for $20,000 engineer and owned by them and you know we’re not we’re not getting into the nitty gritty here of inflation and holding costs and stuff like that so if you’re saying hey i might need two properties probably at a third one because of the cost the inflation the taxes that you caught associated with actually getting financially free but a loose map is very very important like you know each of my properties today produce about 35 grand a year of income if i want 200k a year then 200k divided by 35 grand i know exactly how many properties i need to buy and then i want to overlay all the other things you’ve talked about in other videos too

Ryan 10:26
yeah so we have done a full episode on two properties to financial freedom where we kind of map out this strategy and i’ll link out to that below but the basis of it is investing in property that has decent cash flow from the start but the opportunity to add a second income generally through a granny flat or that could potentially be a knock down rebuild or something like that so you’re now getting two incomes and a higher rental yield from that property but being able to do this you’re able to do it in a good area like in a capital city like brisbane in a good solid area that has growth potential so we’re not talking about risky mining towns or regional markets or anything like that you want this growth long term because we’re talking about 15 years we’re not talking about making 100 grand in 12 months and so kind of mapping that out and say okay if i owned these properties and estimating the rental income let’s say i own them outright how much would i be earning from that and then you can kind of quickly map back how many properties and granny flats you would need to achieve your goal so in 15 years time you can get there and then as ben said now it comes about enjoying the journey and going on the journey and then as you said the next step is to look at okay the next 12 months where am i going to be and you asked me this just a breakfast this morning if we’re sitting here having breakfast in one year time what are we looking back on what are we thankful for and what position are you in

Ben 11:47
and can you like verbalize that and then i’ll do the same because sometimes it feels bigger than it needs to be like we’re just having a loose chat right now like you know when i was doing it i was just letting the pen work itself i wasn’t even putting any thought into it i was just letting it come through me so where do you want to be 12 months from today like you know shutting your eyes and thinking about things honestly

Ryan 12:07
well i think my big thing for 12 months for me is building out my business and being in a position where i am actively and easily paying off my debt and i can see the light at the end of the tunnel to that so building it up having that stable income as well and then being in a position where we can just have fun with business because we know what i know that that money is coming in and then i can be more exploratory in the things that i do and the businesses that i create and also be putting myself in a position to invest and while mine is very business focus for someone who is looking at doing this sort of property you might be saying okay i want to buy three properties and build three granny flats okay well in 12 months where do you want to be and that may be i want to purchase my first property or you may be in debt and say i want to pay off my debt you may be saving a deposit and say i want to say this much of the deposit or maybe you’re trying to increase your income so

Ben 13:04
i just want to plan in 12 months to know what’s next you know what i mean because you’re you’re not there yet in terms of your education and sometimes it’s better to do nothing than to rush in and do something

Ryan 13:13
yeah but i think that process of saying okay where do i want to be in a year’s time and then you start working out okay what do i need to do to get there but i think you also want to layer on top of this whole process just a sense of calm and self centeredness

Ben 13:28
in australia be anxiety based i’m going to do big things this year type thing it’s really like what would make me happy and i’m grateful because not i want to achieve this massive bucket list if you know what i mean

Ryan 13:40
yeah and then the next year also becomes about the fun of actually trying to achieve that rather than the anxiety of i need to achieve it to be happy you know you’ve got you’ve got a lifetime if it takes 15 years great if it takes 10 even better if it takes 20 so be it if it takes 40 you know

Ben 13:56
you’re enjoying the journey man like it’s probably going to take your whole lifetime to continue to become who you’re supposed to be right yeah and financial independence allows you to be more of who you are like if you’ve got an association around money which is based on that old paradigm of like get rich quick mommy’s bad i can’t do this i don’t know anyone who’s doing it i’m all on my own i don’t have a team to support me with this the flip side of conscious investing from that perspective which that’s all built on the lack mentality that we talked about in the previous video is really just i’m in florida like i’m going to live my best life i’m going to know that this is going to take a while i know that i don’t have all of the answers right now in terms of every step but i’m going to figure out my big picture i’m going to identify my next step and then i’m going to obsess about that next step be clear on that next step confidently taking it knowing that this role leads to that one and just slowly move forward one step at a time and taking the anxiety

Ryan 14:53
out of it and taking the like property secret or the get rich quick out of it also does make it more fun so being like okay in 12 months i want to buy a property there’s a lot of learning that you’re going to do in order to get to that position while you’re saving and now it’s like okay let’s dive into this let i’m excited to learn about property i’m excited to watch youtube videos i’m excited to listen to podcasts it’s one of the exciting things in my day man listen to 10 minutes of property suffered day over a year you’ve listened to a lot of stuff in automate yeah you’ve learned a lot you’ve completely changed your destination and

Ben 15:28
your cost because of the micro movements you make each day through the year

Ryan 15:32
yeah and you’re still on that journey towards your goal and you’ve got this vision in mind but then you’re now enjoying that process it’s not a huge rush

Ben 15:41
yeah so you know once you’ve got your clearly idea in your mind of hey this is where i’d like to be 12 months from now where i go to from there is okay budgeting and saving is my thing i focus on that but for me this year personally i’d like to buy one if not two more assets because i don’t own enough assets right now give me enough cash flow to be financially free to the level that i want to be now with three kids in private school and the growing costs coming in my future like so you know what i’ve done is like i’ve just gone well now it’s time for me to go i want to buy two properties which market do i buy in which part of that market which suburb which street what type of asset do i want what can i borrow what type of rent do i want and each of those is a series of yes or no questions until i get to this point and we can talk about this in future episodes how i do that but until i get to this point to go one suburb one purchase price one type of property one particular piece of land one pocket suburb it again conscious investing doesn’t have to be hard like you don’t have to get caught in analysis paralysis which is the old way it’s hey like i’m just gonna learn about this stuff and instead of feeling like i need to rush into it in the next month take six months to chill out nothing happens in six months if it’s a 15 year plan you don’t need to be caught up in fomo you know there’s more than enough time to do whatever it is that you need to do or seek professional help if you want to get competence in your result

Ryan 17:14
and i think that’s really cool and just the process of narrowing down exactly what you want and then that makes investing easier as well because you now i’m just looking at one suburb and one price range and one type of property and i talked about this with simon yesterday property investing is actually more of a process of elimination than he is about finding the hidden gem you find the hidden gem because you’ve cut everything else

Ben 17:38
out and that’s all that’s left back him out that is the secret to property investors sacred try not to buy something and then you’ll find what you want

Ryan 17:46
yeah so what what what’s your what do we invest in well not this one not this one not this one and only leaves one what area that today no this area no this area not this area it only leaves that area whatsoever not this one not this one but that is the process of it and i think again by being conscious in what your end goal is and being conscious in exactly what you need to buy in order to achieve that end goal then you’re not just jumping around being like oh my gosh the markets just change and sydney’s just grown by a lot of melvin’s is booming at the moment so i need to jump into melbourne because otherwise i’m going to miss out know you’ve got your strategy in mind you know the assets that you need to buy that are going to get you there so when melbourne booms great for melbourne great for everyone in melbourne i’m so happy for those people especially after the client but that doesn’t affect me and that doesn’t change my plans and maybe you’ll look at the numbers differently and obviously assess the market but my strategy is still there and that’s what i’m following so it doesn’t really those forces and the those changes don’t affect me unless it’s the city that i’m looking at investing in and the suburb that i’m looking at investing in and that’s dramatically changing and i need to readjust

Ben 18:57
i love that like on my vision board in my office at the moment i’ve got this quote from bruce lee and it’s like it’s not the daily increase but the daily decrease packaway the unessential and the best resources in the world have blinders on like they have literally the like day race where they can’t even see their competition because it’s irrelevant what your family’s doing what your friends are doing how much better off or worse you are compared to the people that you compare yourself against and we all do we all do you know and just like go with that it’s not a competition this is your journey and find your secret to your happiness from living someone else’s version of your life

Ryan 19:35
yeah this is your life not their life

Ben 19:39
you know find you like live your values invest your way find a strategy that works based on your gut that’s low risk that’s longer term that is ganas safely and securely get you to where you want to be that doesn’t stress you out if you lose your job or your business fails like find something that is you hold on to it and i can run with it and make it work

Ryan 20:00
for us a big part of our conscious investing is that risk mitigation and is that cash flow and the properties of self supporting so we don’t have to worry about it

Ben 20:09
i’m just a low risk mofo that hates debt so i’ve had to develop this strategy with ryan that suits me maybe you’re a high risk guy like go find the dudes on youtube that are talking about development or something

Ryan 20:20
maybe dive into the government and do huge unit blocks and that’s your journey then that’s yours and if you do want to become a property baller and if that’s your journey but at least you’re conscious about that and that’s a conscious choice whereas i feel like there’s just so much content online and so much advertising and things like that where people like you can do this and this is what you want that’s how you then know what you want like most of us don’t even know what we want and so what we’re trying to get at is to say okay well let’s actually think about what you want getting alignment with what you want and then you take the journey that you need to take to get to where you need to get to and the last piece of this puzzle that we want to talk about is that as you go on that journey sometimes in the early years you’re in that situation where you go the high income job but you hate your job you hate your boss life sucks but your job is paying really well and so you’re thinking okay what i’m going to do is actually spend this time and i’m going to save my deposits and invest in properties because i got this stable high income job i can borrow money and i can invest and sometimes it’s a matter of months sometimes it’s a matter of years where you stay in that situation to build up your foundational properties to build out those assets so for me it’s working 60 hours a week to build up my business in the short term you build that up but once you’ve purchased those properties once you build those granny flats they’re now paying for themselves paying themselves off you don’t have to wait till you’re financially free that kicks off a new stage of your journey where you say okay my financial future is now set up i’m gonna get there these properties will pay themselves off what now you now have the ability to quit that crappy job that you hate you still need a job you still need to pay for your rent you still need to pay for your food or maybe your principal place of residence you need to pay the mortgage on that you still need some sort of job but that job could be in a different state it could be in a different industry it could be part time because you’re not okay i need to earn this money because hopefully that will make me able to retire in the future your retirement set up so now you’ve got all this freedom and choices

Ben 22:28
you know the old way of thinking is delay delay delay delay finally get what you want and realize when you get there you have the exact same person you were the day before and trust me if you’re not content on the way through you’re not going to be content when you get there and i found that out the hard way about three years ago like i heard

Ryan 22:45
a really cool quote that is not it’s not the pursuit of happiness it’s the happiness of

Ben 22:50
pursuit it’s the happiness officiate that’s cool like i love that like this doesn’t have to be a grind this doesn’t have to be intense like you can put your head down for the next three or four years while you set it up and then you can keep working hard or you can call back to four days a week or you can change industries or you can change jobs you can travel volunteer you can jump in the caravan with your family and cruise randalls or america or europe or whatever you want to do like you can go work for that ngo you can you know stop working 60 hours and work 40 like you can pick your kids up from school or drop them to school like conscious investing creates choices but not in 15 or 30 years time now yeah like how you live now is everything like and i’ve gone through such a journey on this personally and i know you have as well like we were talking before at brekkie or like brunch center what it was was smashed out it was smashed out is delicious but you know we were just talking about that like i have spent a lot of time in the last couple of years trying to figure out who the hell i am and what i realized is that i didn’t need to figure anything out i just am like i had to peel back the layers of the stuff that i put on like we all put on and just i’m just making now and that may is different in this moment compared to the next one and it evolves and it changes but when you get to figure out what’s important to you and then you live it on a daily basis and you figure out how to maintain your flow with the craziness of your life financially free or not good job or not good business or not good relationship or not and you can instead of swinging out like this like we all do like you learn to slowly find the center point like everything gets easier like you fall more in line with who you’re supposed to be you attract better people into your life you make better decisions with investing process coming from a place of centeredness and i think this is the future of not just investing but business and the world and like i’m so excited to be part of it

Ryan 24:51
yeah and i want to tell two stories both of people who work at pumped on property who work as buyer’s agents helping people to do this so you’ve got simon who’s ben’s brother who he has purchased two properties within a 12 month period he’s 27 three years ago four years ago he

Ben 25:09
was literally working at ribcor studying economics at uni

Ryan 25:12
yeah and so he’s worked really hard built up his income worked hard to buy those properties he’s now got those foundational properties he’s just chilling at the moment not paying to buy another investment property who’s saying the next one will probably be his principal place of residence but he’s in a job that he loves already so he’s built up that foundation and what that’s given him is just like relaxation and security and the ability to dive into his job even more and enjoy it even more

Ben 25:41
he chose to chill this year like to look after himself to travel but that’s a beautiful choice to have right like i’m not gonna do anything this year but look after myself

Ryan 25:50
yeah so he’s not investing this year and doesn’t feel like he needs to because he’s done those things but he’ll still work hard he’ll still grow the business you’ll still make good money and he’ll still probably say because it’s just posit for the end of the year but he’s in the place that he wants to be he’s in the job that he wants to be and so nothing’s really changed for simon and then you’ve got hayden who’s just come on to work for pumped on property and he’s going through this journey himself where he’s purchased a couple of properties he’s built a granny flat i think he’s in the process of buying his second granny flat

Ben 26:19
he was living where exactly is living in south australia absolutely working his ass off like he finished an accounting degree yeah decided like a lot of us do i don’t want to do what i learned at uni went and like peeled back those curtains and realized that it’s just the show behind the curtain it’s not what he thought it was gonna be

Ryan 26:37
and so was he working as accountant when he bought the properties

Ben 26:40
i think he was working in someone’s financial controller for a business yeah

Ryan 26:44
yeah and so from what ben told me that he then made the decision that he wanted to move out to the sunshine coast or to move up towards brisbane and him and his partner were actually able to relocate up to the sunshine coast without any real goal in mind of i’m moving for this job i’m going to make more money in this career but it was more a lifestyle choice to say this is where i want to be and to come up with that freedom of the unknown to be like i trust in myself that i can find a job i trust in myself that i can move somewhere else and provide enough money that we can live if we have to live tight for a bit then so be it but we’ve got this set up that i’m not now tied to this idea of a career or i’m not tied to what i studied that i now have to work in because it earns me good money and nothing else will is now i’ve got the freedom to do that end up coming up and ended up with the luck of working with you guys came up hit them up for a job just at the time that you know there was a job available it was it that was long but they had the ability to do that and to look at that because of the decisions that they made and so their life has now completely change and they were free to make that choice because they understood their vision they invested it and they reached that point where they’re not financially free no not at all

Ben 28:03
he knows it’s gonna take 15 years to pay these properties off and he’s okay with that and

Ryan 28:06
now the process is what am i going to do for the next 15 years of my life to enjoy it

Ben 28:12
and hayden worked he’s absolute ass off for the four years before this he was working two jobs 60 hours a week his wife or his now wife he just had a shotgun wedding in thailand which is epic as well and his wife was working 70 hours a week like they had a clear vision that they wanted to buy their two homes build their two granny flats and get that recession plan insurance policy in place and now they’re both like she’s working in the sunny coast hospital he’s working for us he’s working four days a week like all of my team by the end of the year will just be working four days a week because i truly believe in this if you can maintain flow you can actually produce a lot more he’s found like what i think he’s going to be his range job and he’s already loving the learning and the growth is getting this guy starts is that you know 2625 years of age he’s already set himself up financially for the future you know like he gets up does meditation he does yoga like he’s an ex semi professional let it go play that could have gone pro if he wanted to but he’s just taken off all those masks associated with ego associated with identity and he’s just living now knowing that the future is going to happen to him anyway and it’s coming soon whether he wants it to or not and he’s just doing his best

Ryan 29:26
and i think something important to touch on here because simon’s 27 hayden’s 25 or 26 this is not just a strategy that only works for young people it’s like because they purchase those properties and now already they’re in the position that they can make changes in their life and so if you’re at 50 and you’re doing this then you know in 15 years you’re going to be 65 but you can start to make these decisions now 50 to say okay i’m going to require a few properties build a few granny flats so then when you’re 55 and you’ve got that base bill up. Now you can say, Okay, I’m only 55, what do I want to do, your life is not over, you got even if you’re starting at 60, you know, you’ve got those working years left to do that, as well. So it’s not a waiting game where if you’re older, you can’t do this. But if you’re younger, then obviously you can do it. But then you just got more time to keep doing it. And to rather than it just been two properties, it can be four, it can be six, it can be a, it can be so much more

Ben 30:27
like those all the time, the whole thing behind both of our businesses, from a why I get out of bed and do this thing is my belief that when you’re financially free, you have the opportunity to make better choices. When you make better choices, you start to live close, more closely aligned to your values, because you’re not living in fear or lack. You’re living in conscious choice about how you live and the quality of your life. And I believe that the more people become conscious aware, or live a high quality life, that becomes inspirational for people in their node. And those nodes connect to each other, and the entire price gets better. Like when I stopped focusing on short term money and started focusing on long term helping people as opposed to just helping myself which I did for a lot of my 20s. And if you’re not like buying into that, like, everyone starts out by trying to figure out how to sort themselves out, right. But once you’ve got a full cart, you’ve got more to give, and I I challenge you like to look at your life and go What would my life look like if I achieve financial freedom in the next 10 to 15 years? And how much joy Can I bring to the world? And how many people could I help? And how much of an impact would I have? Or how far Could I take it if you just want to get super rich, versus Hey, I’m just gonna like slave away, it’s something that I’m not really into until I’m on the pension and then I’m gonna cruise on my 500 bucks a week like that

Ryan 31:49
just and then I’m gonna die and my life will be over.

Ben 31:52
At some point, we all recognize this. You know, some people unfortunately figure it out on their deathbed, but life is about serving others and to not sweat the small stuff and to focus on what you value and and love what you do. And some of us are connecting to it right now. Like I’m getting goosebumps about this shit, because I know that we’re helping you connect the dots. Because as we’re talking, I’m connecting my own dots. And this is what we’re supposed to be doing. This is what you’re supposed to be doing. You’re supposed to be creating a life filled with choices to be the best version of you.

Ryan 32:22
This is a big concept. And it will definitely resonate with a lot of people out there, it’s not going to resonate with everyone, and that’s fine. But just this idea is so different to what everyone else is saying, in the industry. And we want to be conscious investors ourselves. We want to be conscious business people ourselves, we want to work with other people who are living conscious liars, and who are trying to bring their best to the world. And together, we will make the world a better place. And like there’s a storm coming. Now there’s going to be storms along that journey. Just because you’ve got a vision. Just because you know what you need to achieve doesn’t mean that craps are going to happen along the way that you’re going to go through financial setbacks, that you’re going to go through relationship issues you’re going to go through so many different things in your life could be health issues could be anything wanting

Ben 33:07
jobs, recessions, illness,

Ryan 33:09
life goes in ups and downs. And that’s part of the journey. But if you’ve got that vision in mind, and if you’re consciously working towards it, then you can stay on that journey, you don’t need to jump off just as something gets hard, you may need to stop for a bit or pause to sort your life out. But then you can get back on when you’re ready. And if you building it up slowly over time, and the properties are self supporting, then you’ve also got the flexibility for everything to go to shit. Because if it does at least have the properties of positive cashflow, and paying for themselves or to sell them, you’re not forced to sell them you’re not forced to sell out because you can no longer afford to keep this negatively geared property in a market that’s declining, or in a market that’s stable and not doing anything and it’s eating you alive and causing you stress and making you stay up at night. If if the storms come your way, which they will your properties can be your friend in those storms and just say, hey, Ben, Hey, Ryan, hey, whatever your name is, I’ve got your back. I may not fully support you. But I’m supporting myself and then a little bit

Ben 34:14
a little bit extra for you know, the quality of the results in all of our lives are directly linked to the quality of the plan. And I think a lot of people self sabotage because they have the wrong plan without knowing it or because they’ve got the right plan but humans go from certainty to uncertainty back to certainty and so you dabble you change the plan you try to speed it up you get you lose your course and I think starting out with the right plan is absolutely everything like I had to absolutely stuffed up on nine properties that I bought so that the next bunch of properties that I do buy the right ones Yeah. Now if you’re coachable if you want the right plan like my brother came in, learn from my mistakes was open to Best practice, he’s applied best practice and he’s gonna get financially free like that quick because he started from like what I’ve had to figure out the hard way. And you don’t have to figure it out the hard way, like conscious investing isn’t about doing everything, the rough way the pushing the rock up the hill way the breaking through the barriers, wave of jumping through the fires, like it can be flow all the way through, once you just start to let go of some of that stuff and letting go of the anxiety comes back to quality of the plan. And just one thing at a time,

Ryan 35:31
you know, taking that next step. And if you if this is resonating with you, and you’re like, Yes, I want to be a conscious investor, I want the journey to be fun. But if you need help, kind of creating that vision for your life, if you need help, understanding what exactly do I need in order to achieve the vision that I have for myself, then Ben Simon and the team over Pumped on Property do offer free strategy sessions. So you can get on the phone with them, you can talk about your situation and where you’re at, you can talk about where you want to be in 15 years, what’s holding you back from that. And they can help you to not out a plan and say, Okay, here’s some different options for you. Here’s one way that you could get there Or another way. And then you can go from there. And you can either go out and do it yourself, which a lot of people do. Or if you decide I really need someone’s help with this, then you can also hire Pumped on Property to help you actually find and acquire those assets, build those dual incomes, and actually have someone to push you along and help you get there. Because sometimes you may have that conscious vision in place, you may know what you need to do to get there. But then life just gets in the way and things get overwhelming or you get lazy and you want to watch the Netflix series, financial freedom is not going to happen by itself, it’s something you need to do. And sometimes you just need someone that’s just going to kind of almost force you to do it, they’re just going to give you that kick in the bum and that encouragement that says

Ben 36:54
you’re your personal trainer, right? Like just a bit of coaching and a bit of support and a bit of, Okay, we’re doing this, Let’s hold hands while we do it. Yeah.

Ryan 37:00
And it’s like, this is your goal, this is your vision, let us help you do that. And I love that you guys do that that’s like, this is what you want to do. We’re here to help you along that journey.

Ben 37:10
And let me just put an Asterix to all of this, right, like, I love living a values based life, I love making good quality decisions. And I love people out there that are like, you know, thinking this way and doing their thing. But we’re not those people living like there’s two sides of this coin, like there’s not, you know, just the people that are all about the short term. There’s the other side of things. It’s like, I’m just crazy man, like everything’s casual, like I’m so conscious. And it’s like, on the in between, you know, because I also believe in only working with people with proven track record incredible results behind them, that are obsessive about stuff to give you the advice. And I didn’t mean to break the flow of the video, but I don’t want people to just be like, oh, that guy, I’ve got a good vibe with that. Like you want incredible results from that person as well. And I think that’s the beauty about the duality in our personalities is like, I’m excessively results focus personality that just loves property that has gotten results for 500 people, and hopefully over the next 10 years 1000s more. And it’s like, I take that as I move into this new phase in my life. I’m also like a cow, what an incredible day to day I want to maintain Whoa, like, I want to be the best version of myself too. And but you don’t give up those results to get no no, like, I’m still chasing it like I still want to be financially free. I’m still buying some properties this year, I’m still working out like I’m still figuring this stuff out on and off camera like I’m still on the exact same journey that you guys are pushing the team as well to get those properties. cheaper to find better properties, make sure my off market properties like better quality suburb better markets, like, that’s the cool thing about this, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. It can be everything. And this is what I love about this, like conscious investing market is everything that you want it to be and you define what that is. Yeah.

Ryan 39:06
So if you do want to get on one of those free strategy sessions, and get on the phone and talk through that, and work out that plan for your life, then go to onproperty You can learn more about that over there. And you can book in a time that suits you. So head over to onproperty. com. au, au to check that out. And I think this kind of wraps up this video. I feel like this was a really important one, I really encourage you to go out and share this with anyone in your life who you think may benefit from this different point of view, maybe share it with your spouse, maybe share it with your friends, maybe share it with family members or other people in your life, you think oh, that could be really cool. And also check out the video we did maybe here maybe 18 months ago now on to properties to financial freedom, which could be the stepping stones that will get you to that vision of where you want to be in the future. So I’ll go ahead and link up to that so check out that video on two properties to financial freedom wish you the absolute best in your journey and until next time stay positive

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