Creating Happiness Goals and Financial Goals

Over the last 15 years myself and Ben have both strived for and hit our major financial goals. But something we are realizing now is that happiness goals are even more important.

In this episode based on the idea of “ask each other one question” we dive deep into our happiness goals for the year, being present and how to make the year more meaningful.

0:00 – Introduction
1:20 – What is Ben most looking forward to this year
3:22 – What is Ben feeling happiness in?
4:40 – Happiness goals
6:40 – More doesn’t mean more
8:35 – What will make 2021 a meaningful year for Ryan
13:00 – Learning about joy
15:02 – Finding balance


Ryan 0:00
Yeah, building financial freedom is epic, but it’s the life along the way that is the most valuable part. And how can we live that life better while still moving towards financial freedom?

Hey guys, Ryan here from on property helping you on your journey to financial freedom. Today I’m joined with Ben Everingham, buyer’s agent over at Pumped on Property and want to try a little different format today, which Ben doesn’t know about yet. But that is we’re just each gonna ask each other one question. And then the other person is going to answer that question. So me and Ben have been hanging out for the last couple of days, we’ve had a lot of deep and meaningful chats, we’ve been talking about where we’re at in life, we talked about, you know, the things that are hurting, or the things that we’re growing in, or just what we’re really grateful for. And I thought this could be a cool opportunity just to kind of learn from each other, and just ask like, a question of each other. And I start, yeah, go for it. I’m an Aquarius, which I thought was a water sign, but apparently it’s an air sign. So that’s it. That’s the question. That’s it. Yeah, that’s it. I thought this could be a disappointment. Xavier

Ben 1:19
is one of my favorite songs like this country song that my wife always ask. And he’s got this line where he walks up to this chick in the bar, and he’s like, What’s your name? What’s your star sign? What’s your wrist tattoo Bible verse saying we’d like texting it to each other all the time, because I’m sorry, to everyone that was expecting more. That’s it.

Ryan 1:39
Okay, no, well, my question to you is talking about, like your phase of life, and this year, which I know has kind of dramatically shifted for you. In terms of, you know, we’ve both kind of stepped out of that hustle culture, we’re just trying to enjoy our life now. My own kind of like a two pronged question, but it’s like, what are you most looking forward to this year? And what is like your biggest goal for the year? Like, if you look back on 2021, and you say, this is what I’m happy I achieved. So what are you looking forward to? And what are you hoping to achieve?

Ben 2:12
I love that question. Better than

Ryan 2:13
your question. I definitely need to step up your game.

Ben 2:19
Oh, I have a better question than that sound like what color not

Ryan 2:26
hot right now.

Ben 2:27
So hot right now. For me this year, man. It’s so weird. Like I feel like the number one thing that I’m working towards is like quieting my mind and like being present and still and I know that’s like a really lofty like weird thing that I think he’s going to be a lifelong thing but it’s like I just want to enjoy the moment by moment stages of my life rather than like living in this distant future of like, when I do this, I’ll be happy or when I achieve this, I’ll be satisfied and getting caught up with that like survival brain unlike like I just want to have a great time with my kids I want to caravan I want to holiday like I want to do meaningful work and contribute to the small number of clients we take on each month. I want to do cool shit like this you know what I mean? Like have life enriching convos and because that’s

Ryan 3:15
everything for simplicity that’s a big thing for both of us is you know you live your life with Okay, this if I achieve this goal, I’m going to be happy if I become financially free I have this much net worth or this much income or this house or this car, I’m going to be happy and I feel like we’ve both been through that journey over the last couple of years of striving to achieve that you know, going through some difficulties on that journey and some stress but then kind of coming out the other side like have you found that that’s made you happy? Or like what are you finding happiness in if it’s not the achievement of goals? It’s so weird I was meant to be one question but well

Ben 3:50
feeling at the end is just it’s like weird for people to understand that I’m finding like happiness, waking up and having a cup of tea and

Ryan 4:01
stealing tea because I think we have episode about a year ago you like getting into your teas

Ben 4:06
have a consistent verify my lemon ginger with my little bit of collagen and all my like bone broth in the morning but like I’m interested in like living a high quality of life moment to moment doing the normal things and I’ve heard so many people talk about this like I’m interested in like, seeing my kids smile and being like an epic dad like I’m interested in being more connected with my wife and actually being a good friend again like now that business and property isn’t my

Ryan 4:32
sole focus in my life. And do you feel like you’ve actually been able to achieve that like given you have a more anxious brain as well? Or is this just like a goal he’s actually been able to be more present and feel it

Ben 4:43
I think I have but I also haven’t liked it. That’s life, right? Like it’s always like, maybe the next goal is to just not be so good at learning. As weird as that is to say like

Ryan 4:54
I just real so goal orientated that we create happiness goals for

Ben 4:58
ourselves. Like my Goal is happiness,

Ryan 5:00
my goal is to chill out, really to create those goals for ourselves. So we do it. Yeah, my goal is to meditate fully. It’s

Ben 5:09
like, it is so weird. And I know, you know, if you’re talking about my big picture, what would make the year meaningful for me goal because like, I’m no dummy. So either I’m like, I’ve got very, very, very strategic business goals, I’ve got extremely, like focused health goals, I’ve got like travel stuff that I want to do this year. So like, the big picture for me this year would be to end the year, in a stronger financial position. Now how I’m going to do that is consistently do meaningful work. And I’m also going to sell one of my investment properties and pay off a chunk of debt on some other stuff. In my business, like the big goal for me now is we’re giving away a little bit of cash for every sale we make in every house that we build. And so I’m like, if I can, like, you know, maybe give 40 or $50,000 a year to Charity Water, then I’m gonna help 800 people get water for life. And I’m like, as fucked as That is to say, like, I am so motivated to get a sale now, because I’m like, I know that for every 200 bucks, I give five people are gonna get water. And I’m like, these are the things driving me like, you know, like I’m at, I’m at that point where I’m like, I’m interested in like that self development side of things, again, like philosophy and like spending meaningful time.

Ryan 6:24
Yeah, it’s interesting, like seeing you in business and finding that new motivation with a charity that you’ve partnered with. Because it’s always like running the business is subconscious for you, you know, what needs to be done, you know how to do it, you know, how to give clients great results and great experiences and work with the team. Yeah. And it’s like, you know, you know, sales, obviously lead to Business Health, but then you’ve created this other motivation, which is cool for the team as well, to say, okay, every sale we get is five lives changed in terms of drinking water availability, so

Ben 6:53
amazing to be able to do that man. And I’m so fortunate to be in that position, like, yeah, my goal for this year is to recognize and really learn that more doesn’t necessarily mean more that we’ve deliberately cut the business back from 15 to 20 clients a month last year to somewhere between 10 and 12 or 13 a month now. And it’s like, not many people can like do that like just cutaway profit from their lives, that is just net profit savings in the bank,

Ryan 7:21
but just from being what they want from being up here a year ago, before borders close to coming up today, the culture is so different in the business, the vibe is so different, the pace is different. Everything’s more positive, but also, like more is getting done. And a lot of the things that, you know, we talked about a year ago that weren’t quite happening in the business, and now like, you’ve got good people in those roles to, to help clients and help customers achieve those things. And like they’re happening, and it’s cool to say, after, you know, two to four years, if you’re talking about this, I need to get better at this. And now

Ben 7:56
it’s happening, like something you said to me is like, a year ago, what if you invested in your team, like you do your properties, and I went by See, I didn’t even remember saying that it was absolutely golden. I went, Oh my god, I’m going to invest in these people, to the point where they become incredible, like incredible, the best versions of themselves. And I also thought for my clients, what if I truly invested in my clients and taught them everything that I’ve learned from 250 million bucks worth of lessons in a six month journey together? It’s like, they’re not just getting an incredible outcome that will change their life, but they’re getting the tools to fish like properly in the future. And that, you know, I’ve really found something that you said to me in December last year was like, after a big year was like, I’m learning to find the joy in my life again, and I’m like I said to you last night on our walk, why I genuinely liked the person I am again, and for a long time I didn’t.

Ryan 8:51
Yeah, I’m on that too. Oh, yeah.

Ben 9:02
Let me flip it back, man. Like, where’s your head at? Like, what do you want out of this year? And what would make 2021 a meaningful year, not just a productive year?

Ryan 9:10
So you just copy my question. Here.

Ben 9:15
Let me answer your question with another question. Yes, Ryan has

Ryan 9:21
made me lose my train of thought there. But no, I think for me, when it came down to what I asked you in December, which was you had reached this point where business was going good, you weren’t really sure like, you know, she like a more for more do I drive more? For more sake, do I just like pull off the brakes completely. And unlike your got yourself to this great position now and really, I didn’t realize at the time but I was talking to myself as well. It’s like you’ve worked so hard to get yourself to this position. And I have as well, that it’s like, you should be proud. And now neither of us don’t neither of us want to start working. Neither of us are like okay, I’m good. I’m there. I’m just gonna go chill on the beach. And do nothing for the next two years like neither of us. Why

Ben 10:02
this? Why do you think I’m like good? Like, I’m constantly just finding stuff to like, continue to work on man. And that’s exciting. Like, that’s life. Yeah. So

Ryan 10:11
for me, the issue that I came up with was I had been head down, bum up working to get myself out of debt to get myself into financial stability, again, like that had been a fire under my ass, and I worked so hard. So it didn’t have to go and get a real job. So I could just run the business and because I had a strategy that I knew would work and pay off over time.

Ben 10:31
And so I worked at it, by the way, I’m so stoked for you for

Ryan 10:34
Well, that’s it, like, I worked as a barista for a year like earning not very good income just to pay the bills, because I knew this will take time to build the business up. And so I had that fire under my bomb, I got the financial stability, and the debt paid off, basically. And I just lost all motivation straightaway. Like, as soon as I sat down and did my finances, and when crap like I did it, I was like, Oh, my God, I was just burnt out. And no motivation to work. I’ve been like getting up at six, sometimes working till 11 at night, days, look, some days, I didn’t work at all. But you know, some days don’t those long hours and just working hard and creatively burnt out. And then come December was like, I, you know, said to you, when I think I needed to say to myself, which is just be reached where you wanted to reach you don’t want to start. The motivation for me is not more money now. But it’s like, find the joy in what you do. And so, so powerful. Like, for me, there’s so many things, I want to look back on 2021 and see that I’ve improved as a person and things that I’ve changed and improve upon. But I think for me, it’ll be like it comes down to two things it’ll be did I find the joy in what I did? And did I improve as a result in my business, and then also be how, how present was I? How present was I in my life and in relationships. And I think that’s something that I’ve neglected over the last decade. Plus, just striving to get to where I wanted to be. And I guess I had a couple of years where I was doing that where I wasn’t working. And now it’s like, okay, I want to be working. But I also want to be I want to be super duper present with my kids, be a great dad, take him on holidays, take him surfing, just be there. And like be the best dad that I can be when I have my kids and even when they’re with their mom, like still be there whenever I need to. And then also like in relationships, in friendships or even in dating, just be like, just being present and just enjoying it. And just being like, okay, I’ve been up here for the last few days. And this, this is life. And this is what we have right now. Yeah, enjoy it, have more of those adventures and just look back on the year and say, I was actually there this year. Whereas I think last year, or the year before, I wasn’t really there. I was living in the future because I needed to build up my business. And so I sacrifice so many things, sacrifice time, and my kids sacrifice relationships, and stuff like that. So I could work and get to where I needed to get to. And now I’m like okay, now I want to look back on the year. And while I don’t know how it’s gonna pan out, I want to have found the joy in things and I want to be present. So again, I’ve got goals to be happy.

Ben 13:26
As reading this quote from Jim Rohn, he was like Tony Robbins boss before Tony became Tony. And he said, if you want to be wealthy, like learn about wealth, and he’s like, if you want to be happy, learn about happiness. Now I think happiness is overrated, but I think joy is a real emotion. And I think I want a joyful life. And I feel like I deserve it. Like I spend my life like making good choices and helping people and trying to do the right thing with everyone and trying to be disciplined enough and diligent enough to do above average work for people too. And it’s like, had this day on the weekend. I think it was Saturday or Sunday. No, it was Sunday. And it was like the perfect dad day. Like I got out with the kids. We had like breakfast together, set up the slip and slide and did the slip and slide for like a few hours. Had some downtime with my wife then had a massive swim as a family went and skated like the little halfpipe in our backyard and then roll the play. There’s like a couple of hours out the front with music on and I’m like, I just felt so full. And I’m like, like what I’ve realized is like the things that they tell us that are going to make us happy are the things that this like monkey mind wants us to believe aren’t the true sources like

Ryan 14:38
the thing is we go there we believe the cars gonna make us happier. We believe the house is gonna make us happy or the like holiday

Ben 14:44
degree, really,

Ryan 14:46
but really it’s just being present in the moment that makes us happy and like I had a another one of those like I had a dad day like that in January. We’re actually down at your dad’s caravan saying down the south coast and when the kids get up in the morning, I make coffee and we’d all walk to the beach, spend the morning at the beach and then we go to the waterpark or jumping on the jumping pillow or just hanging out, I was reading books like next to my daughter, we both just reading books, then we went surfing and just

Ben 15:14
like it just feels so good. And it’s like, why can’t I choose more of those days? So simple. I don’t. But every single day, it’s not happiness, because then the motivated side, the work side drops off, like what I’ve been talking to my psychologist about is, I know what my values are. But I can’t walk the straight line to them all the time. So like, we’re in the old days, I would swing off. Now I’m like, micro adjustments and that feels freakin awesome. Like, for me, that was the goal to like, understand, like life with anxiety, understanding a life of like, I’m an I was an all and I am an all or nothing person. Like I’m like, I’m all in like I’m and I want a life of like being stoked, like, I don’t want to get to the end of it and be like shit, I wish I had done this in my 30s or I wish I’d have done this in my 20s like, I want to just be the best version of myself and not be like ashamed to be like, I’m talking to a cycle. I don’t want to train for like a physical look anymore. I want to train for longevity and feel good. Like I don’t want to run my business just for money. I want to run it for contribution and meaningful impact. It’s like the goalposts such as shifting and I’m just like, have always done in my life just going along with that intuition of what feels like the right thing to do. Yeah, that’s so exciting.

Ryan 16:31
Well, I think this video worked out better than expected. And I think it’s not thanks to your what’s your starsign question?

Ben 16:38
What’s your name? Chris lane guys, by the way.

Ryan 16:49
Yeah, I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I say inside Jay, no one knows he’s gonna feel like you’re trying to hit on me and I’m a bit creeped out.

Ben 16:59
It’s Chris lane, man.

Ryan 17:00
Yeah, but now this has been great. I feel like this has been a good deep discussion that just kind of came out naturally. So we hope that you’ve enjoyed it. We hope that you go out this year and you set goals with joy in your life as well. And goals, not the happiness not just financial goals, but to think about, okay, how can I be present? What’s going to bring me joy? What is true to myself and true to me? And I guess you know, me with my goals this year, it’s all very about who am I? Who cares what the world says I should be? Who am I? What do I value and I’ve set goals around like my values and what I want. And I’m quite alternative, so they’re quite different. So like, what other people might said or what might people people might say I shouldn’t have as goals. But yeah, I’m super excited for this year, super excited to be doing it, alongside you, and alongside everyone out there and sharing this journey and hopefully helping you on this journey as well start to think, yeah, building financial freedom is epic, but it’s the life along the way that is the most valuable part. And how can we live that life better while still moving towards financial freedom?

Ben 18:02
I just can’t wait to see your hair long at the end of the year because you told me that’s your number one goal and I just can’t wait to see Yeah,

Ryan 18:08
I actually have so nearly shaved it so many times because I hate this medium length sort of thing. But you know, I’m gonna stick with it as long as I can do it. You can do it.

Ben 18:18
I believe I believe that like Justin Davis fans, oh

Ryan 18:25
yeah. So maybe next time we record I’ll have nice long locks. Maybe you’ll copy me and you’ll have him to

Ben 18:31
a major.

Ryan 18:33
Alright guys, thanks so much for tuning in. Until next time, stay beaver

Ben 18:39

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