How To Deal With The Emotional Stress of Debt

Being in debt can be extremely stressful and emotional and it can be pretty tough to deal with. In today’s episode we are going to talk about how to emotionally deal with debt and what are some tips I can give you.

0:00 – Introduction
0:50 – For me I started just living in denial
1:35 – #1: Admit that you stuffed up
3:18 – #2: Don’t feel shame about those mistakes
4:13 – #3: Write down ALL of your debts and minimum repayments
5:05 – #4: Let yourself be overwhelmed
6:05 – #5: Think about what you’re afraid of losing
8:09 – #6: Organise a short term budget
9:16 – #7: Take the long view
10:19 – #8: Have the hard conversations
10:44 – #9: Talk to people you trust and who won’t judge you
12:57 – #10: Look to expand your income and your life
15:03 – #11: Recognise you will have bad moments and bad days
15:52 – #12: Accept that you’re going to have to sacrifice things
16:55 – #13: Find ways to make your life amazing without a lot of money
18:38 – #14: Spend A LOT of time educating yourself
19:42 – You’ve got this! You can do this!

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