6 Dual Income Properties Being Built! (Development Update June 2019)

This development project has come so far in the last month where there are actually 6 dual income properties going down.

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Ryan 0:00
This probably looks a little bit different. We’ll hear about three or four weeks ago, where there was just the grandmas going in for this property over here. This is the development site that Pumped on Property hasn’t been working on for a bunch of their clients, where they’ve actually this land has been split up. And there’s five jewel occupancy properties going in here. Now, we did a walkthrough, as I said, about three or four weeks ago. And all that was here is the road that you can see Simon walking out right now into work starting on there. So we’ve got a bunch of properties here that are in different stages of development. Now, this development was a really interesting opportunity that was brought to the team where it was one piece of land that the owner had subdivided that are able to get these properties, Cylons going around taking photos for all the clients so they can see where their project is up to. So as you can say, on this property, you’re just looking at the slab going down, versus this property. I was just so shocked to get here. And to see how far this has come. This is crazy. It’s

Simon 1:03
believable man like, this is what one month, yeah, four weeks, maybe four weeks. And this thing is completely up now. So it’s great because it was a bit of a journey, settling on this one because it was a residential piece of land that’s now just been subdivided by one developer who’s quite new to it. But it looks amazing. Now I like I like it.

Ryan 1:23
Yeah, so it’s really coming along, which is really cool. We’ll go through the back properties as well. But let’s have a look at the property that is already up. Is this locked already, or not still open. Let’s go in and have a look. We’ll make sure we don’t get a too many inside. Knock Knock anybody home. This is really cool. Seeing how quickly these walls have gone up, we’ve obviously got a bedroom and here it looks like this is going to have an on suite as well. The master bedroom in here. I’m not sure how many bedrooms This one has. But I guess we’re gonna find out then got another bedroom in there. You can say the start of the built in wardrobes as well. Simon’s coming in. Hi, Simon come clean in the boots, this will likely be the garage, I believe with a laundry attached to it as well. We’ve then got another bedroom here. Yeah, with the other half of the wall being used for the built in robes. Looks like here we’re gonna have our toilet and then our main bathroom in here. You can’t see it because it’d be too dark. But there’s already a bath put in there. And then you come into the lounge and kitchen space. Guessing kid Yeah, kitchens gonna go there. Because you’ve got this little window, that’ll probably be the back where the sink is. And then you come out nice, good amount of space here for this property coming out here onto your little courtyard. Now obviously, we got the street going through there. So I’m guessing a fence is gonna go up here. And then you come out here onto the backyard. So that’s really cool. That’s the main part of the house. But as I said, this is a jewel of property. So if we go through this garage, just step down here, we can say the other garage here, which is going to be for the other side of the property. It is super rare here I’m balancing on this balance beam so I don’t get myself super dirty. So I’m guessing this sideline here is going to be concreted in. And so you parking in the garage there you Come out, come down the side here to scrape off my shoes. And then come in here into the kind of granny flat of the property. So there’s no little probably lamps and kitchen will be in here. We come through this way we’ll have some storage, eyes through here. This is super gorgeous to explore. So one bedroom here, sorry, it’s so dark, and we got a second bedroom there. And then we’re going to have Yeah, the bathroom in there, super dark, so that you can’t really say it. There’s obviously no lighting in here yet. And probably this is gonna be such a nice little space and these doors will open out onto a little courtyard for this property. So super cool to see that one coming together. We got a slab going down for this property. So that one, I’m sure the next time I’m up here, which will be in another four weeks time. That slab will probably look more something like that because last time I was here, there wasn’t even a slab for that property. And so up here we can see that the frames, these properties are starting to go in as well. We could do a walkthrough of them, I don’t know if it’s worth it, and you guys want to see that. It looks like a bit of a maze in here for like a video game. And I definitely don’t want to break anything or ruin anything in here. But just really cool to see the progress of,

of these properties, everything going up at all happening, obviously big development. But sometimes it can happen where it just takes time for the development to go through. But then once it’s gone through, as you can say, stuff starts happening really, really quickly on these properties. So we’ve got four properties that have started on their construction, and then we’ve got another one up there, where the slab has gone down. So we’re in here super quickly today, we got so many inspections to do, we’ve done I think about eight or nine inspections today, got one more after this, but really wanted to stop off and show you guys the progress of this development. Super excited to say it’s gonna be so exciting, when this is all finished when these properties are done when they’re rented out. And the clients are getting two incomes from each of their properties and still really good size pieces of land. So that is a development update of how this is going. I’m just so pumped, I’m just I got here, I was like, Oh my gosh, I cannot believe the progress of this side, I cannot believe how much has happened so quickly. And so it’s really, really cool to say, I’m just super excited to be here. When we drove up, I was like, Oh my gosh, look at this place, I can’t even recognize it. Obviously, things are happening really quickly, I’m not sure on the estimated finish date of these properties. So this is super fun and super exciting to see I’m sure the clients are so stoked to see their properties going up. And soon these properties will be rented out. And they’ll be getting two incomes each, we drove up. And I was just like, I can’t believe this is the same site. And this is finally finally happening. So we are going to finish Simon’s just finishing taking some photos here. But I hope you enjoyed this update of the development project. We’ll be back again soon to see how this is coming along. If you’re interested in investing in Julian calm properties, whether that be new build properties, like the ones we’re looking at here today, or maybe buying existing properties, and building granny flats, so you can get two incomes. So you can get some positive cash flow from those properties, then the team over here at Pumped on Property are offering free strategy session. So go to onproperty. com. au forward slash strategy, and you can get on the phone with and booking a time, get on the phone with them and talk about where you’re at what you want to achieve in your property investment journey. And they can help you understand which strategies are most likely to be best for you, you can then go and implement that strategy yourself. Or you can get their help to do something like they’re doing here. Really exciting stuff. So go to onproperty. com. au forward slash strategy to learn more about that and book your time over there. Thanks so much for tuning in. I’m going to link to the two previous videos of when I walked through this site earlier. So you can see what this property looks like before what it looked like four weeks ago, what looks like about four or five months ago. And so I’ll link out to those. Go ahead check them out. Otherwise until next time, stay positive

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