Don’t Rush Financial Freedom – Do This Instead

Maybe you hate your job and you don’t like getting up in the morning and you feel like you’re in a rush to be financially free. I understand what that’s like, but in this video I want to talk about how to get the life you want without financial freedom (but still get financial freedom anyway).

0:00 – Introduction
1:40 – Financial freedom as an insurance policy
3:05 – My story of financial freedom and a job I hated
6:14 – What financial freedom gives you
6:45 – Being in a rush to be financially free leads you to making dumb decisions
9:10 – Shift your focus inwards to pursue the life you want
12:39 – Start with 1% improvements
15:03 – Visionary task #1 – If life was reset
18:08 – Visionary task #2 – If I was financial free
20:22 – Take your time and do it properly
22:38 – Make your life amazing
24:20 – It’s a journey

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Ryan 0:00
maybe you hate your boss maybe you hate your job and you just don’t like getting up in the morning and having to go and work at something all day that you’re just not passionate about maybe you want to move locations or live in a van or just do what you love and live a life with purpose and you want financial freedom in order to do that i understand where you’re at i’ve been there in the past i know what it’s like to have a job where you wake up in the morning and you don’t want to go to work you just dread it but you do it anyway because you have to and you’re just looking for a ticket out and you’re in that rush to achieve financial freedom because that is your ticket out that is your ticket to happiness and ticket to the life that you want in this video i’m going to be a bit counterintuitive and actually encourage you to stop rushing towards financial freedom because there’s risk associated with that you’re less likely to get the life that you want in the timeframe that you want and to actually show you that there’s a better way to do this and to start to expand your mind to the different options that are out there so i’m really excited to share this one with you because i think being in a rush to be financially free is actually setting so many people back on their journey and i want you i want you to have that good life i want you to have a life where you are passionate to wake up in the morning that every day is a good day sure you’re gonna have your ups and downs but you’re loving the work that you’re doing you’re loving where you’re living you’re passionate about your work you got great relationships in your life you got cool experiences that you’re having i want you to have that life of financial freedom isn’t the only ticket to that life and i want to talk about the idea that financial freedom is a goal that i think is worthy to strive towards i’m definitely striving towards it but rather than seeing financial freedom as a ticket to happiness rather than seeing it as your escape out of the life that you hate when you’re living a life that you absolutely love financial freedom just becomes an insurance policy it becomes a backup plan it’s there for you if things go bad in life and it allows you to continue doing what you want to do even when things don’t go well so it’s like you could be living the life that you love getting paid to do that but let’s say we have you know another situation where we go into a recession and you lose your job or something like that if you have financial freedom you can continue to do work that you love and not have to worry about money you can can you continue to live where you love to live and not have to worry about money but you don’t need that financial freedom until that bad situation comes up you don’t need that financial freedom to live the life you love you’re already living it it’s just there as an insurance policy and allows you to live it no matter what happens so that’s what i want to talk about today that’s what i want to ramble about and open your mind towards and get you thinking about today so i’m really excited to share this with you hi i’m ryan from onproperty helping you on your journey to financial freedom and i used to think financial freedom was my ticket i remember being a pharmaceutical rep it was a good job i had good colleagues i had good customers but it wasn’t a job that i was passionate about sales is not necessarily my forte and you know it would make me a bit anxious and i just didn’t love getting up and going to work from 8am to 6pm every single day when i wanted to be doing things that were more creative i want to be doing stuff like this where i get to actually create cool content that helps people i wanted to be doing that but there was no room for that in my job so i know the feeling of like getting out i’ve got bills to pay i’ve got mouths to feed i’ve got kids to raise all of that sort of pressure on me debts to pay off as well so i’ve got to go to work and there’s not really much time left for what i want to do which is spend time with my kids go surfing go traveling create content do things i’m passionate about and so i know what that’s like and i used to drive around listening to audio books about how to escape than the nine to five how to build up an online business and i was lucky enough that you know i was able to leave my job and go full time into my business now i left a six figure job in order to go into a business that was making roughly 500 to $1,000 a month so you don’t have like six to 12 grand per year so i left a six figure job in order to go after that and to try and achieve that and you know had a hard couple of years in that eventually achieved pseudo financial freedom at 28 so that’s like a short term financial freedom where my online businesses were paying me enough money where i didn’t have to work for a couple of years and so from 28 to 3031 i honestly didn’t really do a whole lot of work i moved up to we lived in

a van the van i’m recording in right now we moved up to new sa spend a lot of days on the beach, drinking coffee, taking the kids to school going on hinterland adventures, all that sort of good stuff. So I had a couple of years of that a lot of self discovery in that last financial freedom at around 30, or 31, and building that back up again, and then also building up that long term financial freedom. But I say that to kind of, yes, give some context to my journey, but to also say that, I always saw financial freedom as a ticket to happiness, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that as soon as I achieve financial freedom, I am going to be happy. I know it. So it just became the the driving force of my life, the driving goal of my life was to achieve financial freedom through my businesses or through property. And I achieved that at 28. I thought, This is it, I’m going to be happy and oh, my God, I was so depressed. At the time, I just went into this deep, dark depression, because I no longer had any purpose in my life. I didn’t know what I loved to do other than trying to achieve financial freedom. And I was really lost. And it took me a couple of years to work out. Okay, what is it that feels my life with meaning? What is it that makes me happy what I want to get up and do every single day, because getting up and doing nothing just wasn’t for me. So financial freedom is this ticket to happiness, but it’s actually not. Financial Freedom does buy you time, and buys you choices in your life. So you’ve got the time to pursue things that you think might make you happy. And you’ve got the choices to be able to do that. Even if it costs a bit of money. Or if you don’t earn any money from it, then you can pursue that. So financial freedom does buy you those things. But it doesn’t buy you your happiness doesn’t buy you your purpose. It doesn’t buy you that sense of fulfillment. And being in a rush to get out of your situation. I understand that. But having financial freedom as the ticket out of that comes with all sorts of risks as well. When you’re in a rush to be financially free, you do dumb things like what I did you spend $6,000 on an online course that promises to make you rich, basically $6,000, that taught me nothing. That was a waste of money. It got me on this journey towards actually building an online business. So I’m grateful for that. But that was like a third of my savings at the time that I dumped into this online course. And has you do dumb things like spend all of your savings to import things from China because you think you can sell them with a huge margin and make heaps of money in the next couple of months. Little Do you know that you didn’t do the quality control you over invested in everything that got delivered to you was basically a pile of junk, useless pile of junk that you spent 1000s of dollars on that you now can’t sell or the situation like I was in, were already sold, some had to refund them and pay a bunch of costs associated with that. So not only lost all my savings, but then lost even more money associated with that. So that was a number of years ago, where I made that or I can lead you down the path of making really bad property investment decisions as well rushing into an area because it’s been hot spotted, or having someone talk you into buying a house and land package because you’re going to get guaranteed rental returns and all this depreciation and you better buy now before the market goes up in value. Little Do you know that you’re actually massively overpaying for that property, you know, and the person who is helping you get it is pocketing massive commissions that can lead you down a path of actually buying an overpriced property in an area that may have had a boom due to mining but then is going to have huge vacancy rates in the future, and your property plummets in value. I’ve had friends go through this, so many people have emailed me who have bought dud properties have been sold on a lie. And being in a rush to be financially free is going to lead you to quickly make that decision. So you can achieve financial freedom faster. But chances are you’re going to make a bad decision. And it’s actually going to take you longer to achieve that financial freedom you so desire. However, when you start to shift your focus, and you start to shift your mind away from financial freedom is my ticket to salvation. It’s my ticket to the life that I want. And you start to actually shift your focus inwards towards yourself. And you start to think about how can I live the life that I want? without financial freedom? How can I pay my bills, but do so in a way where I’m waking up with purpose every morning where I’m loving my life and loving where I live and turning shifting that focus inward and saying okay, what skills do I need to acquire? What risks Do I need to take? What do I need to do in order to make this happen? So often financial freedom is our ticket. We’re in a rush to get there. We’re really the answer is actually so much closer to home and something that we can achieve quite quickly and quite easily on sometimes with low ratio and have to leave your six figure job like i did to start your own business took a huge risk there but i took that risk knowing that if it didn’t work out i could always get another job always pursue another career path and sales experience in pharmaceuticals i could go back into pharmaceuticals or i could work in some other sales area so i knew that if i failed i could always go and do something else so yeah huge risk i took a huge risk but if it failed i had a backup plan and so getting away from being in a rush to be financially free means you need to shift the focus onto yourself now this is a lot more difficult than it sounds finding your purpose finding what makes you happy is really difficult i had the luxury of pseudo financial freedom were a couple of years to explore that in those couple of years i realized that being idle is not good for me i need to be working on things that are actually pushing me and challenging me each and every day i need to be learning new things and need to be communicating that that content creation is huge for me so learning things and then communicating that back to help people super vital i need to actually be like struggling myself to learn things i need to push myself i need to be right on that

edge that makes me happy getting up in the morning and having a challenge to strive towards makes me happy yes i’m striving towards increasing my income and financial freedom but i’m not doing it because financial freedom is my ticket and doing it because that act of striving that act of actually you know trying to make more money makes me really happy i got time to work out okay why am i depressed why do i have eating disorders and why do i have anxiety and you know i feel very fortunate that i was able to research into that spend time to find out okay who is my true self why am i not living in alignment with that and once i brought that into alignment that was able to bring a lot of my mental illnesses under control and so i’m really fortunate to have that but all of this sort of stuff you can do without pseudo financial freedom or without financial freedom i’ve learned how i like to do relationships how people in my life add so much value to my life and so much happiness to my life and a bunch of other things as well related to family and spending time with my kids and what areas am i a good dad and what needs improvement all of this sort of stuff but you don’t need financial freedom in order to do this sort of stuff you can bring the focus inward to say okay what can i do to make my life better to start with i don’t recommend just completely overhauling your life yes we may get to that point but to start with just say you know how can i improve my life by 1% what can i do to make my life 1% better today whether that’s just you know being present in the moment with your children or with your partner instead of just coming home and throwing on netflix or disney plus or whatever it is that you’re watching and just lounging about bring home you know a bottle of wine and sit down and talk to your spouse and actively engage that decision to actively engage and to be present made your day 1% better okay you did that now how can you be 1% better in your finances how can you be 1% better in the experiences that you have i’ve kind of learned that as a dad i’m great when i’m at the beach i’m a great dad at the beach with my kids when i’m surfing with them when i’m swimming with them when it’s warmer where they get much better like it’s winter at the moment i know it looks lovely out there but it’s cold right now so not the best out of the beach right now but in summer when we’re at the beach i can be an amazing dad so rather than just staying at home like let’s get down to the beach because that’s going to make our day 1% better i’m going to be a better dad for my kids they’re going to have a better day as well it just took that little bit of effort to get 1% better in that then also applying it to the bigger things in your life to your relationships and most importantly or not most importantly but probably feels the most important is to apply that to your career start with one percenters right how can i make my day and my job 1% more enjoyable how can i hate my job 1% less what is it that i can do to make this day more fulfilling maybe that’s listening to a podcast on the way to work that’s going to help you build up your side business or help you invest in property or shares or just grow your skills or something that you just love maybe it’s actually taking your time on a lunch break to go to your favorite coffee shop and absolutely love it or maybe it’s a good time to engage with that cali and to make the day 1% better or to be more diligent there’s so many things you can do even in a job that you hate to make it more enjoyable you can set little goals for yourself and you can work towards things so I start with the one percenters, but then also start to think, okay, I hate my job right now. Let’s imagine a world. Okay? This is like an imagination visionary task. Okay, so we’re going to really strip away everything in order to do this. Because when we have our kids, when we have our debt, when we have our mortgage, when we have our rent, you know, that’s most important. Our kids come first, right? So what we’re going to do for this vision task is just strip away

all of that strip away everything, you are now a single person with no debt, no, nothing, you know, no, no commitments or priorities at all in your life. Everything is wiped clean. Let’s say in this imaginary world, you’re also trained up in whatever you want. What career would you pursue? What sort of thing would you be passionate about, that would excite you to get up every morning, you’re still going to have to pay your rent, you’re still going to have to pay your bills, you’re still going to have to make money in order to buy food. But what sort of career Can I make that money, but also feel extremely fulfilled. And so when you strip away everything, you get a whole bunch of answers come up, that don’t come up in everyday life. And then when you’ve got those answers, you can write them down. If you want, it then comes, that then comes down to Okay, I now need to bring back in the parts of my life that I have the debt that I had, the mortgage that I have, the children that I haven’t loved, so dearly that are important to me. And you start to think about, okay, how do I bridge the gap between the job I hate now to the career path that I want? With all of this stuff that is in my life? What are some things that I can do? Yes, investing in property, and financial freedom is one of those things. But another of those things is okay, I could start a side hustle to earn more money, I could start that in the career that I want, or in something that I’m passionate about, I could go back to university, I could train at night, I could do those things to get me towards that path, because life’s gonna move forward anyway, right? In 10 years time, you’re going to be 10 years old are you going to have live 10 years of life, and you’re going to be in a certain position in 10 years time, you either diligently move towards where you want to be. And in 10 years time, you’re in a much better position, loving your job loving your life happy to wake up every morning, or in 10 years, you’re still in the same crappy position where you hate your job, you know, but you got a good house, whoop dee doo, like, you know, you can still be in that position. So time is gonna pass you by anyway, it’s up to you to decide, okay, what do I do with it? How can I actually bridge that gap between where I’m at now, and the vision that I have for my career, chances are when you get financially free, unless you’re, you know, towards the end of your life, and you actually want to retire, a lot of us will achieve financial freedom, and want to keep working for the social aspect of it for the mental challenge, you know, just to keep us engaged, and a productive member of society, not all of us just want to be on the beach for eternity, you do it for a while, it gets boring, like, you know, so we’re gonna want to be working anyway. So another vision idea could be let’s pretend I am financially free. So I do still have my kids, I do still have my house, but I’m financially free and don’t have to worry about bills. What career path would I pursue then? So not a single person anymore? I still got my commitment, what would make me happy and be something that I’m passionate about if I was financially free? And then how do I bridge the gap between where I am now towards that in order to enjoy my life more and enjoy my career more, and sometimes that takes you down these weird paths, right? It can take you down the path of like, side hustle, I’m going to start my own online business on the side. I’m going to follow people like income school who or a niche site project to other people that I follow that helped me create awesome websites are linked up to their YouTube channels down below if this is something you’re interested in. You know, maybe you’re starting a side hustle like that. Or maybe you start a side hustle consulting, or you mow lawns or you walk dogs, or you start a side business in whatever it is that you love. Maybe you love massaging or you love creating scented candles or you love, you know, pottery you’re doing whatever. Maybe you create a side hustle in that maybe that’s your path forward. Maybe you retrain for your career. There’s so many different things that you can do. Or maybe it leads you down a path like me of you know, their life, right minimalism van life, Tiny Homes where your overhead expenses are so much less. You’ve got so much freedom, you still need to work to be able to pay for your food and things like that. But do you need to pay as much for accommodation when you live in a van? The answer’s no. No you don’t. Unless you’re staying you know an expensive caravan parks. But no you don’t. You can travel you can have cheap accommodation because you live in your car. and then that gives you the freedom to say okay well how can i just earn enough money in order to pay my bills so maybe you go the minimalism route maybe you don’t it can take you down so many different paths but the whole idea here is that we’re not needing financial freedom in order to live the life that we want this so many other things that we can do first to live the life that we want anyway and then when we’re living the life that we want anyway

and we don’t need to rush to financial freedom that allows us to then take your time and do it properly so okay i want to achieve financial freedom through property i’m going to take the time to learn how to budget and save my deposit i’m going to take the time to learn how to pick a great market to learn how to pick the best suburb within that market i can’t take the time to create a strategy for myself that’s going to lead me towards financial freedom and minimize my risk i’m gonna learn how to inspect properties and negotiate with real estate agents i’m going to build up these skills over time that are going to make me a successful property investor not just for one property is a ticket to financial freedom but to build my wealth long term over time because as i have these skills it is naturally going to be building up money and deposit i may as well invest in property because i’ve got the skill it’s easy it’s fun and it’s building my wealth and then oh my gosh in 1015 years look at the portfolio that you’ve built because you took those diligence steps along it and look at your life because you’ve been enjoying your life this entire time you love the work that you do or the business that you have or the job that you’re involved in you’re earning enough money to pay your bills and to save a bit maybe you got a side hustle to save for your deposits on your properties but 10 years have passed and instead of hating those 10 years waiting for financial freedom you’re now 10 years older so you’re probably not going to be as healthy as you were feel as great as you did 10 years ago but you can either have loved those 10 years and those be some of the best memories and the best years of your life or you basically hated those 10 years and you wasted so much good time where you could have actually been enjoying your life because at the end of the day that’s the finite resource that’s what we get right it’s the time that we have and as i’m getting older i’m starting to realize this you know i no longer on the upward trajectory of health as you go into your mid 20s and now pass my 30s and so i’m going to get older over time i’m going to get more wrinkles i’m going to get more gray hairs i’ll slow down as much as possible but i’m getting older now and so my health you know i’m going to work at it to try and be as healthy as possible but over time it’s going to decline as you get older right that’s just what happens in old age so it’s like the time that you have now the best years that you have and whatever age you’re at you got it you’ve got that time now where you’re at right now make your life amazing that’s what this idea is about instead of rushing towards financial freedom time is your limited resource make your life amazing still have the goal of financial freedom still try to strive towards that still try to build your skills save money still try to achieve that that’s still important and when you achieve it yes it gives you more choices yes it gives you that financial stability and security to really pursue what you love with actually no bars low hold bar hold no bars no bars hold holding nothing back you know from the life that you want because you know that it’s paid for sometimes if you need to work you do have to make little compromises along the way but when you achieve financial freedom then you can really go for it but live the life that you want now so that financial freedom is a nice to have but not a must have and it’s also your insurance policy so if you’re loving your life you’re loving what you’re doing you’re loving where you’re living if things go bad and you unfortunately lose your job or your business goes down that’s okay all right you can still keep doing it you still love getting up every single morning things might change a bit you might have to get a new job but you still get to live where you want to leave your car to work in an industry that you’re passionate about you can take your time to find the job that you love but financial freedom becomes an insurance policy for you to continue doing what you love with your life rather than a ticket out of a hellhole that you call life right so that’s what i’ve been working on in my own life how do i create an amazing life i’m still on that journey i’m definitely not there yet i need more balance in my work life i need more adventures there’s more things that i want to do but i’m getting that right and that’s it you’re not going to be there but if you’re getting there and if you’re doing those one percenters if you’re doing those vision exercises if you’re moving towards your vision of a life that you love and are passionate about you got great people in your life like what what more can you really ask for and do you really need financial freedom i don’t need financial freedom to live a good life i know that now i still want financial freedom i don’t need it to be happy so i’m pursuing because i want it i’m pursuing it because it gives me more choices it gives me an insurance policy

it gives me more options to live a better life to live where i want to live to do more traveling etc but i don’t need it i love the life that i have now i love the work that i’m doing i love my relationships i love my kids i love you know i love my life and so i’m still working towards it but i’m not in a rush to get there and so i hope that this has encouraged you today to start exploring your life to stop thinking about financial freedom as a ticket out of your life and just start actually looking inwards how can i actually improve my life while still moving towards financial freedom how can i really enjoy each and every day and all the years of my life how can i do work and i’m passionate about how can i feel fulfilled in my life how can i be the best version of myself live consciously and presently that’s what i want to encourage you to do today so it’s not rushing towards financial freedom because you’re gonna make a lot of mistakes along the way and if you’re in a rush you’ll probably make more mistakes than someone who isn’t but pull it inward start looking at what you can do start looking at how you can live the life that you want without financial freedom and then go out there and get financial freedom anyway have both have your cake and eat it too i hope this has been encouraging i’ve loved sharing this with you i’m loving this journey that i’m on at the moment and exploring this and i just wish you the absolute best out there i would love to hear your comments down below on what are you dreaming about what’s the life do you love did this resonate with you do you have any questions about this please let me know in the comments down below or hit the like button for this video or share it with someone if you liked it thanks so much for tuning in i wish you the absolute best out there and until next time stay positive

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