Exciting Projects in 2018 On The Sunshine Coast

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The Sunshine Coast has some exciting projects happening at the moment. How will these projects affect capital growth in the region?



Something people are often looking for when investing into an area is projects or infrastructure that is happening in that area. So today I talked with Ben Everingham from pumped on property. Well I say talk with, but he more talks about the sunshine coast and the exciting projects that are happening there now and in the future. It’s interesting after reading this 90 page report yesterday and some of these animals I’ve been sending you as old bombarding you with this. All right man. I love it. Keep sending, you know, like what was interesting to me is that the gold coast is moved by attendance

sending the last 12 months. The Sunshine Coast has also moved by eight percent in the last 12 months. What they were saying in this report is that they are extremely, extremely bullish on the future of the sunshine coast. I didn’t even realize how many projects were taking place here. Um, I’ve personally bought, I think for properties here in the last two years. Um, I, I, I saw these projects beginning to happen in our solar opportunity and I think phase projects, some of them are predicted to last for the next 15 years. So in the last 12 months, vacancy rates on the sunshine coast has gone from two percent to zero point six percent, so not even or just over half of one percent, which is the, which is the strongest or worst vacancy rate we’ve ever had in Queensland’s history. So that says to me that there’s a chronic and the supply of available property for people to actually move into an rent.

You’ve also got a $400,000,000 know Westfield shopping complex, which is the Sunshine Plaza redevelopment. You’ve got an international airport and domestic airport redevelopment. Um, I’ve just found out that by 2025, they’re going to deliver the first light rail tram system on the sunshine coast, which will go from a sheet door to the new university hospital, which is just huge for the sunny coast and has been a massive driver for the popular, the prospect and the Gold Coast. You’ve also got the university hospital precinct, which um, by the end of next year we’ll live employed 7,000 people. You’ve got to have the largest development projects in Australia for housing at the moment, each with over 20,000 homes to come on in the next 20 years. You’ve got a prediction that the population is literally going to double on the coasts within the next 15 to 20 years. You’ve got a Maroochydore cvd occurring at the moment.

Like when I was reading it, I was just lucky if any one of these projects was occurring at one time. That would be speculation around these market, but I’ve never seen a commentator that has something to lose sight in this way. But they said the sunshine coast based on, you know, their thoughts for the region is radically coalition. They believe that there is a, a very, very long, strong, long term growth potential on the case as a result of these projects. And what I’ve noticed is that in the last 12 months, unemployment on the coast is drop from six point one percent to four point eight percent, which is the lowest in Queensland. And one of the lowest in the country, so it’s not just brisbane now that represents value, you know, southeast Queensland as a whole has got huge amounts of projects going on at the moment and with population growth with international immigration, with employment growth, with um, you know, job vacancies in rental, vacancy rates going down. I’m just, I’m really excited to be a part of what’s going to occur over the next seven years up here. Really exciting.

Alright. So as you can see some pretty interesting stuff happening on the sunshine coast, which is where I live and I absolutely love it. It is an awesome place to live. Um, but yeah, so it’ll be exciting to see how those projects pan out over the coming years and how that affects the growth on the sunshine coast. As ben mentioned, there’s been good growth on the gold coast and on the sunshine coast in 2017. So it’ll be exciting to see how it looks moving forward into 2018. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode everyone. I’m Ryan Mclean. You can find me and all of my episodes. There’s almost 500 now over at on-property dot com dot a youth. Thanks again so much. I wish you the absolute best in your property investment journey and until next time, stay positive.

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