Financial Freedom, Longevity and Living To 150

Today I want to have a chilled out but thought provoking discussion about financial freedom, longevity and living to 150.

How does long life affect the way we look at our work, the way we approach financial freedom and how we live our lives?

0:00 – Introduction
1:27 – Longevity and living to 150
6:05 – The impact of living longer on our lives, money and financial freedom
6:48 – Rich people live longer
9:01 – We are now going to have a longer work life
14:26 – Financial freedom now has a bigger payoff
16:57 – You have more time for your properties to grow in value
18:38 – Retirement doesn’t sound necessary anymore
21:02 – Financial freedom gives you the choices to live the life the way you want

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Ryan 0:00
today i want to have a pretty chilled out but hopefully thought provoking discussion with you about financial freedom longevity and living to 150 now that may sound completely outrageous from the get go but if you stick with me through this video we’re going to talk about some of the things that are happening in the field of longevity anti aging living longer how my generation so i’m in my early 30s now could potentially live to 120 130 150 and younger generations 150 could be an average lifespan for them there’s a lot happening in this field at the moment i’m going to talk about that which will probably open your eyes up to that because a lot of people haven’t really heard about this yet but also what are the implications that that could have on our investing on financial freedom and on our lives so i’ve been learning about this sort of stuff i’m excited to share it with you and then also leave a lot of resources for you if you want to go down the same rabbit hole that i went down to learn about more more about this and to discover more about this so i hope you’ll join me for this discussion and this ride because this has completely changed my life completely change a lot of things that i do and completely change the way that i’m looking at financial freedom looking at investing and looking at my work so super interesting super riveting stuff so let’s start with the longevity stuff i’m not a scientist so i’m not going to give you any health advice or anything like that what i will do is link out to some interviews that i listened to with dr david sinclair who is one of the leading geneticists in the field of longevity and living longer he’s done a bunch of interviews which are listened to and i’ve actually read his book called lifespan which talks about how to live longer so i’ll link out to all of that sort of stuff down below if you want to check out the free resources or check out his book you can but the idea here is that aging is a disease and it’s something that is curable and treatable and something that we can definitely slow down but also something that we can potentially even reverse or stop altogether so the idea here is not to live to 150 and be decrepid and have be in our diapers not remember who we are a lot of us don’t want to live in that sort of state and when we think about how long do we want to live a lot of us will say 8090 100 very few will say over 100 because we just don’t see health beyond those years but a lot is happening in the field at the moment with medicine as well as things you can do in your life that not only will we be able to live longer be able to live up to 100 and beyond but we will actually be healthy and happy and vibrant at 100 and still enjoying life so the question is let’s say that you felt as you do right now when you were 120 would you still want to die just because you’re 120 no chances are you wouldn’t chances are that you are loving life and wanting to live more of life so age is just a number and there’s chance that we can extend our healthspan not just extend our lifespan and so there’s a bunch of things that you can do in order to do that

i don’t know if i want to get into the weeds in this episode talking about how to do that in terms of everyday life and what we need to do some of the really interesting things i will touch on quickly one of the really interesting things was if you want to extend your lifespan actually eat less or be in a state of being hungry so don’t be malnourished but actually use do some intermittent fasting or skip some meals throughout the day now for me this is something i tend to do anyway i’ll drink coffee in the morning i’ll generally not have breakfast because i’m not hungry in the morning and then sometimes during the day i’ll skip lunch because i’m busy working or focused on what i’m doing and then i’ll just eat dinner at night and given that i also have a history of eating disorders i’m used to the state of being hungry and it’s not really a big deal for me i don’t deal with the mental issues associated with that anymore but obviously it’s a fine line to trade and you have to be careful if you have had eating disorders but the idea of actually eating less and being in that state of hunger it turns on a protective mechanism in your body that can actually help you to live longer so there’s eating less there’s eating less protein there’s walking about 20 minutes every day there’s exercising at least once a week getting out of breath and there’s a bunch of other things that you can do as well just naturally to help extend your lifespan and so that’s that’s pretty cool there’s also some supplements that are coming onto the body get like resveratrol which is in red wine as well as an amen anyway i’ll link up to that sort of stuff down below if you’re interested in living beyond 100 and living happy beyond 100 but i am jumping on board with this and getting really interested in this and actually changing my life and changing things in my life so that i can live long without because at 32 now if i can start to do things now that are going to add decades onto my life in the future i’m so happy to make those decisions now finally one of the things that i’ve really struggled with is actually cutting down my sugar intake i know that sugar is not great for you i know that energy drinks like v which i’ve drank for years and not great for you but finally it’s it’s science and the fact that the medical studies show that if you’re spiking your glucose levels on a regular basis then that actually decreases your lifespan on average it’s kind of like that’s the kick in the butt that i need to actually cut down on my sugar levels start living healthier but anyway what i want to do in this episode is not go through all that science because truthfully i don’t know enough that i can explain to you i’m not a scientist myself and there’s better people who can do that so i’ll link up to that down below and if i’m ever at the point where i feel like i understand it well enough to explain it then i’ll do a video on that but what i want to talk about is the idea the impact of living to 120 or 150 what impact is that going to have on our lives on our money on financial freedom and how have i started thinking differently about things because of this idea and how could you potentially start thinking about things differently as well the first thing that’s really interesting that came up through this research is that rich people people who are financially well off live longer it was something like the top 10% of people i think it was in the us economically versus the bottom 10% the top 10% live about 14 years longer on average than the bottom 10% and if you’re looking at the top 50% economically versus the bottom 50% i think there was a six year difference there in how long they live so being wealthy being financially free actually helps you to live longer because you can access supplements that could help to extend your life you can buy food that you know is going to be healthy you know is going to be good for you you can actually have the time and the financial freedom to build good friends groups around you which helps you to live longer you can create more happiness in your life you can do all these things when you’re financially free that can help you to live longer so it’s really interesting the idea is not necessarily being financially free allows you to live longer but generally speaking being wealthier allows you to live longer and so if you want to live longer being wealthy is obviously a good step to get there if you want to get the supplements that can help you do that while they’re still going through clinical trials and stuff at the moment they are available on the market but they do cost money and they’re not cheap and if you want to be able to buy some of that stuff then that’s going to cost money or if you want to be able to eat a really healthy and well balanced diet then that cost money and takes money to do that because that cheap burger from mcdonald’s is not going to help you live longer

so that was something that was really interesting it’s like oh okay if you’re going to be wealthy if you’re going to be rich that’s actually going to help you live longer so that’s just an added to the reasons of why you would want to be financially free is that you can actually live a better life but you actually live a longer life as well so i’ve always wanted to be financially free it’s always been a big motivating factor for me to give me choices in my life to live the life that i want but now that knowing that it will actually help me to live longer as well it’s like why wouldn’t you want that and the next thing that i guess really had an impact on me is this idea that we’re now going to have a longer work life previously the idea was you would work through adulthood when you were doing well physically and then you would retire and you would probably have about 10 years of retirement where you would just kind of live the good life and then you would pass away and it was kind of like that was i guess how the structure of our life we’re seeing children studying going into a career and then when we finish our career we retire or go on a cruise boat for 10 years or whatever it is you decide to do and then we caulk it and that’s the end of it but the idea now of stopping work at 67 if we’re going to live to 134 or 150 67 then becomes halfway through your life so no longer is 35 or 40 half of your lifespan now you’ll Looking at 60 or 65, as half of your life, I was sitting down with my dad and talking about this and talking about life span, he’s just turned 63. And he was the one who brought this idea that’s like, Oh, I could only be halfway through my life right now. whereas previously, if you’d get to that point of being in your mid 60s, you know, you kind of on your last legs there. And I guess, extending your life out, extends out everything. But also, it shrinks something. So the idea of, Okay, I’ve got children, my daughter is 10, my youngest is five. And previously in your life, you look at, okay, you’ve got about 20 years with your kids before, obviously, they’re adults, and they’re moving on with their lives.


20 years is basically a quarter of your life. But now, if you’re extending that out to 120 150 160, then 20 years with your children, is now a shorter span of your life. And there’s also opportunities for you to spend more time with your grandchildren, or even your great grandchildren. go on adventures like that. And the idea that family can descend down and you still be an active part of it, it’s really cool as well. But okay, I’m getting on a tangent here. The idea is that our work lives are going to be longer, because the government’s not going to want us to retire at 67. Honestly, I’m not gonna want to retire at 67. If I’m healthy, if I’m happy, if I feel like I can contribute to society, I want to continue to contribute, and continue to put good things into society to make it a better place to live. My purpose, I don’t want to give up or that just because I’m 67. And that’s retirement age. I’m going to keep working as long as I can. But it’ll be working in things that you’re passionate about. And so for those of you out there who are in a career that you absolutely hate, and you’re thinking, you know, I’ve only got this many years left until retirement, and then I never have to worry about work again, if you start thinking, Oh, I’m actually going to live 15 years longer than I thought I would live, probably going to need to work longer than that, or be financially free. If I’m going to be working for another 50 years, do I want to be working in something that I hate? Is the money worth it, given that I’m going to do this for 50 years of my life. And like that can really change your attitude and really change the way that you view things, and also change the idea of retraining as well. Because if you’re going to live longer, if lifespans are going to get longer than the idea of taking a few years out to retrain to do something that you really love. But you may be doing that up until you’re 100 years old, then all of a sudden, those couple of years in investment have a bigger payoff. So you may have multiple careers. For me, it’s all about, okay, I want to live a life with purpose. I want to live a life where I’m actually enjoying my work, and actually improving the world as a result. So I’m both enjoying my work through pushing myself. But I’m also trying to do work that improves the world. And I’m super excited because I know that I’m going to have multiple careers. In my lifetime. I already have had multiple careers. But what I feel so young right now, I think, like I was starting to feel a bit older and starting to feel like okay, I’m reaching kind of like the peak of my working life. Like mid 30s 40s, sort of thing. And I was like now I’m like not, I’m not I am. So just at the beginning. And there is so much excitement ahead. So along the work life with maybe, you know, retirement, or just holidays in between, but loving the work that I do, being passionate about it is super exciting to me. And that may mess with your head that you may have a much longer work life than 67. I’ve stopped thinking about 67 as the goal. I don’t actually have a retirement age as a goal. My goal is not to retire anymore. I don’t need retirement, I want to be financially free. So I can work on things that I’m passionate about, and that I love. I want to be financially free. So if I need a break from that work and want to go traveling, then I can or if I want to pursue something else or retrain, then financial freedom is going to give me that opportunity. And so I guess the third thing that I want to touch on is that if we’re able to actually achieve financial freedom earlier than most people, especially we achieve it in a way not like me with a pseudo financial freedom, but you achieve it in a way through property where you’ve got this portfolio that is paying for itself and paying for your life and actually growing by itself over time that just by holding it, you’re getting wealthier and wealthier through this portfolio, then that payoff is now going to be larger because financial freedom I see the payoff in terms of choices and what we can do yes but the payoffs also massively in time and the time that we had to do what we want to do and if you are able to achieve financial freedom earlier let’s say i’m 32 now let’s say i do the two properties to financial freedom strategy takes me 15 years to achieve financial freedom so i’d be 47 at that point in time previously let’s say life span was at that then gives me 33 years of financial freedom still epic 33 years is epic now let’s say i’m actually going to live to 120 rather than 33 years of financial freedom and now getting 73 years of financial freedom if i’m going to live to 150

and i get financially free at 47 i now have 103 years of financial freedom which sounds absolutely ridiculous but for me it just makes it feel more worth the investment because sometimes there’s the now and there’s the what we want to achieve now what we want to feel now what we want to buy now in terms of having a great life now but if i’m thinking that i can make decisions today at 32 that’s gonna give me 103 years of financial freedom why well should i go ahead and buy that new car or should i use that money to buy a property that’s going to give me 100 years of financial freedom like that that the math equation and the risk reward and the payoff changes massively because you’re getting a bigger reward for financial freedom so for me financial freedom becomes even more important and it can the earlier you get it the bigger the payoff is going to be and being financially free is going to help you live longer so that’s really good as well the full thing is that it also gives you more time for your properties to grow and so a lot of us a lot of people email me i get a lot of contacts i know that ben talks a lot of people who are really stressed about the market what’s the market going to do in the next year once again they could do in the next two years the next five years etc that can be stressful and if you don’t know how to follow market cycles if you don’t know how to do your research or minimize your risk when you buy a property that can be extremely stressful we never have a crystal ball and never know exactly what the markets gonna do but if we’re looking at investing and we’re looking at a longer payoff for our life it gives our properties more time to grow in value over time so people say property doubles every seven to 10 years that’s probably not true anymore but let’s say we bought a property 40 years ago what are the chances that that property’s gonna be worth less today than it was 40 years ago especially if we bought it in a major metropolitan area like sydney or melbourne or brisbane chances are pretty slim and if you’re purchasing property now if you’re like me and 32 if i’m going to hold that property for 100 years like what are the chances that that property is going to grow in value over time and so it just gives you more time for that accumulation or cumulative effect what’s it called like when interest accumulates on top of each other god i should know the answer to this one no cumulative interest is that what it is you know it gives longer for that cumulative interest to happen and for your wealth to grow and grow and grow exponentially because you’ve now got more years of your life the fifth thing is something that i kind of touched on talking about the longer life and that’s the idea that retirement doesn’t sound awesome to me anymore especially if i’m going to be living that long how bored am i going to get if i retire and don’t work or don’t have any positive impact in my life or don’t have anything to wake up in the morning excited to strive towards to make the world a better place so for me as i said like the idea of retiring at 67 i’ve kind of thrown out the window financial freedom i’m not trying to get financial freedom so i can retire early i’m just not that used to be the goal get financial freedom so i can go and do what i want retire at 30 and live my life doesn’t it anymore i got pseudo financial freedom at 28 i had a couple of years where i didn’t have to work and while that was good for self exploration i like working and i like having a positive impact on people i like challenging myself and pushing myself and so the idea that i would give up on that in order to retire i don’t like that idea the idea of being financially free so that i can choose the work that i want to do so that i can bring my best self my most creative self to something the idea that i could be financially free so i could work on a project that may or may not deliver me income that may take a year to create this project and something that i envision and may never make money but i can do that because it’s a passion project that has a positive impact on people’s lives and i just want to see it come to fruition if i’m financially free i can do that if i’m financially free i can work on the things that i’m passionate about because i’m not so worried about how much money is going to bring in and getting paid for your work is still is still going to be important but yeah just that idea of okay i’ll work until i retired then i’ll live my life is just gone for me i’m living my life now

i’m doing work that i’m passionate about now i’m going to continue doing work that i’m passionate about probably changed careers over the number of decades that i have to live but i’m not striving for financial freedom to retire early because i hate my job and hate my life financial freedom is my insurance policy so i can continue to live the life that i want to live and continue to make choices in alignment with who i am and the things that i want to do and the sixth thing is that well i guess i just already talked about it but it’s that financial freedom then gives you the ability to choose how to live your life so kind of given up on that idea of retirement financial freedom allows you the choices to live the life that you want so if you’re in a career that you don’t like but you’re stressed to step out of that career to retrain go back to being a student because you don’t want to give up your life you don’t want to give up the car that you have in the house that you live in and all that sort of stuff because there’s going to be no income coming in for a couple of years while you retrain a lot of people don’t want to do that a lot of people are too scared to do that can’t afford to do that or just don’t want to make those decisions to actually give up on all the niceties of life if you get financial freedom then you can so much more easily drop that career that you hate you can so much more easily quit that job where your bosses mean to you or you’re being bullied or you’re just not feeling fulfilled in your life when you’re financially free you can you can make those choices anyway but you can more easily make them where you don’t have to worry about whether or not your bills are going to be paid you can make them and then you can go on your journey to explore who you are and what you want to do and there’s going to be so many twists and turns in the path along the way you may think you know what you want you know i thought i knew what i wanted and then i got it and that wasn’t what i wanted and that’s probably going to happen with you as well but if you can achieve financial freedom and it gives you those choices and those choices compound over a longer life like wow like that is so powerful and the payoff for that could be so big so i’m really excited about the sorts of breakthroughs in medicine i’m excited about the things that we can do ourselves just to live longer and really for me it’s kind of like okay the longer i can live the longer i give medicine to advance where eventually we can actually reverse aging and so it’s like okay live as long as possible so that i can continue to take advantage of the things that are coming out and of like the changes that are happening in medicine in the world so will i be taking supplements yes will i be fasting doing intermittent fasting skipping meals eating less yes will i be dropping down on my sugar content absolutely will i be eating more naturally and healthily yes will i be exercising more yes all of this sort of stuff can lead to a longer life naturally so i’m going to do what i can to maximize my natural lifespan without supplements without medicine and then i will start looking into supplements i will start looking into medicines and what can we do to actually look younger feel younger live longer and live healthier as well i was getting my hair cut the other day and talking about my kids the guy’s like you have kids it’s like how old are you which is a question that i get a lot and i was like 32 is i thought you were like 21 and whether he was just you know being nice and complimenting me or if he was being serious it’s like i want to continue to look in my mid 20s and if there’s things that i can do to continue to look young continue to feel young continue to live an amazing life as long as possible i want to do that i am pro life i love life financial freedom gives us the ability to make our lives better but also make us better as humans so that we can actually impart more into the world and make everyone’s lives better so i’m really excited about i guess the upward trajectory of humanity and the things that we can achieve as a community with financial freedom and with longevity as well so have a think about this let it stew in your mind for a little bit i’ll link out to those longevity podcast down below so you can check out those free resources on on YouTube, if you want also a link out to David Sinclair’s book lifespan that may be an affiliate link or may not be I’m not sure where you can buy it, but I’ll link up to it regardless, down below, check those out, have a read of the literature, see what’s happening in the field at the moment because you may live a lot longer than you thought you were going to live. And the payoff of financial freedom may be a lot bigger than you thought it was going to be. So I don’t care about getting rich quick anymore. I’m loving my life. I’m loving the work that I do.

Financial Freedom for me is not for an early retirement anymore. It’s so I can have an insurance policy to continue to do the things that I love. So I wish you the absolute best out there, with your life and with your financial freedom. Until next time, stay positive

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