Financial Freedom = Choices

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Financial freedom gives you choices, but not just the obvious choice to play golf all day but the choices to do what you believe is morally right and to give your best to the world.

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Financial Freedom for us has given us choices in our life, but not just choices to do what we want with our time, but we also feel like it’s given us more freedom to make choices that line up with our sense of morality and who we are as people and the impact that we want to have on the world. And Ben sent me an email the other day, yesterday, yesterday that I haven’t actually read yet, cause he sent it last night saying we should do a video on this. Um, but it was this idea that when you’re financially free and when you don’t have to worry about the money, then you get to make choices that are more in line with your ideals and who you are as a person. So do you want to elaborate on this email that I’m yet to read? So I got this email.

It’s from a well known. Let me just catch up on it right now. It’s a stronger, really well known person in the property industry and you know, basically the email was because lots of people had different hangouts around money. Your, um, for whatever reason, I completely get it like as a person that didn’t grow up with much of it, I’ve had to overcome a lot of that stuff and still do sometimes. Like, um, I still feel like sometimes you know, like it’s, it’s, it shouldn’t be there or something because when you don’t grow up with people, have all these weird attachments with money and money’s good or bad or it changes you or all that stuff. Stories that we tell ourselves. But in the bottom third of these email, he shared a story of a young guy that had recently become a off paper partner.

So effectively a director of a business, but you know, it was a handshake agreement and the director of the business was going well. He felt tied into the company’s values system and without going. And then the director pivoted from that and fired a very senior person on a difference of personal opinion. And this young partner decided that he wasn’t in line with that said something that the director didn’t get the response you wanted and actually decided to quit. And the reason he was able to quit this because he owned some properties, I don’t know if he owned it outright or if you just had some passive cashflow coming in or even that he’d built the foundation and he knew it was going to end up financially for in the future. So I took the pressure off, but he walked away based on the morality and he said the reason he was able to do that was because the fear of financial freedom and money was no longer the driving.

He’s everyday decision making process. So he was no longer living in fear. He was living in choice. It just disturbed me in the best way. Like I was like, that is one of the best ways that you can describe the choices that you have. Once you get to that position in your life where you can, you can be intuitively you, like if you’re a Weirdo. Like I think we both are in a different way. Um, and you know, you see things, you know the same, same but different. It is really, really nice to be able to say no to things. Like I think about all the things I said yes to in my twenties that I really didn’t need to because I was chasing the dollar chasing money and it sucked and it’s nice now

to be able to say no to that wrong client or to say, you know, yes to that right partner or to say no, it’s not going to happen this way. I’m not going to sell myself or I’m not gonna like extort myself for something that isn’t in line with who I truly am and that that is a beautiful place to be. Yeah, it’s a good thing to be in. I remember in the early days of on-property getting a lot of offers to sell basically overpriced properties to my audience to make big coin and I was just always like, no, I don’t want to playing. No, no. That be any good, but just to be like for me at the time I was able to make that decision not because I was financially free, but because I was really gutsy and I was getting. I was like, no, I just, I want to treat people right.

I want to bring value, which I hope if you guys have been following for any point in time, you can see that comes through and who I am and what I want to deliver to you guys is that honest, true value, and so I was able to turn that down, but I’ve seen a lot of people who haven’t been able to turn those opportunities down and I think it’s unrealistic to think that we’re all gonna be perfectly moral no matter what the situation is. There’s this okay, because I’m kind of a Weirdo. I read a lot of neuroscience and psychology books in my spare time as you do and one of his books that are one book that I read and it’s a mammoth read, but it’s called the lucifer effect. Wow. And it’s written by the guy who did the Stanford prison experiment. So if you want, I’ll link up to the wikipedia page or something about the Stanford prison experiment down below, but basically this guy, I didn’t experiment on Stanford College students and made this fake prison and watch the way that whether a student was assigned to be a prisoner or was assigned to be an officer, how it affected the morality and the things that they did.

And then so he goes on to write a book about how different situations do affect our moral decision making and how it’s quite a. it’s a very disturbing book because you realize how the potential evil in all of us, if the right situation, if you’re putting in the right situation, then the fact that you will lean towards evil and do evil just happens. And I think being in a financially free situation where you don’t have to worry about money allows you to extract yourself from those conflicting situations. So you don’t even have to make that decision as to, is this right? Is this wrong? Do I need to do this for the money? Because you can say, well, I don’t need the money. What do I want to do that I feel is my right for the world? What do I want to give back?

And you come from a very different situation where it’s like, okay, I need a job that pays money. Is that job moral enough for me to do? Or if your boss asked you to do something that you disagree with, are you okay with that? Versus when you’re financially free, then you’re entering the workforce or you’re entering business saying, what good do I want to deliver to the world? And it becomes less about the money. It’s so interesting that you say that because when I’m saying morality, but what I’m really talking about is living a life of values.

So I’ve been really looking into this at the moment and I’ve been reading a great book called the happiness track and in the book it talks about a purpose filled life is connected in two different ways. One is from achieving things and that’s why it feels good to do stuff for yourself, for other people, whether that they interrelationship, the health fee, finances, whatever’s important to you. But the second part of it is too late. It fulfilling life where you feel like you’re living on purpose. They talk, they call it purpose, not the film and film then um, but they say that you know, if you can identify the different areas of your life that are important to you and what the values within that particular part of your life are, then you can make decisions in your day to day life actions which are in line with those values and when the way that you think are your values and the actions that you take on a consistent basis in our line, we feel like we’ve got this sense of meaning, fulfillment, enjoyment in a pace.

And that is a purposeful life. And so for me, like there’s a deck of cards that you can get attached with the book. And the first, my highest value is my family. And so I went through my six key values and I found out that thing connected and being supportive to my family was very, very important thing. Creating security for them and being accountable for my family is very important to me as well. But then there’s these other like what they call twisted values, which is kind of like the direct opposite in one of the values for me to be a good member of my family is to feel freedom for myself too, and to look after myself. And so now that I realized that I have these values around how I show up for my family better, it’s enabled me to do those actions on a daily basis that actually made me feel like I’m being my best and highest self or my family.

And then I did the same thing for work in some other areas of my life that are also important. Then it’s just been this crazy tripping, you know, really figuring out my why but not just the wire, like how to link that wire to the things that I’m doing every moment and how that compounds into a more meaningful life. So, you know, I say morality, like, you know, I don’t even believe in morality. Like there’s lights, light and dark and everything. But what I do believe in is, you know, the choices that come where if you know something’s good for you and you know you’re in a position where you don’t have to do bad for yourself and that can only be a good thing and it’s more and more people doing that. That’s when everything gets better for everyone. Yeah. I think it’s. It’s probably easy for us to say this being in a financially free position, each of us where we can kind of design our life to do this and obviously not everyone’s in that situation, so we don’t want to just say this to be like on our high horses or something like that.

It’s more I think we had this realization that yeah, this is a cool thing about financial freedom that goes beyond the money and goes beyond being able to play golf every day and not having to go to work. And so we wanted to share that. But then

also to encourage people out there with the fact that financial freedom probably isn’t as hard as you think it is and should be more of a priority than you’re currently putting on it. And so rather than just striving to keep up with the Joneses or with Simon with the video I talked with him about the other day, rather than just buying, buying, buying the mountain bike is that focus on your financial freedom. Get those foundational properties done so then that you have these freedom of choices to do what you want to do and so much will open up to you. That is beyond the financial impact that it will have on your life. And so I think that’s the message that one across age, sure this is a good topic that yes, this is a benefit of financial freedom, but more just to encourage people to work more of a priority on financial freedom over extreme wealth or over the mountain bike or over whatever it may be.

Because once you achieve financial freedom, once you have those choices, then you can choose. You can always choose extreme wealth if you want, but you can do it in a moral way that suits you or you can choose to live at cruzio life. You have those choices. So I think just getting those foundational property and is, uh, is Kinda the first step towards that. So just really want to encourage everyone out there today to seriously consider that. And obviously we love this strategy and we are very tied to it. It’s a big part of the message that we’re sharing. It doesn’t mean that everyone should do it, but I do think everyone should check it out and see what they think about it. So go on property. Don’t come to you for dash five. Oh eight where we outline the two properties to financial freedom strategy. If it’s for you, let’s start thinking more seriously about getting that financial freedom in your life because it’s not as hard as you probably think if you don’t get greedy and you can stick to a strategy.

Like the way that I think about financial freedom is so different than I’ve thought about it 10 years ago. Like the way that I think about financial freedom now, he’s got nothing to do with the money at all. It is if you value your health and you’re working five days a week sitting at a desk and you didn’t have to obsess about money so much so that you could do something that you love three days a week and then spend four days a week training, you know, has a benefit. They are lucky if you truly value your family and your relationships with them and you’ve got young children like we both do. We both got three kids under six years of age or Orlando. What? Yeah. Like and you truly, you value your family then like the most important gift that you can give if you’re lucky enough to give it time with your family and if you, if you, if he valued connection without the people like connecting 40 hours in a work environment is cool.

Being able to connect the outside of that in like a more authentic way with it’s in line with the and surely, ah, that’s fine. And if you want the land buys and all that other stuff, who like, you know, you can push financial freedom as far as you personally want to go. You know, there’s, there’s a flip side to that as well, which we’ve talked about before. Like I think money means nothing. Money’s just an energy form. Once you’ve accumulated a little bit of it, you realize that it’s just, it’s just a transactional thing and the real value in having choices is just that. Like you can spend your life doing the things that are most important to you. And again, that’s not coming from a place of like anything negative. It’s just like fuck. It feels good to be able to record this video on the beach. Like four years ago. There’s no way I would’ve walked out of the office to do this. I would have been like, now let’s record in front of the camera because we don’t have time. I’d even have the time for luck. I was just chasing financial freedom. But now that I’m fortunate enough to have invested that money back, it enables, seems to be pretty cool. Yeah,

that’s what I’m saying. Cool. So call to action today guys. You have probably already watched it. If you are still following us and you haven’t watched it, you are crazy. So go and watch that video on two properties to financial freedom at on-property Dotcom. They four slash five. Oh eight. Go ahead and check that out. Learn that strategy. You decide whether or not it’s for you. Uh, also subscribed to this channel because when you got new videos coming out every single week, day, and until next time, stay pleasant, easy. Don’t even see you. It’s interesting. Positive lobby guys.

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