How To Get Free RPData Reports (Ep194)

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Here is a genius (and legal) way to get free RPData reports. All you need is an iPhone or an Android device and you can get RPData reports at no cost. It’s awesome and you can do it for as many reports as many as you want.

So first go to Then click on “property reports” in the bottom left corner and and type in an address into the search bar to bring up the report. There are a lot of different reports available but chose the Detailed Property Report. The price of the report is usually $39.95 and this is the one that we’re going to be getting absolutely free. It provides an estimated value and full property sales and listing history where available. It also includes up to 18 recent sales and suburb statistics to give a complete view of the property.

Now the report I’m going to show you doesn’t give you 18 recent sales but it will give you about 3 or 4. Nevertheless this report is still super useful and up-to-date and it gives you the estimation of the value, suburb statistics etc. . .

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Okay, now I’m going to show you exactly, step by step, how to get access to these reports. So you just need your phone. I’m going to show you on an iPhone but you can get access to this in the Google Playstore on an android phone as well. So all we need to do is go into the app store and go to search and we’re actually going to search,BOQ because it’s a Bank of Queensland app that actually allows us to do this. So we search BOQ and we slide across the second one. We download BOQ Properties. So I’m just going to click that download option. It may ask you for your iTunes password. I’ve already downloaded it before so it’s not asked me again. So we can now open directly from the Appstore just like that or we can find it somewhere on our phone and we can open it from there. As you can see it’s giving me an ad trying to promote BOQ. All we need to do is go to Find a Property, or if we find ourselves in some section that we don’t want to be, maybe in My Favourites or something like that, just click this more button on the top left and then click Find a Property. Now all we need to do is type in the property address. So let’s do the same one, 58 Franklin Road, Cronulla and see it come up. Click on that. Then it gives us the property so we click that there. We can see here, we can quickly flip through the photos and stuff. This is actually my parents’ house which we did up before the sale. And to get the report, down the bottom right, you see email report. So all we need to do is click email report, agree to the terms, “Are you a BOQ customer?” No, I’m not. So we just need to enter: details, phone number – I’m just using a dodgy one, you can use your own line. I’m guessing that they’d call you if you put in your mobile phone number in there or maybe they’d just want to know what, I don’t address. And then all you need to do is click submit. And that would now be emailed to you. You can see the report has been sent to [email protected]

Alright, so now I’m going to go into my email and show you this report. Okay, so I’m in my email now, the report has been sent to me. It does take a couple of minutes to get to you. It doesn’t come straight away. So just be prepared to wait, it’s not going to appear instantly. You’re going to open that property report and there we can see 58 Franklin Road, Cronulla and this is giving us the details. So we can see down the bottom here, we’ve got AutoValuation Estimation Range, we can see details about the property, we can see images of the property. We can also see down the bottom some comparable property data. So we can see 45 Franklin Road sold for $1.05 million, 3-bedroom, 1 bath, 1 car and 630 sq. m. ofland. So we can go through that. We can look at some Cronulla suburb statistics.

And that is basically your RP data property report right there in your email address. So you can access it in your phone like I did just now. Or you could go onto your computer and you could access it, download it onto your computer and look at it on your computer if you wanted to. Really simple to do, awesome app. Thank you Bank of Queensland for what you have done. Obviously, Bank of Queensland must be funding this and paying RP data in some way while we get it for free. Awesome tool! Go ahead and use it.

If you’re looking at buying a property, I do suggest checking out that app, getting the RP data report, having a look through it, make sure you’re not overpaying for the property. And if you’re selling a property or if you just want to know how much your property’s worth, well then that could be a good tool to use as well.

Alright, until next time.

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