How To Get Better At Managing Money (Quick Money Monday)

I’ve learned a lot about money management in the last year and have improved my skills in the area substantially. Here’s some ideas on how I have gotten better at managing money and how you can too.

0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – 1 Year Ago Today (0:43….add video)
1:10 – I’m not actually ‘broke’
2:06 – #1: Being completely focused on my money and constantly looking at it
3:07- #2: Creating a cash flow calendar
4:25 – #3: Remain as frugal as possible
5:20 – #4: Find ways to achieve more with less
6:25 – #5: Building up cash buffers in my life
8:09 – #6: Working really hard to build up my passive income
10:35 – The biggest thing has been focus
10:52 – Something I really need to work on
11:26 – I’ve come so far in the past year

How I Got Myself Into Debt

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