Some Good Books We Have Read Lately

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Finishing off our live Q&A we talked about some books we have read recently as well as some books we recommend.

Ryan:    Let’s finish off. Let’s talk about those books that we never got to at the start. You said you’ve read two books, Compound Effect and Power in the Land.

Ben: Yes. The Compound Effect, I thought it … A mate of mine recommended it and then another one did and I thought I’d pick it up.

I thought when I picked up the first chapter it was just another crappy motivational book that I don’t think anyone really needs to spend more time in their life getting motivated.

Ryan: I’m so sick of those books, man. I can’t read them anymore.

Ben: I thought it was gonna be junk but I persevered because he had recommended it so highly and he reads a book a week. I was like, “Okay.” But then I started to read more of it and it was more like Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It was actually filled with sick data.

It was just … The simple concept, long story short, was … It’s common sense. The daily things that we do in the areas of our life and the choices that we make form habits, which over time form patterns, which over time form [inaudible 00:01:03] outcomes in our life. Just being conscious of those little things from a relationship, health, and a wealth perspective, if you know what I mean. It was a really good read.

Ryan: Who’s it by?

Ben: I don’t know.

Ryan: I was gonna buy it but I find that it’d be hard to find it.

Ben: I’ll give it to you, man. I’ve got a hard copy. When I finish it.

Ryan: No, I wanna get an audiobook. I’m an audiobook man.

Ben: [crosstalk 00:01:27] Oh yeah, three times sped.

Ryan: Yeah, dude. I destroy audiobooks. Absolutely destroy them. You listen on three times speed, ’cause I’m driving to Brisbane once a week, two hours there, two hours back. I get through an entire book basically.

Ben: Really?

Ryan: Yeah.

Ben: That’s hectic.

Ryan: I read maybe three or four books a week.

Ben: Wow.

Ryan: Or something like that.

Ben: What’s something awesome that you’ve recently read?

Ryan: I have a book for you, actually, but it’s not recently read. It was awhile back. I’ve been reading heaps of stuff about expertise and stuff like that, and how to become the best in the world. I got one for you. I’ll probably have to buy it for you. I’m just looking through now. I mix fiction and nonfiction. Grit is a good book.

Ben: Grit.

Ryan: Grit. I like psychological books. Peak is a good book. I’m reading one now. Do you know Jim Collins? Have you read Good to Great?

Ben: Oh, no.

Ryan: Have you not read Good to Great?

Ben: No. I’ll put it in my to do list right now.

Ryan: Dude, are you kidding me? That is like-

Ben: Good to Great.

Ryan: I dunno. There’s like four … Have you read Linchpin by Seth Godin?

Ben: Yeah, I’ve read Linchpin.

Ryan: Linchpin’s so good. Linchpin. Good to Great is up there with Linchpin in terms of what I would recommend to people to read.

Ben: Wow.

Ryan: It’s like this guy followed companies and they were really average, just had stocks in line with the market for 10 years. And then for 15 years they had success that exceeded the market by more than three times. Then he compares them to very similar companies who just stay average.

He’s like, what’s the difference between someone who goes from great to someone who just stays average? Dude, it’s a killer book.

Ben: I can’t wait to read it.

Ryan: What was the other one, Power in the Land?

Ben: The Power in the Land was written by Fred Harrison. It’s a review of, this is me being data geeky in property stuff, but it’s read by Fred Harrison, or written.

It was created in the 90s. He predicted some stuff from basically looking at 250 years of land price booms and busts in America as well as Europe, and identified, similar to Phil Anderson, a freaking consistent pattern to the point where he predicted recessions seven, eight years out type thing for multiple years.

It was just a great book filled with data. It’s a heavy read. I skimmed most of the chapters and just got to the stuff that I was interested in. Because he’s an academic, it’s written from that perspective like a justification for his approach to research.

There’s some amazing information in there around the property cycle and what’s been going on, and trigger points at different stage of the cycle.

Ryan: Cool. Someone’s putting that The Compound Effect’s by Darren Hardy.

Ben: Darren Hardy.

Ryan: Is that right?

Ben: It sounds right. I’m not sure.

Ryan: It’s not on Audible. I can’t download it as an audiobook. Okay, I found a book that I think you should read, which is-

Ben: What’s that?

Ryan: It’s good for you at this phase of your business slash life. It’s called Anything You Want. It’s a really short book by this guy called Derek Sivers. I’ll probably buy it for you. I’ll get it shipped to you or something.

Ben: I’ve got a chick here, a lady that I just send an email to. I’ll send her one now with those couple of books and she’ll just order it in for me.

Ryan: Oh, really?

Ben: She owns a used [inaudible 00:05:02] bookstore in [crosstalk 00:05:05].

Ryan: So this book, Anything You Want, is the guy who owned a company called CD Baby, which sold independent music, CDs, and sold for millions of dollars.

But he is, he’s just not chasing the money and not just trying to be the best, but he’s like, “Enjoy your work and do something that you enjoy.” He just has similar attitude to me in a lot of things. And I think-

Ben: Awesome.

Ryan: He’s still did the coding on his website even though he could’ve paid someone and it would’ve been heaps better. But, he enjoyed it and he wanted the challenge, and stuff like that.

Ben: Dude, that sounds awesome.

Ryan: It’s a real good book just to remember why you do what you do for the fun of it and not just for the money.

Ben: 100%. No, that sounds brilliant, man. I’m gonna grab both of those right now.

Ryan: Hey guys, I hope that you enjoyed the answer to this question, which came from my live Q&A episode with Ben on YouTube. We will be doing more of these in the future.

If you wanna check out Ben then he is offering free strategy sessions to On Property listeners. To find out more about that go to and you can see all the details over there. That’s it for today. Until next time, stay positive.

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