Granny Flat Myths BUSTED

Today we are going to bust some of the biggest myths around granny flats and investing in granny flats. Are granny flats poorly constructed, does no one want to live in them, are they hard to rent and more?

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0:00 – Standing at a newly constructed granny flat
0:33 – Myth #1: Granny Flats are crappy little dwellings no one wants to live in
2:15 – Myth #2: Granny Flats share space with the front house
3:21 – Myth #3: Nobody wants to rent granny flats
6:34 – Myth #4: It’s hard to sell a property with a granny flat
9:39 – Myth #5: You have to lease the granny flat to the same person as the front house
11:02 – Myth #6: You have to pay for the build with your own money
13:15 – Myth #7: Granny flats are difficult to get approved (or they are illegal!)
14:34 – Myth #8: Granny flats only rent to undesirable tenants

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