Granny Flat Under Construction Update

I recently visited this granny flat when it was still just a frame and we are back to have a look at how it is coming along.

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Ryan 0:00
here we are in the brisbane cbd about 23 ks from the cbd i think at the moment about to look through a granny flat that is almost completed and it is an amazing granny flat with a much larger deck than we’ve seen on granny flats in the past now i was previously here with ben’s brother simon working at this property when it was just a frame well and so it’s exciting to be back here and look at it what do you think and we had a quick walk up

Ben 0:26
i’m blown away like the client spent a tiny bit more money putting a bit of a bigger deck on it and i think it’s one of the smartest things that i’ve ever seen i also is you know the site sort of comes in from the street from a low frontage into a much wider frontage a much wider back and i’m just looking at the back there and it’s super functional like it’s so nice

Ryan 0:46
yeah so most properties the granny flat would be at the back of the property and you would have walkable or drivable side access whereas this book is quite a wide black hole spreads out of the back so the granny flat you can see is actually next to the house which in this case actually works better so let’s go back and have a look we’ll just quickly stop here to show you that you can see this granny flat has been given drivable side access to the property there will be a gate put in here as well and you can see that just over there that is fencing that’s been constructed to actually separate the granny flat and the house over here

Ben 1:21
what i love about this particular site is you might not be able to see it but there’s a really nice big backyard for the home which creates like space for them and makes it super rentable but then there’s also enough space on this particular block as ryan said for like the driveway for a massive backyard and for a beautiful beat deck as well so as you

Ryan 1:39
can see as we come up the steps here onto the deck of the property generally speaking the deck would just go straight across the front but you’ve seen that they’ve actually taken the opportunity with this property in order to add in a larger deck so i think usually in a previous granny flat that we’ve walked through this would be a larger room space well no

Ben 1:59
yeah not not particularly like it probably would be actually probably would be like this particular bit would normally shoot out straight in here and create a much bigger first or second bedroom but you know what i love about what comments on here she’s sort of cut it in as ryan said before you could potentially put like a little lambs there or a little coffee table or like a nice chair setting so that you can eat out here and then she’s extended this because a normal granny flat would sort of be this little bit to here just as a landing to get into a big sort of extended that out all the way through here as well which i again it’s just really smart design i think you’re saying off camera you know north is out that way yeah

Ryan 2:37
so one of the really cool things here is just the privacy that you get with this yard so this is north facing it’s obviously quite shady because of the trees which means there’s gonna be less sun but it is quite warm up here in brisbane so not too big of a deal and then there will be grass growing down there eventually as well

Ben 2:56
yeah i think is part of what carmen would have definitely done we’ll get that leveled out we’ll get some topsoil on it and get that all nice and grass start and then obviously someone moves in there’s plenty of space for them to start planning in creating an edible garden and i just really liked the vibe that it’s created out here as well very very very separate and private from the home as well like you wouldn’t almost think that these are actually on the same piece of land

Ryan 3:17
yeah so the only thing that actually looks into the home we can’t get into the property sadly because it is locked up and there’s no one on site today but the kitchen window cars does kind of look into the backyard of the home but that’s kind of the only interaction otherwise all the windows for the bedroom phase out this way onto the private private courtyard that the granny flat has so this is really just it feels like a two bedroom house

Ben 3:42
yeah and you know when i started working with carmen she’s a marketing coordinator down there and sydney probably should introduce you guys but you know she i set her expectations that we could probably expect somewhere between 260 and 270 bucks a week rent for this giant but you know the marketplace has moved a little bit in this particular area and you know it might be more like 290 to 300 bucks a week which doesn’t sound like a lot but it really helps when it’s just you know paying for itself and covering costs on the home as well

Ryan 4:11
yeah so just wanted to show you through this one a little bit different some of the other granny flat designs that we’ve walked through in the past i will link out to a couple of walkthroughs that we’ve done of different types of granny flats down below so go ahead and check them out we’re really excited to see this from frame all the way through to almost completion and it’s just a really exciting project that one of the clients has done

Ben 4:34
yeah i really like what she’s done just little things as well like high quality timber deck she’s sort of had that washed a little bit she’s gone for like the monument look which is like really in right now with the wire just those little things to make it feel a little bit cleaner and yeah really excited to say it in a week or two when it’s rented out

Ryan 4:50
yeah so as the if this is something that you’re interested in then ben and the team over pumped on property help people invest in properties and build granny flats so head over to onproperty com donate You To learn more about that over there and you can book in a time to talk to them and see whether or not something like this makes sense for you. So go ahead, check that out. Otherwise, check out the other granny flat walkthroughs that we’ve done this on. super exciting. We’re gonna hit the road from some more inspections, and until next time, stay positive

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