Step-by-Step Exactly How To Negotiate on an Investment Property

How can you best negotiate on a property and make an offer so you get a great price and don’t over pay for the property?

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0:00 – Introduction
0:25 – Ben’s negotiated on a whopping 1,000-2,000 properties
1:43 – There are two negotiating strategies for the two types of markets
2:30 – The negotiating strategy for a cooler market
6:02 – You need to have your guidelines in mind as an investor
8:18 – You need to place time pressure on the agent
11:00 – Don’t let emotion get in the way
12:33 – Does the first or second offer ever get accepted?
13:18 – People WANT to negotiate
15:12 – Real example of a property Ben just closed on
21:08 – How to negotiate in a hot market

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