How To Take Action On a Big and Overwhelming Goal

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How can you take action on a really big and overwhelming goal without getting stuck?
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Often when it comes to achieving our goals of financial freedom or even achieving other goals in life, one of the things that holds us back is that we just had this inability to take action. Sometimes we get overwhelmed. I don’t know. There’s just always things that hold us back from taking action. So today I have with me Simon every hand from pumped on property. So Hey Simon, how’s it going?

Can I guys? They’re really good. Lovely Day out here on the Sunday. Can I say?

Yeah, it’s a good day. It was cold the other day when I was filming with Ben and I had to have my heater on, but it’s not cold anymore. I spent most of the day to day at the beach when we have like end of school term, we always spend it at the beach so it was a really nice day and so we want to talk about taking action because we do feel like that’s something that holds a lot of people back from investing. You can listen to on property episode after on property episode and learn a lot, but if you never actually take any action towards your goal of financial freedom or whatever it may be, then nothing’s ever gonna Change and so we want to help you guys today to walk away after listening to this episode and being able to take some action in some area of your life and move towards your goals.

It’s a hard thing to do sometimes to focus on exactly what you want in life, whether it be physically, emotionally, financially, whatever it may be, relationships. It’s important to make sure that you’re taking the action steps that are going to get you to where you want to be in the future. And I guess my personality type as an anti. I to know if you guys are into that Myers Briggs stuff, but I’ve got a really huge passion for it. Understanding the why different people think, but for myself, it’s a part of my personality type. To think about the longterm pitcher and sometimes it can affect me because I get so caught up in the longterm goal. Is that I don’t know what I need to do right now to get there, or I do know what I need to do right now to get there, but my brain’s always trying to think of different, more efficient ways to get to that point in time. So having that longterm thought has made it. It’s a double edge sword. Sometimes it’s easy to make these decisions. Sometimes it’s really hard, but just focusing on exactly what you want is is such an important thing, but actually taking action and making sure that you’re going to do that is even more important.

Yeah, and the idea for this episode came out of the last episode. That means I’m recorded where we were talking about strategy sessions and what actually happens in a strategy session. If you haven’t checked out that episode, go to on-property Dotcom, w four slash five slash 32 and you can watch that episode over there, but we’re talking about how important it is to have that social support or to have that mentorship in your life to take action. And we find that with so many people with property investing that they just. I don’t know, like something about our society is that it feels nearly impossible to get a social group of people that are passionate about property or even to find a mentor that you can really get down and dirty about the numbers and stuff like that because yeah, we were talking in the last episode about he people just, it’s socially unacceptable to ask people how much they paid for their property or you know, how much equity they have or what’s their loan to value ratio. All of this sort of stuff,

which it just doesn’t make sense to me. We all want to get to the same place. None of us want to end up on the pension. All of us want to get to some sort of financial goal. Um, so it doesn’t make sense that we’re not talking about these things. So it’s good to open up the dialogue in what do I, what I’ve used because I did have that limited social support and I utilize social media. There’s so many different groups in your local areas. I’m on facebook that you can join, for instance, on part of the Sunshine Coast Entrepreneurs Group and sometimes we catch up and just go for a walk on the beach or go out for lunch or just drive the cars around and being a part of those groups that are starting to have the conversation about um, what you want to do in life and making it a bit more socially socially acceptable to talk about what you’re doing and what your plans are and how you’re going to achieve those things.

Yeah. Because sometimes having that social support and just having people that are doing it just makes you feel okay to do it yourself. I Dunno, I feel like because we can’t talk about it then you kind of hold back or some people will hold back from actually doing it because no one, they feel like no one else around them is doing it. That Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia where, you know, if you stand above the crowd you’ll get chopped down. And so I feel like a lot of people are afraid to do it because they don’t have that social support. So getting around people who are on that similar goals to you is really good, as Simon said, social media, you can check out as well for local meet up groups. But I think not everyone out there is going to be willing to do that. Um, meet up with random strangers to talk about property. And so let’s talk about some of the things that people can do if they can’t find that social support or the not quite ready to do that yet. What are some things that they can do now in their life to start to take action towards their property goals or other goals in life?

As you just mentioned before, Ryan, we, we do offer that free 60 minute strategy session where we do talk about your situation, where you’re looking to be in, how property can be a vehicle to get to that point in time. And as a business where we help eight new people each month work toward financial freedom and, and we really educate them and bring them under under our wing here and I’m completely educate them on property investing and why we’re doing this. And the way to go about it, the resources to utilize to make sure that you’re making the right decisions and also the different things to make sure that you look out for in the marketplace because there’s, there’s a lot of things that can come and make it. Just have it have an impact on your property investment goals and your longer term strategy as well.

Yeah, well that’s true. Like if you don’t want to go online and meet up with random strangers, we are pumped on property. We do offer free strategy sessions. Yeah, over the phone. And so you can go to on-property Dotcom, forward slash session. If you want to learn a bit more about that and check that out. Then you can talk to people who geek out on property all day during the week and they love talking numbers and they love getting clear on where you’re at and where you want to be. So again, that’s on-property dot com, forward slash session. I want to talk about a tip that is kind of that I’ve, I always approached this in my goal. So I set really big goals in my life, like really dongles that is so big that I’m probably actually unlikely to achieve them. I did a video on that don’t be afraid to DNF, which is like did not finish on your goals.

And so I’m really happy to do that. I don’t necessarily recommend that for most people. I think my mind’s a bit strange but I like to set these really aspirational goals. But then in order to take action I kind of set that goal and then I like forget about it and I forget about how big it is and how difficult it is and I break it down to what is my next step that I need to do. So my big dom aspirational goal at the moment is to run an ultra marathon and I’m aiming for one in like four or five months time, which is 50 kilometers and I have not been a runner. And so what’s my first next step is well just go for a run and run like one k or two K’s. Just go for any sort of run and see how you go.

And that’s something that you can easily do. So rather than thinking about, oh my gosh, I’ve got to run like 50 ks. That’s probably impossible, which is true in such a short period of time. What isn’t like what is true is that I can go out and I can run a kilometer or two or I kind of run like about five k’s at the moment so I can go out and I can run five ks. I can do that and it’s gonna take me that next step towards my goal. And then once I’ve done that, then I can do something else. So to bring that back to property, if you’ve got this goal that you want maybe the two properties to financial freedom strategy, you want to do that, okay, well your next big steps going to be to buy that first property, but then break it all the way back down. Where are you at? Now? Your next step might be to save a deposit or might be to set up a budget or maybe you’ve got that deposit, your next steps to get preapproval. So you want your next step to just be something really easy that you can do and then it feels really easy to take action and to go and do it.

Yeah, exactly. Taking action is so important and, and you’re listening to all the huge salespeople and leaders and entrepreneurs out there and they’re all about taking action and moving forward with your life. But it is as simple as you said, just take it back, refine it back to the immediate next, okay, I’ve got this big goal, but that’s so far away right now. What do I need to do right now to make sure that I can get to that goal? And it’s just about taking action on that first step. So that might be putting a budget in place. No, none of us like to talk about a budget, but it’s a harsh reality that we need to accept because if you want to get into a better financial situation in the future, you need to make sacrifices to die to get yourself to those longer term goals.

So when it’s come into property, obviously you need to set up a deposit before you get into the property market and genuinely like to say to get into a quality investment property, you probably want to ran 55 to $60,000, which is going to get you into a quality investment property and also close on that property. So now you understand what the angle is. It’s $60,000, it’s no longer two properties with two granny flats and $100,000 of passive income. Now it’s just $60,000 in the next six, 12 months, whatever it may be. You might already have a good saving spot for year, maybe at 50 grand and you’re like, great, I’ve just got $5,000 more to save and then I’m into the market. But you might be starting off from scratch like my, like I was 18 months ago. I just finished up university and I moved to the sunshine coast.

I didn’t have his tenting my savings again. And uh, worked out, okay, I need a, want a property, what do I got to do? I’ve got to set up a budget. Okay, so I started to pay myself first small increments and I worked out my expenses and then I worked out how much I need in my life to sustain a happy lifestyle because I still love going on holidays. I love going out to breakfast. I love my smashed avocado. So there are some sacrifices that you need to make, but it, it’s not the be all end all. You don’t have to sacrifice. Absolutely everything I think about taking action, paying yourself first is a really good first step to take. Yeah. And then people aren’t aware of what paying yourself first is. Do you want to just explain it to them? She. Oh, sorry. Uh, so I’m, I’m not too sure if you guys have read Rich Dad, poor dad.

I found it really informative. Robert Kiyosaki, he’s the author of that book in Hayes. I’m a bestselling author and a property investor who owns over five thousand ten thousand units in America and a motivational speaker as well. And he writes a book about, um, he’s rich Dad, poor dad, which was really interesting. I recommend everyone to go out there and read it out to that in the description down below. Cool. Um, so what he talks about is I’m paying yourself first. So what he talks about is when you first get paid, paying yourself the money that’s going to work towards assets that are going to increase your financial situation in the future. So he would always pay himself before he paid his rent, before we paid his expenses, before he paid his employees all of those things, he would make sure that he was his number one.

Yeah. And I love that idea. I do that myself in my own life as well, is that you pay yourself first before you pay your rent, before you pay your bills. And then you obviously have to pay your rent and bills still, but if there’s not enough money left over because you paid yourself first and you’re not allowed to touch that money, now you’ve got to get creative and try and work out how to earn more money or how to find that money so that you can pay your rent and pay your bills or you know, go out for that, smashed avocado on Saturday morning for Brunch. Even the idea, even the idea of like 50 or $60,000 in savings being your next step, your next step might be even easier than that. And that might be, well, how can I save $1,000? And so there’s a really good book out there called the thousand dollar project that I suggest people check out as well.

And that’s like that goal of 60,000 savings deposits your next step. We’ll even break that down further. Like your next goal could be, okay, how am I going to save a thousand dollars? Or if that seems like too much, how can I save $100? And you just do it in increments over time and you can take those little steps towards taking action and if you’re saving $100 here, $100, there are a thousand dollars here, a thousand dollars there. If you just don’t stop. Like if you just keep going like don’t tap into that money obviously if you just keep going, you’ll get there eventually. And so even if you don’t get there in six months or 12 months or two years, if you just don’t stop, then eventually you will be able to save that deposit and be able to move forward towards your goal and investment property so that, that forward motion, no matter how small it is, but just keeping some forward motion in your life. I feel like it was a really good help towards taking action as well and like continuing to take action. Because sometimes people were like, yeah, we’re going to save 55 grand in 12 months and they do it really well for two months and then they fall behind and they’re like, oh I can’t achieve it in 12 months anymore. And so then they completely give up on it, but instead of that, just that idea of like consistent forward motion, just do something to move closer, just like don’t, don’t give up, just don’t stop,

never give up, never stop. And there’s also some things that you can do in, in the meantime because saving money can be really boring and you’re going to want to learn a little bit more throughout that period of time. So that might mean reaching out to somebody like us and poking in one of those free strategy sessions to get an understanding of exactly what you need to do. Plus some interesting things to follow, some books to read, uh, some podcasts to listen to, some resources to follow on a monthly basis so that you’re not only are you saving to get yourself in a financial position to move forward, but you’re also increasing your internet intellectual ability to invest in high quality assets.

Yeah. And when it comes down to that, in to that education, I think there’s sort of types of education that I think people should look for. And one is that really like expansive sort of education where you’re learning really new things like that might be new investment strategies, new ways to make money. It’s sort of expanding your horizons about what’s possible and it’s kind of, it looks really shiny and it looks really good, but it’s like really opening your mind. But then if you only do education that’s like that, you’re going to get to the point where you just feel really overwhelmed because you’ve got all these new ideas but you’ve got no idea how to take action on any of them and the goal is to take action. And so I think combining that sort of stuff with the really practical sort of learning to really reduce that overwhelm so like it might be buying property.

One of the things that people get really overwhelmed about is what suburb do they invest in. So then going and doing some research or doing some courses or watching some videos that we’ve done on how to do that suburb selection and getting nitty gritty on that and then going out and practicing those skills. Even if you’re saving a deposit and you’re not quite ready to buy yet, still going through and doing that suburb research, practicing that skill, learning about that sort of nitty gritty stuff before you need it can really reduce your overwhelmed that when you are ready to go, you’re going to be able to take action because it doesn’t feel like such a big task. He know how to break it down.

Exactly. Yeah. And you know the benefits of taking that action, you know, what it’s going to achieve for you, what type of things that you should expect and what’s going to make sure that it suits your situation at that point in time as well.

Yeah, and so he never got to know everything that you need to know about investing in property or achieving financial freedom when you first get started. So we don’t want you to feel like you have to know everything before you can take action. Like that running analogy I gave like I don’t know how to run 50 kilometers, like I don’t know how that’s even possible at the moment, but I know that I can do two kilometers and then I know at the same time I’m like watching a lot of youtube videos and reading books and I’m learning so that I know that in four months time then I’ll have the knowledge to be able to do it. Whether or not my body can actually do it is like another thing but that. But that could be the same with property is that you can, you don’t need to know everything first, start taking a little bit of action but also start like really increasing your learning so that when you get to that point and you’re ready to buy that, you know all the stuff that you need to know or you might like. It might be like me and four months time I might know enough, but my body might not be there yet. You might not know enough about property but your bank account’s not there yet. And then you can just keep focusing on training and keep focusing on saving in order to get to the point to take that big action to buy property.

Exactly. And there is the flip side there as well with people’s bank accounts are ready to take action, but that they’re not ready. They don’t have the intellect or the understanding or the knowledge, the education to actually take that action and the right action because you’ve worked so hard to save that money. You don’t want to make the wrong decision. So that means partnering up with the right people that are going to have your back and make sure that they’re educating you and mentoring you through that process to ensure that you’re not making the wrong decisions and make sure that you are putting that money to a high quality asset.

Yeah. Well, and then that’s something as well that I think we haven’t touched on and that I’ve just realized as you’ve said, that is sometimes taking action is not taking action yourself, but it’s actually getting someone else to take that action for you. So for example, like I have a pool, like you need to take action to clean that pool and two, there’s knowledge that I would need to gain about like the Ph levels and all that sort of stuff. Uh, in order to maintain that pool. But I don’t, I don’t care. Like I really don’t care about that don’t want to live in place for. Well I’ve got a. So I pay someone. I’ve to a pool guy who comes out every four weeks in summer or every six to eight weeks in winter and test my levels and does all my chemicals for me.

And then all I need to do is the little action which is make sure like the pool filters on and like the creepy crawly things in there. So I can do that. So the same with property. There’s going to be people out there, like you said, they’re in the financial position to invest than not in the knowledge position where they know exactly how to do the suburb, research in how to negotiate properly, what types of properties to buy, all of that sort of stuff. And it’s going to make better sense if they don’t want to go down that path and take months or years to learn all of that to partner up with someone else in order to like for someone to do it for them basically. And so I guess like you guys do that obviously over at pumped on property. I don’t want to make this like a pitch fest for that, but if you are in that situation where you’re like, yeah, look, I am ready to invest and yet look, I wish that I cared enough to learn this stuff, but truthfully I just want to achieve financial freedom and if I can partner with someone to do that, that makes sense.

We’ll then pumped on property are offering free strategy sessions. So go to on-property dot condo. You for this session. If that’s you, you can do a free strategy session. And did they seem like the team that you want to partner with, they have the same strategy that makes sense for you. You can partner with them or you can go and you can look at one of the other buyers agents that are out there. There’s a lot of great buyers agents all across Australia, so I think that’s it. Sign. And I think we’ve given people a few tips out there on how to take action. Obviously this isn’t the be all and end all. There’s so many other things out there. What about, let’s finish this off. Do you have a book recommendation or a resource that has helped you to take action in your life?

I’m definitely rich, Dad, poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki. If, uh, if you haven’t read it, it’s a mastery and one that’s a bit more of a gay he won, but you know, it may have been a, like the secret life of real estate and banking by Phil Anderson. Um, so I, he talks about the global economic cycle and if you can understand that plus the knowledge that you’ll get from rich dad, poor dad taking action, understanding assets over liabilities plus understanding the global cycle. It’s, it’s, it’s a recipe for a pretty, pretty delicious faced.

And I think the books that I’m going to recommend, there’s one called eat that frog or it was like a training series that I did some old school like self help guy, but just talks about how to take action on difficult things. That one was pretty good when I was like, I’m in my early twenties in sales. That really helps me just get out there and just do it. Or I’m reading the thousand dollar project at the moment as well and I’ll link up to the stuff me Simon just recommended there in the description down below. And so thanks so much for watching today guys. We wish you the best of luck out there. Go and take some action. And until next time, stay positive.

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