I Managed To Read 76 Books in 2018…Here’s How

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I managed to read an impressive 76 books in 2018 and I did it through the use of Audible. Listening to books in 2x speed when I drive, exercise or hangout at home makes it so easy to read lots of books.
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0:00 – Introduction
0:37 – The way I was able to read 76 books in 1 year
2:40 – Your brain can listen faster than people can speak
5:10 – The downside of audiobooks
6:51 – Get your first book for free with audible https://onproperty.com.au/audible

My Favourite Books This Year
The Barefoot Investor – https://onproperty.com.au/barefoot
Skyward – https://onproperty.com.au/skyward
Good To Great – https://onproperty.com.au/goodtogreat
Atomic Habits – https://onproperty.com.au/atomichabits
Born to Run – https://onproperty.com.au/borntorun

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So I counted and I read 76 books this year. This is definitely not the full amount of books. In fact, some of these books I was given up for free and then actually read. I actually only read one real hard cover book. So how do I read 76 books in one year? Here’s how I did it. So how did I read 76 books in one year? I’m actually not much of a reader at all. I could not sit down and just read 76 books in one year. I wouldn’t find the time for it. I don’t have the patience for it. The way that I was able to read 76 books in one year is through audible. Through audible I was able to read 22 fiction books for personal finance books, 13 business books and 37 books that I’ve put in the self help fitness or psychology category.

Currently. I’m rewriting this one good to great. And the reason that audible helps me to read so many books per year, and this isn’t an ad for audible, let’s just be clear. I’m not advertising for them. I’ll probably use my affiliate link down below if you do want to sign up for them, but that’s not the purpose of this. The purpose of this is to open your eyes to audiobooks and how good they can be. I’m currently reading this book good to great. I’ve read about four or five times in my life, but it’s a phenomenal business book. It’s a combination of things that allows me to read through so many books in one year, so we’ve got audio books, which means I can listen to them on the go. I listened to audio books in lots of different circumstances. I pair them with these airports.

Okay. So these airports just live in my pocket basically all the time and whenever I’m out I’m able to listen to audio books whenever I want, so I might be going for a drive, I can plug it into my car and listen to an audiobook while I drive. I might be doing the shopping. If I’m grocery shopping, sometimes I’ll listen to an audio book when I’m going for a run and I do do long distance running. I’ll listen to an audio book. Then kind of we’re going for a run, listening to a book when you pushing yourself, but hey, I even do that. Even when I’m brushing my teeth, sometimes I will put my headphones in and I listen to a book, so a combination of pairing up with my headphones and just always having my headphones on me, but also with audible they had this thing where you can adjust the speed of the book so you can listen in regular one time speed and that’s fine, but what’s really interesting and something that I learned a long time ago is that your brain can actually listen faster than people can speak, so you can actually turn this up to one point five times two, two times, two, three times, even up to three point five times speed.

I can actually listen on three point five times speed and it still works for me. I’m going to give you guys a bit of a sound test at three point five times speed and you guys can tell me whether or not you can understand what’s being said

so I can completely understand that. I don’t know if you can. I find my happy place is around the two to two point five times range, but this means that I can get through a book in half the time. It would usually take me to listen to it. It’s kind of like trying to speed read. You know, how people can speed, read books. I’m not one of those people. I did a speed reading course and for some reason it just didn’t. I didn’t. I didn’t have the diligence to be able to learn it, so it’s like being able to speed breed, but being able to do it by listening. You got to kind of work your way up from one time to one point two, five to one point five to two times, but you can get up there and then you can listen to a book in half the time.

So this book I’m currently listening to good to great is about a 10 hour listen, but given the fact that I’m listening on two times speed, this book will only take me about five hours to listen to. I’ll link up to some of the favorite books that I’ve read this year down in the comment section down below, but hands down the most impactful book on my life has been this one, the barefoot investor. Now I actually picked this up at big w. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal, but I thought, hey, it’s a personal finance book. People might find this interesting. If I read it, maybe I could review it. That’s all I thought. Didn’t think it would impact my life, but the way that’s got lays out how to manage your money actually had a massive impact on my life, so I will link up to the video I did about how he recommends that you manage your bank accounts. That’s a really popular video of mine, so I’ll link that up down in the description below. This is the favorite book that I read. Favorite fiction book that I read was one called skyward by Brandon Sanderson, which is a Scifi book. Absolutely awesome. If you needed a new fiction book.

I get it. I’ve recommended it to a couple of friends of mine that I absolutely love it. I’m also reading it with my daughter. There is a downside to audio books. The biggest downside that I’ve found is that often there’s so many good ideas in books, but I’ll often be listening to books while I’m driving or while I’m doing something else and the problem is you’ll listen and you’ll hear these great ideas, but I’m not really in a position to write them down and then the book continues on to the next great idea and so sometimes ideas and concepts can get lost just because you’re not able to stop. Take notes, write them down and really consume that content and get it into your life to solve this problem. I listen to books multiple times. That’s why as you can say, my, my fourth or fifth, probably even more times reading good to great by Jim Collins because that absolutely love that book and I’m in a position where I want to grow my business so ideas can get lost.

And also another problem that I have is that trying to go back and to find an idea or trying to go back and find something that they discussed is very difficult. They’re not skimmable audiobooks. You can’t skim through them like you can skim through a normal book. You would have to listen to the book all over again or you have to try and Google the concept that you’re trying to go back to. Which I found is not always easy. So audio books aren’t perfect, but they are absolutely awesome and they did help me to read 76 books this year. I think 74 or 75 of those books or audio books. I learned so much through listening to audio books. I also get a lot of enjoyment out of reading the fiction minds that just helped me to switch off and to enjoy my life and be present.

If this is something that you want to give a try, then you can get your first book for free with audible. If you go to on-property dot com.edu forward slash audible, that will redirect you and you will be able to get that free book offer and then you can get one book a month. You can sign up for two books a month or you can buy books just as you need them and just as you want to listen to them. Getting all that quality information into my life has certainly helped me. I absolutely love books and I hope that this idea and this tip helps you as well. Thanks so much for tuning in today, everybody. I’ve got new videos coming out every single day, so make sure you subscribe to the channel and go ahead and check out this video that I did on how adding new habits to your life can be really simple, so it’s a simple hack that I was able to use to add healthy habits into my life. Things that moved my health forward with my finances forward, move my business forward. It just makes building habits really easy. So go ahead and check out that video. Links will be in the description down below as well. And until next time, stay positive.

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