How To Improve The Value Of Your BackYard (Ep121)

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Outdoor living is extremely important and valuable in Australia. So if you’re going to sell your property and you want to add maximum value then you need to hit the back yard and make it as enticing as possible. Here are 15 ways you can improve the value of your backyard to get the best price for your property.

Video Transcription

Outdoor living is extremely important in Australia and depending on where you are in Australian is going to define how important it is. Sunnier areas like the Gold Coast where I live or Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast basically anywhere in Queensland outdoor living is going to form a much more important part a property’s value whereas somewhere like Tasmania where it’s much colder as other have as big of an impact but obviously it’s you going to be important’. So by adding value to your backyard and making it a better area a better space for people to live in, then you’re going to add value to the overall property . I was recently just watching property ladder with Sarah **Beanie** which is a show that I love and these guys were developing an old doctor’s surgery and turning it into three different units and the units on the bottom and had their own private backyard by the **yeaner** on the top had no outside space at all. So what they did was they took a portion of the front which was being used as a car park and they converted it and fenced it off into a private garden this added significant value to the property even tough it wasn’t connected directly having that private space added massive value to the property .So we will be able to add a massive value to your property so what are some ways that you can do it?

Tip #1: Tidy and Clean Your Backyard

Tip number one is to tidy and clean your backyard this means getting rid of the old rubbish or rubble or old kids toys that you’ve left out there for years and haven’t really done anything with it also means cleaning up the fences if that got grafity from your children on it and just making everything speak and span and clean, if you have pathways or driveways maybe worth getting one of those high-pressure gurney guns and cleaning off all the old mould stains on there, just making the whole backyard look fresh and up to date is the quickest way to add value to your backyard.

 Tip #2: Have Amazing Lawns

Ttip number two is to have amazing lawns everybody wants to have a great lawn but not everyone is willing to put in the effort to actually get a great lawn and if you’ve got a lawn that is patchy or that hasn’t really been maintained over the years by actually improving that either through maintenance work or by adding new turf you can add significant value to your property.

Tip #3: Remove Overgrown or Ugly Shrubs

Tip number three is to remove overgrown or ugly shrubs ,bushes and trees .You know that’s shrub you planted 10 years ago or the previous owner planted it and got overgrown but you can never really be bothered maintaining it and now it’s just this monstrosity in the backyard , yeah rip that out get rid of that obviously, if it’s a tree than you need a city council’s approval to have those removed but there shouldn’t be any issue removing unwanted shrubs and bushes from your backyard.If can maintain them and bring them back and make them look great then that might be worth doing ,but in a lot of cases you’ve left them overgrowth so much than by pruning them back they simply look like a stamp. So it’s probably just easier to get rid of them altogether. By getting rid of those, so we have a blank slate to start with means that we can add colour we can add flowers and staff which are tips later in the video.

 Tip #4: Make It A Low Maintenance Garden

So tip number four is to make it a low maintenance garden .The goal when selling your property is to appeal to the majority of buyers in the market the more people that you appeal to the more chance you’ve got of those buyyers of getting into a bidding more and bidding up the price of your property. Not everyone wants a low maintenance garden but not everyone wants a high maintenance garden either and if you have a low maintenance garden all the people who really want a high maintenance garden can add plans and shrubs and so forth to that but the people who want a low maintenance garden if your garments high maintenance , they’re just going to turn around because they cannot be bothered doing the yard work required to keep that garden up to scratch. So by making your garden low maintainance, beautiful lawns basic shrubbery a bit of color, making it easy to manage is going to appeal to more potential buyers .

 Tip $5: Add Colour To Your Garden

Tip number 5 is to add colour to your garden.The easiest and cheapest way to do this is just before you having your open for inspections or just before you’re having your professional photos done head down to **Bunnings** or your local nursery and pick out some beautiful flowers they’re generally quite cheap and you can plant them anywhere in your garden and get a great look, a great bit of color, for not very much money .

 Tip #6: Provide An Entertaining Area

Tip number six is to bright ,provide an entertaining area preferably undercover but if you can’t afford that then at least somewhere to entertain people. This might mean putting in a deck or putting in a pattio outdoors or may just mean lay down some pavers , so you’ve got a place to put a table and some chairs for the entertaining people,. It may also mean having a dedicated barbecue area outside or something like that but basically what you want to do with the backyard is to begin to define the spaces. So you’ve obviously got lawn, you’ve got your backyard as a whole but by defining spaces this is where you entertain, people walking through the property can begin to understand exactly how they are going to use it and start imagining themselves in it and that increases your chances of them getting an emotional connection with the property .

 Tip #7: Create A Nice Driveway

Tip number seven is to create an nice driveway or nice pathways, so if you’ve got a view a really old driveway, it’s all cracked or you’ve got pathway down to the close line through the backyard and it’s all old and it’s cracked either get rid of it or make it nice.It’s not very hard to lay your own pathway using concrete, you can DIY it or you can get at your local builder to do it , it’s not going to be extremely expensive but by leaving that **I saw there over** dodgy pathway , you are going to turn people off. So you going to either get rid of it or put in a really nice driveway or a really nice path, it doesn’t have to be super expensive.

 Tip #8: Don’t Make Your Clothesline The Feature

Tip number 8 is to don’t make your clothesline the feature. So many backyard when you look out onto the backyard what do you see first? What is in the centre of the backyard ? It’s the old hilts hoist or it’s one of those foldline clothes lines and so when people look out the main feature of the backyard is a dirty clothesline.Now obviously you want to make your clothesline accessible because people are going to need to use that every single week but that doesn’t mean you have to have it in the middle of the garden or it doesn’t mean you have to have it in plain sight. It can be off to the side you can create a par round to the side of the house , it can be out of the way.Ddon’t make it the feature, because it gets the feature of the garden not many people are going to emotionally connect with a clothesline and imagine themselves enjoying themselves outside in the sun looking at the dirty clothes. All right, so stick away from making your clothesline the feature of your backyard .

 Tip #9: Get A Landscape Designer Involved

Tip number nine is to get a landscape designer involved if you can afford it.Landscape designers can help you understand your space so much better and can help you make it engaging to the people who will want, who were going to want to live there. They are not overly expensive to use but they can give you great ideas and increase the value of the property .Now obviously this is not going to be an expense that everyone is going to want to spend money on, that’s why I’ve so many do-it-yourself ideas in here but if you want take your property to the next level or if your property is an expensive property then it can be well worth the investment.

 Tip #10: Talk To Real Estate Agent Before You Begin

Tip number 10 is to talk to real estate agents before you begin.So you are in the process of considering selling your property it’s worth getting into stuff discussions with real estate agents anyway but talk to them about the garden and what people in the area want. They have great knowledge of the area and sell a lot of the properties they know what the target market wants and what’s going to increase value and what isn’t going to increase value. I wouldn’t take their opinion exclusively and only do what they say but I would definitely taken on board either with the ideas providingin this video or with the ideas provided by your landscape designer as well

 Tip #11: Staging

Tip number 11 is staging an so what this means is getting furniture in the backyard so people can imagine themselves living their.So this means throwing out your old rusty discussing barbecue that you have never used in four years because you never go outside and getting a new barbecue putting it in the right spot also means getting an outdoor setting some table and chairs maybe some are sitting down chairs that people can relax in .That was a bad description but some chair hat people can sit in the sun in in your backyard.Basically you want to sell out these pieces of furniture in such a way that people look at the space they know exactly what it’s for and then they can automatically imagine themselves living there .If you say this is the barbecue spot and this is where the table and chairs will go even though you say that people won’t necessarily imagine it and won’t imagine themselves barbecuing or sitting around the table but if you go beautiful barbecue there they can imagine themselves barbecuing even if they are vegetarians. Staging can be very important .

 Tip #12: Add Lighting To Make Your Backyard Look Amazing At Night

Tip number 12 is lighting and this is something that not many people do and its kind of that next step that can go to but you don’t necessarily need to go to .If you are outdoors area is somewhere where people might like to entertain at night. Maybe youÈ got a pool or an awesome entertaining area it may be worth investing in some outdoor lighting for that area.The real estate agent can use that as a selling feature and you can even add that to professional photography of the night so people can imagine what the nightlife is going to be like in this property if they border.

 Tip #13: Connect The House And The Backyard

Tip number 13 is to connect the house and the backyard .Two years ago I was living in this house and the only way to get to the backyard was thorugh the laundry. There was a small door and there was no way that I could connect my life with the backyard it was something that you had to really get out of the house just to get into the backyard. But if you can connect your house to the backyard with some double doors or with French doors or with doors that slide back all the way if you can integrate a way that the house connects with the backyard , it makes it that much more accessible for people then that is going to add immense value to your property .

 Tip #14: Add A Man Cave Shed

Tip number 14 is to add a man cave, I mean a shed. This can work or not work it really depends on the area so again go and speak to your real estate agent or speak to a landscape designer by adding a shed may be a small storage shed or maybe a more substantial shed that you can work in, you know use as a garrage, it can add value to a property ,especially if you got couples buying family buying and they want that extra storage space or the husband wants a place to work .

 Tip #15: Add A Pool (Sometimes)

Tip number 15 lucky last is a pool and I’ve got in brackets maybe for a reason because pools don’t necessarily add value. Now I have done a fullepisode on whether or not pool s value to your property and so you go to this episodes show notes which you can get by going to that’s episode 121 there, we’ve got a little links to the pool descriptions and couple videos on that there but in some cases pool does add value like in places like Queensland potentially but in some areas of pools are actually going to take away more value then costs so is important to understand your area as to whether pool is going to add value or not or you could also go ahead and add a water feature. which may or may not add value to a property .

So there you have 15 different ways where you can add value to your backyard really turn your backyard into the area of your house that has that wow factor and that helps potential buyers emotionally connect with your property . If you want access to our free book on the on the 12 hot places to find positive cash flow properties in Australia than head over to and you can get access to that over there. That’s a really great resource if you’re interested in a positive cash flow properties. So until tomorrow remember that zour term success only happens one day at a time.

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