An Incredible Granny Flat Investment Opportunity

Today we are on the road looking at an amazing granny flat opportunity with a huge back yard and drivable side access. This is a really interesting investment opportunity.

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today we are on the road in the rain looking at an amazing granny flat opportunity here on the northern beaches in Brisbane something that stands out with this property instantly is just how wide the frontage is over 20 meters of frontage and you can see on the side there that they’ve got easy drivable side access there they’ve got a double car garage under the main house as well which is what we look for with a granny flat and then even on the side over there there’s another driver great so yeah I’m on the road here with Simon Everingham buyer’s agent from pumped on property looking at a bunch today we are out in the rain mate we are hustling today to get these videos together you know I can’t control the weather but we plan to get heaps of videos done today which is going to be fun yeah so something that we look for winter granny pod opportunity is obviously that wide frontage is ideal we can do properties where you just have a side path but something like this that comes up where it is why we’re like okay let’s jump on this have a look in a suburb where we’ve done the research it’s a really good suburb really well priced as well and can get great rental returns and granny flats do really well here too so yeah we kind of want to show you through this property and then talk a bit about it so let’s get out of the rain I think even down the side they’ve got a slab put down they do there’s a slab put down for a car so you can see they’ve got a trailer parked on there at the moment but that’s just less less concreting for the client to pay for when it comes time to putting a granny flat on this property yeah exactly so you know you can just create your little side access off here mate if you want to throw a carport over the top but it’s not necessary like you don’t need undercover parking for the granny flat it’s you know ideal but it does obviously come at an expense so this is you know essentially your perfect granny flat site massive massive block of land here once we go up and see the backyard you get to see what a perfect opportunity it is alright let’s go so we’re sitting here on the back deck of the other property I feel like I’ll leave here already moving inside moving I love it I’m comfortable and so as you can see behind us a big block of land down there definitely enough room to fit a granny flat it does get skinnier towards the end of the block going down to about 11 or 12 meters at the end there but as you can see very wide block around there so more than enough room to add a granny flat but I think that coming a little bit tighter at the back is gonna have any impact on actually adding a nice big 55 square metre two-bedroom one-bathroom granny flat and what is great about these types of long big blocks so it’s actually 728 square meters this block so really big size plenty of room you can actually get your granny flat right at the back there you’re still gonna maintain a decent amount of backyard space for this main dwelling and you know if it were me what I’d be doing is putting probably a path up the the left-hand side of the house all the way and what I do is I have the granny flat facing the other way and have a nice deck facing away so all these guys are looking at is essentially a fence with the neighbor but you won’t be looking directly at one another in the morning go and Cheers my coffee yeah so that’s something to think about as well as privacy so this is a raised Queenslander so we’re obviously the majority or the house is raised up so on the second floor with just parking underneath and so coming out here for the primary house they don’t want to be staring directly into the granny flat and the granny flat don’t want them staring directly into them either and you can see that big shed at the back where you could orientate the granny flat that way obviously they’ve used not ideal but they’ll have that privacy and you could plant some greenery there that will grow up and kind of cover that but then they would get you know Western or northwestern sort of aspect of the granny flat and then you would have the privacy for the main house and the main house would still have a lot of yard space as well yeah so the figures on this one asking price around four hundred and twenty-nine thousand yes the house would probably rent for around three seventy to four hundred a week the agent was saying maybe you do a little bit of tidying up to push it up to that 400 mark and then to build a granny flat you’d be looking at around 120,000 and that would probably rent for – 90 – 300 yeah so you’re kind of looking at what’s the math on that so it’s 550 roughly into it yeah with around about that 670 probably six hundred and eighty dollars a week in rent so that’s you know getting around that six close to six and a half percent yield and you know in a great area as well you know we are very focused on the Brisbane market we do like where it’s situated in the current property cycle property prices yourself portable around here at the moment like we’re twenty five K’s from the CBD we’re probably one and a half kilometres from the beach heaps of great schools around here lots of shops as a massive shopping center with cinemas and things like that just done probably about three kilometres away train station about three kilometres away so really interesting opportunity love the granny flat potential here you know I think whoever picks this one up will be stoked and something really cool that we’ve been doing with appliances when they purchase the property they’re planning to build a granny flat is that will put the fence up straight away so then when you’re looking for tenants they know what is their land and that they’re aware that a granny flat is going to be built in that property and then that allows you to then you know construct the granny flat by the front house already has their own private fence and so they’ve already got their own yard space that won’t be disrupted exactly the construction of the granny flat – so you can still get that rental income coming in straight away yeah during the build of the granny flat which you know building a granny flat doesn’t take very long I think it’s what 80 70 or 80 days to build it yeah once you’ve gone through and got all the certification and everything and it starts going down so they go up pretty quickly so if you’re in the financial position to put the granny flat in straightaway then you can make it happen pretty quickly after purchasing the property or if you’re not quite in the financial position to build a granny flat yet you could leave the property as it is you could put the fence up and rent out the front house while you wait to get the funds together for the granny flat there’s kind of flexibility there exactly it’s good to have a few options there depending on your finer to a situation yeah so we really like this one it’s pretty cool the house is in pretty decent condition as well so we’ll just show you through that now let’s walk you through the house over on the back deck here as you guys have already seen when me and Simon we’re sitting down and if we walked through the house here we come into the kitchen and the lounge space so we’ve got the lounge room in here which goes out onto a little front deck which is where you enter into the property and then we’ve got a kitchen here where they’ve added in the breakfast bar there yeah so as it comes through here you’ll just see this is a pretty standard 3-bedroom 1-bathroom property that you would find here in Brisbane so over here we’ve got one of the bedrooms we’ve also got the other two here and then you’ve also got a separate toilet for this property as well as a bathroom which is in pretty original condition could use a little bit of a facelift but it’s definitely a property that you could easily tenant straight away it’s not something that you would have to come in and renovate obviously you could come in and freshen up maybe change the painting scheme in here and the color scheme which is a kind of purple lilac color at the moment a lot of the rooms are that kind of purple as well so just to freshen that up a coat of paint making it all white making it all nice and fresh could boost the rent from that lower 370 up to closer to that 400 mark as well so yeah you can see it’s quite a nice property would be easy to rent out and a really cool opportunity that you know it was just really fun to inspect this one so if this is something that you’re interested in in a strategy like this purchasing a property where you can then build a granny flat and get those two incomes being a positive cash flow situation then the team over pumped on property offering free strategy sessions you get on the phone to them talk with where you’re at what you want to do on your property investment journey and they can help you create a property investment strategy to get you to where you want to go so go to strategy to check out that thanks so much for tuning in really like this on and until next time 

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