Inspecting a Property For Granny Flat Potential

Today we are on the road visiting a potential dual income property that the team at Pumped on Property had flagged for one of their clients. A good example of something that is possible, but a little more difficult.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:59 – Property details
3:48 – Always took to see if there is access for the granny flat
8:24 – Walkthrough of the house
10:13 – Making use of the front yard
12:23 – It’s all about finding the opportunity that is right for you

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Ryan 0:00
In today’s episode, I want to take you on the road with me and the team from Pumped on Property to look at a property that ticked all the boxes on paper. But when we got there and looked at the space in the backyard, it was very iffy as to whether or not you could actually construct a granny flat there. Now, you’ll have a look at this as I explore it on the day, but you’ll see that there’s just there is enough room in there, but it wouldn’t really leave much backyard for the front house, you then have to convert the front yard for the front house and oil, it would just be a lot of effort. So this could be a property to purchase hold on to as a single income property or want to build a granny flat in future. But it’s not a property where you could just easily purchase it, Bill, put up a fence, build the granny flat, and then be done and have those two incomes. So there was a bit more work to make this one happen. But I thought be interesting to show being on the road looking at this and exploring this. So you can see the difference between a plot that looks really good for granny flat, which I’ll link up down below versus this one. So go ahead and check it out. And if you want the team at Pumped on Property are offering free strategy sessions, where you can get on the phone with them, get clear on your situation, what your goals are, and what investment strategy might work best for you go to onproperty forward slash session in order to check that out. But now let’s go on to the road. Hey, Ryan here from OnProperty joined with Simon from Pumped on Property. And we’re on the road today in Brisbane inspecting property here potentially for dual income. The client is looking for property to build a granny flat out the back. And so the team has identified this as a potential site for that. So we’ve just arrived, Adam is inside doing the inspection checklist talking to the real estate agent we’re doing give people a bit of a rundown of this and then we’ll do a walkthrough of the house and talk a bit more about some of the things we see. And we’re looking for

Simon 2:00
Yeah, core. So we flagged this property Danny our due diligence, it fits the criteria online in terms of what we were looking for, for our clients, our client wanted something below $400,000. He wanted something that where he was able to actually add a granny flat in the backyard and ran that one out completely separately. So that mean, we were only able to focus on certain areas, he also wanted to be within about 20 kilometers of the CBD. So we’re right on the borderline here to get under $400,000. And still within 20 Ks of the Brisbane CBD starting to get pretty difficult now to still be in a nice, quiet street. So this one turned out looks really good. But obviously you need to get to the property and do your inspections, which Adam is doing at the moment, are specialists in there negotiating and wheeling and dealing with well,

Ryan 2:48
even I walked in and I was overhearing the conversation talking about the situation is like, what’s the story with this one. And then the real estate agent told him a great deal of information about how the owners of this property have actually already purchased another property. Yeah, which obviously puts pressure on the sale. But there’s a tenant in the other property. And so even though the owners will settle on it, they’re not able to move in for another three months or so. So they’d be looking to actually rent this property back for three months or so. Yeah, before they move. So

Simon 3:20
in an ideal world, that sounds like a great opportunity, especially because we want to do the granny flat immediately. Because that means it almost takes about three months to get your granny flat built. So that means you can have the owners renting this back off you while you’re constructing the granny flat when they decide to move out. You can get both of them up for rental and lease them out. But we don’t know if the backyard is going to be suitable at this point in time for granny flat, which I think that’s probably what we should go and do. Yeah,

Ryan 3:48
yeah, well, just before we go and do that you always want to look if you are looking for granny flats, okay, is there going to be access for the granny flat so obviously, we’ve got parking here for the front dwelling and a garage. We don’t have drivable side access on either side, which means you would either be looking for trying to make accommodation for the granny flat work on the front yard here. So you may not be able to do that with Council,

Simon 4:14
how it would work. I would say as you’d leave this for the main dwelling that secure parking for the main dwelling, what you do actually is once you come in up here, you probably break concrete this driveway and what you do is you’d add another carport just to the side here. Essentially pull out a path straight up the side there and straight down the back. So you still got secure parking, off street parking for the main dwelling you still got you know off street parking for the granny flat as well. You may not put in a garage because it may not be necessary. I’m gonna be tired.

Ryan 4:51
Yeah, and I think with this one, me and Ben inspected one the other day where they just did a concrete path up the side and they just had a straight path. For the granny flat, which is also fine, we’re in a very quiet street here, you could easily just simply have the granny flat people park on the street, it’s not that big a deal. So it’d be up to the investor, what they decided to do, you know, type to try and fit a car spot in there. So who knows? No,

Simon 5:16
I don’t mean up the thought I just mean off to this

Ryan 5:18
here just on that. Yeah, we

Simon 5:20
don’t know yet. That’s kind of more for the granny flat providers and the town plan is to do a little bit of additional due diligence and go Okay, well, how feasible is this? Can we legally do it? And, you know, start to work it out.

Ryan 5:32
So when you’re doing the inspection, obviously, there’s lots of things that you want to look at which Adam is going through what we’re more talking about in this video is actually inspecting a property for granny flat potential. So Adams doing the full interior exterior, all of that sort of checklist? Well, me and Simon are just looking at in this episode is can we actually fit a granny flat on here, can we actually make that work. So I will do a walkthrough of the house at the end just to show you guys what the interior looks like. But we’re gonna go to the backyard now and just see whether or not we can make this work. Also, using your imagination, there is side access down this side as well. So you would need to clear a bit of the shrubbery there. But you could effectively make a pathway down that side as well for the granny flat. So let’s head into the backyard and see if we can fit. So here we are in the backyard. Now you can see Adam doing his checklist, Simon is just stepping out the size here. We’re not exactly sure. This one’s borderline whether a granny flat would be suitable or not.

Simon 6:37
Yeah, property. So I had about seven, eight meters there. Now the granny flat providers that we work with generally say as a rule of thumb, you want about 810 steps, 10 meters, to get enough space for that granny flat, so we’d really be pushing it here, I wouldn’t really like to make the call. To get a bit more information, I’d definitely like to send around a town planner or a granny flat provider to come and do a more deeper site investigation report and make sure that you can actually fit it here because there are some garden beds, there is a shed, there are some trees. So with a little bit of clearing little bit of landscaping, there is a potential that you may be able to fit it but I’d want a little bit more information, I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling our client that this definitely has granny flat potential without getting their second opinion.

Ryan 7:27
Yeah, so some properties we look at and the backyard, it’s obvious that you could fit a granny flat you can clearly see I did a video with crystal about six months ago, where we walk through one of those which I’ll link up down below, there was a big shed in the back, which was probably similar size to what a granny flat would be maybe a bit smaller. And so it’s just very obvious that a granny flat would fit was this one, um, they do have a lot of concrete out the back in the undercover area, which means there’s less green space for the front house as well. But there is potential that you could give the front house part of this yard here still have a granny flat in the back with a little courtyard as well. So

Simon 8:06
yeah, there’s there’s definitely potential there. It’d be tight if it was there. But that’s not to say that it wouldn’t work.

Ryan 8:13
Yeah. So really next steps for this one would, as Simon said, speak to a granny flat provider or speak to a town planner to see if this would work. So a little bit of a walkthrough of the house, I’m sitting at the front door at the moment coming into a lounge room here. And off to the side, we kind of have a secondary, you know, rumpus room, sort of office space, and

Simon 8:37
actually where you just were used to be a garage. So what they’ve done is they’ve built it in and use it as like an actual living rumfest sort of space now. So that’s kind of the thing that you can look for when we actually inspecting properties is, is the garage on the roofline, because then you can convert that into another bedroom, maybe another bathroom, maybe another rumpus, or living space, especially if you’ve got a young family. It’s nice to have that extra living separate space.

Ryan 9:05
Yeah. And so off of the lounge room, we have the kitchen and dining space. You can see Alan doing the inspections at the moment. We also have the laundry in there, which then goes out onto the backyard, which you’ve already seen. And then if we come down here, this is a three bedroom, one bathroom property. And so we’ve got our three bedrooms here. So we can say bedroom number one, we can say the master bedroom here which is significantly larger than the other bedrooms. And then we can say, the third bedroom in here. And then finally we’ve got the separate toilet. And then we’ve got the bathroom in here with shower bar and vanity as well. So there’s a little bit of a walkthrough of the house. There’s a bit of some of the things that we think about when we’re looking at a property for dual income potential i’ll do another video in the future with adam moore talking about the interior of the property and extra in some of the things he’s looking at

Simon 10:12
during inspection we’re just chatting with the agent and she’s good she’s done a fair few renovations and things like that which is pretty interesting it’s always cool being on the road and meeting agents and talking about ever understand all these cool different things and she was something that was really interesting and i thought it’d be so perfect for this particular property because the house is actually set a little bit further back on the block than what we normally lacking as we were saying out the backyard there’s not a huge amount of room for the granny flat back there you probably will be able to fit it in there but it’s not going to leave much space for the main dwelling so what you can actually do is probably put in in nosb front fenty so fully enclosed this front yard you could put in a bit of an outdoor undercover outdoor entertaining area at the front here as well so you could expand on what they’ve got just here and rather than the main dwelling utilizing the backyard for that space they can actually utilize the front yard because here we’ve got a nice kind of northwest facing front yard as well so it gets lots of sand throughout the day it’s nice and warm and then you can better utilize this space and then that improves the privacy as well because the granny flat will have more of the backyard the main dwelling will have more of the front yard so there’s always different ways to kind of work around it and make it work so you still appealing to those good demographics and still getting longer term tenants but yeah it just got to kind of think outside the box sometimes yeah

Ryan 11:37
so interesting to hear because obviously that idea came from the agent yeah from us we probably should have been more on the ball with that but even with the layout of the house the access that the front house has to the backyard is off the kitchen through the laundry into the backyard whereas here behind me the front door that is the lounge room yes

Simon 11:57

Ryan 11:57
right there you have your lounge dining which is obviously coming out onto a yard tends to be better but you would need to create a level of security and a level of privacy in the front yard that doesn’t exist at the moment with these really low fences here but definitely something that you could do which obviously increases the chances of this being a potential for a granny flat and so yeah this is a really interesting idea that we thought we would share so i hope you enjoyed this episode obviously quite a tiny property with potentially granny flat potential borderline there obviously now it’s up to the team at pumped on property to then liaise with their client give them the feedback on the property and then it’ll be up to the client to decide what they want to do with this one but there’s just so many opportunities out there we’re on the road today inspecting multiple different properties that sometimes something will tick all the boxes online and then you go to inspect you know i’m just not quite sure but there’s always going to be another one around the corner there’s so many different opportunities that are out there and who knows this might be the exact right opportunity for the client they may be able to fit a granny flat in the back and make this work or maybe they’ll move on to the next one there’s just yeah there’s lots of different opportunities in the market it’s all about finding the one that is exactly right for you so i hope you have enjoyed this episode a little bit of a walkthrough of an inspection today i wish you the absolute best in your inspections and looking at properties for yourself if you want to learn more about the to property strategy and how it may work for you then simon ben and the team over at pumped on property are offering free strategy sessions to you so head over to onproperty com au forward slash session and you can learn more about those sessions over there get on the phone with them talk about where you’re at what you want to achieve in your property investment journey and then design a strategy that will work for you which you can then go and implement yourself or if you want you can take the opportunity and work with pumped on property and get their help like the client is today so go to onproperty forward slash session to check that out i wish you the absolute best it is a beautiful day here today we are looking forward to inspecting lots of different properties today i wish you the absolute best think i’ve already said that until next time stay positive

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