Leaser Weekly Update (3.5 Weeks To Go)

I have been really busy redesigning The Complete Self Leasing kit this week.

Did you know there are up to 42 different documents you may need when self leasing your investment property?

This can lead to HUGE overwhelm for people. Luckily I have been working long hours to minimise overwhelm and make self leasing easy. See the progress the site has made this week.

If you are interested in the update from last week then you can check out the video below.

Considering at the start of last week a membership site didn’t even exist I am pretty happy with the progress to date.

Still lots to do though 🙂

Video Thumbnail

If you are interested in getting access to The Complete Self Leasing Kit we have the following pre-launch discounts available

Pioneer Account: $14.95/year (only 1 remaining)Update 0 remaining

Early Bird Account: $29/year (10 remaining)

After these 11 accounts go it will be on to our regular pricing of $49/year which is still extremely cheap.

Comparable offers out there are charging anywhere from $87/quarter to $500+/year.

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