Make a Living Doing What You Love (Ft. N’Janne Taylor)

The dream for a lot of people is to make a living doing what you love. Today I’m joined by N’Jaane Taylor and we talk about what we have done to be able to make a living doing things we are passionate about and absolutely love.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – #1: Learn to manage your money well first
2:28 – #2: Spend time working out what you want to do
4:10 – #3: Know when to let go
5:05 – #4: Try a lot of different things
8:45 – #5: Learn to love the work you do
9:45 – #6: Work on yourself
11:06 – #7: Be willing to say no to the wrong money
12:30 – #8: Learn to say no
14:25 – #9: Stop caring what people think

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N’Jaane 0:00
Before you open yourself up, and give away your energy to things that aren’t in alignment, the less energy that you have for the things that are in alignment, then when an opportunity comes, that actually is exactly what you need you like coffee.

Ryan 0:13
Remember that this is your life. This is the one life that you get to live. This is your journey, and you need to be true to yourself and what you want. So I’m very much an advocate for not living the life that someone else wants you to live. The dream for a lot of people is to be able to make a living doing what you love. But actually thinking about that and dreaming about that versus making it happen and enjoying your work and enjoying what you do. He kid the steps between that can be very difficult. And a lot of people find themselves in dead end jobs or things that they don’t like that stripping their energy. So in today’s episode, I’m joined by new john Taylor, who’s one of my best friends who at a very young age has been very successful doing what she absolutely loves. So going from promo work, which he wasn’t super stoked on to becoming a DJ and quickly becoming a very successful DJ to now running her own meditate and levitate events. And so today we’re going to just kind of discuss, okay, what kind of steps have we taken to create a life where we are doing what we love, whether we’re getting paid huge bucks for it or not? Doesn’t really matter. But it’s that we love coming to work. And look, I’m in a similar situation where I love the work that I do the videos that I create the websites I run, we’re currently you know, in Port Macquarie in this amazing spot. So it’s a Monday afternoon. So yeah, so I guess that gives us a bit of insight into the situation. And yeah, how can we actually go from a dead end job to doing what we love? Yeah, just just how do you do that?

N’Jaane 1:56
Well, okay, if

you want to, if you’ve watched the last video that we did on money, that obviously definitely helps. If you haven’t, just go check that out. But basically, having a good system where you then have a buffer and you have more freedom obviously helps.

Ryan 2:13
Yeah, so managing your money well, so that you’ve got a buffer fund. So you’ve got the freedom to take, and to pursue things or take a pay cut in your life to pursue something that you want can be really important. Because if you’ve got car loans and expensive rent, or mortgages and just all these overheads in your life, then it can be like, Okay, I need to work every month to pay for these things that are like really not making me happy. They’re just forcing me to work. So I can pay for them as late. So stripping that out, getting good money management, so you build up the opposite, which is a buffer fun to say, Okay, I can take six months off, if I want. What do I want to do? Yeah, yeah. So starting, there is a good start. Well,

N’Jaane 2:56
actually, even that as well, I think having the tools to actually figure out what you want to do. So like, I actually had a girl messaged me the other day, and she was like, I don’t know what to do with my life, like, how do you figure out what to do with the life? And so what did I told her to actually create a like, not a pie chart, but like a graph, essentially. And it was like, interests, like, have a purpose in the middle mole circle, right purpose and the normal circle. And then you’ve got your interest, that’s things that you enjoy doing your skill set. And then community, like, Who were the people around you and kind of using those things like write all the things you enjoy doing, right? All the things you’re really good at doing, you can offer the world. And then right here you’re around that you can do it for and start to find where things are linking up like that I find is a really cool exercise. Just in actually figuring out what you want to do.

Ryan 4:00
How did you figure out what you wanted to do? So going from, you know, doing dancing at a young age to then doing promo work, and then eventually becoming a DJ. And now running your own event? Like, how did you work out? I guess there’s multiple steps along that journey. But how did you go from where you were to where you are now? I think, did you do the circles? I feel like he didn’t do the circles.

N’Jaane 4:27
I think I’ve tried out a lot of different things. And I had a lot of like, semi successful things that then I let go of, I think knowing when to let go is probably one of the most important lessons that I’ve ever learned, like, my ego would often get involved in it’s like, no, if you haven’t made millions, then you failed that project and you can’t let it go. And it’s like, no, if something isn’t if you’re not honoring your Truth anymore. If it’s not aligned with you anymore, that’s great, let that shit go take what you’ve learned from it, it’s given you your lessons up till that point, and then let it go walking down, like continuing to walk down a road, you don’t go on a map, be like, I want to go to this cafe, turn down the wrong Street and be like, I turned down the wrong Street, but like, I just need to keep walking down it until I get to like that house at the end. Otherwise, I’ve failed like, no projects the same once you realize that you’re in the wrong direction, turn back around, be like, okay, I’ve had a nice view here. Time to go back. I’ve

Ryan 5:35
learned from that. I think one thing that you said there is that you tried a lot of different projects. And I think that’s what stops a lot of people from living or making a living doing what they love, is they’re not actually trying different things. So they might have gone to university and studied to become something and then been in that career or just kind of fallen into a career path. And they’re earning decent money at the moment. And then when they go home, they’re watching TV, or you know, they’re going out with their friends, or you know, living life, which is fine, but they’re not doing anything, it’s fine.

N’Jaane 6:07
If you’re actually doing it for enjoyment, not for the sake, but it’s

Ryan 6:10
fine if you love what you do at work anyway. Whereas if you’re sitting there going, Okay, I don’t love what I do, I want to be doing something that I love. But all of your time is either spend in your dead end job that you hate, or it’s spent watching Netflix or doing stuff that’s not moving you forward, then there’s no room there to find something that you love. Whereas you know, you would work doing your primary work. And then you would practice DJing on the side, or you would do YouTube channels, or you would do writing or all of these different creative projects that you’ve done over the years. And that eventually led you to find the things that you like. And I was very similar with that, in that I worked. I had kids as a pharmaceutical rep. So I had to go to work and do that it was a great job. But it wasn’t my passion. And then at night, after the kids went to bed, I worked on projects that I was passionate about. And the same thing, I had a lot of false starts, things that I tried things that I spent months on, that just gave me no return, or I lost 1000s of dollars in little side hustle business projects.

But I tried it on to it, I tried all of these different things. And then eventually you find one thing that sticks, and I think that’s a big takeaway is that everything doesn’t need to be successful, you only need to be successful once. My most current project is a local hiking guide website to help people find the best hikes around Australia.

Yeah, and then you said, So doing all of these things on the side, you only need to strike gold once. And then you can really make a living doing what you love.

N’Jaane 7:32
And you’ve still learnt from it as well. Like even if that project doesn’t end up being the thing you do for the rest of your life. You’ve learnt from it like I did, gosh, I have so many different interests. So it was such a big for me, like I did this health program. And then I realized that online programs are so irritating to sell. And then so I became a health coach instead, which I really enjoyed. And then that somehow dated into being like, I mean, morphed into being a dating coach, which was a whole other ballgame. And then I didn’t really like that. So I went back to like I’ve done, I was doing social media work and marketing, but then I missed, like, the creative side of things. And then I became a DJ, but then I missed, it wasn’t the most fulfilling from a health perspective or like an academic perspective. And now I’ve ended up in events where I’m creating the events and then putting them on myself. And so I’ve got the business side of things. It’s like yoga events, I’ve got the health side of things. And the work that I’m doing actually facilitates the type of person that I want to be and it’s stimulating my brain and all the areas that I like. And so the health project that I worked on, the dance projects that I’ve worked on, the music projects that I’ve worked on, the social media projects that I’ve worked on, all have now come together. So even if that one little thing that you’re doing didn’t work out, it’s like okay, maybe that was one piece of the puzzle. And now I need to go find a few other pieces like, Never be afraid to go find the next piece because that little piece will come in handy. But it doesn’t mean it has to be the whole picture.

Ryan 9:11
And I think another thing is actually turning your work into something that you love. So actually learning to love the work that you do has been a big thing for me as well because I’ve had websites that I’ve loved at times or not loved at times, or random ones, you know, where I’m reviewing random products, and it’s like, Okay, this isn’t necessarily my dream to just review random products, but I found the joy in it and I found what I loved in it. So I enjoyed researching. I enjoyed uncovering things and so I would do ridiculous amounts of research like way more than was necessary to write articles and to do these reviews, but I would, I really enjoyed that and I got a lot out of that and being able to then provide the best information to people. I found broadmeadow So, even though it wasn’t necessarily like the perfect job where I’m happy 100% of the time, it’s like I found the things in my job that I absolutely loved. And I kind of double down on that, to enjoy the work that I do. Yeah,

N’Jaane 10:15
I think that’s really important is, I mean, that almost goes into, like, human personal development and being able to be happy in certain roles. And that’s almost like, you will only ever be as successful as the type of person that you are, like, if you’re really unhappy human being, if you’re not going to attract much positive energy to yourself. So I think also, like, one of the best things you can do for your Korea is actually set up your day in a really positive way. So like, doing morning rituals, and like setting yourself up for a really productive day. I can’t explain it, but it just it floods like that energy, you start being a lot more engaged, and you’re looking for the opportunities, and like, a just floods into it. Like, I definitely find that when I’m doing my morning rituals, like my Korea just takes off. Because I’m like, My days are just spent in a much more productive way, because I’ve set it up from the start of my day. So I think, actually honoring, like being the type of human that is successful. Yeah, is really important.

Ryan 11:29
And I think also defining that success for yourself, like you said, you know, being the type of human that you want to be, and defining what success means for you. Because something that I know, both you and I have done, and I think has led to us living a life that we absolutely love and jobs or careers or businesses that we’d love. He’s actually saying no to money. Yeah. So like, we’ve both been in situations where we were offered great deals of money, in order to do something that wasn’t in alignment with who we felt we were as people, or in alignment with where we wanted to take our business or the impact that we wanted to have or the lifestyle we wanted to have. And both of us, I think, and I think that’s quite rare to actually see the opportunity and to say, No, that isn’t worth my time, because it strips my energy or, you know, it’s going to leave my business down a path that I eventually don’t want to be in. So I’ll say no to the short term, great money now. And go, there’s been some good offers out there. I know for you, and I know for me as well, that it’s like, wow, I could make a really good amount of money here. It’s like, no, that’s not my vision. And I think defining success, less by how many dollars i have in the bank account, and more by Am I enjoying my work? What kind of impact Am I having? What kind of lifestyle? Is it creating for me? Absolutely. Money is not the answer. Which is strange, because you need money. But you don’t need exorbitant amounts. Yeah,

N’Jaane 12:56
exactly. And I think that I mean, that’s a good rule for your entire life is learning to say no, is just as if not more powerful than saying yes, because the Mo,

the more you have,

the more you open yourself up, and you give your energy to the things that I

Ryan 13:21

N’Jaane 13:22
showing, before you open yourself up and give away your energy to things that aren’t in alignment, the less energy that you have for the things that are in alignment. So then when an opportunity comes, that actually is exactly what you need to like, I can’t be bothered,

Ryan 13:38
I’m too tired. I remember that working and coming home and just being too tired so many times to pursue the things that I loved. And so I would have to either push through and be like, No, I’m gonna do this or actually reserved some of my energy by, you know, not putting in too much at work, and not completely draining myself or actually stepping away from that career. So and earning less, but then having the time and the energy to pursue the things that I wanted to pursue. Well, and that all comes back

N’Jaane 14:07
to the other video that we did and how we’re talking about money as a lump in a lot more holistic view of it, not just like money is the answer and gets me think it’s like no money is just another form of energy. You can also get energy from the sun from going for a swim leg. It’s not the only form of energy and it’s certainly not the most important form of energy either.

Ryan 14:31
It’s a very hard topic to explain to someone, okay, how can you make a living doing what you love, but both of us have found ourselves in a situation where we are really enjoying what we’re doing. And we do feel fulfilled in our roles. We do feel happy, we are continually pushing and growing. So we hope that some of these tips have helped you at least give you a new perspective on things and go out there, try a whole bunch of stuff.

N’Jaane 14:56
Just go out and just be happy to fail like failings. Awesome. Then you, you’re like, Okay, I tried that. I know it’s not right for me.

Ryan 15:05
Yeah. And who cares what people think if you fail, or if you don’t if you’re not as successful, or if you driving a beat up car or whatever, because eventually, all of that stuff.

N’Jaane 15:16
No one else actually cares. Like, have you ever been driving and you go, my friend that one time tried this thing, and it didn’t work? Wow, I’m gonna spend like the next five minutes and you’re like, people don’t care. They really all the people. Yeah. They’re on their own Ruby, that orange journey. So their thoughts are either fulfilled with themselves, or if they’re really like, solid, grounded person, then they probably don’t have that many thoughts anyway. They’re just happy children doing life. It gives.


Ryan 15:57
yeah, no one’s no one’s thinking about you as much as you think they’re thinking about you. And so remember that this is your life. This is the one life that you get to live. This is your journey, and you need to be true to yourself and what you want. So I’m very much an advocate for not living the life that someone else wants you to live. My mom definitely wished I went to university and having had a stable job and had a nicer car and the car that I have, but that’s not me. And that wouldn’t make me happy. And you know, I think ultimately, my mom wants me to be happy anyway, so deep down. So yeah, I think we truly self live the life you want to live. Try a whole bunch of stuff and don’t be afraid to fail. Yeah, yeah. And go ahead and check out the video that we did on money management, and how to manage your money better, so that you can so you can have the opportunity to pursue some of the things that you want to pursue, we wish you the absolute best of luck out there. Until next time, stay positive

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