Making Real Estate Investing Fun

I have been thinking long and hard about where I want to take CashFlow Investor as a website and a business. It has been difficult taking time out to think (and not just steam ahead) but it has been an incredible process and one that I think will make CashFlow Investor a huge success over the years.

I created a mission statement when I started CashFlow Investor. It was: To help 1,000 people buy their first positive cash flow investment property through education, encouragement and empowerment.

This is a great mission and something that is still at the very heart of what I want to achieve. But I feel like something else is coming through that will define where I take CashFlow Investor in the future.

I want to make real estate investing fun, easy and a part of everyday life.

When you think about real estate investing very rarely will the words fun come to your mind, unless it has already made you rich. For the average person real estate investing makes us think of words like “scary, risky, hard, different”. This is something that I want to help change for my customers.

How do I plan on doing this? Well the plan isn’t fully worked out yet, but I do know that it will be worked out in phases. Some of the things I want to do with this company I cannot do yet because of financing (such as creating board/computer games that teach real life real estate investing skills). So all I can give you a clue of right now is Phase 1 and some of the things that are currently closer to being a pipe dream than a business goal.

Phase 1

Before I can achieve a big change in a large number of clients I need to start building my brand and my customer base. I need to establish CashFlow Investor as an authority in the Real Estate niche, as a brand that knows what it is talking about.

To start doing this I am going to start building the blog, more as an article base than a regularly updated thing.But I want to make CFI stand out from every other real estate blog out there. I want to create blog posts that make learning about real estate investing fun, easy and a natural part of everyday life. I will also place a strong “positive cash flow” spin on all of my articles.

I will also continue to make myself known by helping out budding investors in the forums. This has been a great tool for building brand awareness and traffic and there is no reason to give up on this just yet.

Short-Medium Term Future Plans

Integrate CFI with social media networks. But not just like most other sites do. I don’t just want to update my facebook whenever a new post is made, but I want to use social media to get my customers involved in discussion. I don’t know exactly what this will look like yet, but I know it is going to be great

Membership Site. This is a big one, I have long been wanting to open a membership site with a variety of web based applications as well as an education centre. Eventually I will use this membership site to launched games, a forum and a bunch of other things I have planned.

As you can see, there is a fair bit that is going to go on a CFI in the next few months and years as I take it from a website with almost nothing on it, to one of the industry leaders in real estate investing education. Stay tuned.

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