Increase Equity and Rent With Minor Cosmetic Renovations

Cosmetic renovations can be a great way to increase both the value of the property and the rental yield without needing to invest a lot of money. How can you get the best bank from your buck with a cosmetic renovation

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0:00 – Introduction
1:22 – Why invest in properties that need cosmetic renovations
2:28 – Simon’s cosmetic renovation
10:55 – How to know what to spend money on to get the maximum return
14:23 – Different properties need different things
15:10 – Book a free strategy session –
15:57 – Jen and Brad’s cosmetic renovation
19:40 – Don’t underestimate the power of your network
21:00 – A new potential renovator
25:04- You need to pick the right opportunity
26:33 – Renovations need to come out of your own pocket

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