My Financial Gameplan (2020)

So much has happened in my life to affect my finances over the last 5 years and even the last 12 months. But I’ve been working behind the scenes on my financial gameplan and I’m excited to share it with you today.

Here’s exactly how I plan to grow my business, get out of debt, achieve financial freedom and invest in property for that long term financial freedom.

0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – The way I earn money is different to most people
1:19 – My financial history
5:44 – My business game plan
11:58 – Increasing my income in a passive way
13:52 – My financial goals
15:30 – Living the life you want now, but investing for the long term
17:35 – My property investment strategy
19:55 – Your financial game plan

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Ryan 0:00
so much has happened in my life that has affected my finances over the last five years and i’m in a situation now where my finances are growing i’m getting out of debt and in this episode i want to talk about my personal financial gameplan how i’m planning and getting out of debt how i’m planning on getting into a position to invest and helen growing my business and also kind of explain to you why i’m in the position that i’m in today where i don’t have a lot of cash flow coming in and so there’s things that i can’t necessarily do like buy a new car but how i’m doing the word today that’s going to actually set me up for my future so i’m really excited to share this with you i hope that you find it interesting and glean something from it yourself that maybe you can add into your own financial gameplan and how you’re going to move forward i will say at the start i am not a financial advisor so this is not financial advice but be i would also say that the way that i earn money is very different to the way most people earn money as an online entrepreneur as a content creator the way i earn money is a bit strange and also a bit delayed and so we’ll get into that and that’s part of the reason why i’m in the position that i’m in today but before we jump into the game plan i do want to talk through a bit of my history and a bit of what happened so if we look back in you know 2013 so seven or eight years ago now i was a pharmaceutical rep earning six figures per year with a free car and free petrol on that car i left that in 2013 to actually move into state we moved my family my family moved up to queensland to the gold coast so i quit that job to go full time in my online business which at the time was only earning something around 500 to $1,000 per month so you’re looking at like six to 12 grand per year that it was earning and left a six figure job for that so moved into that and then worked in that full time for a few years and it was in november 2016 that i achieved what i call pseudo financial freedom so this was me being in a position where i didn’t have to work anymore my business was earning enough income passively that i hardly had to work i would work a few hours per week and generally it would be when ben would call me up and say let’s record a video we need to do some work or when i feel passionate about it so november 2016 i achieved pseudo financial freedom and i knew that at the time if i didn’t work it will only last few years and then i would have to work again and actually it was two years almost to the day november 2018 that i lost my financial freedom so in november i had a downturn in my business i was also going through a separation at the time so i have actually increased my expenses i was paying for two houses and things like that so this is where my debt escalated and i got into a lot of debt in a short period of time so that was pretty rough i was in a pretty bad financial position in march of 2019 i felt stable again and i’d worked hard on my business from november until march and i thought okay i got it in a good place but then in june 2019 so just one year ago from the day that i’m recording this i had a situation where i felt like i was nearly bankrupt like i wasn’t actually nearly bankrupt a bunch of things came through and i could manage it so i didn’t go bankrupt but all these bills came in due on the one day that i was not aware of and a bunch of things all coalesced on the one day that i was like you owe this amount of money you have to pay it now otherwise you know and i didn’t have the money to pay it and so i thought what am i going to do but then luckily i had some income from my business i was able to delay those payments out and so bankruptcy obviously didn’t happen which is pretty cool also around that time june i think it was a month earlier that i started working in a cafe in order to just have some short term income coming in so that i can continue to pay my bills now all of this time from november to june i’m working on my online business and growing that but in august i had a massive breakthrough in my business and really saw the way forward so i saw my future i created a plan for my future and really understood okay what am i going to do now in order to move things forward so i’m not in this position forever and so that had to do with my business and the way that i create content and it was basically writing an article every single day for a website i’m related to onproperty

as well as continuing on property and continue that going as well but these these websites that i’m working on the articles that i’m creating that was my way out and so between august and will now which is june 2020 i’ve actually i’m proud to say that i’ve published 330 articles so nearly one per day i’ve also published around 110 videos for on property so put op for on property so did a lot of work in this time this is also while working at a cafe looking out for my kids part time as a single dad and you know just doing life as well now here’s where we’re going to get into the financial gameplan and the reason i explained all this is as you can see my journey but also so you can see how my business works and why i’m in the situation that i’m in today and why i probably won’t be here in a year so the way that my business works is that i own a bunch of different websites and i write articles for those websites but when you write articles for your own website they don’t make money straight away it’s like you write it and then instantly the money comes in most people when they work a job they get paid income for that day that they were at that makes sense you do a job you get paid and that pay comes weekly fortnightly monthly whatever with my business and the interesting thing about it let’s say you went for a job interview this is kind of how i work let’s say you go for a job interview and they say we love you we want to hire you but we’re gonna pay you nothing this year absolutely nothing not gonna pay anything this year however if you work for us full time this year we will pay you somewhere in the realm of $40,000 to $160,000 per year for the next three to five years passively okay so first year you’re number one you earn $0 nothing so you’re gonna work an entire year and earn nothing but then when you’re in your second third fourth fifth year then you can earn somewhere between 40 and 160k you don’t actually know how much that’s going to be because it depends on the performance of your articles and the work that you did it also depends on luck but basically you’re going to get this amount of money passively for the next you know three to maybe five years it depends on how things go you don’t actually know but if you look at this okay i’m working for one year i make nothing in the first year but then worst case scenario i’m kind of looking at around $40,000 absolute worst case horrible case scenario and worked out is around $16,000 per year but that’s highly unlikely and i’m tracking my stats and it probably won’t happen but let’s say you just get it for three years 40 plus 40 plus 40 that means we’re going to pay you $120,000 for the year that you worked let’s say you’re on the upper end of the scale around 160,000 which is high i probably won’t get that but 163 20 that’s $480,000 but that’s over the next you know four years but that’s effectively the amount that you’re looking at getting so you can start to see that okay this is this is pretty lucrative like this could actually set me up oh and on top of this you can also staff your years so let’s say you work your first year and you earn $0 but then you get this amount of money let’s just simplify it and call it the bottom end of the scale of $40,000 so firstly you earn zero but then you can stack it so let’s say you work your second year we’ve got the $40,000 that you’re earning from the first year that you worked plus you’re going to get $0 for working this year but we’re going to give you $40,000 in passive income for the next three years after that now we’re working in our third year and we’re earning 40,000 from our first year we’re earning 40,000 from our second year and then we’re earning $0 for the work we’re doing this year but you’re adding $40,000 in passive income for the next three to five years

so then we start to enter year four and you can start to see how they start stacking up so earning $40,000 from our first year of work 40,000 from our second year 40,000 from our third year and then we’ll squeeze it in here $0 from our fourth year but we’re adding 40,000 to the end there so firstly un zero and this is where i have been this has meant Right now is from August when I worked this out to June. So it hasn’t even been a full year yet. And kind of in this position. Now, it’s not exactly zero. I haven’t some money from the work that I’ve done. But this is a simplified example. But this is the position that I’m in at the moment. And I’m about to enter into my second year, in August. So this is my financial plan. And this is how it works. And as I said, At the start, it’s not your standard, it’s not how it works. Now, I’m hoping that I don’t end on the bottom end, which is 40,000, I’m hoping that I earn a bit more than that, you know, maybe around $80,000 per year for the work that I put in passively while I put the work in active, but then each year after that, I’m hoping to earn passive income of over $40,000 per year. But as this starts to stack, you can see that in the fourth year, you’re earning $120,000, passively, and then effectively, I could stop and I could continue to earn that money for years to come, or it may slowly go down over time. So this sort of thing and how I map this out. This is how I achieved my pseudo financial freedom app in 2016, or back in 2016. But in a less sophisticated manner. So I’ve learned a lot more now. I know a lot more now that I’m able to do this more succinctly more effectively, it’s more guaranteed. Now, obviously, anything can happen in this time that would lead to this not having I could have websites go down. Google could do rank me, there’s so many problems, I could have health issues. And there’s so many things that can happen. But this is my plan. And as you can say, if you get to the upper end of the scale, $160,000. And if you were to do that, over multiple years, you could be looking at earning hundreds of 1000s of dollars per year through this online business. And so this is kind of my financial gameplan. This is kind of where I’m heading. And my focus is on increasing my income, but increasing it in quite a passive way. Because when I write an article, it’s an out there. And I’ve still got articles that I wrote, you know, 789 years ago, that are still generating traffic and still generating revenue for me today. So this is kind of where I’m at now $0, that’s all my only income, I’ve already got some passive income coming in from my business, as well as active income that I’m generating, to kind of pay my bills to pay my minimum repayments on my debt, and to stay afloat at the moment. And that’s why at the moment, because I’m here in the first year, why I’m in a position where cash flow is tight, where my car broke down, and I, I can’t really afford to buy another one at the moment, I could spend money to buy one, I do have money that I could buy one with a cheap, crappy car. But I’m kind of just waiting at the moment in order to get into my second year into get into my third year, as well. So So this is kind of my financial game plan. On top of this as well. I’ve got active income that I get from my businesses, I’ve got passive income that already exists. So this isn’t my only income. But this is my goal moving forward. And so you’re number one I’ve been through that was my year of survival, which I’ve talked about many times on this channel. Second year is the year of growth, where I’ve got some of that income coming in now, but not as much of it. But I’m in a position now where I didn’t write it down. But in March 2020, I was able to quit the cafe, and to go full time into my business. So this random 30 articles, and 110 videos was done while I was working part time in a cafe are now able to go full time in my business and dedicate myself to this. So the goal is right now we are June 2019. By December now we’re June 2020. By December 2021, I would like to have paid off debt. And I felt paid wrong their pa ID

by December 2021, I would have liked to pay off debt. And if we look at the years here, we’re currently entering our second year, which is we’re 2020 now that’ll be 2021 and 2022. So in 2022, I’m going to have one to kind of three years behind me of work. And so I’m hoping that by the end of 2022, so let’s call it December 2022. I will have invested in property and built up long term financial freedom. So also by I’m kind of looking at probably December 2021. I will have achieved my goal. pseudo financial freedom weekend so within just another 18 months from today i’m hoping to again be financially free through my business and not have to work if i don’t want to now i will continue to work because i know that if i stopped working i’ll only get a couple of years of that financial freedom before i’m back at it again and that’s why i plan is to invest in property for that long term financial freedom i wrote down something that i was thinking of as i’m recording this and that is on i’ll just fold it up and show you guys here this is the idea that i’ve been thinking more and more about lately and the idea is to live the life that you want to live now and invest in property so you can continue to live it no matter what happens now if we go back to november 2016 i had pseudo financial freedom but no property investments i got to live the life that i wanted for two years but then i ended up in this bad situation and so i’ve what i want to do moving forward is live the life that i want to live now i’ve changed a lot of things in my life i’ve learned so much about myself i’m so much happier now and passionate about the work that i do i’m not quite at the point yet where i got the cash flow to live the life that i want right now but in six months to 12 months hopefully i’ll be in that position where i can live the life that i want to live be working hard but then i’ll also be investing in property so that i can continue to live that life no matter what happens to my businesses so the idea is live an amazing life now i’m enjoying the work that i do i’m passionate about my business i’m really loving it i’m spending time with my kids taking them surfing dropping them off at school on the days that i have them i’m living an abundant life now i’m enjoying my life now i’m not waiting for financial freedom in order to be happy i’m happy now but i’m building out my business and then going to invest in property so that i can get that long term financial freedom and that long term passive income so that i can continue to live the life that i want even if i stopped working my businesses and they eventually go to zero so the goal is basically build up businesses use that extra income from my businesses to pay off my debt and to accelerate the payment of my debt and then have that growth in income as well then be funneled into deposits which is then funneled into property investing and serviceability for properties i’ll be investing using the to property to financial freedom strategy so i’ll be buying properties building granny flats having them be positive cash flow and paying for themselves building up that foundation for financial freedom in you know from 22 to maybe 2025 2022 to 2025 hopefully i will have built up my financial freedom foundation my fff my financial freedom foundation hopefully that will be built up by the end of 2025 and then it’ll just be a journey of paying off those properties so that i’m completely financially free so as you can say i’m not suggesting that anyone followed my game plan it’s a very strange and unique one my focus is on building up my online passive income through the work that i do and it’s interesting because i’ve got that huge delay in when i earn money through the work that i do so i’ve basically been working for an entire year for free so this is a lot of stuff behind the scenes that you guys don’t get to see you may see snapshots of my life and think what is going on with this guy but that’s it i’ve been laying the groundwork and building the foundation for my future in this last year and that’s part of my superpower is that i’m able to see that future and i’m able to actually live in this first year working extremely hard earning nothing being in

a situation where it’s like oh my gosh i don’t know how i’m gonna pay my bills but i can see the future and i’m making the decisions today to see the future and to make that happen and so i’m doing what i need to do to make sure that my bills are paid in the short term that i don’t go bankrupt or anything like that i did that with the cafe i’ve done that with active online income as well we’re now entering in a position where i get to focus more and more of my time and my energy on this sort of stuff that’s going to deliver me this long term passive income through my business and then ideally down the line helped me to invest in property which is even a more secure form of passive income as well so they have my financial gameplan i encourage you to go ahead write down your own financial game plan and may look very different to mine you might just need to you know save a deposit you might want to do that and then you might want to go ahead and invest in property and follow the two properties to financial freedom strategy that i talked about on this channel that may have been talked about so much and then that will ultimately lead you to the life the lifestyle that you want i’m in a fortunate situation where i can actually achieve this lifestyle basically now so because of the way that i love my business i love working in my business it gives me flexibility i can work my own hours i can work wherever i want to work so i’ve got lifestyle but i’ve got it in a way that i have to work hard in in a way that i’m doing work that i’m passionate about that’s a big part of my lifestyle and so i’ve got the lifestyle which will then help me pay off debt save a deposit invest in property and then basically just give me lifestyle security down the line then there is my financial game plan i hope that you’ve found this interesting i hope that you go out there and create one for yourself that’s going to leave you lead you to this lifestyle security so that you can live the life that you want and i’ll leave you with that little quote that i created this morning which is live the life that you want now invest in property so you can continue to live it no matter what happens and you may not invest in property could be shares could be businesses could be crypto could be whatever you want to invest in but it’s about creating that passive income so that you can continue to live the life you want no matter what happens but we’re not delaying our life we’re not waiting for financial freedom until we get to actually enjoy our life we’re enjoying our life now and we’re investing along the journey so that we can continue to enjoy our life and do what we want for as long as we want so i wish you the absolute best out there go ahead check out the video that i did on how i got into debt if you’re interested in that or check out the video on two properties to financial freedom and how this game plan could work for you to save a deposit invest in property and how within the span of 15 to maybe 25 years you could achieve financial freedom but in a shorter period of time than that you can actually start to claim back some of this lifestyle so go ahead check out the video on two properties to financial freedom or check out the video that i did on how i got into debt which i recorded about a year ago otherwise until next time stay positive

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