My Minimalist Wardrobe Tour

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All of my clothes fit on one shelf, and my entire family’s clothes and linen all fit in one single cupboard. Here is a tour of my minimalist wardrobe.

0:00 – Everything in one wardrobe
0:33 – Our wardrobe when we lived in the van
1:13 – What enabled me to fit everything I own on one shelf
1:49 – Detailed look at all our clothing
2:56 – How to make a minimalist wardrobe possible
4:30 – The downsides of a minimalist wardrobe
4:50 – Pants/Shorts
5:39 – Linen
6:15 – My empty walk-in-wardrobe lol
6:55 – The key to living with a minimalistic wardrobe
8:06 – Why I have a communal wardrobe
9:37 – I love living as a minimalist

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I have a very minimalistic wardrobe, in fact inside this wardrobe is not only my own clothes, but also all of my kids’ clothes as well as my linen and towels and things like that. This is my minimalist wardrobe to. We will get to looking at this, but this wardrobe is actually a massive upgrade from the van that we lived in, so me and my wife and three kids lived in a camper van and everything had to fit in these tiny cupboard within the van.

We are trying to get a little bit more organized now now that we know kind of what we need and what size containers we needed, so we’re just finishing putting all of our clothes away. So these are our four or five of the ride and I say I went into three key sale and he. That’s basically all of their clothes. That’s all brought. And then poetry’s Dan here.

So as you can say, having space like this, we also have down the bottom and we had the other side as well is actually a huge upgrade in space when compared to the van. Now I want to start with my clothes and then we’ll look at the kids’ clothes as well as the linen and stuff like that. The thing that enabled me to fit everything I own on this one shelf. Okay. Well basically everything I owned except Walmart Jumpers and things like that which are in a separate space, but they would go up here but I just haven’t put them there at the moment. So basically all my day to day living fits on this one shelf within. Have a shelf for Branson who’s seven, one for Alex who’s three. And then over this side we have donors, we have linen, we have sessions cause it, and then we have our towels and things like that.

So looking at my closet, the thing that allowed me to go so simple was to keep all my clothing simple. Here we have tee shirts. Okay. We can see white and black tee shirts. There’s actually a couple there that I do need to throw out because I just bought some nuance behind the t shirts this year is singlets. Okay. So mostly I have about six whites, England’s as well as one marone one there. So t shirts, singlets on these, basically all the same socks. And then this is the pants section here. So we’ve got boardshorts, we’ve got shorts, we’ve got track pants for winter, and then we’ve got a couple of pairs of chains as well. So that’s basically everything that I wear. If we look at the kid stuff is the same sort of thing. Now the kids spend half the time with me half the time with their mom, so don’t have as many kids.

Clothes as well as some stuff’s in the wash, especially pants, underpants socks, t shirts and the jumpers are at mum’s and then pants under pants, tee shirts and then socks at the back. Their shoes are also stored. But to make this minimalist wardrobe possible, I really had to look at the clothes that I was wearing and really just make sure that everything fit together and downsize them to the essential oils. You may have heard of the 80 slash 20 rule where you 80 percent of your results from 20 percent of the things that you do. The same goes for clothing. Eighty percent of the time you’re going to be wearing just 20 percent of the clothes that you own. So basically I just narrowed it down so that I only had that 20 percent with a few exceptions being warmer jumpers and things like that. So I have singlets like this, about six of these ones.

Black tee shirts like this one, I have two of these. And then white tee shirts like this one. I have four of these. So these tee shirts come from general pants. They’re two for $40 I think. So $20 each. And one of the key things that you need to do when you have a minimalist wardrobe is that you do need to get rid of things when you buy new items of clothing. So in this pile, I think I have one old white t shirt here that needs to go in the bin and then I have some old black tee shirts as well. This one I absolutely love because it’s got Fox on it from super smash brothers, but it has shrunk and is too small. I’ve got two black tee shirts that are now purple and quite faded, so down into go in the bin as well.

So one of the downsides of having a minimalist wardrobe is the fact that because I only have what, six tee shirts and then singlets is that I’m wearing the same t shirt multiple times per week, which means you were through that stuff quicker. So even though I have less items, I do need to replace those items more often. My shorts as well. These shorts came from originally my favorite pair of jeans, so I had a pair of jeans like this warm throughout the winter season. Then they just ripped so much in the legs. Then I cut them off and turn them into shorts. So I’m getting somewhere out of these. But as you can see they’re about to go as well. And that’s another thing these genes absolutely loved. So I had this pair, but then I actually bought two more pairs of these genes. So you really need to find things that you absolutely love and that you’re happy wearing often.

So these jeans I absolutely love. I’m happy to wear them as shorts as well as Jane’s. And then I also have a skinny black pair of jeans as well, which are kind of more dressy and give me a change when I need to change things up for the linen. As you can see, we don’t actually have a lot. I’ve got so many pillow cases. I don’t know why I have so many pillowcases, but basically we have the linen that we need. Maybe one extra spare in case one gets dirty, something went to their bed or something like that. And we need to wash one, but otherwise we just have the amount that we need. We don’t have excessive amounts and we’ve just moved into. Well we’re in something now but. So we’ve got the winter donors up here that are stored for winter. We’ll definitely need those when we moved down to Sydney.

And then lastly I still country road bags and things up there. I am currently in my wardrobe, which is basically empty except for a bunch of stuff that I need to sell or need to pack up a lot of old game cube controllers and stuff. I do have my jumpers down here that because I’m not wearing them up here in new site, I just haven’t moved them into my cupboard and then I also have some hanging jumpers as well as that’s my wedding jacket as well as one shirt to wear to weddings and more fancier events up there, and then I’ve got an extra blanket as well, so this stuff could move into the cupboard and fit into the cupboard. I just haven’t been bothered to do it yet. So there you have my minimalist wardrobe to the key that I’ve found to living minimalistic is just owning clothes that you absolutely love wearing.

I don’t mind wearing this tee shirt four days a week because I absolutely love this tee shirt. I love my shorts, I love my jeans and I love what I wear, so I’m really happy to wear it. I don’t mind if I repeat items. In fact, I tell new people that I meet and like if you meet me and see me more than twice, you’re basically going to see an outfit repeat, so it’s part of life and part of living as a minimalist, but I really enjoy it because everything in my cupboard I love wearing. So when it comes time to choosing what to wear, it’s really simple for me. I just really like what I have. I really liked the simplicity of it. I liked my style and I’m constantly keeping it updated. So as these tee shirts were out, the next kind of.

Often we’re down, then I’ll throw these out and I’ll get fresh ones so I’ll still be wearing this. Basically the same thing, but it’ll be fresh. I’ll feel good in it. And so since moving to a minimalist wardrobe, I haven’t really wanted to go back. It’s been about two years that I’ve lived like this. Now, something I do want to touch on is that I actually have a communal wardrobe. As you can see. So all my staff, all the kid stuff is in this communal area rather than having it in each person’s bedroom. And the reason we did that is that each person’s bedroom was very empty. You don’t only have one or two shelves worth of clothes and it’s just so much easier to manage having everything in one wardrobe. If you have little kids, you know, they don’t tend to put their own clothes away so that’s something that I need to do for them.

And so just having an all in one area, I’m actually standing right next to the laundry, which is right there. So after things are washed then I can just simply stand here and put them away. So it’s a lot easier when it’s time to get ready to go out or it’s time to get ready for school. We all just come to the one and we all get dressed together. Otherwise we’re going between multiple rooms and so it’s just so much easier to have it all in one space. It is impractical that when I have a shower up in my on suite, I have to come down here to get some underpants and some walking through the house naked in order to get some underpants, but that’s kind of the biggest issue that I’ve had with this stuff. Being separate and being downstairs compared to upstairs with bedrooms.

I’m about to move down to Sydney into a smaller two bedroom unit. Chances are I’ll do something similar to this down there as well and may end up in one of the bedrooms or it may end up in a communal space like it is here. Just really depends on what house we purchased. So I love living as a minimalist. I love having a minimalistic wardrobe. I love that. I know that this pile is tee shirts and I know this file is singlets and so when it comes time to choose what to wear and like do I want a black, a white t shirt or do I want to wear a singlet? And I just know exactly what to grab and I know exactly what’s in there. I don’t know to sort through it because I know everything in there is good and I will happily wear out, so it’s not an issue.

It’s just so simple. Making clothing decisions. I love it. I hope this has been interesting for you and maybe inspired you as well to pursue a more minimalistic wardrobe. Being a minimalist has really helped me save money on clothing, be happier with my clothing, but also save majorly in other areas of my life as well. If saving money is something you’re interested in, then go ahead and check out this video that I recently did with Ben Everingham on 10 things that we’re cutting out of our budget in order to save money and to be able to invest towards financial freedom faster. Thanks so much for watching today, friends, and until next time, stay positive.

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