The New On Property Product Line Moving Forward (Ep305)

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I have made some changes to the products we sell here at On Property as well as added some exciting new products. Let me show you.

Hey guys. Ryan here from, helping you find positive cash flow properties. In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about the new On Property product lines. Some changes that I’ve made, what the products are going to be moving forward. This is not an episode about how to invest in property or how to profit from property. This is an episode about On Property; about the business of On Property, about the vision of what we’re trying to do and how the new product line kind of fits in to that and what I’m trying to provide to you guys and help you guys with.

So, if you’re interested in what I’m doing here at On Property, what we’re trying to achieve, helping people invest in property, you’re interested to see some behind-the-scenes sort of stuff. Well then, this is going to be a good episode for you. If you’re looking for lessons on how to invest in property, how to renovate, all of that sort of stuff, go to the next episode or listen to the previous episode because it’s not this one.

All right, so let’s have a look at it. I think the easiest way to show you guys is to simply show you the current product page with just slight re-design of So it’s just looking a bit fresh. But basically, I was really inspired by Apple. Who isn’t inspired by Apple? Just the fact that their product line is so simple, it’s so easy to understand. My vision for On Property is to really help you guys find and invest in positive cash flow properties. That’s it. That’s why we’re here, that’s what were all about.

Part of that vision is a lot of the free content that I do. Putting out general property information to help you guys learn about property, help you learn about investing in property, every single aspect of property. Because if you can’t learn about property from a general aspect, you can’t really be confident enough to go ahead and invest in positive cash flow property. But I’m all about positive cash flow property. I love the passive income nature of it. I’m all about lifestyle and getting the life that you dream, rather than becoming rich. Positive cash flow really works for me because it spins off that passive income to help you generate a positive cash flow. I’m really passionate about that.

I’ve got some mad skills at finding positive cash flow properties, that’s one of my best skills. I actually know how to go out there and find positive cash flow properties. So, I don’t actually own any properties myself. And you think, “Well, Ryan, how can you create products, how can you have a website about property when you don’t own property yourself?” I know a lot about property, but the big thing I know is how to find positive cash flow properties and I know there’s a lot of you out there who need help in doing that. I have that skill and so, I’ll use that skill to help you guys.

So, even though I don’t own property and I don’t say you should invest in positive cash flow properties, you should invest this way, look at me, I’m so rich, you should invest like me. I don’t say that. I say, “Look, I love property. Let’s talk about property and then I’ve got this skill of finding positive cash flow properties. Let me kind of extend that to you in the products that I have to help you find positive cash flow properties all over Australia.”

I’ve got our product line here, 3 main products. We’ve got On Property Listings, which is where I actually show you positive cash flow properties and I’ll talk a bit about that. We’ve got Property Tools and then we’ve got the On Property Courses. There’s currently one course out and here’s the next course that I’m doing.

Let’s have a look at On Property Listings first, which is my most popular product at the moment. It’s also my most expensive product. I used to have a membership site called On Property Plus. For anyone who’s a member at the moment, don’t worry, you guys are grandfathered into that. You’ll still be able to access the membership site. But one of the big things that I found through running that membership site was people loved the property listings that were in there but wanted an easier way to consume those property listings. They didn’t want to have to go and login to the site or visit it back every single day. So I changed it around and I launched On Property Listings. Basically, all it is, super simple. It’s a positive cash flow property straight to your inbox every single day.

So, every single day, you receive a positive cash flow property listing that I’ve gone out there and found and I will share it with you. So, these are positive cash flow properties all over Australia; we look in all states. I guess we share more properties in the most populated states; New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria. But we’ve kind of spread it around. We look at regional centres, we look at capital cities. Yes, you can find positive cash flow properties in capital cities. So, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, all that sort of stuff. We find and share positive cash flow properties.

So, this is really cool for people who are ready to invest or want to invest shortly and they want to see what the market’s like. They want to see, what does a real positive cash flow property look like? Where are they hiding? What do they look like? Show me some positive cash flow properties. And that’s exactly what On Property Listing does, it just shows you a whole bunch of positive cash flow properties.

The great thing about this is, for the members who are getting these updates every single day, they’ll begin to learn the areas that positive cash flow properties are in. They’ll also learn, “Okay, what are positive cash flow properties typically look like?” It’s kind of a way for me to teach you how to find positive cash flow properties without you ever having to do a lesson or a training course. Just exposing you to these properties allows your mind to learn, “Okay, this is what positive cash flow properties look like.” So, that’s On Property Listings. That is my most successful product at the moment. But Property Tools is getting up there in terms of members.

I’ll just show you the pricing for On Property Listings. Monthly pricing, $50 per month, absolutely no contract. You can pay upfront annually and it goes down to $40 per month, so you save 20% on that. Or you can pay upfront for 2 years, which is a new option that I’ve put in that actually most people seem to be choosing the 2-year option at the moment. But that gives you a 40% discount and brings it down to $30 per month and you pay that every 2 years. I can see why it’s popular, it’s convenient. You only have to pay every 2 years and then you don’t have to worry about it. And also, you’re getting that 40% discount. But that’s Property Listings. I’m pretty excited about that. I think it’s a great way to share positive cash flow properties.

The other one, which is encroaching On Property Listings in terms of the number of members is Property Tools; which is something I only launched a couple of months ago. It’s a much cheaper product. So, that’s probably one of the reasons why it’s growing a lot faster. Property Tools is a way for you to analyse positive cash flow property.

It’s probably easier if I just go ahead and show you Property Tools. Basically, you get access to this cash flow calculator. Let’s say we find a property and it’s $300,000 and it’s renting for $450 per week. We put in those figures and then it has a whole bunch of default settings in here and it works out and estimates your weekly cash flow before tax, yearly cash flow before tax. It also does cash on cash returns and you can even get into taxation and get estimates on taxation.

Really cool, really quick way to analyse a property to work out, is this property likely to generate a positive cash flow or not? You can just use it as you’re researching the properties that you find. How much they rent for, you just put in these details and then it can give you weekly and yearly cash flow estimates. You can adjust the deposit, stamp duty; you can adjust depreciation; you can adjust basically everything. It’s just a simple tool to give you a cash flow analysis.

So before you invest in a property, you can really understand, okay, what is this property likely to generate me per week? Is it going to be positive cash flow? Is it going to be negatively geared? Pricing, super simple, super cheap pricing on this product. Because this is something that I wanted a lot of people to get access to. On Property Listings is great for people who are ready to invest, want to find positive cash flow properties but not everyone wants to pay $50 a month or can afford that. So, this is a way that can help you find positive cash flow properties yourself and help you analyse them for just $5 a month or for $50 per year and so you get access to those calculators.

The thing that I really like about this is you don’t have to download and use an Excel spreadsheet. I created a positive cash flow calculator for myself in Excel, which is great but when you’re on your phone, you can’t use Excel and it’s annoying to go to your computer. And Excel these days is not really all that good. So, this is just a web tool that works. So, yeah, I like that.

And then, the biggest addition, the newest thing that I’ve added is On Property Courses. These will be advanced video courses that show you specifically how to do one thing. So the course that are just in pre-launch at the moment, we’ve got a whole bunch of members in there, a couple of modules left to come out and then it’ll be fully – you can buy it and download it straightaway. But it’s how to find positive cash flow properties.

Basically, I go through every different method that I use to find positive cash flow properties. These are the methods that I use to find positive cash flow properties for On Property Listings. I use this every single day to find and share these properties. I actually show you how to do that. So, property listings is great because not everyone wants to do it themselves.

How to find positive cash flow properties, that course is great because you can actually learn how to do it yourself. And that’s a skill that you can master and then have for the rest your life. On Property Courses, I’m pretty sure every course is going to be a standard price, at the moment, of just $100. So, just $100 to do this course, to get these skills and to learn how to find positive cash flow properties.

And then, once I finish this, I’ll be launching my 7 Point Investor Checklist. Another video series on how to do suburb research and how to quickly discover if an area’s a good place to invest or if it’s a sinking ship and you shouldn’t invest in there. That’s pretty cool, I’ve got a checklist of things to go through, a whole bunch of tools – free tools that you can use online to get these details. I basically go through and say, “Here’s how you research a suburb.” Because that’s something people don’t know.

You go into a suburb, you find positive cash flow properties that’s in a regional centre somewhere. How do I know if that regional centre’s a good area to invest in? Well, you don’t. You need to do some research but a lot of people just don’t know where to start. So this is a great place to start. This course is not about how to find areas that are about to explode in terms of capital growth. You know me, I’m the positive cash flow guy. I’m not the capital growth guy.

So, this whole research – this whole suburb research course is more about looking in an area and looking for red flags in that area. And looking to see, “Okay, is there something that’s going to derail this suburb or derail this area and make it go backwards or make it be stagnant for years and years to come?” So, it’s really about going in, looking at the area, is it going to naturally grow or is there something that’s holding it back? Is there something that’s going to cause issues?

You know, there was an area that a lot people invested in to buy positive cash flow properties called Port Hedland, which is in WA. Also, South Headland, which is south of Port Hedland. A lot of people invested in there. Mining town, massive rental yield. You’re talking, $2,200 a week to live in the middle of nowhere, but people are getting huge returns. But I looked at it recently, in the last 12 months, it’s had negative 25% growth in that area. That’s a mining town, some big risks when you’re investing in mining towns.

So, by going through the suburb research, you kind of identified those risks as well as other risks. Like if the population’s declining in an area, that can seriously affect prices. So, we just go through and we do that. And then, I’ll be releasing other courses. I’ve got one planned on property analysis, like things that you can do to analyse property, make sure it’s not over valued. One on how to save you deposit, another one on how to increase the rental income of your property.

So, On Property Courses will just be a whole bunch of courses for depends where you’re at in your property journey, which course is going to be interesting to you and what you want. But my goal is to build up a repertoire of courses over time that people can get access to and people can download or people can stream and watch and go through as they need it; It’s really learning on demand.

The free content, a lot of it is just kind of scattered. Like today, I did an interview with Jane Slack-Smith from The Ultimate Guide to Renovation, so we talked about renovation. Previously, I talked to Ben Everingham, who’s a buyer’s agent and we talked about lending changes and we talked about building new-build properties. And then I did an episode recently on Student Accommodation. So, it’s kind of all over the place in terms of the content that comes out as free content. Thing with the courses is it’s like you want to be able to do this one thing, here’s the step-by-step to do the one thing.

So, I’ve had great feedback from How to Find Positive Cash Flow properties, that video course so far. Hopefully, once it’s out of pre-launch and available to the public, that people will really like that. I’m not expecting the courses to be a runaway success with hundreds of thousands of people buying them. What I want is for you to just be able to have this bunch of courses that, depending on what you need to achieve, depending on what skill you need to learn, you can come and learn that. You don’t have to attend a full day seminar that’s going to be $5,000 or buy a full course that’s $2,500. Just pay $100, acquire one skill, learn those techniques and move on with your life and move on with your property investment.

So, that’s the 3 products that I’m focusing on. There’s On Property Listings, there’s Property Tools and there’s On Property Courses. That’s kind of the premium way that I’m helping people find and invest in positive cash flow properties.

Moving forward, you guys know me, things change all the time. I’m constantly in flux, getting new ideas, thinking about new ways to advance On Property. But I’m absolutely loving On Property, loving these new products that I’m coming out with, loving creating this business, loving all the interaction with all my readers, with my listeners, with my watchers, just everyone out there. I absolutely love running On Property. I absolutely love the community and I love the fact that I can just be down to earth and try and help people as best that I can.

I hope that, in some way, I can help you – whether it be through the free content, whether it be through the paid content. I don’t care if you never become a customer of On Property. There will always be some people who want that extra help who will become customers but I’m more than happy to give away the amount of free content that I do. As I secure these products and get these created, then I’m hoping that I’ll have more free time to, basically, just create more free content for you guys, which will help to market these products and gain more exposure for them.

Big things for On Property moving forward in 2015. I hope that you guys are enjoying the ride. We are helping people find positive cash flow properties all over Australia. If you’re as passionate about positive cash flow properties as I am, then you’re going to want to stick around and check back every now and then to see the new content and to see the new products that are out there.

So, that’s it for this update, guys. I hope that some of you found this interesting. This will be so awesome for me to look back in 2 years, in 5 years’ time and say, here’s where On Property was at and to see what it’s like in the future. I love doing these updates. Kind of my benefit more than everyone else’s. But I know that a lot of people do like to see the backend of a business like this and to see, okay, what is Ryan trying to achieve, what’s he all about, what’s going on? So, I hope it’s been interesting.

So, until next time, stay positive.

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