Our Biggest Financial Learnings of 2018

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2018 Was a mammoth year and we learned so much both personally and financially. Here are 11 of our biggest financial learnings from 2018 that we are using to make 2019 our best year ever.

0:00 – We survived 2018 and learned so much!!!
1:15 – #1: Things Change
2:20 – #2: Passive Income Assets Are So Key
4:09 – #3: You Can Do More in 1 Year Than You Think You Can
5:33 – #4: You Don’t Need To Be Financially Free To Change Your Life (2 Properties To Financial Freedom Strategy)
7:46 – #5: Create a Plan and Work That Plan
8:20 – #6: Business is THE Shortcut To Wealth
11:51 – #7: No Matter How Much You Are Earning You Need To Invest In Assets That Produce Income
13:53 – #8: Make Budgeting Automatic
15:45 – #9: Pay Yourself First
16:25 – #10: Everything Is Going To Be Ok
19:25 – #11: Keep Your Expenses Low

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Twenty 18 has been a mammoth year for both of us. Right. We made it. We made it through 2018. I’m still alive.

We’re still alive. We’re still kicking, you know, we’re still doing our thing. We learned a lot in 2018. So many different things. We learnt so much about finances, about business, about investing 2018. It’s been a beat. Yeah. And so today we wanted to share our biggest financial earnings of 2018.

I’m excited about this one man because it’s been a really reflective year for me. It’s also been a year with so many projects and so much change. So there’s some cool stuff and I’m really glad you made me reflect.

I feel like it’s really good time to reflect. Obviously it’s the end of the year. I got some big changes happening in my life moving to Sydney, thinking about the future and so I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting into now enforcing youtube as well.

Yeah, it’s really good to reflect. I’m shocking at it generally, but I think with reflection comes learnings and then pace and also a better plan for the future.

Yeah. And that’s where we want to get you guys. Do we hope that in sharing those learnings with you, you’ll learn them also and you’ll be in a better position moving forward and be able to make better financial decisions as well. So why don’t you start us off. What’s one thing you learn in 2018?

Yeah. So the biggest thing I learned this year is that things change. Um, you know, like, I don’t know about you, but it feels like almost every person that I’ve talked to, clients, you friends, my family have just had a huge year. Like, I don’t know if it was something out of about 28, eight something in the water, in the water in Mudgee or something. It’s like impacted all of Australia, but it feels like 28 and was a big year with a lot of change for a lot of people. And so I’ve been uncomfortable with change in the past even though my life is constant change. But I think I’ve found my place in that a little bit this year. And it’s been really powerful to just acknowledge that things ebb and flow. One thing that I’ve been working on this year is letting go of control a little bit and also realizing that everything in life has seasons, sometimes your training heaps and that would be the season of summer. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything and that’s more the season of winter and that’s the case for relationships for business and when you start to think about things in that way, it takes a lot of the pressure off stuff. You know what I mean? Yup.

And I think realizing that things change as well. That kind of leads into my biggest learning for the year. One of my biggest learnings is that passive income assets are so key because I have invested in passive income assets and built them in terms of my online businesses and when things got tough this year and when finances got rough, those passive income assets saved my life. Just having knowing that that consistent money is coming in that you can depend on, that you can rely on in those hard times. It was just so important versus other investments I made like I invest in cryptocurrency

and obviously lost some money in there which I made a whole other video about, but that doesn’t generate passive income and so when that goes down in value or even when that’s just sitting there, it’s not generating any passive income and it’s not helping my life. Whereas investing in passive income really does and so what I love is about those assets that pay for themselves and extra no matter what’s changing in your life. If you don’t really well, you can buy more of them, but if things go badly, they’re so. They’re paying for themselves so you don’t have to sell them and then they pay for your life as well. Searching the, because I was reading some crisis yesterday, writing a some of their clients, and I write a quote from Robert Kiyosaki am Warren Buffett and both of them basically said that in. It’s not truly an asset unless it’s providing you the passive income and I never thought about that, but those guys have gone through so many cycles now.

Good and bad. That the only thing that you can actually control these be man in passive income you have coming through for life. Yeah. And so moving forward, I’ll continue to focus on that. I can, I focused on it in the past then kind of lost track of it, but now I’ll be focusing on moving forward. So what’s your next one? Um, a family. She, because it has been the most productive year of my life from an output in a results perspective. Like this year I’ve moved times. I’ve renovated my home, I’ve done my first subdivision project, sold one the piece of land build a house and a granny flat on another one. So three or four properties this year as well. So the business moved offices in the business three times. Like it’s been a fucking crazy chaotic year. Like I live with my inlaws for four months while I renovated the house.

Just so much shit has gone down. Um, you know, I’ve just realized that in one year you can do so much more than you think you can. And the thing that’s funny about this is opened up my notes on my phone, which I haven’t looked at since February and every single one of the goals that I set at the front of the year, like are you talking about intention setting in the video we just did. I set the intention at the start of the unit. All of those projects would happen like there’s nothing that we did that I didn’t have on my goals this year and next year I’m just going to be a bit more aware of that and maybe just a little bit less, but you can do so much more than you expect in one year and over five years your entire life can transform.

And I never want to acknowledge the power of that. Again. Like so much can change in a short period of time for the better. If you’re focused and you work your plan and I think I’m going to bounce off that as well with the idea that you don’t need to be financially free to change your life. And this idea that we came up with this year of buying foundational properties and those properties will eventually go on to pay themselves off and make you financially free. That’s just like, whoa. That blew my mind, man. I wish you had thought of it 10 years ago. The thing is, we talked about it years ago when I. I remember being on the phone to you and you freaking it out however you want to your session. One of our therapy sessions talking about investing and I’m like, okay, let’s just stop.

If you look at your portfolio, is it going to do what it needs to do? Like is it going to pay itself off? You’re like, yes. Once it pays itself off where you have enough income to be financially free, like, yes, do you need that money now? You’re like, no. I’m like, okay, well you’re going to get there. It’s gonna happen eventually. Anyway, and that was the light bulb moment, but then it took us another six or 12 months before we’re able to communicate that to be acquiring the properties is the key step properties that pay for themselves. And that can pay themselves off and then those properties go on to create financial freedom for you. So it’s not this 15 years long of trying to get to financial freedom. It’s a couple of years of working diligently, saving like a madman or mad woman and buying those foundational properties and then they can pay themselves off and then you’re afraid to get on live your life.

It’s a powerful man. Like it is the most powerful concept that I’ve honestly ever heard of in the property space. Like you need to change the way that I think about everything and it takes so much pressure off. Like I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself in the past to get the financial freedom, but I didn’t have this strategy where I can go buy the houses and the granny flats and just allow them to pay themselves off while I lived my life and enjoyed it. Knowing that I will get to where I wanted to base. I’m very empowered. Many, you wouldn’t have to work in a job you hate for 15 years or anything like that. And so exciting. Talking to Simon and hearing about clients have pumped on property that this is really resonating with them. They’re buying their properties or they bought them and then they’re gonna change their lives.

They’re going to finish that job they hate or they’re going to move to the sunshine coast or the just exciting things that are going to be doing. So yeah, another one for me was creating a plane and then working that plan and that’s been a huge and powerful lesson for me. Like I’m really good at setting goals and then reviewing those goals and working towards them. And this year I really set some big goals at the start of the year. Had absolutely no idea how I can achieve them or what I was gonna do, but I’ve, you know, I’ve looking back now, I’ve worked pretty hard to achieve that and I’m proud of that work. I just, like I said, looking forward to next year, we’ll probably take the foot off the gas a little bit from that perspective. My next learning is that I think business is the shortcut to wealth.

I think when you’re investing in property, you’re looking at a 10, 15 year plan in order to achieve financial freedom business. Although business can be risky, can be the ticket to faster financial freedom and faster world. So I achieve financial freedom through my businesses at $28 with not many assets in my name and not in a hectic net worth position. And now because some businesses have gone backwards as well as income’s gone up, I’m not financially free anymore, but through business, uh, I think I’ll be able to achieve financial freedom within the next year. So like by the end of 2019, I think I’ll be financially free again because of business, which is crazy when you think about it. Twelve months now. Business isn’t for anyone more everyone, everyone, um, it, it is way more stressful because you’re living and dying on your own sword every single day. And without the right skillsets, like, it’s crazy to think that you can do what you do.

You know, not many people have that online marketing skill set that you do, which is the most powerful way to build a passive income. So not many people have worked at it for 15 years to get out. So the other thing put in the time, you know what I mean? And, and that is, you know, it really is a, you know, that’s just very fun recording, like it’s a five to 15 year journey towards that. Your financial freedom. Now that’s true, but it’s only been invested in property and no one’s taken me 15 years anyway. It probably took me 10 years through business. It’s, it’s so cool that you’ve got that goal and that ability and I think it’s something that you learned right, and someone else who got and learn as well, but I think business as well, not only can it give you passive income through like I have online passive income businesses or you can hire other people to work in your businesses so they can be fairly passive.

But also business has the ability to create excessive wealth. So you can earn more than $100,000 a year. You can have the potential to earn 200, 300, $500,000,000 a year through a business. And then I can see ways to grow my business, whereas when you enter job and obviously you can move up the corporate hierarchy, but you kind of a cat or if you’re in the same job, you might get a three to five percent pay rise per year. Whereas in a business because you do live or die off your own sword, you can grow that business and you can get excessive amounts of money which you can then use to invest in property and grow your wealth. Again, I remember when I first started my business, I had this one month where I am, you know what it would take me to earn effectively in my old job in which a year after I figured it out and I was just like, Holy Shit.

Like this is. They take it and you’re completely right. Like it can exponentially spread out where you’re at. Alternatively, if you’re on the other side of it, you could potentially work a business two days a week and more than you could in a year anyway from working at smart because 100 percent of the money is ending up in your pocket, not someone else’s or even doing a side business, so people who have jobs rather than trying to earn more money through their job or maybe that’s not possible. You can start a side business and an extra $500 per month or a thousand dollars per month if you work on that on the side and that can be your ticket out of the job that you hate and then once you’re working full time in that business, then you can focus on trying to grow your problem property portfolio.

That’s the path that I talk. Worked full time business hustle on the side. Once that hustle was earning some money, I moved across into a full time, was able to make full time income out of A. I love that man, and this is a big lesson I’ve learned is year, which is, you know, no matter how much you’re earning in your life or your business, you need to invest in assets that produce income outside of that. And I’ve been made very, very aware that recently, um, obviously we’re, you know, market conditions changing as well. It’s had an impact on my business and from that perspective it’s enabled me to just start thinking about things like, one thing I’m so grateful for is that I’ve moved profit out of my business since I started it into assets that produce income, same as you like on property is one income source of yours, but you’ve got multiple other sources of income that you’ve set up as well.

And it, it is still stressful when your core piece of income, regardless of how little or how much you make is reduced. But it’s just amazing to have like these structures in the background that are supportive of that. So more than ever before. Now, same as Ryan, like I’m this very, very focused on producing the actual passive income that I want for life. That’s not just going to look after my baseline living costs, which I’ve done, but you know, provide myself in a position within a couple of years time where I literally never have to work again. If I don’t want to, to the point where I can have the lifestyle that I want to leave at the same time and I’m just like laser focused on that. Now.

That’s what I want to do and I think getting to that point where you not only have enough income to cover your baseline financial freedom, but you have extra income, extra passive income. Then your expenses are covered, but you’ve got extra income to invest and then it exponentially grows whether you work or not because you’re. You’re earning too much that you need to live off that you continually investing and that’s something that I want to do in 2019 that I didn’t do in 2018. I didn’t invest in income producing assets. And so in 2019 I’m going to go ahead and do that. And whether you guys start big with that and do it with a property or you start small and do it with shares or other smaller income producing assets. You. I think, yeah, getting that income producing assets. Okay. One hundred percent man. Mine. Next biggest financial learning was to just make budgeting automatic.

I struggled to budget for many years. Main Kelly tried so many different types of ways of budgeting the envelope system, doing everything in cash, having a daily budget of what I learned is making budgeting automatic, which is the case or as success. So what we did was basically wrote out our annual expenses are things like our bills, insurance, rent, all of that sort of stuff. And then basically each week when we would get paid automatically I had automatic transfers set up in my bank account and so money would go where it needs to go. So rent would get paid, money would be put aside for bills. Money will be put aside to pay off. Debt. Money would be put aside for saving. It would just all happen automatically. And then we would have a weekly budget that we would live off, so rather than trying to manage all the expenses in our

every expense other than our discretionary weekly money that we spent on groceries and clothes and things like that, every other expense was completely automated. And so although I think the only thing we had to focus on was we have this much money to live off within each week and we have to live within our means that’s so powerful and it’s something that I’ve made in religious habit of over the last seven years in my approach to budgeting is just understanding where my fixed costs are, earning more income and then paying myself first. Then I just have a set figure each week that I pay for future investing and savings. And I just think, you know, whether you do it Ryan’s way or mine, it’s the thing that changes your life, right? Like it’s the thing that gives you that buffer if you need it to make decisions in a bad time.

And it’s that thing that enables you to invest the surplus into income producing assets. Pay Yourself first is the one that I had next and that’s part of the automation is that you are paying yourself first so the money comes in and money that’s going towards investing or going towards paying off debt. It just happens automatically and then it’s done and so you’re moving towards your financial goals. You’re investing or you’re paying down debt naturally, and then the human mind is just so powerful. So if you give it a focus to only live off within a certain means, but you’re already investing automatically that so much better than saying, okay, try and live less than the money you have and invest what’s leftover because there’s never anything leftover. Yeah, I mean humans have lived that. Life will take me as much as we possibly can unless you’re.

My last one is something that I’ve really picked up particularly in the last couple of months is, you know, as someone like on the outside that probably to a lot of paper would be like a, you know, businesses, families, property, stuff like that is aspirational to a lot of people that are just getting started. But the reality is is we all go through stuff and this year it’s been a really challenging year for my mental health. I just, I’ve had to deal with some anxiety this year and that just being really open with people like. And it’s something that I didn’t even realize was a real thing. Like I was at mental health, that slide, you know, that’s other people, what do they delve into that. But this year it just caught me by surprise and I, you know, no matter how much stuff I was achieving or how good my life looked like on the outside, to me it was just, you know, probably years and years of overwork and just, you know, like overworking and just the stuff that comes in life.

And it kind of caught me by surprise in what I’ve realized by like going through that journey and getting myself in such a better physical space, mental space, like spiritual space is I now have this underlying confidence that I had years ago when I was just getting started, which is I trust and have faith that everything is going to be sweet. And that is a huge, powerful thing that you can draw on. That’s true because so much of our relationship has been me saying that to you the last couple of months has been using that to me because appreciated it so much. To be like, dude, everything is going to be right. We can do this. It’s going to be good. I’m like, okay, okay. Stress less. There’s so many years. I probably had undiagnosed anxiety and like you said before, like Ryan was pretty much my counselor. I bring him up at least once a week talking about either business challenge or personal challenge which were just in my head like they were stories that weren’t even real and sometimes they were, they become real like these.

She’s been a challenging year from a couple of different aspects for both of us. But I just, I had this faith that everything’s going to work out and that is what I had when I was younger. I just knew that everything would be cool and I wish that I hadn’t been able to acknowledge that that was the missing thing. And you’ve had that for so long and I feel like the last couple of weeks for you it started to like cool, like if like, you know what I mean, like we’re both on the outward journey back in the groove again and it’s just, you know, no one talks about this stuff, especially when it’s supposed to be nobody lessons, financial lessons, but you know, the reality is we all go through stuff and I just, I know next year and the year after and the future is going to be amazing because I fucking known now that no matter what hardship I go through, I’m resilient and I can overcome it and I’ve got a much better set of tools in my belt now to actually work through this stuff as it comes up to like I addressed it head on as opposed to running away from it or burying it or pretending it’s not a real thing.

And my last one, which is kind of boring on your inspirational one, was that idea of keeping your expenses low. So just hadn’t really focused on budgeting and expenses until about halfway through this year. And even then I wasn’t focused on, okay, what can I cut out of my life? It was like live within your means, sure, but we could have been doing more and I could’ve been doing more. And now it’s about keeping your expenses low because yes, I do have that faith that everything will be okay, but then I also have control that I can make decisions today to spend less so that I can invest more so that I have that buffer of passive income and have that buffer of investments. When things do go wrong in life, they’ll support me. So while things are going good, I’ll spend less and invest and I’ll prepare for when things aren’t going well.

So yeah, lowering my expenses and really focusing on that. I love that. Like living in the cloud and trusting that it’s all going to be cool and setting good intentions is one thing. Doing the fucking work and budgeting is the other thing. And we both, we both had practical, like more practical than aspirational, that’s for sure. Yeah. You, you believe that everything’s gonna work out, but then do the work. Then you work your ass off to make sure that it does work. Yeah, and if it doesn’t then you’ll find another way. Yeah. There’s always another way. Say you know, I’m stoked to be talking about this stuff man. It’s been a crazy calling either both of us in so many ways and

I can’t wait for just the cool stuff we’re going to put out there next year like it feels like. Yeah, I know. Just back to doing really good quality stuff. Twenty 19. It’s going to be a year to move forward both for us in our finances as well as in our happiness in our life and the value that we bring to you guys and we hope that your 2019 will hold a lot of the same things. So hopefully you can take some of these learnings from 2018 things that we’ve learned like passive income assets, a key focusing on that or like ben creating a plan, having those goals. Take some of these ideas as your own and use them into 2019 moving forward so you can have one of your best years ever, but get to the end of 2019 and be closer to your goal of financial freedom.

That’s. Yeah, that’s what I want for you guys. I think ben does too. Now. I think everyone should be better next year. You know what I mean? Yeah. So while you’re here guys, go ahead and check out the video that we did on how to create an investment strategy for 2019. So if you don’t have an investment strategy yet, if you don’t have goals or plans between 19, that video is an awesome one to check out. I’ll also leave it in the links down below. Thanks so much for tuning in today, everyone. Until next time, stay positive.

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