What Percentage (%) Of Australians Own Investment Property? (Ep269)

What percentage of Australians own investment property? Just 7.9% of Australians own investment property with most owning just 1 property. How many own 6 or more?

What percentage of Australians own investment property? This is a great question to ask to understand how may of us in Australia have actually gone out and purchased investment property and is starting to move towards financial freedom, financial security and the independence that comes with owning rental properties. Well, the answer to the question is that 7.9% of Australians or 1,764,924 people owned investment property. And this data is from RP Data and the Census Data from 2011.  So, 7.9% of the Australian population own at least one investment property. Well, how many Australians actually own more than one investment property? Well, let’s have a look at that in more detail.

Well, let’s look at people who own just one investment property. And so, this isn’t including your own house. None of these figures are including your principal place of residence. This is looking at people who own rental properties only. So, people who owned one, they were 72.8% of all investors. So 72.8% of that 1.7 million people own just one house and 5.75% of the Australian population own just one investment property. 18% of investors and 1.42% of the Australian population owned two properties. 5.5% of investors or 0.43% of Australians owned three properties. 2% of investors or 0.16% of Australians owned four investment properties. 0.8% of investors or 0.065% of Australians owned 5 investment properties. And then 0.9% of investors and 0.068% of Australians owned six or more investment properties.

So, this means of the 1.7 million people who had invested in property, only less than a percent or those own six or more properties. And of all the Australians, that were there in 2011. So, in this case, it was about 22.34 million, 0.068% of them owned six or more investment properties. That’s such a small portion of the populati on. So that’s 680 people out of 1 million people that owned six or more investment properties in Australia.

So I hope that answers your question, “What percentage of Australians own investment properties?” You know, those statistics can be scary and we can see that only 7.9% of people own any sort of investment property and that 0.068% own six or more. We can see that to say, “Well, probably investing is really hard and not many people can do it.” Or we can look at that and say, “Look, I want to be part of 0.068% or those 680 people out of a million that own six or more properties. So we can take this as a challenge. Go out there, try and grow our property portfolio and become successful in property.

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So, until next time, stay positive.

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