Property and Life Update 2020: Ryan McLean and Ben Everingham

2020 is a really exciting year for us and we want to get back to our roots today with a conversational style video about what we are excited for in property and life in 2020.

1:10 – We are so excited about this year
1:52 – For Ryan last year was a year of survival
3:00 – What got you through the hard times last year
5:55 – Using data to make great decisions for your future
6:45 – Relationships are so important, but sometimes they can be tough
9:10 – Our values have shifted away from working crazy hours
10:45 – Exciting content coming this year
11:47 – Becoming more real, honest and self centred in our approach to property
14:25 – Ben is looking to buy more property this year
15:20 – Ryan is growing his income and paying off debt


Ryan 0:00
2020 is now well and truly here and this is a really exciting year for us for both me and ben and we had a pretty tough year for the last couple of years and so we’re really excited about that we kind of wanted to get back to our roots today and get back to this conversational style video with you out there talking about what we’re excited about in life what we’re excited about for this year so less of a property related one though obviously we’ll be touching on property stuff and the market but more just just chilling and having fun again

Ben 0:36
finally i’m so psyched to be back on content with you man and it’s great to catch up with y’all you guys i know it’s been a while between drinks this time but um we should be hanging out much more often and talking about real cool stuff and giving you guys heaps of good ideas again this year as well

Ryan 0:52
so here we are on the beach we’re here just to have a bit of a quick swim it’s quite hot today but we’ve just been catching up talking about life talking about what we’re excited about for the year and we kind of wanted to extend that energy towards you guys and for everyone to get excited about the year because i definitely think last year we both had our struggles and trials but i feel like we’ve come through that a lot stronger and now i know we’re bringing a lot of energy to the new year a lot of excitement there’s gonna be a lot of cool content coming we’ve got a bunch of ideas

Ben 1:24
i just feel so different about this year like you and i just had probably the best catch out we’ve had any year and it wasn’t the best cash out we’ve ever had i just you know we both went through some stuff and it’s just a new decade and new time to restart and i’m just so excited to be back on camera with you man like i’ve been listening it’s been too long it’s gonna be fun i think today it’s just more of a catch up and then we’ll get deep deep deep into property content again this year as well

Ryan 1:50
yeah so for me last year was really you have survival so i went through a bunch of hard stuff last year went through like a separation the year before and then had a bunch of debt and financial difficulties and got to a bunch of points where i was just like oh my god how am i going to get out of this how am i going to survive and just really got a strategy around the middle of last year how to get myself out of this situation how to grow my income through business and have been diligently working on that caught all expenses that i could cut but but it’s less of a i’m going to be pulled forever and i need to live like a ballpark and more just like cash flow is going to be tight in the short term so i can set myself up for the future in the next you know 12 to 1824 months and so i feel like last year was the year of survival this year is the year of growth and then next year will be your success i can’t write my name for next year but yeah so i’m really excited about the year i’m really excited to continue growing

Ben 2:58
with you what’s getting stuck fishy man like what’s what’s changed for you and how did you get through that time because a lot of people watching this go through bumps and bruises like we’re doing ups and downs

Ryan 3:08
everyone’s life is smooth and

Ben 3:11
everyone’s laughs oh yeah

Ryan 3:14
yeah that’s how long it goes right this often we’re talking earlier about some of the youtube hater comments that we get like cuz i’m pretty raw and open about my life and the downtime just give out brian

Ben 3:27
just give out man you know that’s it right

Ryan 3:30
okay thank you mister youtube commenter i’m just gonna give up on life now i know we’re getting through it was just i think like the people that you have around you just like self belief as well i don’t know i had some dark moments but then you just i’m a strong person and it’s like what choice what choice do i have

Ben 3:52
i’ve got kids who are a kids and then

Ryan 3:54
relying on me and it’s like well what what choice do i have and what are the skills and abilities that i have to do this and i had to create my own way out of my situation so normal person probably would have just gone and got a job and for me it was like i looked at the data of my business and i saw an opportunity to grow my passive income and i was like versus short term is going to make me nothing and for the last six months you know probably hasn’t made me a great deal but long term this is going to lead to success and i’ve probably grown my passive income by you know

Ben 4:28
10 to 15 grand in the last six months you’re one of the only people that i’ve ever met that can even in a full blown fire see the bigger picture of where you want to be and not trade what you want most for what you want in this moment it’s impressive bro i don’t think i have the stomach to go through what you went through last year and not just go getting a well paying job

Ryan 4:49
yeah well so i got a crappy paying job i work at a cafe like three days a week just in the morning so i work in the mornings and then in the afternoons i’ll go home and work on the business so i’m kind of doing like 5060 hours a week at the moment here’s my like arms a solo from someone typing

Ben 5:06
he’s wearing this like one of those things could like the tennis elbow but it’s like keyboard elbow

Ryan 5:11
yeah so i think

Ben 5:12
yeah i looked at my future and i could see the future and i believed in myself and my ability to create that future and went out into that which i think is what i think more people need that to be able to say here’s what i can see and with property you’ve kind of got to do that here’s the future that i believe i can see you’re not going to save for 15 years or however long it’s gonna be and saying that to people for 10 years now like you know just trust me if i invest in these assets in sydney back in 2011 or like started to buy in brisbane in the last few years like i can see what it will be based on history and time but it’s very very difficult for most people to sort of be able to accurately forecast the future but you said something epic off camera which is like great leaders are great entrepreneurs are great investors use data to make decisions and so people watching this mass sometimes be like what the hell are those guys talking to me out on but it’s kind of i use like hundreds of years worth of research and like an obsessive amount of research in the last 15 years to make better decisions for the next 10 and for me the gamble isn’t having a crack at investing in a couple of good properties and getting great cash flow and growth it’s not having a crack and what that life looks like if i don’t create a passive income before i’m 40 or 50 or whatever it is

Ryan 6:30
yeah so i think yeah last year was a lot of work and then this year it’s more about still working hard but rekindling those relationships and you know life is boring when it’s by itself pretty lonely

Ben 6:44
so much fun to create content with you man like we both been creating content in our offices and doing our thing as you guys know but you know we’re both better when there’s someone to bounce off that’s for sure

Ryan 6:55
yeah and so and i think that’s kind of come through in our content as well we just missed each other we had some fights last year but we just went through a lot of stress last year it was nothing personal it was just like

Ben 7:10
yeah like you know long term relationships whether they’re business or personal life had bumps in them as well as i’m saying every night i’m married at first sight at the moment with my wife and i think you know for me last year was an incredible year but also tricky like i tried some new stuff last year i tried a different investment strategy through property which was short term accommodation which was going well and then it wasn’t and nowadays again in in a way that i’ll explain in the future like i’ll my sister had her first baby which is beautiful but you know i thought my sister working for me was one person actually found out she was doing like three people’s jobs when she left and we’re a bit understaffed after 2008 as the market correcting i let go of a couple of people out of necessity but then 2019 bounce back really strongly and we had all of these people coming to work with us and i had to keep saying no to people for the entire year and taking on seven clients a month when 20 people want to work with you is that really hard and then and then we got young kids and renovations and all this stuff just i think you know i definitely took out a bit of that stuff on this relationship and others in my life and now i’m like what the hell was i thinking man like you know so you come full circle i

Ryan 8:26
think we’ve worked together long enough that we know each other well enough yeah we can just let the person do their thing for a bit it’s just like okay they’re in that headspace you know let’s just leave them

Ben 8:39
yeah well let them survive out there on their own will still work together

Ryan 8:43
we’ll still do our thing but you know they’ll come back and we always do and reconnect which is really good like we’ve been in a business relationship now for i think about six years

Ben 8:53
yeah i remember doing the very first podcast when i was working with someone else before i’d even thought about starting this type of business with you and you know this is the crazy thing about life right like you don’t know what’s coming next but you adjust to the situations and i you know saying off camera like all the saying like how three four or five years ago i could happily work 80 hours a week and take on the 20 clients when i only had capacity to do seven and just now my values have shifted to i want choices like i want the choice to do the meaningful work and help incredible people but i want more time with my family like i’m more in tune with my mental and physical health so i want to look after myself i want friendships around me that are meaningful and like the feeling and you know it’s just this is me getting time to do that

Ryan 9:43
as well rather than just diving into hustle mode fully 100 hours a week and burning

Ben 9:48
yourself out you know hustle mode works when you starting a business but i think as you grow as a person you know other things become important as well as like helping people and that’s cool you know i think to get me excited about these years the fact that we’ve finally got a complete team at pumped on property again like we’ve only been limiting the number of people who have taken on at the start of the year but we’ve got space and like a quality trained up team as well like i’m excited to be doing this content with you again

Ryan 10:17
because if you look at pumped on property free strategy sessions have been booked a month in advance for the last you know 12 months so people just haven’t been able to book strategy sessions to get clear on their goals and to get clear on where they want so it’s really exciting that that capacity is going to open up in the near future when it comes to content as well we’ve got some really good ideas to bring real tangible value to you both in the micro nuances of property and so you know inspecting

Ben 10:47
each shiny geek out and then ryan trying to keep me up to level

Ryan 10:51
like so much stuff on like inspecting properties and doing research and then ben’s really good at like big picture and data but then also bringing i guess some more sensitiveness to this as well and to bring in a more balanced life as we get older as we get to know ourselves better as we have a few battle scars to then bring in the

Ben 11:12
yeah as selves like i’ve got all this stuff pouring out of me now which sounds really weird but the last couple of years it’s nothing contagious you know like i have found that i’ve gone through so much growth in the last couple days

Ryan 11:37
you’re gonna grow

Ben 11:43
why you know why i found this it’s like this lighten energy like i was at yoga on monday night just checking in with myself and that the lady at the front the instructor like to this quote from rami and i was saying it to you it’s like you know like take your mask off you are gorgeous and it’s kind of like thank you and like you know that’s where i’m at like i just i want to be 100% truthful in myself and follow that and know that that changes and like just have fun talking about the stuff that’s interesting to me now which is property for sure business for sure personal development but also health looking after myself being a good dad like managing anxiety and stresses in life and investing to financial freedom like as opposed to just being like you know let’s bang out another you know straight property video which i sort of did in 2019 i’m sorry

Ryan 12:38
yeah i was just looking back on some of my old ones and they’re not really who i am anymore

Ben 12:42
you know i think m&m when he did recovery albums like you know sorry for the last two albums i put out i’m not going back to that promise and i’m sort of having a recovery moment now and let i’m gonna produce in good shape this year and just being the fluffy and guys as well

Ryan 12:56
and that’s the thing i think something that we offer that’s unique to this market and you need to you and everyone listening is that we’re not the property stiffs we’re not the guys in suits we’re not the people who will tell you that you can make $100,000 in two weeks if you just follow this simple strategy it’s like no we’re it can be simple it’s not easy but you can have a simple strategy but it does take hard work it does take discipline but then also we’re cruzi we love life like we’re at the beach and we go swimming looks a bit weighty but it’ll be alright and this is it we’re here to enjoy life we’re here to enjoy the journey towards financial freedom and we’re here to property investing should be enjoyable

Ben 13:38
i want to say like i feel like a lot of the content that i was following i’m not as interested in anymore because on over one dimensional people like i know that life is filled with ups and downs like i know that there’s some periods that you just so in flow and some periods where there’s high stress and relationships aren’t always perfect like time isn’t always perfect the market isn’t always perfect and these things happen and i watched the one dimensional content where people are just putting on a facade and everything’s always false and good and it’s like i hope you guys can appreciate at least me and ron coming from that angle where i want to talk about all the other shit going on in life because the more that i’ve figured out each of these pieces the more my entire life has improved and you

Ryan 14:24
know like and you also become better as an investor once you get your life i’m in

Ben 14:29
control as well you can see things from new angles and have creative outlooks and like this year for example like two days ago i just put my name on my team’s board and they’re gonna help me find some properties like because i’ve rebuilt my energy because i’m excited

Ryan 14:44
that’s a very important client

Ben 14:47
yeah well i was writing the notes so this is so funny what do you want i’m like exactly this and he’s like client challenges beautiful high touch happy to have a go And I’m like, happy man. But it’s like funny because like, I’m a highly painful client because I want so much out of my investments. But like now that I’ve got this little bit of time, like, I’m freaking excited to buy some more properties this year, I’m excited through them with you and show people. I’m excited next year to buy one or two for you. Like, you know, I

Ryan 15:18
think next year, this year will be for me growing the business paying off debt. And then hopefully next year, we’ll be doing a lot of like, how to content as I go through the journey, you buying my companies, step by step how to do that getting granular with that, which is something I’m really good at taking things that are quite complicated and making them simple. So going through that and sharing that journey will be heaps of fun.

Ben 15:41
I think that’s what I’ve been missing actually, in the last seven months since you’ve been filming, like my mind is quite future focused and complicated in ways in the sense that I’m always thinking about different things and you help me as well as everyone else online like simplify those thoughts into Okay, just do this and that those are your two core things to work on this one thing a book I read recently, it’s called the one thing and it’s got me thinking differently so yeah, I just can’t wait to be on the journey with you man. Like I can’t wait to document our year and share the cool stuff we’re going through and without a doubt there’ll be like ups and downs but you know, just being open with you guys on that sheet and

Ryan 16:18
this year, it’s gonna be a good year. I think there’s a lot of positive stuff

Ben 16:22
happening in the year

there’s also

Ryan 16:25
positive stuff happening in allies a lot of positive stuff happening in the market.

Ben 16:28
Market forgets I think daycare or should we wait, maybe we’ll do that in

Ryan 16:33
the next video. So we’ll leave this here if you guys want to check out Ben geeking out about what the markets at the moment it will probably be post swim because I’m sweating it up. Go ahead, click on that video. Have a watch of that. We wish you the best. Until next time, stay positive

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