Property Goal Setting in 2018 (Ep484)

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In this laid back podcast episode Ben and I look back on 2017 and look at our goals for 2018 and give some tips on property goal setting.



Alright, welcome to on-property 2018. I’m really excited to share this podcast episode that I recorded with Ben Everingham, my buyer’s agent of choice and good friend, and we just sat down for about half an hour, 40 minutes and talked about 2017, how that went as well as goals for 2018 and provided you guys with some tips about how to set goals as well. This is a really laid back podcast episode, new format that we’re trying this year in 2018, just one of the, you know ahead of time that there is some swearing in this episode. So if you have little ones in the car you may want to skip over this one and listened to it another time. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Hey guys, Ryan here from on-property Dotcom. Value helping you find positive cashflow property. And welcome to our inaugural podcast episode for 2018. I got with me Ben,

every hand you excited about this year. Thanks. Okay, so this is. We’re doing something a bit different this year. We’ve got to mix things up

and so what we’re going to be doing is recording some audio only podcast where we can be a bit more casual with you guys, just kind of

chat, get up to our antiques,

but also talk about property in like a really fun but really approachable way, so pretty pumped to be doing this. Pretty excited because I just love hanging out with him.

Fan. Anyway, he’s my work wife and so in this episode

want to talk about setting goals for 2018, so we’ll kind of recap what we did in

2017 and some of the crazy things we got up to and then what we’ll do

looking forward to in 2018 both personally and in terms of property and then I’m talking about how does that goals and where people make mistakes as well.

It’s so funny man, like I can’t believe life. Just starting to think about things that we both did last year. So much has changed in how much chaos he traded him last year as well and it’s cool to be full circle. You tick off some of the, like you’ll be things from last year. Um, the first thing that comes to mind last year was my horror story, San Ramo property fully figured out, you say that happens now, but um, that was where my tenants on my house on the central coast burnt down my granny flat and then now as a full blame, um, New South Wales police force investigation because they found the granny flat was actually a less narcotics lab where like literally hundreds of kilos of ice are being manufactured apparently. Um, and so yeah, the end of the year I wasn’t really the ideal tenants who want to have in your property.

Yeah. So I got that call in about July and um, ended up getting that process, which is crazy life light and so much about insurance. So much about renovating. Had a budget of 50 grand for the renovation. It costs us 95. I ended up selling the property. Um, did he ever restore the granny flat or do they just burned down? So you just turn it into grass? We actually just turn it into grass, like I’m busy because myself, um, but yeah, that was the granny flat story and that was a hell of an experience to go through. But we sold that property. I’m made 350 grand on it in the five years that we owned it and I’m happy that I’m not buying on the central coast. Right. Um, but it doesn’t matter where you are in because this stuff happens. I think some of the other big things that come to mind is that my wife and I spent 2016 planning to move into our dream home, which is a waterfront property. I think we’ve done ourselves. And I think I’ll walk you through it like three times during construction to check it. And everyone I knew because I was so stoked with it live there for 10 months

it was, this is such a funny story because he, his wife puts on instagram live instagram stories and she’s put on instagram. So I just found this amazing house like I’m pretty sure, like I got Ben on board, we’re going to be moving. And so then I go ahead and takes band. I’m like, dude, I heard you found like a new place. I, congratulations. Here’s what he told me that this. He’s like, no, I’ll tell her she’s driving. And then I think I wrote back. I’m like, yeah, you say that now, but you’ll be texting me in like two weeks saying like, you just bought a house and I think it was six weeks later I got the text and it’s like, yeah, we bought it in four weeks or something.

Yeah, like Tracy did not say that on the cards, but so excited now like epic property for the kids in closer to the beach and stuff and the lifestyle that we want. So that waterfront property is being rented. But we’ll probably sell it. Our neighbor just float his for a good profit. So I think we’ll probably need that one on later this year as well.

Yeah, I actually went in there by accident coming here to go to his house. I’m pretty sure it’s there because you’re like addresses and then Google maps. Even this one because it’s like new build bill or whatever. And so I was like, Oh yeah, I’ll look on the map, found it, went there, went to the old place. I was like, oh wait, this is the wrong spot. Looks

some of the other big things that happened for me last year when we found out we were having a little bit oven. We had him on the 27th of December, which was tracy and Co, like anyone that’s been apparent now is that it’s full on for the first couple of months. Um, so we’re going through that at the moment and um, bought a splitter block at the end of last year, which I’m may decline and doing, which we’re going to check her. She will lock on and that’s going to be like by far the best return I’ve ever had on an investment. I think it’s sitting at like nine and a half percent rental yield which will be sick. And there was a good chunk of cash made on the way to. So that sort of like the property related stuff. And then business wise, like a hell of a year. My brother started with me, my mom and I built like a property management business, which we’ve now decided to sell at this stage. And um, yeah, we, we helped 150 people by about 70 or 80 million bucks where the property. So it was a huge, crazy, crazy.

My year was crazy too when I’m looking at where we are now and where I was like just one year ago. So we’re recording this in January 2018, so January 2017 I was still living on the gold coast, do another van, so he hadn’t even moved into the vignette. So we had bought a sprinter van, like a big Mercedes sprinter, did that up over the course of about five or six months, moved into it in March of 2017. So I got three kids so we were homeschooling to kids as we’re traveling in the van and our plan was to do it for like at least six months and go from Sydney up until cans. And like since day one when we got in the van, it just fucking rain.

It just seemed like, I’m not kidding, the highway between Brisbane and Sydney close twice within that two month period because of flooding like so like it just rained like crazy and Sydney were saying so many airbnbs because like three kids in a van in the rain was just terrible. And then we made it up to Byron and then the cycline that was up north here, like a low front at tweed heads and, and that all flooded, like it was just mayhem and so our six months turned into two months because I got pretty depressed during that time. It was pretty rough. It wasn’t the dream that we had thought it was. But on that trip we discovered we met someone and their child was in a Montessori school, like Montessori. What’s that? And so then we started reading about that and we’re like, oh my God, this sounds amazing.

And started looking into them and they’re all just like booked out years in advance and we found this one that had just opened up in Noosa like that year, that month basically, or one month ago. And so I call up the principal who just opened it and he’s just like this surfer dude. And he’s like, yeah, like I’m like, we’re coming up to noosa anyway. Can we meet you and see the school? He’s like, yeah, just come up. So I’ve met him. Kids love to do the trial day there and it was really good. And then we’re like, uh, yeah, let’s, let’s move here. So we moved out of our place on the gold coast and just had stuff in storage and so we did two months in the van and then moved to Noosa, move the kids into, into the school and then yeah, it was settling down with that.

So you know, I didn’t work a lot last year because I’m like, I call it pseudo financial freedom when our business generates enough income without having to work that I don’t need to do much, but it’s like pseudo financial freedom because eventually it will dry up. So I’m just. Yeah, I spent a lot of mornings going to the beach. Did you sleep in three or four places on the one case for that year as well? Like he’s me if so, I, so we throat like, yeah, so in the van then we go to short term rental for like four weeks and then we moved up to sunshine beach and we’re in that for like four months and then now we’re in like a house in which we absolutely love. So in terms of that, that was like a chaotic year and 2018, just super excited to get back down to helping people invest in property and creating more good content with you.

I’m excited about that too. We’ve got a bit slack parts of last year and I’m sorry, fair paypal that religiously follow this stuff, but it’s like actually excited to make content. So Ben’s apologizing when it’s completely my fault because I was just like, am I, we do some stuff here and there. Q and a session every now and then live strains, which are pretty cool. But um, yeah, so that was my fault. Sorry guys. But we’re getting back onto it and hopefully this is going to help you guys have an epic 2018. So let’s talk about what’s on the cards for us for 2018 and then we’ll give people some goal, setting tips, con the steaks and stuff like that. What is on the agenda for this year for me this year. So I’m going to be working a lot more in the business, so I currently have pseudo financial freedom, but I want to have real financial afraid and so this year will be more working on the business.

I’m building out income streams through that and building up enough money that we can go out and buy our own house. So that’ll be exciting. Uh, so want to do that. And then that’s kind of that in school and playing melee and just chilling, go on the beach. We want to do a bunch of holidays as well. But yeah, in terms of like goals, it’s kind of work more on the business, buy a house and then I’m learning a lot about cryptocurrency at the moment. So I’m rather waves. Yeah. Well it’s like dude, it’s like a fucking rollercoaster, like up, down, up, down. I think I put my money in and have lost a bit, but I haven’t put heaps in so I’m really excited. So I’m really excited about the technology. I like got into it because I saw the money and I was like, oh this is interesting.

But then as soon as you put a dollar into it, then you’re like, what is this? I’ve just spent so many hours researching at working out what it is. It’s so interesting. Well, they say that the technology is going to be as revolutionary as the Internet was. So blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is going to be as revolutionary as the Internet was. So if you go back to like early 1990 when no one had the internet and you’re looking at 2018 where you, you guys probably listening to this on your iphone or your android, you know, they’re just worlds apart. So it’ll be interesting to see what the next like 20, 30 years springs in

a friend of mine who I’ve told you about before, that’s made a lot of money in crypto. Like, hey sent you a message a couple of weeks before Christmas and he’s just like, I’m out. Um, that was the day that it came, went 26 k there will just crashed yesterday, like 30 percent or something in one day. So good on him. He was like, he’s average buy price is 200 bucks and he has been nonstop trading it now for, I don’t know, as long as it’s been around basically. But he, um, he was sound well. Okay. That’s all right. Can you edit? Well dammit, I’m now. He was, he was selling his bitcoin and here’s, that’s really just trying me out. I had luck of wicked point that I was trying to make as well. I can’t even remember what it is fully gone.

Even just like me being in the crypto space for like the last couple of weeks, it makes me realize I’m like not a crypto trader at all and I’m just like, I love that property generates income that’s so exciting about we’re properly when you’re just relying on like capital growth and like the market’s going roller coaster. It’s just, that just reminds me like why I love my business and why I love property and that’s like the income and the stability of that income. They don’t like to lose.

Definitely. And I suppose 2018 for me sort of coming back on track after, at least in my head for a moment. This is really about how you do it wrong. What happened there? I was looking at the window and I could say that what. And I was like I said it’s like 30 degrees today and just fully lost my train of thought. I’m sorry. Um, but yeah, like same as Ryan this year. I’m just very excited about the business and helping people, um, like continuing to do good work like we have been doing and then personally it’s just like de stressing, like last year was a hell of a lot of different stuff. So just um, property wise finishing this little subdivision project and maybe selling that waterfront place and potentially building a granny flat on one of the other properties and that sort of all I’m doing, I think I’m in consolidation now. If I can actually speak to that. Yeah, that’s fine. It’s fun to get to it, but I’m just consolidating a little bit and just, you know, going through that stage of the journey which is the tasteful just waiting stage I suppose.

Yeah, and we’ve got some pretty exciting content coming guys to share with you, like men, men want to help over 100 of you guys actually buy property this year and not just give you information, but ben is a buyer’s agent, runs a buyers agency, so actually walking people through from like day one to lie, actually settling on a property and owning a property. So really excited about that. Really excited about helping you guys get towards financial freedom. However that looks for you and whatever your financial goals are. I forgot to mention we may also be looking to buy a seven seater car this year.

Planning, planning on buying a car. Just the car, you know, one reason or another is this news. It’s just important to split. I’ve caught up with you and your partner weights back in and now he has to catch up with a new. I remember like she’s sitting there and going, we’re sort of talking about it just because you’ve got babies, it’s your fault for kids. So not just in the Yukon, it’s a loose plan. So back even the universe. Alright. So let’s talk about

goal setting for everyone else. So we obviously love goal setting and we always set goals for the year though as the years have gone on, my goals have become a bit. Yeah. But because we spend so much time helping people around property, we want to talk specifically about setting financial goals in property goals and as you know you do so many strategy sessions with people and like how, what percentage of sessions where people have like really clear goals of what they want to achieve.

Alright. I can honestly like this is no joke. Maybe one out of every 200 people I talked to comes in completely clear that date goes. Some people will come in and clear about that and maybe it goal or 12 month plans. I’m zero percent of people that I work with have a clear idea about a 15 year ago or if they do have an idea of where they want to be, they have no idea how to actually get there. So how important do you think goal setting is? Like the only reason I’m lucky enough to be in this position where we have this business and some properties is goal setting. Like yeah, you know, or sometimes setting goals and relentlessly achieving then as Ron and I’ve told you before is just equally as bad as not having goals that um, you know, in this instance having a clear idea of your next step plus a longer term plan and how you’re going to get there is life band and most powerful thing that changed my life. I love setting overland

ambitious goals. We need to my wife about this the other day and because we talking about like the goal of electronic buy a house, but then obviously like you throw like a 75

and like that could throw that plan out the window. And so we sit down and we liked it,

set our goals, set out budget, and then like

think about why your car and then it’s like, okay, so that, that goal changes. But then I’m like, oh, we’ll just shoot for it anyway. And if it happens it happens after you buy the house, buy the car, man, you anything from three years of talking together. I think I did a video like years ago. Should you like black house? I’ll have a baby is totally personal but personal decision. But I’m in the baby camp. You can never afford a child. You just do it anyway. You’re just doing it and then you just work it out.

But yeah, I’d like to set overly ambitious goals that are probably want to achieve, but I know I’ll work for and try for and then I’ll get pretty close to it, you know? Whereas Kelly, my wife, when we do that together, I didn’t realize I’ve just worked this out. But when we do that and like we’re not going to reach out a goal, she gets

really upset. Like it’s really hard for her. It’s like the way I set goals in the way she likes to do it is really

different. I like to set it at be ambitious and then like every month on tracking those goals, seeing how it’s going and adjusting it as well based on like the new information coming in. Whereas I think she would rather set a goal and then like it just like

to achieve it, whereas a little scatter brained than that,

I don’t know how I am actually. I’m probably in the middle of that lack Isa ridiculously challenging goals that I have no idea how I’m going to hit and I’ve just set one of those for this year for myself, which is to um, you know, wipe off a chunk of debt. But I used to do this in the past as well. Like regardless of my current position, I would set a goal of doing some tracy our stuff and then I would just figure out a way to happen or to make it happen after I’ve done it. Um, but these days I’m also super practical. I don’t know why I’ve become way more anal and detail orientated. Um, but I like getting them down there, but I think

setting goals with property, especially like if you’re in a position to buy already is so different to like those lofty goals. So like we talked about and the like stretch goals where it might be your business or it might be personal life or something like that. I think setting goals in property, at least from the people I’ve spoken to and like the experience I’ve had with it is like

more structured Kelly’s way. Ryan and I reckon we’ll be talking in December and you’ll have the car enhance. That’s, I’m just sounding it out there. That’s the dream. That’s. Yep.

Um, but yeah, so I think one of the big things when it comes to setting goals for yourself to everyone listening is like asking yourself why multiple times. And so a lot of, a lot of people will come and say, oh, I want to own 10 properties, or I want to have a portfolio worth 10 million or you know, I want to own like a whole block of 20 units. And it’s like, why? You know, you’ve got to ask those questions. It’s like, well I want to, I want to intend properties. It’s like, why? Well, I want to have lots of money. Well why do you want to have lots of money? Well I want to be able to do this. It’s like, okay, so is that your reason? Like you just want to be able to, you know, go to the mal dives from. I’m like that’s your goal and that’s the finances behind it and like getting, asking why really gets you clear on what it is you really want because you don’t actually want 10 properties. Like if you could have like the last song I have the money coming in without earning any properties, then you would do that. Like you would just have the money coming in and magically like mentioned crypto, magical incident mommy or something like, you know, then you would just do that. But

that’s obviously this person this morning actually, and I was telling you about this call I had with someone and they were buying their first property and they’re in a position where their friends owned a really nice time like close to the water on the sunshine coast, which obviously, you know, on most people’s bucket list that would be pretty if money was no object, like having a house on new salad would be pretty sick for nice people anywhere in the world. And so they go even though they hadn’t started to invest in any assets at all, was to buy an investment property in Airbnb so that they could come up and stay in it whenever they want it. And I sort of suggested to them that now jumping to lifestyle before that actually built a foundation that could allow them to lead that last sale whenever they wanted to.

And you know, I said, why not just hire the pin place on Airbnb once a year when you want to come up for two weeks and stay with you mate for Frey, invest. And then when the next cycle comes around, you know, knowing that prices up, they’re probably going to drop like that in the last cycle by 50 percent overnight. Jump jumping there and grab something that you paying fifty cents in the dollar foreign, you know, they took a step back and now kind of offended that I was crashing their drain on the goal. But it was me being like sort of pragmatic and going, you say you want these but that’s not what you really want. What you want is more choices. And to get those choices, that property in that strategy is not going to get you there in the shorter term. Shorter Term Bang, you know, 15 to 20 years started saying, well even if that’s what they do want,

you know they can jump straight to it and that’s going to be like a stretch financially. And if something goes wrong in their financial life, like they lose their jobs or something, then that dream and that property they bought, they’ll probably have to sell it probably in a downturn for fifty cents on the dollar, you know. Whereas if they can build up a property portfolio that can lead to them buying it or lead to them being able to afford to just have a place up there whenever they want to go. Then like you’re still achieving that dream but you’ve got this foundation as well behind you, which is probably just as in like there’s the dream and then you’ve got to have like the foundation to like actually achieved that dream and to hold onto it for longer than like a year, like

100 percent man. Like I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Like you and I’ve been talking about coming full circle or I’ve been talking about and you’ve been nodding, like having this concept where like the last probably 10 years it’s just been this crazy wave of experiences of working for other people. Learning skills are starting, things of buying property, of having families and getting married and traveling and where I’ve come back to her now is full nice. Where I started, which is like the reason I want to do stuff is supported by a future vision for myself. Which is a better life than today. And I think somewhere along all the business of my life, I got caught up in, you know, not necessarily chasing stuff that didn’t matter, but kind of like spending time chasing shit that doesn’t matter, like not material stuff, but just burning time on things that don’t add any true value and you help me say that massively in the last I’ve done that and coming back to like just wanting to spend time with my family traveling only a couple of really high quality assets in my own home.

Completely outright in the future. Just having a choice to like, do things without taking on massive debt, massive risk or just saying yes to things that aren’t in alignment anymore. It’s funny, like it takes a while to come back to that, but that’s kind of where I am. Yeah, it feels good actually. Well I didn’t even. Yeah, sometimes what you think you want isn’t necessarily what you want. Like you know, we bought and renovated and did the then and thought like we would love it if we didn’t kill. Loved renovating it. I found out I hate renovating. It is not like other tea at all. Um, so she enjoyed that experience but being not so much. And then when we lived in it, it didn’t quite work out because they’re like the rain, the sunny days are great days of that and then not having my own space and not being able to work, which I’ve discovered like I need.

Um, so obviously like what we thought at the start of 2017 our year will look like in our goals would be changed throughout the year, you know, but we could have just rented a van and saying, I don’t know where I was going with that point, but it’s like sometimes you think you want to own like an investment property in Noosa waterfront, one that you can go up, but really you want to go to Noosa once a year maybe, you know, maybe you get bored with it after again, they’re two years in a row and you want to check out something new. Yeah. And so maybe like that’s the goal. And so then you build up a property portfolio to support that or by building that foundation and that property portfolio, you’ve got the money to have flexibility there. The governor Noosa or don’t or the Maldives or gone to Fiji or just hanging out at home just chilling like whatever it is you want to do. So I think you mentioned something just then men which is around, you know, being brave enough to change your dream to meet drain. Like a lot of us Iceland journal lines in the sand. And I’m like, I’m not until I’ve hit this goal, like nothing is going to stop me now. I’m like, this isn’t really serving me. I’m changing some stuff up and for you to like spend like more time actually setting up to get in Van that actually

in it and they’re just like five, six months. So like get in the van and then we ended up half the don was in an airbnb because it’s just too hard. But yeah, that then still sitting out there. That’s a decision that you know, you can take anything, Tom, you want to get back in there and go take off, which is sick as well or don’t want to take it to the tip line options still now. But yeah, but that’s like a really good realization that I’ve had is that, you know, I thought coming into this podcast that we’ve been talking about setting goals for property, but then really like we realize like we knew this anyway, but like property is just a vehicle to get you to where you want to go and to get you to have the life that you want. Like we actually dream of like, well you probably do a dream of like property.

You spell it like that. For most people. It’s not the dream to like own hundreds and hundreds of properties. The dream is what the properties will deliver and so the properties are a way to get us to that dream will get us to that goal. And so we get clear on that. Then we can work our way back 100 percent, 100 percent and life. I do love property, but I don’t love houses. I love finding an opportunity and adding value to that opportunity and creating something from nothing. Once it’s created, it’s boring as hell. You know what I mean? So it’s 100 percent of it cool away. It just becomes like a line on your accounting book of this property that I own. Or then you get San Reno. Oh, you’re probably just going up in flames. This is interesting again, going to solve some problems again and here, but the reality is like when you’re starting out, it feels like a lot more than it really is and at some point or another life we’ve all got to remember that it is just in euros in a bank account.

Like what matters is people. What matters is the things that are important to us. And for me I’m like, that’s what I fully realize. Now it’s taken ages to come back to that. Yeah. So I think like, to kind of summarize that, it’s like get clear on your why. So rather than just starting with a goal of I wanna buy three properties this year, go, okay, well what’s actually my end goal, what do I want to achieve? And if that’s, you know, holidays or certain type of lifestyle or certain amount of income coming in, then work your way back from that and say, okay, I want to replace my job income of $100,000 a year through property so that I can do these things that I want to do. Then you can work your way back and you can say, okay, well where am I now at the start of 2018 and then what are the steps I need to take to get me a portfolio that will provide me with my dream?

And then it’s like, well, what’s the next step to get towards that? And that’s like, I feel like so many people get stuck on like the Noosa dream, you know? And they’re like, or they get stuck on 10 properties, you know, that big portfolio that they have to have and they forget to work back to what’s my next step. And so they spend this time focusing on I want to own 10 properties rather than I currently have non or I currently own one. The next step is to buy one more property. Okay, how can I move? How can I take that next step? What can I do to move towards that?

And once you’ve identified that next step, which can take a bit of time obsessing about that, like to me, you have to obsess about it to do better than average. Like it’s not via property and you’ll be on your way. Like it’s. I mean that’s what you can do. And that’s what I did in the past when I didn’t know the things that I now know. But now every time I buy a property I think about the opportunity cost of what I’m missing out on by buying the wrong property and that spend the most powerful thing I’ve ever learned. Because I now understand what an extra two percent per year on a million dollars over 30 years. It’s kind of Maine and it’s probably going to mean about one point two to one point 4 million bucks in your pocket. Like it’s scary how much money you can leave on the table by making an easier decision rather than spending the time off domain and browsing crap and actually physically developing that strategy, identifying the market, identifying a suburb, getting obsessed about one suburb as opposed to 10, and then making a really good decision. Once you have given yourself the time to know what you need to know.

Here’s the thing, once you get obsessive and you really start to know a market, then you can see the opportunities there, there life and that happens in the property market all the time. Someone likes has their new syndrome and they’re like, okay, I need to buy 10 properties. They just think and they’re like, okay, I’m going to buy the next one, and then they’d just go and real estate search all and just search for everything and like it’s so hard to find opportunities when you’re doing that and you’re so. You’re much more likely to get stung by Alex and unlock. Have a WHO’s like selling house and land packages with guaranteed rental income. You’re much more likely to get suckered into those sorts of deals than if you get obsessive about a certain suburb that you believe is going to do well and then learning about every property in that suburb that sold recently and every property that’s on the market, the real estate agents that are in that area and like if you’re following it every single day when one pops up and you’re like, oh shit, that’s cheap, but then you actually know that it’s a good deal.

It’s not just Fomo, fear of missing out on the market as a whole. You just know what’s good assumption

that like every single day I got a text message yesterday morning from an agent that I know. He’s like, mate, the place next to me is just come up. It wasn’t tracked in like the cops just keep telling of the tenants out of it. She bought his house. It’s got like water views on the Sunny Coast for $890,000. The agent that was an out of area agent that he put me in contact with was selling this extract and for 495 k, yeah. Um, I went and checked it out yesterday, like I’m not in the market, but he rung me because he lives next door and he knows that my wife and I, if we get it, I get to do a wicked job on the renovation and he’s like, you know, you could spend 50 grand on the Renno, a hundred grand on a reno and move the property says 700 to 7:50 tomorrow, immediately re listed.

So that’s just a smart of him because then his property goes up in value because the one next door is now better. And then if you sell through him, he’s going to get some calls from as well. Like he’s a smart guy and he’s the owner. I don’t pretend that life were best mates, but he brings me opportunities and I give him a sales commission and ivory to his home life. If everyone’s winning, then you know, it works out in the guy that bought the property that had the issues with it paid $170,000 for it nine years ago. So he’s making three educator sell at that price anyway. Woman look at you like you’re just happy to get rid of her, you know? Yeah. Sometimes it’s just like you want to sell and you just want to move on and have that stress out of your.

Yeah. So yeah. Other than is there anything else that we want to cover in this artist? Want everyone to know that I’m like really excited about producing some cool content this year and it is going to be a bit different from everything else that you hear in terms of just like, you know, people having a real focused agenda. Like there’ll be a lot of chat, a fair bit of banter, like a family of us giving each other a hard time, I think. Yeah. So don’t expect, you know, tv quality sort of stuff. This is more like pretend we’re hanging out with you in your living room, you know, we’ll just talk about it. How it is, how we feel, we’re good friends and hopefully that’ll come through as well and if you feel like you’re friends with us as well, like we want it to be like your pump to listen to this podcast so you’d see what I do that I’m like, you’re excited to listen to this podcast because this is something different than what’s out.

It’s not just us talking about stuff. It’s like I will buy another 80 million bucks worth of property this year and it’s not me talking about crap based on experiences that I had 35 years ago when everyone made money in property. It’s like dcs, what’s actually working right now? This is what’s not working. These are some challenges that need to be able to count days and the mistakes that are making this year again. Yeah. So if you want like how to buy 10 properties in 10 years, in 10 minutes, you know, or whatever. That made no sense at all. But yeah, if you want, if you want something like that then we’re not the people for you. But yeah, we’re going to tell it like it is this year. We’re going to have some fun doing it because you know what, if you’re gonna invest in property meds, we’ll have some fun because there’s a lot of effort. Takes a lot of time. So you may as well have some flights. Super stressful that it’s all good. Yeah. So anyway, we hope that that’s

been helpful. We are really looking forward to 2018. We set up a schedule where Ben’s coming to my house one day to record or one way to record. I’m going down to his the next way to record so we some videos are coming out and podcasts were coming out. We really exciting. Penn’s done a lot over on his youtube channel as well. A go and check him [email protected] And then you can check me [email protected] dot EU. I have no idea like why al

physicists names are almost identical. I really didn’t even know you’re a physicist when I right when I started that five years ago and probably it’s just funny because it’s like on property and then it popped up and I remember at one point you like, why don’t you check out some different business needs and you sent me said example. I love it. Thanks.

We made it through. So yeah, 2018 is going to be a good year. It’s gonna be. There’s gonna be a lot of opportunity and property as well. We’re excited to help people take advantage of some of that opportunity that’s out there. Move towards their financial freedom, you know, so they can buy a sentencing

about. Ryan said, pray buying the house and the stage. I’m putting 50 bucks. He buys a house. Second buys the house first because we’ll see how we go.

Alright guys, we’ll leave it there. I’m just yammering on and thanks so much for listening. So check ben out. Pumped on He’s done a lot of good stuff over there or you can check me [email protected] Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and if you can please leave us a review in itunes because you know, that helps expose this to more people. So if you want to share this with people, that’d be great. Show people. There’s these two dudes that were just chat about property and school fun, like not too serious and that’s something that your friends might be into. Then please share it with them. Um, yeah, that’s it from us. Till next time, stay positive. Do you have a Seinfeld?

Not for you next week, dammit. But by God.


You have a guys that ends our very first podcast episode or for 2018. We are planning on doing these about once a month, maybe once every two weeks. We’ll see how it goes. We’ve also got a bunch of videos in the work, so some really great content coming out for you guys this year to help you achieve your property goals and to move forward towards financial freedom. We’d love to know what you guys think about this episode. If you can please the time to head over to on-property dot com dot a u forward slash four eight four. So that’s this episode number 484. We’re getting close to that episode. Five hundred mark. I can’t believe it. Wow. It’s been such a ride. Really excited to be there, but head over to on-property Dotcom. Donahue forwards us for 84. Leave a comment. Let us know what you think about this episode.

Do you want to see more like this delight, like the laid back nature of it or do you prefer it when we’re a bit more formal so we’d love to hear what you guys want to think as well. We didn’t mention it in the episode, but Ben and his team do offer free strategy session, so if you want to invest in property in 2018 or whenever it is that you’re listening to this, but you need some help. You need some help getting clear on what to do, where to go or what your plan should be than a free strategy session is really made for you to help you get clear on your goals. Get clear on where you’re at, where you want to go, and the steps towards getting there, so if that sounds like it could be helpful to you, head over to on-property dot com dot a u four slash session and you can see all the details over there and you can go ahead and book your time with Ben or one of his team over there. So really excited to be offering those. Have helped so many people last year and we know that they’re going to help a lot of people this year as well. So yeah, on, forward slash session. Thanks so much for listening guys. Until next time, stay positive.

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