Property Investing With an Abundance Mindset

Investing in property can get really daunting and overwhelming, but if you can approach your property investing with an abundance mindset it gets way less stressful because you know there is another opportunity around the corner.

0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – How abundance manifests in property
4:22 – How abundance can help you avoid FOMO
7:20 – Abundance allows you learn from your mistakes to get a better deal next time
9:08 – Getting your deep values right around money
15:31 – Hang out with people who are already where you want to be
19:43 – How to have an abundant mindset when things aren’t going good
26:38 – The balance between pursuing your goals, and being disconnected from the outcome


Ryan 0:00
investing in property can get really daunting and really emotional but if you’re able to approach your property investing with an abundance mindset where you can see the world in abundance you can see investing in abundance and see the property market in abundance it gets way less stressful because you know there’s another opportunity around the corner and so i know ben everingham buyer’s agent from pumped on property has been able to do that with his portfolio as well as with clients he’s one of the very few people i know that i feel like lives a life of abundance in his mindset as well as in his life and so we thought we’d sit down today have a bit of a cruisee a chat around this idea of abundance in property just want to put a disclaimer out there that there’s quite a fair bit of swearing in this episode so if you’ve got kids in the car then you know maybe listen to this one when you’re by yourself so

Ben 0:54
sorry guys getting a bit excited different parts i don’t mean to put anyone off

Ryan 0:58
but it’s a awesome episode so i hope you enjoy

Ben 1:02
i remember a long time ago probably 15 years ago maybe longer i got that shows maybe 12 years ago that movie the secret someone gave it to me and that kind of put abundance in like a really negative way in my life like it was kind of a way of you know like when people think of abundance they’re like you’ve just got to you know wish for it you know what i mean and you’ve just got to put it out into the universe and i want people to know that you know that’s not what we’re really talking about today but it’s kind of part of it but not like it’s it’s cool to wish for things and it’s cool to hope for things and it’s cool to be positive and have affirmations but abundance is a deep feeling and a way of living every moment as opposed to like momentary you know i want the nice car i want the might the nice house and i’m going to manifest them into my life i’m doing absolutely nothing

Ryan 1:54
yeah and so one of the ways i guess abundance manifests in property just to kind of set this up is when you’re looking at a deal in property and you’re looking at a potential property that you want to purchase if you’re not living in abundance if you don’t understand that there’s going to be more properties around the corner that are likely going to be better than this one you’re in this scarcity mindset where you’re like oh my gosh i found this deal this is the only deal that’s ever gonna exist on planet hands what that leads you down is a path where you negotiate incorrectly where you make emotional decisions where you overpay for a property where you forget to look at the problems with that property because you’re so committed to it and then you end up making a bad purchasing decision or if you do miss out on it you’re so depressed that you never move forward with your property investing journey because you lost out on the one and only deal that ever existed

Ben 2:51
there’s like two amazing stories in my mind that comes straight out with this because every property investor learns abundance at some point but the problem is most investors only get to one property so you know like they don’t quite go far enough to learn the lesson which is normally property to you know there was this guy i was speaking to the other day and he paid $880,000 for a one bedroom unit in sydney in 2017 now at the time he said to me that he’d been looking at properties for literally six months he’d been missing out on property after property people were going absolutely crazy and he said he knew that he was paying 80 grand more than it was worth but he was just so sick of looking and he never thought he’d get anything that instead of having this abundant mindset of hey maybe next week i’ll find something he just rushed into it that property is now worth 700k he’s lost $180,000 in a year and a half two years and you know he’s like man i’ve made a massive mistake what can i do and we sort of you know it’s not the biggest mistake of his life in 15 or 20 years from today it will be fine but had he made a decision that supports like an abundant mindset that there’s more than enough or that instead of rushing into someone else’s version of abundance which is easy property sales in sydney two years ago where everyone’s buying maybe sitting back and going hey when everyone else is doing something i might just kick back and i might watch this thing unfold a little bit to see what’s going on here

Ryan 4:19
yeah because and as well watching a market unfold even watching a market grow where you feel like i guess you’ve missed out on the bottom but you feel like okay it’s still growing but i feel like it’s about to peak you can kind of sit with that a bit longer and be like okay because even if i miss out on this run of the property cycle in this particular market there’s gonna be another one around the corner the property cycle might not happen for another five years or whatever but there’s still good investments to be hot out there in different places so that fomo and fear of missing out kind of goes away when you’re like okay just because this one property cycle like back in 2016 or 2017 sydney’s growing going crazy you know maybe i’ve missed the sydney train but that’s okay because there’s going to be the brisbane train like or there’s gonna be the sydney training you know another 10 years or 20 years old

Ben 5:11
and i looked at the heron todd white report for him at that month and i went dude heron todd was already saying it was at the start of decline and that information is available to people and so something about this abundance mindset is you know part of it is actually in a property perspective getting the right access to the right information from the right people at the right time the second story for me is when i bought my second investment property now this was in 2011 every single person i talked to at that time is like property is the devil like in basically london in new york a lot of the big markets around the world you know sydney had declined in that year by you know in the year before by 10% as well like globally property was like death like the share market was even worse and every person i spoke to is like you shouldn’t be buying but i’ve been reading all of these books by these people that were saying hey instead of looking at five years look at 30 so i had this like longer term mindset even when i was getting started i remember buying this report and this report was like completely contradictory to what like people around me like friends and family that didn’t know what they were doing was saying and the report said if i buy this particular suburb was one of those hot spotting ones by residents the suburbs will perform in this way and they they did like i did my analysis of the suburbs and found a few that looked good and then i went out and inspected 20 properties in two days i put five different offers on five properties because i really didn’t mind which one i was gonna get it every open home i was the only person there and i ended up buying this home five bedrooms with a granny flat for 213k you know i sold that property six years later for 565 and got paid out another 100 grand on top of that for an insurance claim and it’s like that is like the two sides of abundance like because i wasn’t attached to any one deal i could look at them all completely objectively and that taught me the lesson that there is always another fish or another property in the sea but most good suburbs sell over 100 properties a year that means every next week there’s at least another two to three properties coming to market maybe even four

Ryan 7:19
and i think another element of living with this abundant mindset and investing with abundance is to understand that yes there’s other deals out there but also to understand and to look critically at yourself and to say why did i miss out on this property or why did i not get this one so for that first story that you told where he kept missing out on properties you can look at yourself and say okay what is wrong with my negotiating ability that i’m unable to close on these properties because someone somewhere is closing on those properties over and over and over again ahead of you and so what am i doing wrong that’s stopping me from closing on a good property that i’m not going to overpay for so rather than overpay 80 grand look at yourself and say okay what can i do to negotiate better and sometimes you’ll look at a deal you’ll make an offer the finances will stack up for you and someone comes in and it’s a owner occupier someone who’s going to live there and they pay above what you think is market rate for it or it’s not going to work out and so you look at that and say look i did everything i needed to do that one just didn’t happen and that’s fine but sometimes as you go through this there’s if you’re constantly critically looking at yourself and your skills looking at constantly building your skills and building building your knowledge base like you’re saying looking at heron todd white understanding that it was in decline already or at the at the very peak building up that knowledge base so that you can you’re a living with abundance not getting emotionally attached because you’re understanding there’s so many opportunities out there that exists in the world there’s not just this one but then also to say okay because i know there are so many opportunities out there i need to educate myself i need to increase my skills so that i can actually take advantage of one or more of those opportunities

Ben 9:09
there’s something else in relation to abundance that i think holds a lot of people from achieving financial freedom or buying property and a lot of people can trick themselves mentally into hey i live like an abundant life i like have these goals i have these affirmations and on a surface level like logically it’s true but what are your date values around money like what are people’s deep values around property what are their belief systems around property like for me i grew up my parents are in a really good financial position now because my dad started the business 20 years ago but when i was really little luck mom and dad had no money dad was working like two to three jobs i lived in a caravan for three years while they saved a deposit for a home and i sort of grew up with these belief systems around money is evil was a good one that a lot of people have and still have money is bad and bad people have money wealthy people are greedy like these are like really really common belief systems that people carry around that what’s stopping you negotiating around property as ryan said that that’s absolutely like a skill set negotiation but it could be the fact that you don’t feel deserving of having money you don’t feel like you’re worthy you might feel like an imposter if you actually get financially free you might feel like you’re a bad person you know and all this crap comes up and so i’ve had to fully firstly reprogram my mind and i’ve been doing personal development now non stop since i was 18 like literally non stop i reckon i’ve read hundreds if not 1000s of books and same as you podcasts videos meeting lots of people i think my first memory of a self development book i was either 13 or 14 so i got into self development i think around

Ryan 11:02
yeah would have been

Ben 11:06
like you when did you start your own business for that like on property and actually left full time work

Ryan 11:11
left full time work about six years ago maybe so 25 or something like that but that makes sense if i had been doing it 25 i’ve been doing it seven years on the side before that so i kind of started like internet marketing at 18 and looking at that but you talking about mindsets is really interesting because i grew up with very different mindset so i lived in an upper middle class family where my mom was the primary income earner of the family and my dad works part time and was a house dad and so for me my ideas around money was that like money is good money like is fun and also the idea that it is normal to earn a lot of money yeah like so that’s what i grew up with unlike and obviously like my mum was earning a lot of money as well so this is like early 90s and so it was less common i think then for the woman to be the primary earner obviously times are continually changing and it’s getting more and more equal which is great but back then it was just like that’s what i grew up with and that was my normal and it’s like okay it’s normal for men and women both at all genders to earn significant like good good amounts of money

Ben 12:19
it is normal

Ryan 12:22
i grew up with that and we’re talking with a client yesterday about you know migrants and the third generation of migrants and how they have a grid and on the third generation of migrants on my dad’s side he and having a good and yet just growing up with a more abundant mindset around money not perfect obviously still had stuff i need to work on and still do but yeah understanding that starting with that just allowed me to take risks and to go out and start my own business believing that the world is abundant money is abundant i will work this out i will work on my own skills i will get better and i’ll find a way and luckily i did and the backup plan was if i didn’t find a way well then i could move back in with my parents for sure

Ben 13:07
and like i think about that too like when you sort of like verbalize some of your beliefs i have beliefs now that the more you have the more you have to give like that is a true belief of mine and we get to do sustainability stuff now like on the investments plus our own home i get to buy like organic local produce like these are things that i couldn’t afford for a long time like we do have like kids that we like to sponsor and stuff like that now like i do give free stuff away to people that aren’t in a position like services to help people that just can’t afford our feedback could really benefit from it like the more you have the more you have to give i also have a deep seated abundancy belief of everything works out perfectly for me and always has and that when you have that belief and it’s not this isn’t a thinking belief like i’m getting goose bumps this is like a deep seated shit just worked out for me i get

Ryan 14:02
i get accused of having this of being too optimistic because i am a very optimistic person and i do think everything’s gonna work out and even when things don’t work out which they obviously

Ben 14:14
don’t work working out looks like this guy’s working out isn’t beautiful working out looks like shit shit fuck oh yes it worked out yeah i’m not talking about crystal beautiful lives i’m talking about really hard stuff but coming through it

Ryan 14:31
and i feel like having that optimistic view of things and feeling like things will work out it’s not that highfalutin i just think everything’s gonna work and i’m not going to do anything because it’s all just gonna work out and then you end up you know on the street or something but it’s more okay i think it’s gonna work out i’m going to do my risk assessments and i’m going to do the best work and activities that i believe will lead me to that result and then when it doesn’t happen then you’re like oh it didn’t happen balmaha but now I’m gonna reassess from my new point and work out how to do it from there. And everything’s gonna work out. And then I go through the ups and downs, and you have your days where you’re like, ah,

Ben 15:12

Ryan 15:14
Like I was having a low energy day yesterday,

Ben 15:17
because still did the work. We still did seven videos, we caught up with two amazing clients, like we still showed up.

Ryan 15:24
Yeah. And then we had some great shots, and I came out of that day totally revitalized. It was great. But

Ben 15:30
another important thing that I wanted to touch on, if that’s cool, is something that is shiny, abundant, is hanging out with people that were already there. So I was really, really lucky. As a 23 year old, I got my first job when I was at uni, working for this guy, and I was his third employee. And over 18 months, we went to, what did we go to 180 employees, Oh, my gosh. And then I went off to my graduate program with IBM came back to him. And we went from 120 employees to three. And an all the way through this guy’s life must have been so stressful. He literally went from zero to $22 million dollars in revenue a year, and back again. And I just watched him all the way through just the handle it like it was incredible. And then I went from there. And I worked with this other very, very successful internet marketing guy that had an abundant mindset, but didn’t have the right business model to support it. And so I learned a lot technically from him. And then I went and worked with another guy who was literally like, I think he was 32. And I started with him 35 when I finished with him, Scott was making millions of dollars a year, coming to work, like an hour a week, like, and, and he had all these investments, and he had businesses and he had stocks. And he just, he, like everyone earning big money, he felt it. But I saw these people living with financial abundance. And a lot of people don’t see that like, because we tend to congregate with people that are loosely around our income bracket. Or we tend to hang out with people in the same area that we grew up with. And I promise you like there’s this whole world of people doing good. And they’re very, very quiet about doing well. Yeah, and they are fucking everywhere, like the amount of people that I speak to a week that are just absolutely crushing it in a quiet way. It’s beautiful like, and I have to be abundant, like hanging out with people that are already there. Like maybe they’re 510 30 years older than you, if it’s just a one off coffee chat. If that’s all you can get cool. If you can even get that person in your life. Like I’m paying a mentor at the moment, Michael, this guy owns eight or nine companies. He is just, he was supposed to be a rocket scientist, he actually got into NASA. And then he decided to be a builder and a property developer. Instead, I’m paying this guy for his time, once a month to just teach me cuz he’s 37 he’s got all of this stuff going on. He’s making literally probably $10 million a year and he’s just cruising. Like he’s just all in his way. Like and I’m like, whatever needs to be done to learn from someone like that. I’m paying the guy but and we like each other but I’m like, there has to be a value exchange and his value like I’m an okay guy to hang with but he’s not going to invest two hours with me a month when he’s got all this other stuff going on. Unless there’s a carrot in it for him as well.

Ryan 18:27
Yeah, you know, so yeah, getting around people and getting exposed to abundance is super important. And if you can’t pay a mentor like Ben does, there’s so many videos online with a bunch of different people like you could live follow this channel. You could

Ben 18:43
get it guys online then you find on the street. At Robbins, you’ve got like you’re not, weren’t you these people are producing content, Ray Dalio like yeah, it’s all online for free. I just I just want to touch and feel that like, you know, I want that in my life. Now we

Ryan 19:02
hear abundance from you like a dementor or something.

Ben 19:05
I just want to learn man from someone that’s living it. Not that lived 20 years ago.

Ryan 19:10
Yeah, well, not one on one help is obviously very valuable.

Ben 19:13
Because they can look at your personal situation and go, just change that. And then it’s like, oh, that’s an

Ryan 19:19
or how many conversations have we had either way where it’s like on? I’m saying to you, I’m really struggling with this. And you’re like, dude, that’s nothing. Yeah. I’m struggling with debt. You’re like, dude, that’s nothing like you’ve got there. It’ll be fine. And just having someone in your life that’s gonna say, oh, now you’re thinking about this wrong. It’s better. Are you calling me going? I’m really struggling to everything’s gonna be fine. Like it’s gonna work.

Ben 19:43
Can you can you talk through that because there’s two sides to abundance and we both live it. One is the Hey, I’m just on the right side. Everything’s flowing. I’m in flow, everything’s working. And then it’s like, oh shit, nothing’s working. I’ve got anxiety or depression or all these challenges lining up. which is how i felt literally eight weeks ago or two weeks ago or probably in two weeks i’m like life comes in the way like how do you have an abundant mindset when things aren’t going good or you’re starting from scratch without people around you without experience without money you know what i mean like because that’s the reality like half of the people listening to this are kicking ass and half of them want to kick us

Ryan 20:23
yeah well you’re starting from scratch without positivity or without abundance then that’s harder i guess i don’t know the answer to that one and how to do it because i love that well i spent so long on my own life doing so much self development looking on the positive side of things always looking for a way out now like that’s my default that’s how i live and obviously i’ve gone through a whole bunch of shit in the last year had a really difficult time going through some really hard stuff still going through some hard stuff and i’m still really optimistic and i’m actually in the best place mentally that i’ve been in years in terms of my depression and things like that so it’s like

Ben 21:02
if you’re not attached to the outcome like a lot of people look at their physical result in their life at this moment in time and they go that’s me i don’t think you’re i define ourselves and our current position because we can see ourselves as more than we are because we’re working on building a skill set that will allow us to be

Ryan 21:21
a couple of things that i can think of just off the top of my head is i’ve got a friend and she’s 20 and she’s got a bunch of friends who are like 40 right she just tends to hang out with older people and they’re obviously way further ahead in life than she is because she’s 25 she

Ben 21:38
just it’s just the time lag

Ryan 21:40
there’s just the time lag between that and if she gets in a headspace where she’s comparing herself to those people then obviously that’s very depressing because you got people are so much further ahead than

Ben 21:50
twice the length

Ryan 21:51
twice as much live and then i think for me looking at my situation i try not to compare myself to other people so try not to say oh how are the 31 year olds going at the moment or how other dads with three kids going or how other single dads going on whatever

Ben 22:10
you’re doing on others you’re either unhappy or very happy and

Ryan 22:13

one thing it’s terrible it’s tony robbins that says you know happiness equals reality minus expectations so the expectations are too high compared to your reality you end up in a negative and you end up unhappy so i think not comparing to other people just kind of being realistic with my situation and saying like oh fuck like this is why i’m not okay this is shit where do i want like i do that just i love that i’m just like this sucks

Ben 22:42
except that it sucks

Ryan 22:43
yeah except that it sucks but okay here’s what i want to get to here’s the person i need to become to get there and the actions that i need to take to get there and the kind of focus on that and then as well have i guess extreme gratitude for the shit and for the crap and for everything that happened leading up to that point because even though you’re in a bad situation at the moment or even though you might not be living with abundance at the moment there’s a lot of great stuff that happened in your life that unfortunately led us to that point so rather than being like oh i’d say so and so’s fault it’s the government’s fault blaming someone else for being in a bad position i think i just accept the bad decision i say i’m so grateful for all the positives that happened that led me to this bad position like i know that sounds weird but i’m like there was good stuff along the way that got me here i’m so grateful for that and now i have this base where i’m you know at rock bottom but have immense gratitude have a plan for the future and can move forward towards that future with a positive attitude

Ben 23:49
knowing that there’s only a time lag between you and where you want to be

Ryan 23:52
who will hopefully like it might go down and might get worse but then you you do the same thing over again

Ben 23:58
i love that because there’s two things there one thing is gratitude which i want to talk about in a sec but the other one is i remember listening to one of the greatest speeches i’ve ever heard and that was the jim carrey one when when he addressed the college class if you heard that and he said my dad was an accountant and he never wanted to be an accountant he wanted to be a stand up comedian but he became an accountant and after 30 years of working as an accountant he got sacked and he was broke and jim carrey is like i saw my dad fail at what he didn’t want to be so you might as well go for what you want and i was like far out that is a powerful message you can fail at what you don’t want so why not just go for what you want and then if that fails at least you’ve had a good time going because the problem with like doing something that you don’t want to do over a long period of time is that you’re going to be focused on the future and trying to get to this point where the thing about doing something that you love and there’s hard days i had hard year last year, I just had a hard year. And I was doing what I love and everything was good. But it was hard. But doing what you want to do, it’s less about the destination like I don’t have a clear destination for Pumped on Property. I just know that if I continue to do this work that I love, and share these ideas with people, everything is going to be cool and do

Ryan 25:19
it well. And every day get better every day, we’re getting better. And you and I have so many conversations about how can we do this better? How can we help people more? How can we get people to financial freedom faster? How can we make it more achievable for people? And even as little thing as processes in the business? How can we improve that? So people’s experience? So it’s easier for people?

Ben 25:39
And same thing? On the flip side? Like how can I buy a property at a cheaper price at a better time of the market? further below where I think it’s worth? Like that’s my obsession, like my a game that I play with myself is how good can I do this job compared to the average person? Yeah, and there are buyer’s agents out there in the same suburbs that we are paying 40 5060 grand more than we do. And they’re big boys that everyone knows. And I’m just like, we’re like in the game that I’m playing like, Yeah, I love that. And that gets me really wound up. And when we come back to gratitude as well, I think that’s one of the most powerful things with an abundant mindset, like being grateful that you can even afford to go and look and buy a property is pretty be like I’m moving grateful, like during the day for like, breathing, being alive, like my family. And all of that builds this baseline of just mad light energy that allows you to go through the harder darkest stuff easier on me.

Ryan 26:36
Yeah. So

Ben 26:37
yeah, abundance is see, abundance is good and abundance, it goes up and down too.

Ryan 26:43
And it’s a hard, it’s a hard place to get to. But it’s something that’s worth striving for, to live within a mindset where when you’re looking at your investments, you’ve got this mix of, I don’t care whether I get this investment or not. But at the same time, you’re very passionately pursuing that. And you do want it and you’re gonna try your best, but you’re, I guess, disconnected from the outcome of it. I know, it’s that balance between, yeah, I’m going to try really hard. And I do want this, but I’m not so emotionally attached to it that I’m going to be upset when I lose it. I’m just going to do my best. And if it falls through, there’s going to be another one around the corner.

Ben 27:19
I read about this all the time at the moment like stoics believe that exact things. People like Zen Buddhism, Taoism in China, like people have been like thinking about talking about this around campfires for 10,000 years, you know what I mean? Like 7000 years of documented history on this stuff. Like it’s not like you and I are the first people that have thought on this like this is the human experience is like suffering. How can I not suffer? like yeah, and that is life. It’s just constantly between those two things. And I think some of the people that have really helped me because there’s, you know, again, I wish I could say that this was all me, but I’m just literally piggybacking on so many people’s backs to get to this point, like the most of it’s not even me, like you’re being one of the most influential people I’ve ever met. Like in terms of helping me see things differently. Because before Ryan, I was all like, results, goals more and more, you know, money and just chasing it because I grew up broke as fuck, and I didn’t want that. I had to like, Mom would make me pants from spotlight and then I’d rip off a billabong tag and sell them online. And the fact that I have to go to school in that, but I didn’t want that man. And I didn’t want that for my kids. And so I made a change. But the cool thing now is like, people like Jim Rohn he’s got hundreds of videos on YouTube, like Alan Watts crazy thought process like the Dalai Lama, like who’s still alive who in 2000 years will be like the Buddha. Like there’s people like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, like Denis waitley Phil Anderson. There’s just now there’s like Gary Vee,

Ryan 28:54
there’s a there’s Impact Theory is a good YouTube channel as well, where they interview people. There’s so many

Ben 29:01
there’s so much good stuff like this so much good stuff out there on all different forms of life. But it all the more I go deeper into it, it’s all one thing. Yeah. And it is it is living in abundance in a positive energy zone so that things happen for you that might be just 1015 years of bloody hard work for both you and I get it now suddenly manifesting in results. Or for you guys, it might be five or six really hard years where you’ve actually built this amazing skill set and foundation and savings. And now it’s time to sort of take that leap into turning that into physical results in life.

Ryan 29:36
Yeah. So I don’t know how some of that. But we heard

Ben 29:41
like that to say that that was the one with Tom Hanks Forrest Gump.

Ryan 29:52
Yeah, but we hope that this inspires you to at least start pursuing the idea of having an abundant mindset in your life. So obviously we’re not the best people. to talk about this there’s so much out there where you can learn about abundance but this is obviously something that’s been extremely impactful on our lives over the last year or two as we’ve gone through some hard stuff and had to come out of that and to come out with an abundance mindset just allows you to see the world differently and see so many opportunities that are out there so we wish you the absolute best in finding your abundance in your life and living abundantly and until next time stay positive

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