Property $39,000 Under Land Value! Incredible Investment

Today we a looking at a property that the client was able to purchase for under land value that is in the middle of a minor cosmetic renovation. The numbers on this property look amazing. Such a great opportunity.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:24 – Details of the investment – $39,000 under land value
2:37 – Mid-renovation walkthrough tour
4:13 – Kitchen
5:57 – Living space and massive potential for open lounge/dining
7:12 – This property has so many options for manufacturing value
8:38 – There is a time and a place for renovations
10:18 – This amazing bathroom
11:29 – The 3 bedrooms
13:37 – Looking at the backyard and granny flat potential
16:30 – Project managing the renovation from interstate
17:07 – The financial numbers and the potential for positive cash flow

Property Details:

Purchase Price: $376,000 (Land value: $415,000)
Estimated Rent: $420/week

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