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We are on the road today inspecting properties and I wanted to show you through a prime investment opportunity that we are inspecting for a client.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – What we do before we inspect a property
2:11 – What we love about this property
5:17 – What we do once we’ve inspected the property
6:16 – What Simon thinks of this property


Ryan 0:00
We are on the road today inspecting properties with Ben Everingham, buyer’s agent from Pumped on Property. Simon as well is in there doing the full checklist inspection. And we wanted to talk in today’s episode about what we do here for clients or what we do as Pumped on Property.

Ben 0:16
Anyone knows what we actually do?

Ryan 0:20
Chill in the office just making videos. Sitting at the beach.

Ben 0:24
I wish Yeah, that would be nice. But you know, the reality is we’re out here most days just pounding the pavement like this and finding cool little opportunities for people.

Ryan 0:32
Yeah. So as you can see the property behind us is this cute little house. We are in one of the beachside suburbs of Brisbane about, you know, 2025 K’s from the CBD. This property has really cool granny flat potential as well. So I guess what we do before we get here, I keep saying we but really it’s you and the team over there. I just make videos

Ben 0:55
about Ryan really does sit on the beach.

Ryan 1:00
But it takes a lot to actually find a property that is of this good quality to even be worth inspecting.

Ben 1:06
Yeah, so what we’ve done before we’ve got heated days weekend out about this property pre market, then we jumped online. And obviously went through our desktop research, which is about 40 key performance indicators, checking flood searches, checking easements and what’s under the ground checking Housing Commission, checking bushfire overlays, making sure it’s in a quality area. And then it takes our box to actually book an inspection. So then we come down and we go through our report, which is pretty intense, but completely irrelevant to this video today.

Ryan 1:37
Yeah, so as you’ll see, with this property, there’s just there’s there’s no no for sale, sign out the front. So this is an off market property, which a lot of the properties the percent of what we’re doing is off market these

Ben 1:48
days now.

Ryan 1:48
Yeah, so there are tenants inside. So we’re not going to do a walkthrough of this property but it is a three bedroom one bathroom property. That is a renovate our so it has renovated potential, it is tenant ready. There’s tenants in there at the moment. So you could just simply purchase this and rent it out or there is an opportunity to go in there and renovate it to kind of uplift that rent

Ben 2:10
what I love about these particular properties, it takes four of the five things that I’m always looking forward to by now. The first is timing. We know according to her and Todd white, the Brizzy looks good. It has long term potential for growth and a strong history of performance is suburb. It does take the box in the fact that we can actually potentially add a granny flat to it and it also takes a massive box that it is tenant ready someone’s obviously living in there now and it’s in okay condition, but it has massive potential like imagine we turn this into a cute little modern Queensland a beach shack, we painted everything gray and white, or white and gray or just white and fresh ended up doing a little bit of a tidy up with the yard, put some garden beds in and then had our nice granny at the back. So this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea half the

Ryan 2:55
box, doesn’t it tick

Ben 2:57
the box it doesn’t take sorry, easy depreciation box because it’s not brand new. Okay, then the granny flat would be brand new said so get a bit of a benefit.

Ryan 3:05
Yeah. And as you can see with this property as well, it has drivable side access, which often we’re looking for with granny flats, or it does have like walkable side access down the other side, if you wanted to provide walkable side access for the granny flats. So let’s move down the backyard and keep talking down there. Yeah, so here we are at the back of the property. And what you can see is a big shed already in there, which would take up most of the space of what a granny flat would take up. And so you can really clearly see with this property, the potential for a granny flat

Ben 3:34
what I love about it is as you said, there’s the drivable side access. But I probably wouldn’t utilize that on this block. What I do if this was mine is put a carport there for two cars. And then as Ryan said to me the other way, put some walkable side access down the side, then this front home would have this massive backyard to itself where obviously the kids can chill out and enjoy the little fella having a play behind us now he wants to be part of it. And then you’ve got your granny flat with its own yard space as well. Yeah. And the orientations perfect turret sort of like North out the front. So you could have like, you know, beautiful sandfield yard as well.

Ryan 4:08
Yeah, so it’s a really, yeah, really cool property. And so I guess this is what we do for clients is try and find stuff like this for them. Try and find these good opportunities. And now this obviously isn’t going to suit everyone. There’s a bunch of clients that we look for close to the CBD with more expensive properties. Some clients just look for single income properties. Some people want a nice piece of land and they want to build a single income home or Julian come like there’s so many different layers based on what someone’s strategy is. But

Ben 4:37
you know, I’ve got properties that look like this with the rhino potential that I’ll build granny flats on. And it’s so cool when you actually you know, see it like this. And then 510 15 years later, you turn it into what it’s supposed to be and it’s it’s so cool to come to a property because we obviously inspect a lot of properties. I’m on the road a lot. We’ll do like 10 in a day.

Ryan 4:56
Sometimes you drive up to some properties in like oh why are we Even here, sometimes that just happens. And you’re inspecting properties and you do you’re just like this isn’t suitable. And sometimes you turn up to ones like this and like, oh my god that actually looks nicer than I expected. And then you come out the back and you’re like, oh, granny flat. That’s easy. Yeah, easy done. So these are, these are ones that we absolutely love. And then obviously, Simon’s going through 100 point checklist, inspecting the property and just looking for absolutely everything. And then when that report is done, that will then go to the client. And the client will say, okay, we’ve inspected this property, here’s our thoughts. And then that will be followed up with a conversation with the client as to what were their thoughts on it? And do we want to go ahead and make an offer on this property, and then you guys will negotiate on their behalf with the agent,

Ben 5:43
you know, with this particular type of property being off market, we might have a week or two to be able to negotiate a price where if this property was online tomorrow, we might have literally Thursday, Friday, and then it will be sold on Saturday because it just so many people that want this type of yard in this type of area at the moment.

Ryan 6:01
Yeah, so he’d say, Simon right now, taking some photos. Housing,

Ben 6:06
what are you doing back there? On paper where the granny flats gonna go? How’s

Ryan 6:11
the inspection going? Simon?

Simon 6:13
Yeah, it’s been good.

Ryan 6:14
What a good What do you think of this property so far?

Simon 6:16
Well, it’s been 10. To for nine years, I was looking at a little bit tired, but nothing that a little cosmetic renovation can’t fix up. But it looks like the bones are pretty good. The stumps under the house look really nice. The exterior looks really good. So yeah, I think it presents pretty good value at this point in time.

Ryan 6:33
Do you have a particular client in mind that you’re looking at this one for? You don’t have to name them. But are you here looking?

Simon 6:39
Yeah, basically, every single property that we actually inspect is very specific to a particular client. So this one’s been flagged as suitable for one of our clients. So get this feedback together. And we’ll send it out by this afternoon, have a bit of a conversation about and see where we can take it. Yeah, awesome. Sweet.

Ryan 6:57
I’ll leave you to it. Say I really cool. I love it. I love that we have those awkward silences. But yeah, I guess the steps after that, as Sam was saying, would go and talk to their client, and then the negotiation will happen. And sometimes, you know, we get the properties for the client at the right price. And then sometimes we don’t we missed out on a property last week by 500 bucks, 500 bucks,

Ben 7:24
I couldn’t believe it. There’s like a $706,000 offer. And somehow, the other person magically ended up at 706,500. And I’m like, if that’s not inside of bullshit trading from the agent, I don’t know what is that, you know, we live and we learn, we keep moving on. And you know, in the current market with these quality suburbs and property selling in them within one to two days of coming online, you’re always going to lose some, you’re going to buy some others. And that’s the nature of the game. And that’s what the cool thing about getting to do this for someone, because if they lost maybe four or five of these types of cool properties in a row, they could get upset, where for us, it’s just another day on the road, you know, we know that we lose four out of every six. And that’s just the nature of the game if you want to invest well.

Ryan 8:07
And that’s the thing. There’ll be another one around the corner. There’s another one

Ben 8:13
out there, I see it everywhere else,

Ryan 8:15
like we are expecting other ones around. So literally, there’s another one around the

Ben 8:20
corner, eight more around the corner today. So

Ryan 8:24
yeah, so really cool to see what we do and how we help clients find and invest in high quality properties that suit their needs. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, in working with Pumped on Property and getting their help for your investment portfolio, then head over to onproperty. com. au You can learn more about that and book a strategy session with Ben or Simon or one of the team members over there. Talk about where you’re at where you want to go. And whether working with Pantone property makes sense to you. Those sessions are super limited, booked out a month in advance at the moment, which is crazy, but it’s just so great to talk to people. That’s a complimentary session. So yeah, go to onproperty. com. au to learn more. Otherwise until next time, stay positive

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