Is Queensland Better Than Other States For Property Investing?

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Is Queensland and Brisbane better than the other states for property investing and why are you focus on Brisbane and not other markets?



All right, so someone’s asking why is Queensland better than any other states and what do you know that the other buyer’s agents don’t know? I’m like, cause they’re saying your avoiding other states, but buyers agents of buying in other states for clients. So what makes you so bullish on Queensland versus other areas?

Um, and I think Queensland is the best state or Brisbane’s the best market. But like we mentioned before, you can’t be everything to everybody. So I’m the guy that knows the brisbane marketplace better than anyone else in Australia. And if you want to enter the Brisbane market on the person that’s going to help you do it at the right price in the right suburb at the right time. So obviously Sydney and Melbourne have done much better in the last three to five years in Brisbane has done. But if you go backwards and look at the 20 years in 40 years and 30 years worth of data at Brisbane, done equally as good. So when I am, when I sound confident about Brisbane, it’s because history has shown me that the longterm results in Brisbane will be exactly the same as Sydney and Melbourne hasn’t been performing at all in the last nine years, but the longterm results over 20, 30, 40, 50 years are equal to those marketplaces. It’s at some point or another if history is going to continue to repeat itself, which it almost always does. Something is going to happen in Brisbane at some time.

Now I’m not saying it’s going to be crazy. It’s not going to be like. I look at the data here on this sheet that I was talking about before. Brisbane doesn’t go nuts and have a really strong longterm growth periods, but what it does have is two to three or four year periods where it does better than any other market in Australia and it’s got years here. I can see in the last 40 years, it’s got more years where it’s done 20 to 30 percent in a 12 month period than any other marketplace in Australia by about three times. Like it’s just one of those places that sit dormant, takes away and then explodes and then sits dormant and takes away again. Like it’s just. And again, I’m not saying it’s going to do that. I just, I have a, I have a really good feeling that there’s going to be something happening in Brisbane at least at some point in the next seven years I, I’m prepared to roll the dice and wait for that to occur.

And that’s the thing like, even though it’s not going crazy, you’re still getting great opportunities in particular suburbs as you’re saying a couple of suburbs been doing double digits even though the whole of Brisbane hasn’t. So as you said, you’re the guy who knows Brisbane better than other people, so you find that sort of stuff.

And this is the thing like Brisbane last year did two point two percent. On average, our average client that spent 500 k with us made at least 10 percent last year. So you know, again, I don’t mind what the rest of Australia is doing. I’m not benchmarking what Brisbane’s doing versus Sydney because I know the longterm average is going to be the same. All I want to do is whether I’m buying in Sydney, which is what we were doing three, four years ago or whether I’m buying in Brisbane, which we’re doing now, I just want to beat the local market average in the in the pocket of properties that I’m trying to buy a. So if Brisbane does two percent and I can do four or Sydney does 10 percent and I can do 15. That is the reputation I want in the industry is the person that gets the above average performing properties in suburbs in the short and long term as a business and that’s how we benchmark success, which is just beating the market average in where if we’re buying at the time and in the future it might be Melbourne or it might be Sydney again.

It’s just Brisbane represents the best value to me right now.

Cool. So hopefully that was a good answer. You know, other, other buyer’s agents could be purchasing in other states and doing the same thing as ben and buying properties that are performing above average compared to the market there as well. So without a doubt. Yeah. It’s not just like you should only ever buy in one state at one particular time and for there’s opportunities everywhere. So I guess different people specialize in different areas. And so yeah.

Well I hope you enjoyed the answer to this question with Ben Everingham from pumped on property. We’re really having a blast doing these q and a sessions with you guys, so keep the questions coming. If you’re at the point now where you’re ready to purchase an investment property but you think you might need some help, then ben is offering free strategy sessions to on-property listeners. Simply go to on-property dot com dot four session and you can book a time with them,

ben and you can go through where you’re at, where you want to be, and what your next steps are to get there. So again, that’s on property dot. You forward slash session. Thanks so much for watching and until next time, stay positive.

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