A Question About The Positive Property Academy

Today I received a great question about the Positive Property Academy which will be opening on 1st November 2013.

This soon to be customer (hopefully) has had the experience many of us have had a property seminars…the big pitch at the end.

I know that even though I only got one of these emails many others are thinking the exact same thing, so I wanted to share our email conversation online. I had added links for convenience of people reading this post.

I have even included our dialogue about putting this on the blog and what fake name to to

From Timmy Timbo (not his real name):

Hi Ryan,

This sounds really interesting and I’d like to enrol, but I’m a little sceptical, having been to various property seminars where they keep up selling you to higher and higher levels of benefits. So, for my own peace of mind, can you please let me know what the costs of signing up are (I did note the fee of $199 to “become a member”), and are there any further costs that will be applicable?

Thanks and regards,
Timmy Timbo

My Reply:

Hey Timmy,

I understand your reservations and I don’t blame you for them.

I have been to many a “only $100 for 2 tickets” property night only to be pitched a $10,000 course at the end of the night.

I’ll put it all on the table for you:

My goal at On Property (previously Positive Cash Flow Australia) is not to show you the one technique that will make you financially free. My goal is to fill a gap in the market that I believe exists.

That is – there are a lot of people who want to invest in positive cash flow properties but don’t because they can’t seem to find them.

My currently strategy is to fill that gap through the blog and free eBook and through the following paid methods

1. Positive Property Tools – This is a lower entry point product for $49 that will provide people with calculators and checklists for making searching and inspecting properties easier.

2. Positive Property Academy This is a course (4 main modules and a video training course) that helps fill that gap I mentioned of helping people find positive cash flow property.

Module 1 and 2 help people understand positive cash flow property and if it is right for them (otherwise they are wasting time), Module 3 is teaching you some techniques to find positive cash flow properties and Module 4 is about researching the local area so you feel confident to invest.

That’s what the course will detail…nothing more nothing less

3. Positive Property Finder This will be the higher cost service and is a DONE FOR YOU service for people who can’t be bothered finding the properties themselves. I haven’t set pricing let but it will likely be somewhere around the $100/month mark.

So the academy teaches you to do what I do and the Finder is where people pay me to do it for them.

So in effect you can just do the Academy (early sign ups get free access to the Tools) and not have to advance to the Finder.

The Academy and the Finder serve two different sets of people. One is for people wanting to learn to do it themselves and one is for people wanting someone to do it for them.

That is everything in a nutshell. I may add other things in the future but at this stage this is all I have planned.

Hope that helps.

If you are keen the pre-launch offer is still available.

Ryan McLean
Positive Property Australia

ps. I’de love to put this conversation on the blog for other people who are sceptical.

Do you mind if I do this? If you like I can censor your name and make a fake name so no one knows it was a discussion with you.

Timmy’s Reply Back:

Hi Ryan,

Go for it – I think many people like myself have been burned before so this explanation of yours will be very helpful to alleviate any concerns they may have.  Use a fake name, pls.


Timmy Timbo

My Reply Again:

Hey Timmy,

Want to choose the fake name I use? It can be anything you want…no matter how absurd.

Just not too rude

Ryan McLean
Positive Property Australia

Timmy Timbo’s Reply:

Love it! I prefer Timmy Timbo myself.

I hope this email thread helps ease some of the concerns some of you might have about the Positive Property Academy.

If I get any more questions I will be sure to post them up here.

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