Renovator With Granny Flat Potential – Projected 7.5% Rental Yield in Brisbane

Today we are showing you through a great property a client Berwin picked up in Brisbane which is currently tenanted with plans to build a granny flat in the near future.

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0:00 – Here we are on the northern beaches of Brisbane about to inspect a property
1:35 – Berwin’s plan for his investment property and granny flat build
2:53 – Here we are at the property, have a look at the fresh paint job
4:55 – A coat of paint can be one of the best investments you can make into your rental return
6:15 – This property has wide frontage which is perfect for a granny flat
8:47 – Walking down the backyard showing you where the granny flat would go
13:33 – The financial numbers on this property and Berwin’s goal
15:20 – Berwin’s long term plan for financial freedom

Property Details:

Front House Cost: $426,000 ($418,000 + $8,000)
Front House Rent: $420/week
Granny Flat Estimated Cost: $80,000
Granny Flat Estimated Rent: $310/week

Total Cost: $506,000
Total Estimated Rent: $730/week

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