RnB – Ryan and Ben Talk Property (and other things)

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Ryan and Ben have a casual chat about property investing, financial freedom, happiness and future plans.

Ryan: Hey guys, Ryan here from onproperty.com.au, helping you find positive cash flow property. Today, I have with me—

Ben: Ben Everingham.

Ryan: From Pumped on Property. We’re going to call this segment “RnB”, which stands for “Ryan and Ben”. But, we’re just going to be kind of chilling out with you guys, talking property and hopefully providing you with some insights along the way.

Usually, what we do in an episode is we’ll cover a specific idea or specific concept where we want to get across to you guys. Like the episode we just recorded was about what to do if you buy a dog of a property. But I think, really, here, we want to get more casual with you, guys, let you know us a bit more and just let you in on conversations that we tend to have anyway.

Ben: I apologize for everything that we say for the next half an hour because I’ve got no idea where this is going.

Ryan: Well, the things is, often, some of the best discussions that we have is off-camera. Like, when we’re on the phone to each other or before we start recording. And so we thought we’ll try and capture this on camera, but we’ll see how it goes.

I think let’s just start and talk about where you’re at in the moment in terms of your property journey or how your clients are going or where you see the market going. So we’ll just start general.

Ben: Cool. The most exciting thing which I was just telling you about off-camera for me, personally, at the moment is this week, the new property that I’m building for my family that which would hopefully be in for Christmas and hopefully Ryan and his family are coming up to party with us on New Year’s Eve. If not, you’re coming up to the slab man and we’re still having a party.

The roof went on, the windows went in, the pool’s going in now, like just a little plunge pool. I’m stoked about that. That’s like the big thing happening for me. I bought a property last weekend as well that I got cold feet and walked away from it after talking to [inaudible 1:53]

Ryan: Oh, you walked from it. Is this the one in Brisbane?

Ben: Yeah. It was the one on the beach on North Brissy, which I loved. But, after talking to – because I still talk to my advisors. No matter what you’ve done, you’ve always got to sound check stuff with smarter people.

He was like, “Dude, you can do a lot better than that.” So, I terminated it due to finance, unfortunately. Onwards and outwards excited to try and find something before the end of the year again.

Ryan: If you don’t mind, can we go into that and talk about what – because you identified that as a pretty good deal. It’s like, basically, a dog of a property near the beach in Brisbane that you were planning on renovating maybe in 12 months’ time and spending a big chunk of money renovating. We’re talking like $100,000+ in terms of renovation cost, right?

Ben: Yeah. Like a real reno. Like a beautiful reno.

Ryan: Yeah. And so, what was it that made you say, “I could do better or I shouldn’t do this.”

Ben: Look, I love the property and I still don’t know if I can do better, to be honest. It was a really good property. And I’ve kind of got not buying remorse right now.

Ryan: You wish you bought it but you didn’t.

Ben: I wish I bought it. Basically, the conversation I had with this mentor was that he thinks based on where we’re at, we should be doing something bigger; like 4 townhouses, selling 3, keeping 1 owned outright, as opposed to taking on more debt and holding the property for the longer term. Which is still a massive part of my strategy as you know.

I got the town planner out there. I got the granny flat guy out there. I got the building and pest inspector in and everything looked amazing. But I was just like, okay, I’ve got to put in $70,000 of my own money for the deposit at least. Plus, $100,000 for this reno in 12 months’ time. What am I actually going to make from doing that? And I worked out I was only going to get about a 10% return on my money, which is a great return in 12 months.

But, not when you compare a 20% return from building some townhouses or something like that. So, it wasn’t necessarily that anything was wrong with the property.

It was kind of just like this guy helped me gain perspective on what it is that we’re trying to do, which is move away from debt and move closer towards passive income.

Ryan: That’s funny because that’s what we talk about so often. Like, have a strategy and know what you want to achieve before you start looking at properties.

I feel like with this one, it’s kind of like you saw the money and you’re like, “Oh, this property is so good. I can make X-amount of dollars or whatever.” But then, when you actually went back, did what we tend to recommend to people and go, “Well, what is my actual strategy? What am I actually trying to achieve?” You’re like, “Well, that’s probably not the best property for that. There’s probably something else I can do that’s better.”

Ben: The thing that actually happened more than anything else – because the numbers still look ridiculously good on this property. When I say 10%, there’s probably a bit more than that in there. I just created this book list, did I share the book list that I’ve created with you over?

Ryan: I don’t know. What book list?

Ben: So I basically went and looked at the top 100 wealthiest share traders of all time and the top 100 wealthiest property investors of all time and then anything that they’ve ever written, I bought.

Ryan: Okay.

Ben: So I’ve got this legend of a lady called Di that owns a second hand book shop up here. It cost me $600 in bloody books. But, the knowledge that I’m going to get over the next 3 years as I read them all is going to be sick.

Ryan: Did you just go to her with your list and say, “Can you source all these books for me?”

Ben: Yeah. She just jumped online for me and did it.

Ryan: She’s like, “Chi-ching!”

Ben: It was probably like $200 for the books and $400 of her time. I saw this book while I was in the shop by Throreau called “Walden, Life in the Woods” and it’s where Henry Thoreau basically went walk about for 12—

Ryan: Is this like a famous book in the—Okay, so I just bought a van, right. I just bought a Sprinter van and I swear this book is famous in the van life community.

Ben: I think it’s like into-the-wild stuff.

Ryan: Yeah. So what’s the book called? “Walden” or something?

Ben: It’s called “Walden”. It’s old, man. It’s even hard to read because the language is so old.

Ryan: Yeah.

Ben: You would love it, dude. It’s funny because we both run businesses.

Ryan: First published in 1854. Yes, that’s pretty old.

Ben: 1854. It’s old. One of my favorite movie is “Into the Wild”.

Ryan: I love that movie.

Ben: All the quotes are through it and I’ve had it on my to-do list for since I saw that movie. Yeah, it’s all about van life, but this guy is just like, the material stuff and the debt stuff isn’t that cool and he could see it back then and what it was doing to society and where he thought society was going to go is where we’ve ended up.

Ryan: Yup.

Ben: It just made me go, “Man, do I really want more debt or do I just want a better lifestyle and life for my family and to buy a sweet van like you and just cruise around Australia?”

Ryan: Okay. That kind of leads into where I’m at at the moment because I’m in a unique position. People who follow me for a while know I don’t actually own any property. I run On Property, I help people find positive cash flow property. I’m really good at researching property, finding property, etc. But, I don’t actually own any myself and that’s mainly due to the fact that I’m a bit of a weirdo.

I don’t care about money that much. And so, I’m not a greedy sort of person and I don’t really want the mansion or anything like that.

Decisions that I’ve made in my life have always been to move me towards the lifestyle that I want. Which is I’ve got 3 kids, I homeschool my daughter and I do the majority of that myself. So, freeing up time to be able to do that, freeing up time to be able to have a positive impact on your lives, people who are listening to this as well as other websites that I run and things like that have been more important to me.

I’ve always foregone these great opportunities to buy property because I’ve been seeking something else. I used to work as a pharmaceutical rep, I made over $100,000 a year, had a free car.

We had our deposit saved my last commission and instead of using that to buy our first home or first investment property, which we were planning to do just a couple of suburbs away. I decided, hey, you know what’s a better idea? I’m going to quite my job and move to Queensland and run this business full time that currently was making me $500-$1,000 a month.

Ben: I love it.

Ryan: Luckily for me, I worked hard and it worked out and I now get to work online full time and stuff like that. But, yeah, we’ve recently purchased a van. And by “recently” I mean just yesterday. We purchased a Mercedes Sprinter van. It’s currently a school bus, like a mini-bus. And so, we’re going to strip it out and deck it out as like a camper van and go travelling.

Originally, me and my wife were talking about it, we’re like, okay, we’d love to get just a little camper van, like a small van and we’ll just do some weekend trips and stuff like that so we don’t have to pay flights for everyone and hotels and stuff like that and get our kids into camping. And then, slowly, it just evolved into this monstrosity of a plan that we’re actually going to move into this thing and do some travelling up to Queensland.

And so the plan is that, we just bought it, so as we’re recording this, it’s September. Come March, so 6 months’ time, we’re going to head off and go North for the winter.

So we’re going to be like migrating birds. Winter in the Gold Coast is really good, it’s not that cold. But if we head North, we can explore Queensland more, but not have the dramatic heat that we would probably have in summer.

Something that I’ve been trying to work out how to communicate to people – I haven’t worked it out yet – is this idea of not needing significant amounts of money to be really happy in your life. I was in the same point as well, my wife said something to me, I was always at this idea that I work hard, I achieve financial freedom and I click my fingers, bam! Life is perfect and I’m super happy.

I’m just the happiest man alive. Do whatever I want, live the best life. And then she’s like, I’ve achieved this – I call it “pseudo-financial freedom”, which means it’s not really financial freedom. And that I have online businesses that are quite passive and I could effectively work 1-2 days a week if I wanted to.

But long term, that wouldn’t sustain me financially. It would sustain me for the next probably couple of years. And so, I’m in that position. She’s like, you’re so lucky that you’ve achieved that now and realized that it’s not click your fingers and you’re happy.

Now, I’m going down this journey and going down this path of trying to work out, how do we achieve happiness if financial freedom isn’t it? Because I really thought financial freedom; stop working, happy days. But then, if I stop, I get depressed. Like, legitimately depressed. Just sitting with the kids and not doing anything all day. Like, we’ll go out to the beach in the morning, which is great.

We’ll come home and I’ll just be like so exhausted. I know. That’s kind of the journey that I’m on at the moment, it’s to try and work out what is going to make us happy. And we realized that what we have right now, which is a nice house, 5-minute drive from the beach, decent business, decent cars, nothing extravagant. We’re not 100% stoked on that. So, we’re like, let’s try this. If it works, that could be great. And if it doesn’t work, oh well. It’s worth a try.

Ben: I think it’s so cool. Like I’ve said to you, I reckon you’re going to hop in the car with your missus and the 3 kids and end up driving to the Sunshine Coast and just pulling up shop because it’s kind of insane. But, just stirring up. That’s so sick, man.

I feel all of the conversations that we’ve had in the last, what has it been, 4 years we’ve known each other now?

Ryan: No. We only met each other once I lived in Burleigh, was when we did our first episode. That was like probably only 2 years ago, a bit over 2 years ago.

Ben: Oh, okay. So, I was still working for someone else full time, though, when we started to hook up, hey?

Ryan: Yup.

Ben: Okay. It feels like 4 years.

Ryan: For those of you who haven’t been following since the beginning, when I met Ben, Ben was running Pumped on Property – his blog. Hey, you contacted me and you’re like, “I like what you’re doing.

Can I be on your podcast or something?” and I interviewed you just about your property portfolio. And then, we kind of kept talking after that and eventually, somehow, I convinced you to quit your job.

Ben: Yeah. I remember catching up with you and you’re like, “What are you still working for?”

Ryan: Yeah.

Ben: And I said, “I don’t know.” Because my original goal was – we always laugh about this because we’re similar in some ways and so polar opposite in other ways and I think like any good partnership is like that as well or friendship in life is like that. I was working, same as Ryan, like any good cash, as a marketing manager for a couple of global brands and some property people.

Again, I wouldn’t say I was financially independent, but I was definitely getting some income which covered some basic living cost for us. And so, I was trading all of this time for money when my passion – and I was already doing this stuff while I was working full time, but I was trying to squeeze it in between 60 hours of work per week. I remember the grind as well.

You know, trying to start this business at the same time as doing that. But, I talked to you and you said, “What are you working for?” and literally within how long, like 5 weeks after that, I was the back.

Ryan: Yeah, it was pretty quick. Because I remember I asked you about your portfolio situation and you were like, you had enough. I call it “survival money”. Like, you have enough not to live a good life, but to not have to necessarily worry heaps about your bills. You had enough coming from your properties to do that and you had plans to start your buyer’s agency. And I was like, “Dude, why don’t just do it? You’re effectively financially free anyway.”

I remember because I wrote this post, it’ll be like 6 years ago now, about why I’ll be financially free in 5 years. It was like this cocky post that I wrote as a kid basically thinking I’m awesome, I’m going to be super rich. The 5 years had passed and I was reflecting on it and I wasn’t financially free. One of the things I wrote is like my “Why” and my “Why” was to be able to spend time doing the things I want.

Whether that be spending time with family or whatever. And also, having a positive impact on people’s lives. It was that day that I was reviewing that that I got an email from you saying you quit your job and how grateful you were and stuff like that. And I was like, “Oh, that’s so sick!” To have achieved my “Why” without actually achieving financial freedom.

Ben: Yeah. That’s the thing. We’ve had conversations about this. I know we did the series on it. I’m sure some people have already heard that. A lot of things change when you get to where you actually wanted to be. The big thing for me is also being – you said, finding happiness in things that aren’t material. It’s not like I was a material guy by any means. But, I had these expectations around money and I still do.

I’m still motivated as hell by cash flow. I’m not going to lie. I’m still trying to achieve a big lifestyle in the future. We’ve got thing that me and my wife right now. The more you have, the more you have to give as well. A lot of people carry around this stuff around money and that prohibits them earning stuff.

It’s been uncomfortable as you and I have not necessarily achieved full financial freedom, but have had slightly better lifestyles that come slightly easier than they did 5 years ago.

I just realized all this stuff came up that, you know, should I be able to receive this money? Am I worthy of it? All that crappy stuff that comes up in your head when you’re young. I have worked through all that stuff now where it’s just like, man, our whole life, everyday, we get out of bed to help other people and to talk about the stuff that we enjoy all day. Rather than getting out of bed and just chasing the dollar and being scared that I’m going to be fired all the time, you know what I mean?

Ryan: Yeah. And that’s such a good position to be in – to be able to say “No” to things, I think. To be able to say, okay, what do I want to work on? We’re always trying to add value. We believe that the way you make money is to add value to people’s lives or add value to things.

One of the things that annoys me about how some people invest in property is that they don’t think about it in terms of a business or in terms of “how can I add value to this property?” They just think, “I’ll buy it. Speculate. The market will go up and I’ll make money.”

They don’t actually approach it so simply to say, “How can I add more value compared to what I’m spending?” I feel like it’s so exciting to do that everyday in our lives. To say, “Okay, how can I add more value to people’s lives?” I feel like that translates across to people who are listening to this who are investing in property and their goal is financial freedom.

Rather than just thinking about which is the next hot spot suburb, think about how can I invest in such a way that I add value to this property, add value to whoever is going to live in it or whoever is going to buy it in the future?

Ben: Yup. Did you end up watching that Tony Robbins’ “I am your Guru” thing that I’ve sent through a while ago, that Netflix talker?

Ryan: Yeah. I watched the first half of it and it freaked me out.

Ben: Yeah. It’s pretty intense, hey? He’s a full-on dude.

Ryan: What freaks me out the most was like, Tony Robbins uses positive manipulation to achieve the certain things in people – to achieve positive change in people’s lives. I kind of study psychology as a side thing and seeing a lot of the stuff he does and heard mentality and how people will do things in certain situations and seeing him use that. Obviously, for people’s benefit. But, dude, it just freaked me out. There was one moment in there and he’s like forcing some chick to break up with her boyfriend in front of the—

Ben: On the phone and then she got back with him later after she did it.

Ryan: I turned it off after that because I was like, I can’t handle this. Because I’ve seen so much of that sort of stuff through church, truthfully.

Ben: Tony Robbins pretty much wrote the book on NLP. He didn’t found it, but he’s the guy that’s used it more successfully than any other person.

Ryan: What’s NLP?

Ben: Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I haven’t studied it, but I have had friends and sales people that I know that have done it. It’s suggestive. Let’s call it “positive reinforcement.”

Ryan: Yeah. What were you saying about that, anyway? Obviously, I have my own opinions based on my own experiences.

Ben: Yeah. So what I was coming back to with that is after I watched that, we had a couple of sessions where we recorded the mindset series. After everything that you’ve been thinking about, get to a point where you’ve identified what’s next based on that conversation? Because that’s where we sort of both left it. Like, we’re kind of here and we’re thinking about the future, but obviously, the van life is a big part of that.

Ryan: Is this when we were skating together as well?

Ben: Yeah, I think we were skating around Burleigh together.

Ryan: And we took that awkward photo on the hills. We were both sitting on the hill like this and we’re like, “Oh, we’ll take a photo because it’s this beautiful area in North Burleigh and it overlooks the water. We’ll take a photo.” I remember you put your arm up and for some subconscious reason, I copied your stance.

Ben: I didn’t even post it. Like, it was that bad.

Ryan: We were both doing this awkward sit. So sorry I totally ruined that. It could have been a good photo, but it wasn’t. But yeah, like next for me, is that what you mean?

Ben: Yeah.

Ryan: One of the big things that I’ve been working on – obviously, On Property, we talk a lot about financial freedom, having a life that you want. Property is one method to do that, but it’s not the only method. So, obviously, there’s share investing, there’s businesses and things like that.

So, for me, a big focus that I’ve been having is just generating – because I run multiple websites, not just On Property. So, for me, the focus lately has been working on websites that generate even more passive income and diversifying my income across multiple different topics and websites and things like that. I’ve been working on that.

In terms of big picture goals for my life, I can’t see further than a year into the future. Truthfully. I can see 6 months, we drive the van. We travel. Maybe we can last 6 months on the road, we’ll see how we go. We may love it, we may hate it. But after that, I’m not really sure. I have this idea in my mind and I don’t know where it came from that when I’m around 40, I’m going to study neuroscience and psychology and stuff like that.

I kind of have that planned for the future, but in terms of business and stuff, it’s just running businesses that I enjoy. Like, creating content that adds value to people’s lives. Constantly pushing myself to create better content, whether that be in written format, podcast, video, all of that sort of stuff. I’m constantly experimenting with different things and just trying to grow myself, grow my business and do things that I enjoy.

Ben: Yeah, that’s gold.

Ryan: I actually play this game. For those who are watching the video, there’s TV’s behind me, old TV’s. I play this Nintendo game, Cube game, competitively called Super Smash Brothers Melee. I have one of these goals is to be top 8 in Queensland. I’m currently around the 15th mark. I’m getting coaching for that now.

There’s this guy in Perth who’s a good player who plays the same character as me. I play Princess Peach, which doesn’t sound very masculine, but she’s awesome. So he’s coaching me now. I started that this week and it’s awesome.

Ben: Wow. How does he coach you from Perth?

Ryan: We do Skype calls. Well, like a Skype call, we use Discord. I record matches that I play so we’ll watch some of those and he’ll identify things that I should be doing that I’m not doing or mistakes that I’m making. And then, he can share his screen and he’ll show me some stuff that I need to be doing and we setup practice routines and stuff like that.

Ben: This is the best thing I’ve ever heard and it’s recorded now and everybody’s listening to it. You’ve just gained respect from 1% of your followers and lost all of the others, including me.

Ryan: Everyone I’ve talked to about it is like, “Is this on Playstation? Like you play online?” And it’s like, no. Dude, it’s on a GameCube. Actually, I’ve got it right next to me, the GameCube, for people who want to see. It’s this old thing here.

Ben: Plugged into a telly.

Ryan: Yeah, plugged into an old TV. Even the disc is super small. But, yeah, I’m super passionate about it and I’ve created this community on the Gold Coast. I run tournaments and stuff for that as well. I’m just having heaps of fun with that.

What about you? What’s next for Ben Everingham?

Ben: This week, I rung up my brother who’s just about to finish his degree, and said I need you to come and work with us next year.

Ryan: Is this the brother who did the artwork?

Ben: No. That’s my brother-in-law.

Ryan: Oh, okay.

Ben: Did you see that? That was pretty cool, hey? Like a modern-Indian headressy-type thing, it’s pretty cool.

So that means my mum’s in the business. My sister, Crystal, is in the business and my brother, Simon, is going to be in the business. So, we’re either going to be happy families or—like, everything is so cool now.

Ryan: So what’s he going to be doing? Is he going to be working in Pumped?

Ben: Yeah. He’s going to be working in Pumped. He’s going to be shadowing my sister for about the first 6 months and then shadowing me for 6 months. Longer term, the way that he communicates is incredible. And he comes from the same place that you and I do, which is supporting people first.

So, I’m not sure where he’s going to sit longer term in the business, but I think as part of my long term plans, which is I love the strategy sessions and that’s where I want to spend my time. But, having a couple of people to help with more of the day-to-day type things is what I’m trying to do. That’s kind of cool.

12 months looking forward from now, I see myself spending all of my time in this business doing the things that I’m really good at. Which is spending time with people on strategy and negotiating the right price on the right properties. And then, less time doing some of the other things that there’s better people in my family that can do it or better team members.

We just brought up Ally from Sydney as well and start with us 3 weeks ago. She’s a gun, she was working in the top-performing LJ Hooker office down there in the Northern beaches.

So the family is growing. We all went out for brekky this morning as a team and just chilled down on the beach at Cotton Tree, which was sick. That’s kind of same as you, we’ve got the property management company, which is just growing ridiculously at the moment and the same as you, that will be our big passive re-occurring income stream in the future and continuing to help people.

For me and Lisa, personally, the next 12 months is we’re just decking out our forward drive at the moment to make it beach-worthy and weekend-worthy, the same as you. Just cruising away with the kids and stuff. Keeping it simple and just, I don’t know, getting more back to where we were before everything got crazy busy, you know what I mean?

Ryan: Yeah. Well, the thing that happens, because obviously, we’re passionate about helping people, is you do as much as you can by yourself and then you’re helping as many people as you can and you’re not doing so much work. And then to bring other people on so you can continue to help those people or to give them a better result.

I remember you talking about – it was one of the episodes we just recorded where people wanted more hand-holding and wanted more coaching, but you weren’t able provide that. And by bringing people on to your team, you now are able to provide a better experience, which I think is awesome.

For those of you who haven’t met Ben’s team, they’re so – your sister is insane. She’s got a photographic memory of—

Ben: A joke.

Ryan: I go and visit Ben every month or so just to touch base. Sometimes, we do business stuff or just hang out and I go into his office. He’s asking his sister about these 3 different properties that she was looking at for a customer and she can just describe them in detail. They way it looked on the street and every little thing. She just knows them inside out when she goes to visit them. And when she comes back, you could—

Ben: Her memory, dude, is a joke. There’s about 15 suburbs we’ve been buying in. Yeah, like Sheldon except she can talk with people as well.

Ryan: Yeah.

Ben: I would sit there with her and I’m like, okay, tell me—just as a test, just sometimes when I’m driving, to stir her off, I’d be like, tell me what this address sold for 2 years ago in that street and she’s like, boom. It’s just the sales history stuff is really powerful.

It has given us just an edge as well. But, I suppose, our approach is to just, same as yours, get better and better at what we do. Our approach to buying property is to be as friendly with the agents as we are with our clients and be that one company that builds long term relationships all the way through and it’s just above the line in everything we do.

It’s just so exciting, man, the next few years just look awesome in so many different ways. Same as you, once you’ve got a little bit more time back, I see us creating some sort of cool coaching thing. Hopefully, you and I together like we’ve talked about or running live events one day or something.

Ryan: We’ll close this up soon because we’re almost a half an hour and for people who are listening to this, which is just like a chat, they’re probably avid followers of us.

We have been talking on the down-low about potentially doing an event together or some sort of thing that we don’t have fleshed out completely. But, yeah, some sort of event where we get people together and we have an awesome venue, but an awesome time together, vegetarian lunch options.

Ben: Vego, for sure. Maybe we should just make the whole conference vego.

Ryan: Yeah. Vego or vegan or something. Awesome coffee. And then talking about, really what we talk about anyway, but getting more in detail into maybe how to set your strategy, how to research these suburbs. Talk about happiness and lifestyle things as well, which we both think are really important and people get so wrong sometimes.

Ben: I’ve been thinking about this a bit more. It’s not one of those stupid things that I’ve been to. I actually haven’t been to one that’s anything like what we were talking about. It’s not about trying to sell people rubbish.

It’s not even talking about ourselves or our product. It’s really about a cool community of like-minded people and we’re just going to keep it simple and small and more organic. I see it being sick music, sick food. Actually, the community is as important as the content and just having heaps of fun with it.

Like, getting deeper and adding soul to property. I suppose that’s what’s missing. Everyone’s so vanilla.

Ryan: Well, all of the events I’ve been to, I would call them “rah-rah property events.”

Ben: Rah-rah?

Ryan: Yeah. Like you go there and they pump you up and they talk about the strategy and how you’re going to make millions overnight and then they try and up-sell you into something. It’s all a ploy to get you to a point of spending more money.

I think we kind of want to go in the opposite direction of that in terms of having something that’s not rah-rah, but something I would describe it as “wholesome”. Wholesome for your soul, both your finances and who you are as a person and connect you with cool people as well as, I don’t know.

Ben: Yeah, for sure. We had our first Pumped on Property client catch up in Sydney recently. We didn’t do any talking. It was just a dinner and some beers. I’ve been getting messages from all these people going, I’ve met mates now. They’re all hanging out, they’ve got their community because often it’s lonely walking through this path on your own.

That’s why I started the blog originally because I wanted to meet more people that were into this stuff that were young, old, whatever, that were just cool people. I’m excited to continue that conversation with you and we both know it’s a something one day. It’s just about us aligning for the right amount of time to actually make something happen.

Ryan: After this, I’m going to setup a page. If you guys go to onproperty.com.au/event, I’ll setup some sort of email notification list. So if someone’s interested in the event, go to onproperty.com.au/event, put in your details and then we’ll probably in contact to be see if you’re interested, see what you would want from an event and we’ll try and craft something that’s awesome.

Ben: I’m excited about that, hey.

Ryan: Yeah. We could maybe do it in one of the times where—like, the market obviously cools in December-January. And so, it could be something to do around that time when people are on holidays anyway. The market’s not as hot, so neither you nor I are as busy as usual. It could be something to do then.

Ben: Yeah, that’s a really cool point. Yeah. I like it. I love that amazing venue you sent me the other day as well. Far out, that was so sick, dude.

Ryan: So this is in Corumba, which is on the Gold Coast, the South of the Gold Coast. Which would actually be perfect because people fly in, Corumba is only 10 minutes from the airport. There’s this pub, right, but it’s on this headland rock that is just surrounded by sand and beach.

Ben: I can’t believe how they got development approved. It’s on the beach, man.

Ryan: Yeah. It’s ridiculous. The sand blows up into this place. Because they’ve got storage garages underneath that can flood sometimes. I’ve been to that venue once for something and it’s just—

Ben: It’s just that top little tiny room, real intimate for a few small people, hey? Not like some crazy normal pub that you’d be thinking about on the water.

Ryan: Yeah. So maybe we’ll do that and people come up, we can book that out because that’s a pretty sick spot and do like a day or something. I don’t know, we’ll keep thinking about it.

Ben: At least you and I would show up.

Ryan: Yeah, me and Ben will be there. Worst case scenario, we’ll just be drinking beers. Yeah, I’ll bring Kel. I’ll bring my wife.

Ben: It’s like 6 people.

Ryan: Yeah. Sweet. We’ve already got a 6-person event going.

Anyway, we’ll close off there. I think that’s enough chit-chat. If you guys are interested in something like that, it would be a paid event. So it would cost some money in order to cover the cost and stuff like that. Go to onproperty.com.au/event and that way, we can start seeing if people are interested and maybe we’ll make something happen if there’s enough demand there.

Ben: Awesome, bro, thanks for the chat.

Ryan: Yeah. Is there anything that you want to leave people with?

Ben: No, I think I’ve speed enough babble. We’ve probably lost half of your community again from this chat.

Ryan: So go out there, play some Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo GameCube.

And until next time, stay positive.

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