Save Your Deposit Fast Introduction (Ep296)

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Welcome to the Save Your Deposit Fast Course: Radical Ideas To Help You Save Your Deposit In Under 12 Months.

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Hey guys! Ryan here from and welcome to the Save Your Deposit Fast Course, radical ideas to help you save your deposit in under 12 months.

I am super excited that you are here. The reason that I created this course was I used to have an email that went out in my order-responder sequence when people sign up for my email newsletter that said tell me what is your biggest problem with investing in property and the majority of people came back and said my biggest problem, the biggest thing holding me back from investing in property is actually saving the deposit. And so I knew for a long time that I needed to create something to help people to save their deposit and move towards saving their deposit and that is what this course is.

I want to create something that was a bit different from the standard out there. You guys have heard it all, you need to spend less, you need to budget, you need to shop at…,  you need to be a tight ass and basically just eat baked beans for the next 12 to 24 months in order to save your deposit.

So what I wanted to do is create something that – yes we covered those fundamentals and we looked at those of stuff but also go outside the box and think of some crazy ideas and some things that might not be recommended by financial advisers but that could help you move towards your goal. The idea of this cause is not that you are going to take every single idea that I provide and implement every single one to save your deposit but the idea is that you will take some of these ideas or maybe just one of these ideas to help move you closer towards saving your deposit and hopefully we can get there.

I am really excited to get into this course. I am just going to lay it down for you right now. I am going to give you a quick outline of what we are going to be covering and what we are going to be looking at in each lesson of this course so you will know what you are in for.

What we are going to look at first for section number 1 I am calling the Deposit Dilemma and we are going to look at – the first lesson will be the Reasons Why You Cannot Save Your Deposit. What is holding you back from saving your deposit? Being aware of those things is going to help you actually tackle this major task of saving your deposit.

The second thing is Things That You Can Do If You Cannot Actually Save Your Deposit Right Now. You might be sitting there wanting to save a deposit but you might not be in the position to actually move forward towards saving your deposit. So what can you do right now to get you into that position where you can start saving or if you really cannot save now, what are some things that you can do to move you forward anyway.

I am excited to cover that sort of fundamental stuff which I feel not many people are talking about. The real reason emotionally and psychologically why you cannot save it and some things you can do if you cannot. There are a lot of idealistic people out there who would say you just need to scrimp and save and that is how you get your deposit but I know. I am on your side. I have 3 kids.

I have a wife who needs a certain level of lifestyle. We are not crazy here but we are also not homeless people. So depending on the lifestyle you want to live and stuff like that, it can be difficult. You do need to balance that. It is not only baked beans. I have 3 kids to feed and I am not just going to feed them baked beans for a year because they would get sickly, very sickly.

The second part, we are going to look at the radical ways to save your house deposit in 12 months. So lesson number 3 will be – we are going to look at How You Can Actually Buy A House Without A Deposit so we look at some of those options.

Lesson number 4, we will talk about How To Invest In Property With A Smaller Deposit because something a lot of people do not talk about is that maybe you are actually aiming too high in order to save your deposit.

So is there a way that you can invest and not have to save as much so it is more achievable for you? Because if you can do that, chances are you are going to get into the property market faster, hopefully going to get growth in the property market and that can help you leverage into future properties. So if there is a way that you can get a smaller deposit, we want to look at that before we start trying to save our deposit.

Lesson number 5, we are going to quickly cover Gab Mcgrant’s Boost And Concessions For Buying A House. We are not going to go into super detail about that but I want to make you guys aware of that, changing every time and this cause is a cause that is going to be out there for a while so I do not want to say here are the specific things but we will talk about it and we can find more information.

Lesson number 6, we are going to look at ways to quickly save your deposit. That is where we are going to get into the nitty-gritty, into the radical ideas for saving your deposit. So that is the only reason you signed up. You do not want the fundamental stuff, just skip to lesson number 6. I do not care if you skip over the fundamentals, go to lesson number 6, see the good stuff and then you can always go back and tackle the fundamentals later.

I am not set on you doing this in a certain way. You do it however it suits you and that means you can go to lesson 6 first and by golly you should go to lesson 6 first. That will close off section 2 about the ways to lower or save your deposit.

Then section number 3 I am going to talk a bit about How To Be Happy While You Are Saving Your Deposit. So lesson number 7 we are going to look at The Different Ways To Be Happy By Living Off Less Money. Maybe it is not eating baked beans every single day but there are some things that we can do to still enjoy our lives but not be super consumers and spend too much money.

Then we are going to look at ways to earn extra income on the side. One of the strategies that I will get into and we will talk about saving your deposit is that the best strategy that I have seen is when you actually get paid, you put your savings aside first and you either try and live off the rest or you try and actually earn more money so that you can afford to live off the rest.

I will talk a bit about different ways that you can earn extra income on the side. Again that is going to be ideas I am not expecting you to take every idea and implement but just stimulate your mind and hopefully one idea will suit you.

And then section number 4 we are going to talk about Now What? Lesson number 9 we are going to be talking about 10 Important Things To Do While Saving Your Deposit. So just because you are saving your deposit does not mean you cannot do anything else. There are things that you can do to move you closer toward your goal of buying a property while you are still in the savings mode so we are going to talk about that.

Lesson number 10 What To Do After You Have Saved Your Deposit. What is the next step after you have saved your deposit? What is the next step from there?

And then last section. Section number 5 we are talking about How To Make The Next Deposit Easier. You have saved 1 deposit, what about property number 2 and saving a deposit for property number 2.

So then we are going to talk about in lesson number 11 How To Save Your Second House Deposit Quicker and how we can leverage what we learned saving our first deposit as well as the type of property that we buy to save our second deposit faster so that we can grow our property portfolio which I am guessing you guys are probably aiming either for some sort of equity growth or financial security or financial freedom from your property portfolio and generally that is going to require more than 1 property. So we will look at what we can do as we grow our portfolio to make sure that we continually have money to reinvest in properties.

And so that will be the course. Save your deposit fast, radical ideas to help you save your deposit in under 12 months. I am excited to get into it. As I said you can jump around. You can view it however you want. Pick the topic that is most exciting to you or where   you are at. Or simply go from lesson 1 all the way through lesson number 11. I really do not care. I want to help you. I want what is going to be best for you.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. If you have any questions, if you need any help, give me a holler. I am at [email protected]. Shoot me an email. I get and respond personally to every email that I get so if you send it there you can be sure that I am going to get it.

Hope you guys really enjoy this series. I actually have not created it yet so this is my first video but I know that this is going to be value-packed and I am actually pumped to create this and to deliver it to you because I have been waiting months to do this, 12 months I have known I need to create this so I am excited to actually be sitting down creating it and getting it out there for you guys.

I hope you enjoy it, until lesson number 1, stay positive.

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