How To Set Property Investment Goals For The Decade

They say you can achieve less than you think you can in a year but more than you think you can in a decade. Here are some tips on how to set your property investment goals for the next decade so you can achieve everything you want to and more.

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1: Where Are You At Now and What Are You Unhappy With? – 3:00

2: What Do You Want Things To Look Like? – 10:00

3: What Numbers Do You Need To Make That Work? – 10:50

4: What Is It Going To Take To Get Your There? – 15:10

5: What Is a Realistic Timeline? – 23:37

6: What Is The Next Immediate Step To Get You There? – 28:34

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they say that you can achieve less than you think you can in a year but more than you think you can in a decade in this episode I want to talk about how to set property goals for the next decade of your life for the next ten years so that at the end of the next decade you can be sitting exactly where you want to be and have moved financially forward because the next decade is going to pass whether or not you set financial goals whether or not you move towards those financial goals in a decade’s time you’re gonna be 10 years older and you can either be 10 years older and more set up financially to have a better decade after that or you can be 10 years older in the same position that you’re in now because generally speaking with finances if we’re not diligent if we don’t actually set the path ourselves and say this is where I want to go this is what I’m going to try and get to generally we don’t really move along we just stay on the rat-race we continue to work in jobs we have credit card debt and we just end up in a situation where we need to work in order to survive so if you want to get out of that rat race if you want to start moving forward financially over the next decade then this episode’s going to be for you hi i’m ryan from on-property helping you achieve financial freedom and the last decade has definitely been a big one for me I’m about to turn 30 – so a decade ago I was 21 now I a decade ago I didn’t have any children so I would have been well my wife at the time would have been pregnant with our first child who is about to turn 10 and so much has happened in the last decade for me my goal was always be financially free before I was 30 to be a millionaire I kind of achieved one of those like I achieved pseudo financial freedom at the age of 28 I call it pseudo financial freedom because I achieved financial freedom through my online businesses so I had a couple years there where I didn’t need to work because my businesses just generated enough money without me but the internet changes and over time that was no longer the case so I’m now back working again but a lot change in a decade looking back me at 21 with no children and now nearly 32 with three children and you know so much has changed as well financially and so much has changed in my career I’ve been fortunate enough to run my own online business for the last six or seven years and done that quite successfully but where do I want to be in the next 10 years so I’m going to talk in this episode about how you can do your financial plan for the next decade but then I’m going to use myself as an example and kind of go through some of the things that I’m thinking about so you can get an idea of how this actually applies practically as well so the biggest thing well there’s a lot of big things here but something that we need to do is to actually start where are you at now what’s your situation now but also what are you unhappy with with that situation now talking about financial goals for the next decade I’m not going to be talking about you know those big I want to be a millionaire I want to be a billionaire those kind of lofty sort of dreams I want something that’s really concrete and something that if I actually achieve this in a decade time I’m going to be really happy now I can exceed this of course if I decide that I want to work really hard for that or if things go in my favor I can exceed this but I guess as a bare minimum this is kind of where I want to be in a in a decade’s time and so I start by looking at where you’re at now and what you’re unhappy with it can also be helpful to look at you know where have you come from and what you’ve achieved because sometimes looking at where we’re at now can be a bit depressing because it’s not exactly where we want to be but looking at myself and where I’m at now I’ve got a good solid income from my businesses that is growing and I’m working on growing yet still the majority of my income from my business is passive income that I don’t need to work really hard for but there is an element of that that I do need to work hard for and I am also working a second job as well for short-term cash flow so that’s kind of where I’m at now I’m in a bit of debt because of a bunch of things that went on over the last couple years so I’m in a bit of debt that I’m paying off and that you know is kind of stripping a lot of my cash flow in the short term and that’s quite difficult so in a situation where I’m earning good money but I’m really cash-strapped because I am trying to pay off this debt as quickly as possible and that’s kind of a burden on me so in a situation at the moment where over the summer break I’ve moved back in with my dad’s I was living you know in my own place as as people do and the owners decided they wanted to move back in so come back here for a couple of months to just kind of consolidate resources continue to build up my business and then move out again once things pick up because you know the December January February is really slow for me anyway that’s kind of an idea of where I’m at now what am i unhappy with with where I’m at now now what you’re unhappy with can be financial you can do it as numbers on a spreadsheet or it can just be how you feel about your life and whether or not you have the time and the money to do the things that you want to do so for me where I’m at now and I kind of think of okay what does my life look like what am I happy with what am I not happy with so what does my life look like at the moment well as I said I’m working a second job part-time for that immediate cash flow because a lot of the work I do on my business takes you know six to twelve months before it actually starts paying me any money so I need that short-term money and then work on the business for the long-term growth so my life now is like Monday Tuesday Wednesday I’m working in a job that are not super passionate about it’s a very social job which is great but it’s not something that I’m like all this is my core passion it’s not something that is career development either so yes my way dry my incomes through my business I have that so this is just a kind of short-term thing and a social thing but Monday Tuesday Wednesday is taken up by that I start early I finish around lunchtime and then come home and work on my business I’m often working into the nights on my business as well so Monday Tuesday Wednesday or then work you know until that downtime and then Thursday Friday I have my kids and so there at school then I’m dropping them off at school working during the day having them in the afternoon and then when they go to sleep at night I’ll try and squeeze some work in and then Saturday will be my day off where I’ll have my kids and I’ll hang out with them and do whatever it is we’re doing Saturday go to the beach or hang out go for coffee you know just chill at home if it’s a chill day whatever and then Sunday I’m actually working all day on my business at the moment so I’m actually working six days a week doing quite long hours and also don’t have the location flexibility that I used to have so previously I’ve lived in a van previously I’ve lived in everywhere from Sydney to Newcastle Central Coast Gold Coast noosa moved around a bit and also could kind of go away when I wanted to and when just suited with the family whereas obviously when you have a job you don’t have that flexibility because of your shifts on Monday Tuesday Wednesday you kind of need to be in location Monday Tuesday Wednesday now obviously kids are at school and so I’ve kind of location bound anyway but me and my partner have split up and so some days I don’t have the kids and I would like to be free to go up to the Sunshine Coast to hang out with Ben the buyer’s agent from pumped on property who I do a lot of content with and work with and so I kind of want to get back in that position where I’ve got that flexibility or also you know kids can come in holidays too so taking them away as well so I want to really want to get back to the place where I’m working full-time for myself and I’ve got that flexibility in my life and also like I would say I’m burning the candle at both ends and so working a bit too hard so it’s just kind of a short-term stint at the moment to pay off that debt and also to build up that income through my business so that that becomes self-sustaining and self growing as well and then I can continue on my financial journey so what am i unhappy with I say all that to say that I’m kind of unhappy with how much I’m working at the moment and how inflexible it is as to what I’m working on and what needs to get done so this kind of feels a lot of pressure on me I’ve also got financial pressure with the debt that I’m paying as well so all up that’s not that that exciting we’ve just had school holidays here over the summer break and avoided that school holidays I’ve had to work through school holidays and had to send my kids to vacation care so that I could work rather than being able to take two weeks off and take them away I wasn’t able to do that this holidays which I’m really unhappy with it’s what needed to get done but long term I’m really unhappy with that so looking at some of these things that you’re unhappy with you can start to see that okay well in a decade’s time well I ain’t a decade saw my kids are gonna be a lot older like nineteen eighteen and fourteen so that’s gonna be a huge difference to the age they’re at now and will my daughter still want to hang out with me when she’s 19 or will she be off doing our own thing she might be traveling around the world who knows but you know where do I want to be in a decade’s time is more kind of thinking about okay what am I happy with and what would I prefer instead so that’s kind of saying like okay where you are what are you unhappy with what do you wish it would be like and you can see that my dreams and my visions aren’t crazy big so like oh I want to be flying in a private jet I don’t care about a fly private jet I want the time and the flexibility to spend with my children to spend with my partners to spend with whoever it meant my friends my family to do what I want with my time also to work on things that I’m really passionate about and that generate me good money I also don’t want to be in a cash-strapped situation so I want the flexibility to be able to go on holidays so flexibility of time flexibility to spend with friends families partners etc and you know not that pressure of the finances as well is kind of what I want you can then go and get more concrete with that and look at the numbers behind that okay what exactly do I need in order to get to that point I’m very fortunate in that running my own business is something I’m very passionate about and something that I really enjoy and so I can actually foresee myself working in my business for the next ten years now I may not be working on exactly the same things I’m working on now at the moment I’m writing a lot of articles like so many articles every single week thousands of words every single day it’s a lot of manual grind for me and so I guess looking in a decade’s time I would like to have a team of staff members around me and to be able to guess outsource a lot of that and have a team that’s working on it and have a business that is self-sustaining so even when I’m not there the business is growing that’s the point I want to get to and something I didn’t do back when I had that pseudo financial freedom at 28 the business was earning me enough money but it was actually growing without me and so over time it slowly declined to the point where I needed to step back in so you can get into details on the numbers of what exactly that will take for you as I said I’m in a very fortunate position that my business I really enjoy and want to be working in and can foresee that for the next decade what exactly I work on will change but also I’m in the very fortunate circumstance that the work that I do in my business actually generates pretty passive income for me so as I work in my business I’m actually growing my passive income and for a lot of people that’s not the case when you’re working in your job you just work for the hours whereas all right articles today they’ll then go on to make me money for years to come every single month so it’s a kind of a bit of a different situation to what you might be in so looking at what do you wish your life was it might be worthwhile getting concrete with the numbers and to saying okay to have what I want what sort of passive income do I need in order to achieve that so maybe that’s a hundred thousand dollars a year in passive income coming in maybe it’s fifty thousand dollars a year who knows it depends on your life and your situation if you’re not really sure of a number and how much you need I often find that your wage is quite a good starting point your wage you’re currently living off your wage you’re probably not doing everything that you want to do and don’t have the exact lifestyle that you want but if you could earn your wage completely passively then you could live the life that you’re living now and the quality of life that you have now but then you would have all of that time to do what you want now you may choose to do that time traveling or you can actually take that time that you now have free and look at ways to generate more money so if you’ve got your income coming in passively and decide to work your income is effectively doubled because you’re working your job earning that income and you’ve got that income passively so then you can have that more luxurious lifestyle and work for it if that’s what you want or if you want a more laid-back lifestyle then you can drop the job just have the passive income and then live below your means in that sort of aspect and so I find that’s a really good starting point to like rather than going into ok well how much am I gonna be paying in rent how much each week in food I am not detailed enough to actually go granular into that sort of stuff and to say in 10 years time this is exactly how much money I’m going to need and if I adjust that for inflation of two point five percent per year that I’m going to need this in ten years time I really struggle to do that so I find it easier to look at okay what’s the income that I’m on now how is the lifestyle that I’m on now is that a right do I have the flexibility do I live in a decent place can I support my children can I go on holidays a couple of times a year can I afford that sort of stuff and am I happy with that level of lifestyle if I didn’t have to work a job and then you can obviously adjust it up or down a little bit if you like okay my income is pretty good but I just wish I had an extra ten thousand dollars a year so I could go on you know a couple of interstate holidays or maybe one overseas trip a year then you can kind of adjust from there so look at what you want to be in ten years time and then look at what is it going to take to get you there now you don’t need to achieve that in ten years time me and Ben Everingham talked a lot about the two properties to financial freedom strategy and that is around about a 15 year strategy so it doesn’t fit nicely tucked into a decade too actually achieve financial freedom but it’s quite easy to achieve buying those properties in the beginning and then it’s really those properties just pay themselves off over time and you can work hard to pay them off faster but it kind of fits into that 15-year time window so your goals and all of this sort of stuff might not pack perfectly into a ten year period so if you need to expand this out to 15 years that’s fine if you want to shrink it down to seven years then that’s fine as well you can obviously go ahead and adjust that but if you’ve got your number in mind of what you need to achieve passively or what financial freedom number you have or maybe it’s a number in the bank of I want two or three million dollars in the bank whatever it may be once you’ve got that number in mind then you’ve got to think about okay realistically what do I need in order to get there and so we’re not yet talking about okay what steps I need to take how much do I need to invest every single year but let’s just take that big figure of okay let’s call it a hundred grand a year in passive income how many properties do I need to own in order to generate a hundred thousand dollars per year or what is my share and stock portfolio need to look like or what is my business need to look like in order to achieve that hundred thousand dollar per year income so for me I’m definitely looking at that sort of six-figure range through my business and passive income for me it’s like what does my business need to look at how many articles do I need to have how much does each article need to generate what sort of traffic to my websites as a whole need to generate in order to earn this sort of money and so I can kind of see that I have that number in mind and so I’m actually working towards that at the moment just looking for I was looking for my phone so I could do some calculations but I am filming on my phone so that won’t work but let’s call it you know 100 grand a year or whatever it may be for you then thinking about okay let’s get more granular of what exactly do I need in order to achieve that now if that is properties there’s a few ways that you can go ahead and get this so you can look at let’s say I own these properties completely outright and I’m renting those properties out how many properties do I need to own completely outright to achieve my financial goal so let’s say we’ve got properties we’re doing the two property to financial freedom strategy we purchased a property we’ve build a granny flat on that property we’re getting about you know seven hundred dollars per week in rental income we then want to take out some of that rental income to allow for expenses ongoing expenses with the property so you would generally allow for around twenty or thirty percent of that for expenses so ten percent would be seventy dollars twenty percent one hundred and forty so seven hundred minus hundred forty e this is going to test me doing maths without a phone so you know five hundred and sixty dollars per week then in passive income times that by 52 you’re looking at over twenty five thousand dollars per year maybe thirty thousand dollars per year I’m not sure this is my math I’m not yeah I’m not there you guys can do the math on this you know you might be getting four hundred dollars per week for your property so your calculations are going to be completely different you might be getting a thousand dollars a week so you can do these calculations yourself it’s fine and so you kind of look at that and look at how many do I need per week how many properties do I need to be earning the weekly money in order to achieve my annual goal that is what I was trying to get at so fifty thousand dollars a year or let’s call it 50 mm then there’s 52 weeks in a year so that’s a thousand dollars per week that you need so two properties at around seven hundred dollars per week take away those expenses you’ve got about five hundred per week that’s going to give you the thousand dollars that you need per week in order to get that $50,000 a year in passive income now obviously over time of those properties are growing rents are going up that can be easier to achieve you’ve also got to adjust for inflation and things like that but this is a rough estimate to think how much do I need if you want a hundred thousand then you can go ahead and double that I just want to put a disclaimer out there at the moment that this is not financial advice and the numbers that I’m using here or super rough and super hypothetical so you need to do your own numbers on each property you’re looking at investing in but this is an idea to say okay roughly if I own two properties or three properties or four properties outright then it would deliver me this in passive income now that could be your goal there and then and that might not happen in a decade that you can buy them and pay them outright but in a decade you could definitely acquire those properties get yourself in a positive cash flow situation so they’re paying themselves off and so you might not achieve that financial goal of being completely passive and having your income fully replaced by the end of the decade but you build up your foundation of properties that will then go on to deliver you financial freedom in the following decade so if by working out what you need you can then work out okay what I need to do in this decade what do I need to acquire in order to get to my goal if it’s stocks then obviously that’s going to be different but you can look at if I’m getting dividends or five percent per year or if I’m getting average growth of seven percent per year on these stocks what size stock portfolio do I need in order to achieve that and then once you’ve kind of got that big figure in mind okay before we go on to that another way to do it with property rather than saying okay I’ve got these properties fully paid out right you can look at how much positive positive cash flow these properties are generating so let’s say we do the two properties for financial freedom strategy we invest in a property we’ve build a granny flat so we’ve got those two incomes coming in interest rates interest rates are low at the moment let’s say we get our properties to a position where they’re generating $100 per week in positive cash flow so we’re paying all of our expenses on the property a mortgage our council rates our insurances our rental manager fees all that sort of stuff and at the end they were left with $100 per week or about $5,000 per year you can look at that and say okay I still got debt on these properties but they’re generating 5,000 dollars per year in passive income how many of these properties do I need to own to be financially free and so five times ten would give you $50,000 so maybe I need to own ten of these properties to be financially free and that can be a faster way to do it rather than having to pay off the properties completely obviously if you acquire more and you’ve got more passive income coming in from multiple properties then you can achieve it faster you’ve also got extra Ric’s risks with that because you’ve got more leverage all of that sort of stuff but that’s another way to look at it to say okay they’re generating $100 per week in passive income or 200 dollars per week or whatever it may be how many do I need to own so they don’t necessarily need to be paid outright in order for you to achieve your goal as well you might look at how much equity do I want to have in my portfolio so if I buy properties now and they double in time over the next ten years how many properties do I need to buy now so that I’ve got three million dollars in equity in ten years time so you can also look at that sort of thing so once you’ve got your figure in mind of what do you need to acquire what do you need to own what sort of position do you need to be in then you start getting more granular and looking at what is a realistic timeline for this and when you’re thinking of this it kind of goes in conjunction with what it’s going to take to get you there what’s a realistic timeline is also what what sort of work are you willing to put in because you might say oh I just need to own a block of units in order to achieve my financial goal and I’m going to go into development and I’m going to develop a block of units and then you sell off a few of them and keep one of them that’s going to be paid completely outright development while it can be lucrative is high risk but it’s also high work and can take a lot of work if you’re going to go down the development path or you may go down a more passive path where you’re just buying property putting someone in there to renter not really doing a lot to the property so you might go down a more passive path where you’re being active in your career and in your work life and in your budgeting and then you’re funneling that money into a more passive investment strategy so they also need to look at okay with my investment strategy is it going to be passive is going to be active how much work am I willing to put in for me personally my passion is in my business and that’s where I think I can get the best return on investment for my time and I can really grow my income quite significantly through my business not a lot of people have that a lot of people have careers they can only grow them slowly over time and so they might excuse me am I really 31 voice is kind of going there I haven’t done a long video in quite some time but yeah so for some people it might be okay well their career is going to be quite City but they’ve got free time on the weekend so they want to put that into development or they want to put that into renovation earn extra money through that Avenue so you kind of need to look at with all of this and as you’re planning for the next decade and setting your property goals for the next decade how active are you going to be in your property investment career so you’ll start looking at what’s a realistic timeline for you in order to acquire these goals so for me I guess my decade-long property plan is a the beginning of the decade is really about growing my business growing my income getting out of debt saving deposits so that’s going to be the next kind of one to two years of my decade in the beginning and then it becomes about acquiring properties and building granny flats so I will highly likely be following the two properties to financial freedom strategy that we’ve talked about so many times on this channel I’ll link up down below or you can go to II just a really you know quite an easy investment strategy to get you to properties with to granny flats so for incomes in total paying off over time in order to achieve a baseline level of your freedom so that will then be my longer-term goal but rather than two properties I would like to do four properties so looking at my decade moving forward it’s kind of build up my business get out of debt and then it’ll be about acquiring those four properties and building those four granny flats I don’t need to have them fully paid off by the end of the decade I’m not really worried about that but I do want to have them set up where they’re completely paying for themselves where their positive cash flow and so I can actually accelerate how quickly they’re paid off by funneling their extra money on to paying off the mortgages or on to saving for deposits to invest in more properties because I don’t necessarily think I’ll stop at four I’ve also got goals I guess those four properties with four granny flats are eight incomes in total would be my decade goal I’ve also got business goals as well but then I would also look at I guess outside of me looking at my kids and how to set them up and how to you know help out my ex-partner as well and so that kind of gets a bit I guess a bit different and a bit more personal so I probably won’t talk about that one in this video but that kind of comes into my mind as well so you got to think of what’s a realistic timeline to acquire these properties and then you’ve got to think about then you start to get more granular and thinking about okay what’s the really this sick timeline I want to buy for in the next decade I need to start growing my income for me for you it might be you need to start budgeting and saving in order to get your next deposit to buy your next property so once you’ve got kind of a realistic figure of what it’s going to take to get you there as well as what’s a really sick timeline to acquire those and again it might not fit perfectly into a decade then I think the biggest thing is what is the next step this plan that you create for yourself right now for your next decade probably not going to be the plan that you perfectly see through over the next ten years because so much happens in a decade you will change so much as a person your priorities your life situation will change so many times as I said ten years ago I was childless I actually lived in Sydney which you know kind of come full circle too but over that decade priorities have changed so many different times so back hmm it’s funny that it’s kind of come full circle but for me back a decade ago I was looking at growing my online income and trying to get financially free online which is kind of where I’m at now it’s funny but then I had children and so getting a stable income through a career became more important to me and I kind of climbed the career ladder for a while and ended up as a pharmaceutical rep earning six figures a year with a free car sort of thing but working really hard and then you know lifestyle and business and following that became a priority and so things kind of changed along the way and me and my wife at the time we relocated to a lot of different areas because our priorities change so over that decade so many times our plans got completely thrown out the window because our priorities changed and so that’s going to happen to you as well over the next decade you’re not going to be able to follow your plan exactly to a tee you who you are as a person will change who I was ten years ago and who I am now almost completely different people I’ve gone through such a growth journey I’ve learned so much about the world and about myself realized what I’m passionate about realized how I you know things about myself I’ve realized about my own deficiencies and stuff as well you learn so much and you change so much over a 10-year period but I say that to say that once you kind of get your plan in mind and you get your framework in mind of okay here’s the things that I need to acquire for me that just becomes you know a kind of pretty solid framework but how you go about achieving that but is likely to change over the next decade and so what I then like to focus on is what is the next step what is the single next thing that I need to do to move towards acquiring the assets that I need to achieve my financial goal what are the next steps so that could be create a budget you need to create a budget so you can start paying off debt or start saving a deposit that might be an XF it might be as simple as create a budget maybe you’ve got a deposit so might be your next step might be go and see a mortgage broker and find out how much you can borrow maybe you know you can borrow money so your next step is okay start to research areas and try and find what suburbs I want to invest in or it might be just learn more about property and watch more of Ryan’s videos or whatever maybe it might be booking a strategy session with Ben Everingham over at pumped on property and get clear on a strategy to get you to where you want to be in the next decade and get someone else’s help to actually buy those properties because Ben’s a buyer’s agent and can help you do that because you know try and do it yourself is too much and you’re focused on your career or your business or whatever it may be if you do want to book in a free strategy session to help you get clear on your financial goals and your property investment strategy for the next decade then go to would such strategy and you can learn more about kokino free strategy session over there get on the phone to one of the team over at pumped on property talk about your situation and where you want to get to and they can help fill in the middle parts of okay what sort of property portfolio might you need to build in order to get to where you need to be so again that’s know a forward slash strategy or forward slash session any of them I’ll leave the links to it in the description down below if you want to go ahead and check that out and talk to someone and really you know work out what do you need to do and what can your property investment strategy be to get you to where you want to be at the end of the decade so that’s a really cool free resource that’s available to you but yeah I think it’s really important to think of what is your next step so for me I’m really clear what’s my next step for me it’s all about building my business so I’ve I budgeted I’ve created a budget I’ve got an annual cash flow plan some of you guys have asked me to share that spreadsheet that I use for my annual cash plan so that’s something that’s interesting to you please leave a comment down below and I’ll create a full video about it and I’ll create a free giveaways and you guys can have that spreadsheet so if that’s something you’re interested in please leave a comment down below and just say yeah we’d love to learn more about this cash flow management spreadsheet and I’ll do it a full episode on that and walk you guys through it but yeah so I’ve set up a budget I’m managing my cash flow pretty tightly I’ve kind of got that covered debt reduction is big part of my journey at the moment but really in order to do that debt reduction it’s like I’m managing my cash flow and I’m growing my income and the growth in my income is what’s paying off my debt and so that is where my focus is at the moment is growing my business and growing my income I know that in a decade’s time I want to have those four properties with four granny flats I know that that’s my goal but for me to go out and to say okay I’m gonna start researching what suburbs to invest in and what properties to buy I’m not there yet and so for me that’s kind of a waste of time I do suburb research and property analysis anyway as part of on property and part of this aspect of my business so you know it’s cool that I kind of keep on top of that but if I was then to dive in to a stage where I’m not quite ready yet it’s just it’s kind of feels like a waste of time so I would rather dive in fully into exactly what needs to be done now try and accelerate that as quickly as possible grow my income as quickly as possible and then as I’m saving like once the debts paid off and as I’m saving my deposit and I can see okay in three months or in six months time I’m going to be ready to buy her property I’m starting to think about what the next steps and what do I need to do so that when my deposit saved I’m ready to pounce and so at that point in time it’s like okay now my focus is shifting from just growing my business to now I’m doing area research suburb research I’m starting to look at individual properties in the area starting to attend open for inspections all that sort of stuff so as I get closer to that stage is when I will get to that so yeah focus on what your next step now because if we just always look at the lofty goal of you know the assets that we want to require but we don’t actually get granular and say what’s the next step then we’re not going to get there so I like to think what’s the next step and trust that the process will work itself out and Trust in yourself and Trust in your future self that they’re going to be able to work out what’s the next step after that so present ryan present day ryan he needs to look at what’s right in front of him he’s got the big picture in mind of saying this is where I want to be here’s what I want to acquire he is my timeline to kind of get there and what I think I need to do then present day Ryan he’s got that framework that forms a framework of my life or of my decade that’s my big framework and then present day Ryan he lives with that framework and you know that’s kind of in the back of my mind but present-day Ryan is saying okay right in front of me is this step that I need to take and I’m gonna put myself fully into it I’m going to engage in this I’m going to do it absolutely the best that I can and what I’m doing right now is actually not property investing and so it’s not really like achieving my goal of acquiring those assets but it’s the next step to get me there and then I have to trust that future Ryan in six months time or twelve months I’m future Ryan is going to have what it takes to understand what the next steps are so I’m trusting in myself in the future that I’m going to be able to do that research then so it you don’t need to do everything now you don’t need to know everything now work on what you can now and those next steps and trust that you and the future are going to problem-solve you’re gonna have what it takes to do what needs to be done in order to achieve your goal but definitely always having that framework in your mind of what the goal is and what’s the next step that’s going to get you closer towards that goal is really important because if you’re not actually consciously trying to move towards financial freedom if you’re not consciously trying to do things to build your property portfolio or to get you in a position to build your property portfolio if you’re not consciously doing it highly likely it’s not going to happen and that’s one of the big things with I guess financial freedom and investing is that you need to consciously do it it’s not just gonna happen by itself same with Fitness you’re not just going to magically get a six-pack you actually need to consciously put in the effort in order to get that body that you want same with money you need to consciously put in that effort and so I hope that this has helped you kind of think about okay let’s actually be conscious let’s actually be focused on what we want to achieve financially in this next decade let’s actually set a goal create a framework have in mind the assets that we want to acquire or the property portfolio that we want to have when this decade closes out have that framework in mind think of a realistic timeline and then focus on what are my next steps and what can I do so that this has helped you to you know kind of get that in mind I’m really looking forward to the next decade for my business for my property portfolio for this channel as well and what we’re going to achieve together so it’s so exciting to look back over you know I started on property which was called cash flow investor I started that back in 2000 and when do I start yeah a lot yeah a long time ago but it’s probably been over a decade that I’ve run this now I would have to look back at my analytics I’m not exactly sure but I started a long time ago and so it’s kind of exciting to think of what we’ve helped people being able to achieve in the last decade and how many people have built their property portfolio is based on the information that’s been given out and that we’ve inspired people and that people have moved forward you hear stories of clients quitting their jobs now that they’ve built their property portfolio and that they’re living in the moment living a life now still working to pay the bills but working a cruisee a job or something that they’re more passion about because they’ve already built up their assets and they build up their foundational properties and now they’re just waiting for them to pay off and so it’s really exciting to hear of all of these stories of what people have done and really excited to hear about what you’re going to achieve in the next decade as well so if you want to and if you feel comfortable sharing it would love to hear what your goals are for the next decade leave them down in the comment section down below or if you want to get some help and if you like this just sounds quite overwhelming to me or you’ve got your goal in mind but you don’t know how you’re going to achieve it or what property investment strategy best suits you then that free strategy session is perfectly suited to you to help get clear on where you’re at now where you want to be and how to get there and what your next steps are that’s what that strategy is designed for and been on the team ever pumped on property have been doing that strategy session with clients and with potential clients for years and they know how to get you clear on your goals and so it’s really cool that they still offer that for free if you go to strategy you can learn more about that strategy session over there go through that strategy session with them get clear on your goals you can then go out and decide to do that yourself and implement that yourself or you can choose to hire the team that pumped on property as a buyer’s agent to actually help you acquire those properties and help you build those granny flats or whatever the goal is for you maybe you want to do new build and they can help you do that as well so you can choose to hire them if you want you can choose to go out and do it yourself but at least then you’ll be clear on your goals clear on what you need to do and then you can start taking your next steps so again go to Woodside strategy if you want to go ahead and check that out but I wish you the absolute best in the next decade for you in the next episode we’re going to be talking about how to set property investment goals for the next year so short term how can we set those goals so I look forward to that and I will link up to that over here or down below once it’s live I’ll be there so in a couple of days if you’re watching this straight away were you watching this delayed it should be right there go ahead check that out so you can look at what your next steps are what you’re gonna do this year otherwise until next time stay positive 

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