[Announcement] The Complete Self-Leasing Kit

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I’m about to launch The Complete Self-Leasing Kit which will provide you with everything you need to lease out your property yourself. It can be a very daunting task to think of leasing out a property yourself. However you can save a lot of money every single year if you do it and I’m going to provide you with the training and the tools you need to successfully accomplish this. I will show you:

  • Details on how to break your current arrangement with your real estate agent (if you have one)
  • Videos on how to market your property so you can get an influx of potential tenants
  • How to take pictures of your property
  • How to do background checks on potential tenants
  • Information on different ways to do open for inspections (and do them well)
  • Ways to deal with conflict resolution
  • How to market online
  • What to do if a tenant breaks their lease.
  • How to lodge your bond
  • What you need to collect for your bond
  • What you’re meant to do with the bond
  • How to keep past records
  • How to receive and keep track of money
  • How to get your tenants to pay the water

There are also going to be contract templates for each state that you can use to help you lease your property. These are pretty standard agreements you can buy from news agencies but they will be packaged inside as well so you won’t have to go anywhere to get them. Also depending on feedback I’m considering adding email or text message templates that you can send to tenants if they’re late on their rent.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a lawyer working for me so you will need to take the templates to a lawyer. You can use them yourself but you’re taking a risk if you do that.

To start the launch there will be training videos, the contract templates and everything you need to lease your property yourself.

As I did with On Property Plus, I’ll launch it as a minimum viable product. That means it will have the basics of what you need and over time I’m going to add features to where it becomes more valuable. I’m going to be launching at a very low one-time payment of $29.95 to get access to this.

However I’m giving a 50% discount because I want to see a core group of people who are interested in this service. So it would be $14.95 for anyone who signs up during pre-launch. That will help provide me with the funds I need to do the coding and videos so that I can get the site up and running for you.

If you want to you to sign up then you can either go through Paypal or gumroad.com (which is my secure credit card checkout system). Once you sign up you will get instant access to the product as it’s being built. This means immediate access to the features that I’ll be adding before the site is launched on 1 October.

This is going to be an amazing product but I do need help to get funding and get it started. If you are interested I just want to say a massive thank you for your support. Just click on the links above or go here to check out all of the information and get signed up.

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