The Major Missing Piece In Your Property Investment Journey

There is a major missing piece in most people’s property investment journey, it was certainly a major missing piece in my investment journey.

This concept and this idea can actually completely change your life and change many years of your life for the better.

0:00 – Introduction
1:12 – My journey towards financial freedom
3:12 – The missing piece on my financial freedom journey
7:20 – Our focus on the destination is warped
8:55 – These are years of your life you won’t get back
11:17 – The life we want and the goals we have change as we change
14:25 – Enjoy the journey
16:30 – The missing piece is enjoying the journey

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Ryan 0:00
good morning all you amazing people out there in today’s video i want to talk about what i think is a major missing piece and people’s property investment journey their investment journey in general it was a major missing piece in my investment journey and meant that when i did achieve financial freedom i was super lost him super depressed at the time and it’s something that i think can this concept and this idea could actually completely change your life and change many years of your life for the better so i’m kind of getting goosebumps i’m excited to share this with you also be excited to drink my coffee so the decision between do i keep speaking to the camera do i have a sip that’s gonna be going on throughout this video but that’s okay this is this is delicious coffee i made for myself this morning but this concept is super powerful and i learned it through my own life but i also learned it from having amazing people in my life and this concept i got to give massive props a massive thanks to ben everingham buyer’s agent from pumped on property because it’s kind of came out in a video that we were recording together but to talk about this we kind of need to go back and look at my journey towards financial freedom and the emotional roller coaster that that was so if we go back four or five years then i’m working in my house full time online on my online business and trying to build it up to the point where it’s self sustaining and i don’t need to work anymore so basically trying to create a shortcut to financial freedom and so i was working on that doing long hours homeschooling my daughter at the time as well and just kind of juggling family life working really hard on that eventually it got to the point where the business was earning enough money where i didn’t really need to work i needed to kind of maintain things but i didn’t need to be actively working 40 plus hours a week on this business i could effectively drop into about four hours a week or less if i wanted to more if i wanted to and so i reached this point and i was just very disillusioned it was around this time that we renovated the van and moved into the van and did some traveling but this time i was just very disillusioned with how my goals and with life i’d achieved the goal that i had set out to achieve ever since i was a teenager i had the goal of being a millionaire by 30 or being financially free or i had all of these goals and i had actually achieved it not long term financial freedom like you get through property but if i didn’t have to work right now i don’t i don’t have to work and i didn’t know what to do with that i didn’t know how to process that and i didn’t know what the purpose of my life was anymore and i know this sounds like you know a rich person problem or something like that i wasn’t rich by any stretch of the imagination i just had a decent income coming in not amazing but i just didn’t have to work but the big mistake that i made along my journey was not actually taking time to work out who i was to work out where i found my happiness in my life up until that point of financial freedom so the missing piece in maybe your investment journey it was definitely the missing piece in mine is that you’re actually delaying your life in a way until you achieve financial freedom he is still living your life you still got your relationships you still got kids in the house and doing school and or whatever it is that you do with your life but a lot of the time we are focused on financial freedom and we are thinking that when i reach that goal who boy am i going to start living my life that is when i’m going to be the best version of myself that’s when i’m going to get to quit the job that i hate and do what i love and be super happy when i reach financial freedom but it leaves this giant gap in the middle and the reason i have to thank ben everingham for this idea is that we were recording a video on the different stages of property investing and i’ll link up to that one down below if you’re interested but stage one is the buying and acquisition phase where you’re actively going out there purchasing properties building granny flats building out your portfolio basically and that can take as little as a year for some people that can stretch out for others but once you’ve acquired those assets those foundational properties that will lead to your financial freedom then you enter a second phase which we call choices or we call debt reduction and that that’s the waiting game right there and you say i need a sip is that okay can i have a sip while we talk

that right there is the waiting game where you You purchase your assets that will lead to financial freedom, you’re now in the waiting game where you’ve either got to pay them off or let the rents go up, or the capital growth go up until you can get enough cash flow from them to be financially free, which is stage three, which is the freedom stage. And we’re recording this video and I had said, and it’s kind of a phrase that I used in the past and kind of said it without thinking. I was like, when you reach financial freedom, that’s where the journey really starts. Because for me, that was my experience is that I had worked hard, I had achieved financial freedom. And my journey really began that one of the best decisions that I made, and I want to make a video on this as well, is that when I achieve financial freedom, and realize I wasn’t happy, I didn’t go for excessive wealth, I didn’t keep working hard to try and be wealthier, I just put the brakes on everything, and just tried to work out who the EFF am I, and what is gonna make me happy. I struggled with depression at the time. So it was more extreme for me than it might be for you. But I start and I took a journey. And I took 18 months to figure out who I was, and what can make me happy before I started with getting back into work again. So anyway, I had this catchphrase that I’m saying that the journey really begins there, because that was my experience. And then Ben said, Nothing. I really don’t think that I don’t think the journey begins there. He was saying, I think the journey begins right back at the choices phase, where you’ve purchased your properties, you’ve got your foundation, you’re now in that waiting period. He’s like, this is the time to actually look at your life, and to look at yourself and to work out what do I want to do? What is going to make me happy, what who is the person that I want to become. And really, you can even take that back to during the saving phase during the time where you’re actually buying properties and actively investing, your life is moving forward, we only get one shot, right. And so this idea that let’s not delay our journey, until we get to financial freedom. But the entire process is our journey. And I think one of the big things that so many other property investment gurus or investment people, anyone who talks about money, really, they talk about the destination, and then talk about getting from where you are to where you want to be. And that’s obviously extremely important. It’s important to have those goals. We don’t want to be poor, we want to be rich, we want to be financially free. That’s all super important. But the focus is always on the destination. And there’s very little lace that I’ve seen about actually enjoying the journey, and enjoying the process, because this is your life. This is your time to shine and your time to be who you are. And if you’re willing to you’re financially free. I was so grateful that I achieved at a 28 or version of it, where I could stop working for a couple of years and work out who I was. I could have been on this journey until I was 65 or 67, which is when most people retire. And I could have been waiting until then to be happy. And imagine if I’d gotten to that point, waiting for financial freedom gotten to that point and then be like, Oh, this does not make me happy. I just spent the majority of my life waiting to be happy, and waiting to be who I want to be. And so your financial freedom journey might take a couple of years, it might take a couple of decades, in order for you to achieve it. But that is time in your life that is really important. And there’s time in your life to be you. I remember working in a pharmacy and talking to the pharmacist at the time that whether or not she liked her job. She didn’t. She’ll like her job. And having worked with many, many pharmacists, I can say that there’s quite a few out there who feel similar. And I’m sure it’s the same in every industry. She didn’t like her job. But obviously she got decent pay. She’d been through uni. She’s educated in a really good at what she did. She didn’t like it. And I was like, Well, why don’t you go and do something else, something that you’ll enjoy. And she was like, oh, like I’m already 50. So I may as well just hang in there. And I remember thinking at the time, I was 18 at the time maybe. And so thinking about okay 50 to 67 that’s 17 years,

basically my entire lifespan at the time, unlikely you’re going to waste an entire life. Customer me That was my life, gonna waste their entire life, doing something you don’t like, because you’re almost retired, not even almost slightly. you’re so far from it but because you’re a certain age you’re then just going to go ahead and work in this because you’ve reached that age and i was like no i did not want to be like that i did not want to be someone who just waste my time and waste my life doing something that i don’t enjoy now as you get older things become more important to you other than your work and so your family and your kids and the things you do outside of work become more important that i can actually see that perspective now where you would work in something and the work is a means to an end but even still it’s like you can you can do better you don’t have to hate your life through the whole journey towards financial freedom you can enjoy your life how do you do that well that’s going to be a journey for us to discover together and for us to talk about into how do i actually go on this self discovery journey when i’m not financially free yet how do i actually look at taking those plunges and changing career paths and doing the hard things so that my life can be better now right now not when i’m financially free but then i can actually take steps towards the life that i think i want right now and that’s another thing it’s you we have a dream and we have a vision of the life that we think we want in the life that is that we think will make us happy and so we’re working towards that and i know ben tells the story about how he said this super ambitious goal when he was either a teenager or early 20s at university and he went and saw a psychologist and basically the psychologist helped him unravel well you set that goal you’re fixated on that goal do you still want that goal he was like ah well i’ve actually changed as a person where that goal isn’t as important to me and i’ve definitely had the same process as well is that you have a goal you set your sights on something you work towards it but as you’re taking your journey there you are going throughout life you’re meeting people you’re having experiences and you’re changing who you are and you’re changing what your desires are and what your goals are so along that journey of you stay with the same goal you reach out and find you’re a different person with different ones and you don’t want that goal anymore and so being able to adjust along the way based on who you are at that point in time is extremely important as well and so how do we do that i don’t have the answers for you right now i’m just sort of unpacking this as we chat but if you are subscribed to this channel if you are listening to this video all the way to this point then i’m really excited to go on this journey with you i want you to expect more of these sorta chilled out raw talks as we unpack some of these concepts because really i’m unpacking them for myself as well i achieved financial freedom i had a couple of years where i didn’t have to work now i’m back in the trenches i got myself into debt and my income drops because i wasn’t working the business kind of declined and so i’m in that building phase again where i’m working hard to build up my business again so i’m on the same process i’m on the same journey myself right now just having a bit of hindsight i have some experience of financial freedom behind me that may make me you know slightly further along the journey than you in that aspect and there may be people listening to this that are way beyond the journey to me you may be financially free already but we can always learn stuff from each other and i think there’s just not no one’s really talking about these sorts of concepts and so i think even if you are there and you are rich maybe maybe you’re not happy and some of these things that you can learn so this channel moving forward will be more right like it’ll just be more more me and who i am and sometimes i’m super high energy sometimes i’m pumped up and i’m super excited about a concept and that’ll come through but a lot of the times this is me chilled out on my couch drinking coffee and just thinking about life and enjoying life and just loving the journey of it so that’s something that you’re interested in

go ahead and click the subscribe button and stay tuned for more but that missing piece of the journey and your property investment journey and financial freedom journey is just simply the idea of enjoying the journey the journey is as important as the destination i don’t know that’s such a cliche it’s the journey not the destination and that people always talk about that but it’s just kind of thrown out there but the journey of property investing is long and you’re looking at years maybe even decades of your life and so let’s not delay our life through those years let’s work out okay how can we successfully invest yes how when we find great markets great suburbs great properties with opportunity to manufacture growth create cash flow pay off the debt become financially free let’s learn about all those fundamentals together and i’ll still be sharing a lot about property fundamentals and how to do that but along that journey let’s also talk about life and let’s also enjoy our life and become more authentic people to ourselves become more conscious in who we are and conscious in the way that we live and the very alternative person i’ve worked out and realize if you put me in society or i guess i’m in society but i’m not normal by society’s standards and so it’s taken me a bunch of time to actually learn that accept that not expecting you to be like me but just that journey of accepting yourself and that journey of finding out who you are and enjoying and loving who you are i think is an important journey on the path and then hopefully you can get to the point where you reach financial freedom but you’ve got your life to a point where you are loving it you are loving your life and at that point of financial freedom nothing changes what changes is like a deep sense of peace and security in yourself that like yes i made it i did it like great but you’re already living your best life and so you just continue doing that so that’s the missing piece the missing piece is actually financial freedom while it’s important and while it’s a great goal it’s not the goal for most people it’s a means to an end financial freedom as a means to achieve the happiness that you want in your life and to have the choices to explore who you are so let’s take back that control let’s take those choices now on our journey to financial freedom so thanks for coming on this ride with me i’m really excited about the future i’m really excited to grow my wealth and to work towards financial freedom again but i’m also really excited to enjoy that process and to love my life at the same time thanks so much for tuning in go ahead and check out the video that i did a couple of years ago on what it feels like to be financially free as i talked about i was just probably six months old enough to work at that time so now what it feels like when i’m exploring go ahead check that out and i’ll also link to my video where i had just started that journey where i realized that i was okay maybe i’m kind of financially free and i was disillusioned and unhappy at the very start of the journey so i’ll link up to that one as well so go ahead and check them out if you’re interested otherwise until next time stay positive

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